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Malik Obama confirms his half-brother Barack grew up a Muslim
Israel Insider ^ | 06/13/2008 | Israel Insider staff

Posted on 06/14/2008 1:01:58 PM PDT by safetysign

Apparently the Obamas of Kenya have been reading those scurrilous emails to which Barack likes to refer, because they have no doubt -- contrary to the claims of the Obama campaign, that the presidential candidate was raised a Moslem. They take that as a given.

As the Jerusalem Post reports, "Barack Obama's half brother Malik said Thursday that if elected his brother will be a good president for the Jewish people, despite his Muslim background. In an interview with Army Radio he expressed a special salutation from the Obamas of Kenya."

The Obama brothers' father, a senior economist for the Kenyan government who studied at Harvard University, died in car crash in 1982. He left six sons and a daughter. All of his children - except Malik -- live in Britain or the United States. Malik and Barack met in 1985.

In a remarkable denial issued last November that still stands on the official campaign website, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs issued a statement explaining that "Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised as a Muslim, and is a committed Christian."

Apparently Malik Obama, himself a Muslim, had not read the press release.

Melanie Phillips is the most recent commentator to draw attention to the massive body of evidence that leaves no doubt that Barak Hussein Obama was born a Muslim (Islam is patrilineal) and raised a Muslim (so registered in school, acknowledging attending Islamic classes, reported accompanying his step-father to the mosque, and able to recite the Koran in the original Arabic).

Reuven Koret, Aaron Klein and Daniel Pipes have previously pointed to the attempts by Obama and his campaign to conceal the candidate's Muslim background. The well documented evidence draws upon the on-the-ground interviews by researchers in Indonesia and Kenya, published quotations of Obama's childhood friends and his school records, as well as the candidate's own autobiography.

It is not clear whether Barack Obama will now disown his half-brother Malik, or throw him under the campaign bus, for acknowledging that shared family background. In any case, some one should notify "Fight the Smear" tout de suite. Perhaps they can get him with the program.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: election; exmuslims; husseinobama; malikobama; muslim; obama; obamafamily
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What other lies has Obama told?
1 posted on 06/14/2008 1:01:59 PM PDT by safetysign
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To: safetysign

Hey, at least the women will probably be allowed to vote for whether they prefer black or brown burkas. This is America and you are free to vote! Americans are going to get what they deserve.

2 posted on 06/14/2008 1:05:15 PM PDT by MichiganConservative (Fools get what they deserve in the end. You are responsible for the government that enslaves you.)
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To: safetysign


3 posted on 06/14/2008 1:05:24 PM PDT by griswold3 (Al qaeda is guilty of hirabah (war against society) Penalty is death.)
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To: safetysign
Q: How can you tell if Barack Obama is lying?

A: His lips are moving.

4 posted on 06/14/2008 1:05:40 PM PDT by Prole (Pray for the families of Chris and Channon.)
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To: safetysign
In my opinion, his whole campaign is a lie, perpetrated by George Soros and Co.
5 posted on 06/14/2008 1:05:56 PM PDT by alice_in_bubbaland (Obamamaniacs idiot's one and all !)
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To: ExTexasRedhead


6 posted on 06/14/2008 1:08:37 PM PDT by presently no screen name
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To: safetysign

not sure, but he’s got alotta ‘splainin’to do.

7 posted on 06/14/2008 1:11:24 PM PDT by gusopol3
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To: safetysign

A few links, there are many if one searches....

8 posted on 06/14/2008 1:11:54 PM PDT by givemELL
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To: safetysign

Mubarak and Malik, two muslim brothers.

9 posted on 06/14/2008 1:12:57 PM PDT by libh8er
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To: safetysign

What’s that little part of islam that allows an islam-a-nazi to decieve any and all infidels in any way so long as it advances the goal (world domination) of islam?

10 posted on 06/14/2008 1:15:29 PM PDT by fella ("...He that followeth after vain persons shall have poverty enough." Pv.28:19)
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To: alice_in_bubbaland

And the Council on Foreign Relations. McQueeg too!

11 posted on 06/14/2008 1:15:58 PM PDT by wolfcreek (I see miles and miles of Texas....let's keep it that way.)
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To: safetysign

The question is, why does Obama work so hard to keep his family background swept under the rug?

12 posted on 06/14/2008 1:16:39 PM PDT by jonrick46
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To: safetysign
What was he before he became a Christian? Probably just what his father was, a Muslim.

The Marxist Obama's (global ban on weaponry.)

Obama is neither naive nor a fool, foolish yes, but in real life, a Marxist fool.

13 posted on 06/14/2008 1:16:41 PM PDT by yoe ( Socialism/Marxism with Obama - Democracy with McCain)
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To: safetysign

Obama, “He’s not the Malik I knew”

14 posted on 06/14/2008 1:16:45 PM PDT by wolfcreek (I see miles and miles of Texas....let's keep it that way.)
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To: fella

Taqiyyah, or variations of that theme :^)

15 posted on 06/14/2008 1:17:58 PM PDT by CarrotAndStick (The articles posted by me needn't necessarily reflect my opinion.)
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To: gusopol3
Where is the Barack Obama birth certificate?

Why is he refusing to allow anyone to see it?

What does Hussein have to hide?

16 posted on 06/14/2008 1:20:06 PM PDT by Prole (Pray for the families of Chris and Channon.)
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To: safetysign


Cabinet: Kibaki meets ministers

Story by NATION Team Publication Date: 2008/04/01 Cabinet ministers have said they are ready to work with ODM leader Raila Odinga to implement the power-sharing deal signed in February, sources close to the meeting have revealed.

President Kibaki chairs a Cabinet meeting at his Harambee House office in Nairobi on Monday. Photo/PPS In the first formal Cabinet meeting since President Kibaki and the Prime Minister-designate signed the deal to end post-election violence, the ministers also agreed on the need to speed up the resettlement of displaced families.

They also challenged the police to beef up security and crack down on those threatening the refugees who are willing to return to their farms.

However, the 15 ministers said President Kibaki should not share executive authority with any other office. The President can consult on who should be in government but the final say on who should occupy which position should be left to him, sources privy to the talks said.

Determine size

Sources said the ministers wanted the President to determine the size and structure of the Cabinet and insisted that he should not be dictated to.

The team said it was ready to work with Mr Odinga, the Prime Minister-designate, but claimed that he was “a man under siege”.

According to the sources, the ministers said Mr Odinga was “a different man” when he consulted with the President but often appeared to be a changed person after consulting his party.

However, Mr Odinga’s spokesman, Mr Salim Lone, said in an interview with the Nation that the party was ready to meet the Government coalition to resolve the impasse over the Cabinet.

He said ODM had a clear perspective on what the accord signed between President Kibaki and Mr Odinga entailed.

The accord was signed on February 28, to end post-election violence in which over 1,200 people were killed after a dispute over the presidential election results.

The deal also provided for sharing of power between the President’s party, PNU and ODM.

And while addressing the Africa economic minister’s conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Monday, Mr Benjamin Mkapa said the power- sharing deal signed by President Kibaki and Mr Odinga provided the framework for peace.

The former Tanzanian president was a member of the team of eminent Africans that negotiated the deal.

“I don’t think there is a Cabinet crisis since they are already agreed on the framework,” said Mr Mkapa.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Obama's Pal uses "Rape as a Weapon"

More brutal and gory details of the man Obama unequivocally supports. Obama is so busted. This is more than bad judgment,  this is scary. A Jacksonian who has done yeoman's work in substantiating Odinga's  nefarious Arab ties and his hand in the ongoing violence that has all of Kenya in its barbaric clutches. Inconceivable horror. Gang raping little girls and boys as many as ten times. That's just the tip of the iceberg.


Obama has backed Odinga unequivocally going so far as telling big media (out of TIME Magazine's Joe Klein here),

"Obama has had near-daily conversations with the U.S. Ambassador in Kenya or with opposition leader Raila Odinga. As of late this afternoon, before his rally in Rochester, N.H., Obama was trying to reach Kenyan President Kibaki."

And he still hasn't reached him I bet. More on Odinga and Obama's phone conversations here.

This is beyond bad judgment. This is just bad and this story is not going to go away no matter how desperately in love Obamedia is with the Christ child. Big media does not control information anymore. And Obama is culpable. Here I am -- an individual blogger getting all this terrible information on Odinga and the man running for POTUS is in the dark? Think about it.

Obama's bias for his fellow Luo was so blatant that a Kenya government spokesman denounced Obama during his visit as Raila's "stooge."

A Jacksonian sent me this stunning comment (with links)  on his post The other source of change in Kenyan politics made by one of his readers, mobysnny:

It's not getting reported in the media that the looting and burning of businesses in Kisumu was targeted to both Kikuyus and Kenyan Indians. The economy of Kenya is controlled by these two groups because they are Entrepreneurial. But Kenyan Indians rarely get involved in Kenyan politics, they do not vote by choice, yet the Luos in Kisumu do not like them, that's why their stores were getting burnt too.

Obama's boy.

I mentioned in my other comment about Luo supporters of Odinga abroad were telling each other to contact TV stations and spread about the violence in Kenya. Here is one sent by a Luo to Jerusalem Post.

I was shocked by the lies this man decided to tell the post. That is the reason we are seeing all this stories making Odinga and his supporters look like angels even as they kill people.

Can you believe these Luos abroad were telling their supporters in Kenya that William Ruto and Raila Odinga had been arrested immediately after the election results. Which was total lies. It was meant to incite ODM supporters in Kenya mainly Luos and Kalenjin (Ruto is a Kalenjin). That's another reason we were seeing the violence getting worse.

Supporters of Raila Odinga (BARAK OBAMAS COUSIN!!), the leading presidential challenger, rallied in Kibera, a slum near Nairobi.(According to the NY Times, this is a "rally")

Mr. Odinga’s (BARAK OBAMAS FIRST COUSIN, WHO HE CAMPAIGNED IN KENYA FOR)followers tried to march from Kibera to Nairobi.

A supporter of the presidential challenger Raila Odinga (OBAMAS FIRST COUSIN, WHO HE CAMPAIGNED FOR IN KENYA IN 2006) in Kibera, a sprawling slum near the capital, Nairobi.


Malik Obama, older brother to Barack Obama, holds an undated picture of Barak, left, and himself, middle, and an unidentified friend in his shop in eastern Kenya. (Karel Prinsloo, AP)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Obama's Militant Muslim Brother Abongo Is Luo Activist


In this Obama Family photo are: (bottom row, from left) half-sister Auma, her mother Kezia Obama, Obama's step-grandmother Sarah Hussein Onyango Obama and unknown; (top row, from left) unknown, Barack Obama, half-brother Abongo (Roy) Obama, and three unknowns. (Sun Times)

Barack Obama stands behind Kezia (stepmother) in a Kenyan family shot. Included in the photo is brother Abongo "Roy" Obama who is a Luo activist and a militant Muslim who argues that the black man must "liberate himself from the poisoning influences of European culture."

"Abongo's new lifestyle has left him lean and clear-eyed, and at the wedding, he looked so dignified in his black African gown with white trim and matching cap that so me of our guests mistook him for my father," Obama wrote in Dreams From My Father.

Barack Obama's cousin Raila Odinga is accused of ethnic cleansing and is currently battling for power in Kenya.

Barack has stated his support for Luo Opposition Leader in Kenya RaRaila Odinga (who signed a Shariah pact with Muslims and claims to be Obama's cousin) and is married to Ida Odinga. They have four children - two sons and two daughters. His oldest son, Fidel, is named after Fidel Castro.

Malik Obama, older brother to Barack Obama, holds an undated picture of Barak, left, and himself, middle, and an unidentified friend in his shop in eastern Kenya. (Karel Prinsloo, AP)

Related... Dan Riehl has the strange new Obama ad about all of the "Muslims rounded up" without the benefit of an attorney.

Via Instapundit,

"Barack Obama Is Not and Has Never Been a Muslim.

Obama never prayed in a mosque.

He has never been a Muslim, was not raised a Muslim, and is a committed Christian who attends the United Church of Christ.




Was Obama Ever a Muslim?

"I've always been a Christian," said Obama, focusing on his own personal lack of practice of Islam as a child to deny any connection to Islam. But Muslims do not see practice as key. For them, that he was born to a line of Muslim males makes him born a Muslim. Further, all children born with an Arabic name based on the H-S-N trilateral root (Hussein, Hassan, and others) can be assumed to be Muslim, so they will understand Obama's full name, Barack Hussein Obama, to proclaim him a born Muslim.

More: family and friends considered him as a child to be Muslim. In "Obama Debunks Claim About Islamic School," Nedra Pickler of the Associated Press wrote on January 24, 2007, that Obama's mother, divorced from Obama's father, married a man from Indonesia named Lolo Soetoro, and the family relocated to the country from 1967-71. At first, Obama attended the Catholic school, Fransiskus Assisis, where documents showed he enrolled as a Muslim, the religion of his stepfather. The document required that each student choose one of five state-sanctioned religions when registering – Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic or Protestant.

Asked about this, Obama communications director Robert Gibbs responded by indicating to Pickler that he wasn't sure why the document had Obama listed as a Muslim. "Senator Obama has never been a Muslim."

Two months later, Paul Watson of the Los Angeles Times (available online in a Baltimore Sun reprint) reported that the Obama campaign had retreated from that absolute statement and instead issued a more nuanced one: "Obama has never been a practicing Muslim." The Times looked into the matter further and learned more about his Indonesian interlude:

His former Roman Catholic and Muslim teachers, along with two people who were identified by Obama's grade-school teacher as childhood friends, say Obama was registered by his family as a Muslim at both schools he attended. That registration meant that during the third and fourth grades, Obama learned about Islam for two hours each week in religion class.

The childhood friends say Obama sometimes went to Friday prayers at the local mosque. "We prayed but not really seriously, just following actions done by older people in the mosque. But as kids, we loved to meet our friends and went to the mosque together and played," said Zulfin Adi. … Obama's younger sister, Maya Soetoro, said in a statement released by the campaign that the family attended the mosque only "for big communal events," not every Friday.

Recalling Obama's time in Indonesia, the Times account contains quotes that Obama "went to the mosque," and that he "was Muslim."

Summarized, available evidence suggests Obama was born a Muslim to a non-practicing Muslim father and for some years had a reasonably Muslim upbringing under the auspices of his Indonesian step-father. At some point, he converted to Christianity. It appears false to state, as Obama does, "I've always been a Christian" and "I've never practiced Islam." The campaign appears to be either ignorant or fabricating when it states that "Obama never prayed in a mosque."-Daniel Pipes


17 posted on 06/14/2008 1:20:36 PM PDT by Rome2000 (Peace is not an option)
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To: jonrick46

See post # 5. :)

18 posted on 06/14/2008 1:21:36 PM PDT by alice_in_bubbaland (Obamamaniacs idiot's one and all !)
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To: safetysign
What other lies has Obama told?

In many ways this Trojan Horse is like Hillary....if his lips are moving there's a great chance he's lying.

19 posted on 06/14/2008 1:27:59 PM PDT by CWWren (Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress....but I repeat myself.)
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To: Rome2000
Obama has support in Paris too, you know...

20 posted on 06/14/2008 1:30:39 PM PDT by Prole (Pray for the families of Chris and Channon.)
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