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About the Washington Post Hit Piece on Free Republic Today
Saturday, June 28, 2008 | Kristinn

Posted on 06/28/2008 10:36:43 AM PDT by kristinn

The Washington Post published an article today in the Style section about researcher Danielle Allen's efforts to track down who is behind allegations that presumed Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Hussein Obama (Illinois) is a Muslim. Allen is an Obama supporter who works for the Institute for Advanced Study.

The article was written by Matthew Mosk. A curious choice for The Post considering Mosk's involvement in the nefarious MD4Bush scandal in which Mosk claimed to have been given access to a Free Republic poster's account to expose a Maryland GOP government appointee who was alleged to have commented on rumors that a Maryland Democratic mayor was an adulterer.

Mosk displayed the same talent for exposing Freepers' identities in today's article that he did in the MD4Bush scandal. However, the only person he exposed then was the Republican. The person (or persons) behind the MD4Bush screen name was not reported by Mosk.

The article Mosk wrote today purports to be about efforts to track down where the 'Obama is a Muslim' allegations began. However, it is actually a warning shot across the bow to opponents of Obama that they will be tracked down and exposed for speaking ill of the Obamessiah.

Mosk even makes sure to let Obamaniacs know who is behind Free Republic and where he can be found:

Of the file folders that are spread in neat rows across Allen's desk, only one is bulging. It holds printouts of the reams of conversations about Obama's religion appearing on Free Republic. Since its start in 1996 by Jim Robinson of Fresno, Calif....

The effort by The Post to protect Obama from rumors is in stark contrast to how they promoted potentially candidacy-damaging rumors eight-years ago.

When George W. Bush ran for president in 1999, The Washington Post led the way in rumor-mongering about whether he used cocaine in his youth. Bush refused to deny cocaine use saying that denying rumors just leads to having to deny more and more rumors. No one ever came forward with allegatons that they had first-hand knowledge of Bush using cocaine, but that didn't stop The Post and the mainstream media as painting Bush as a cokehead. No reporter ever asked Bill Clinton about cocaine use, even though several people known to Clinton claimed to have first-hand knowledge of Clinton using the drug while in public office.

While Mosk ignores The Post's own rumor-mongering, he leaves the impression of Free Republic as the rumor mill of the right. A fair reporter would have noted that Freepers exposed the fraudulent Texas Air National Guard documents that CBS News used in its attempt to derail President Bush's reelection bid in 2004. Buckhead, the Freeper who called foul on the documents, was tracked down by the Los Angeles Times even though he did not post his name on Free Republic.

Mosk's article closes with Allen complaining that the Internet has become as influential as unions and political action committees (PACs) in elections. Unstated is that the political activities of unions and PACs are heavily regulated by the federal government.

Allen seriously misunderstands the right to anonymous political speech--equating political speech with the right of a citizen to face his accuser when charged with a crime by the government:

..."This kind of misinformation campaign short-circuits judgment. It also aggressively disregards the fundamental principle of free societies that one be able to debate one's accusers."

While Mosk and The Post are furiously protecting Obama from the Obama is a Muslim allegation, they steadfstly refuse to report on Obama's well-documented connection to the terrorist supporter and Osama bin Laden sympathizer, Jodie Evans, co-founder of the anti-American group Code Pink.

The Post article claims that the Internet's danger to politics is the ability to spread rumors anonymously. The real danger is the left's willingness to use the Internet to track down and destroy its perceived enemies. Allen and Mosk's teamwork exposing Freepers is one more example of that.

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To: kristinn

Has this discovery on The Post’s bias vis a vis supposed Freeper ‘hate-bias’ and this investigation of BHO been sent to as many media outlets as possible?? Why not send it to Fox as well as the Big 3 and see if they will cover the story. So many outlets are in the tank for the Messiah and Dems , it would be nice to see an investigation of MSM bias with a real story.

41 posted on 06/28/2008 11:02:37 AM PDT by phillyfanatic
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To: WorkingClassFilth
The muslim name is because he is named after his Catholic-to-muslim convert Grandfather. It is a name and does not imply that Barack ever was a muslim. However his father was never a Christian. Either of them. Just non-practicing muslims.

There is talk that his mother was an atheist. I have no place to point you either way.

His school paperwork indicated he was enrolled as a muslim. His staff says that was a clerical error, he was a Christian. When and where did this Christian upbringing come in? Where was he baptized?

He has said that he came to Christ as an adult through Pastor Wright, a former muslim.

So where is the paper trail to show he was a Christian.

It is apparent that no faith holds for him over politics. Don't cling to religion.

42 posted on 06/28/2008 11:02:47 AM PDT by weegee
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To: WorkingClassFilth

If it walks like a duck . . .

43 posted on 06/28/2008 11:03:46 AM PDT by jonrick46
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To: kristinn
However, it is actually a warning shot across the bow to opponents of Obama that they will be tracked down and exposed for speaking ill of the Obamessiah.

Exactly. Obama and his allies are extremely transparent and amazingly forthright in exposing their own interests. He is attempting to silence any and all opposition, and poses an unprecedented threat to free speech if elected.

44 posted on 06/28/2008 11:04:19 AM PDT by taraytarah
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To: kristinn
Beckwith, responds.
45 posted on 06/28/2008 11:04:20 AM PDT by rabidralph (Dems now have Oil Derangement Syndrome)
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To: kristinn
"...the only African American and one of a handful of women at the elite research center, where she works alongside groundbreaking physicists, mathematicians and social scientists. They don't have to teach, and they face no quotas on what they publish. Their only mandate is to work in the tradition of Einstein, wrestling with the most vexing problems in the universe..."

Yeah. That is a really vexing problem in your universe, isn't it? Gee, funny how your crowd never saw the political assasination of George Bush by CBS as a "vexing problem in the universe". Must be great to be able to use your "job" to carry out your politically oriented attacks on freedom of speech. Of course, given the environment you work in, I would venture a guess that your job security is pretty high.

Here's one for you, Ms. Allen, and you won't even have to work that hard to track me down to accuse me of saying nasty things about your idol, Mr. Obama. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an animated picture must be worth many times more. This one tells you all you need to know about your political choice:

I wish to God THIS would go all over the Internet. I don't give a rat's ass if he is a muslim or not, what I am concerned about is that he is a Marxist and a socialist.

The problem WE have with YOU and the rest of your crowd, Ms. Allen, is that many of YOU who support Barack Obama feel that Che Guevara was a great guy and someone to look up to.

The fact that you and the rest of your crowd want to do everything in your power to make hardworking people in this country slaves to the government though confiscatory tax policies and nanny state legislation is just icing on the cake.

Even Einstein might have been able to figure that one out, but if the agenda and focus of his namesake institute is any indication, I wouldn't count on it.

46 posted on 06/28/2008 11:06:58 AM PDT by rlmorel (Clinging bitterly to Guns and God in Massachusetts...:)
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To: kristinn

Here’s a list that ought to give them fits.

1. Terrorists (International):
During an interview on WABC radio Sunday, top Hamas political adviser Ahmed Yousef said the terrorist group “supports Obama’s foreign policy vision.”

2. Terrorists (Domestic):
Two years ago, Hatem El-Hady was the chairman of the Toledo, Ohio-based Islamic charity, Kindhearts, which was closed by the US government in February 2006 for terrorist fundraising and all its assets frozen. Today, El-Hady has redirected his fundraising efforts for his newest cause - Barack Obama for President.

El-Hady has his own dedicated page on Barack Obama’s official website, chronicling his fundraising on behalf of the Democratic Party presidential candidate (his Obama profile established on February 19, 2008 - two years to the day after Kindhearts was raided by the feds). Not only that, but he has none other than Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama, listed as one of his friends, one of her 224 listed friends.

[screenshot of the above available at the link]

3. Avowed White-hating extremist Racists:
The racist NBPP (New Black Panther Party) is led by notorious extremist, Malik Zulu Shabazz, and (was) a registered team member and blogger on Obama’s campaign website. His page has been scrubbed twice at last count.

In the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Shabazz defended Osama bin Laden and blamed President Bush for the horrors of that day.

He has this to say about Obama:

“I have nothing but respect for Obama and for his pastor,” said Shabazz, referring to Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor of nearly 20 years.

Shabazz referred to Obama as a man with a “Muslim background, a man of color.”

[screenshot proof of the above available at the link]

Not a word from our MSM on this, BTW...

4. Domestic (terrorist) Radicals:

William Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn. Obama characterized his relationship with Ayers as the “same thing as being friendly with fellow Senator, Tom Coburn” who favors *GASP* the death penalty for abortionists who perform abortions (except in rare cases to save the life of the mother).

I can see that. Bombing Federal buildings and cheering the 9/11 muslims IS exactly the same as being friends with Senator Tom Coburn. NOT.

5. FARC:
From the two lap top computers obtained during an ambush back in early March: FARC Terrorists were hoping and expecting that Barack Obama would win the US elections in November because he was most aligned with the Colombian Marxist group.

6. Fidel Castro:

“The word today is that an apparently unbeatable ticket could be Hillary for president and Obama as her running mate,” he wrote in an editorial column on U.S. presidents published by Cuba’s Communist Party newspaper, Granma.

7. Daniel Ortega:
“We are facing a revolutionary phenomenon,” assured the president after receiving an honorary Doctorate from the National Engineering University. The showing of this “revolutionary phenomenon” of which Ortega speaks is the “strength that has been taken up among the English-speaking youth in favor of Obama.”

8. Che Idolator Maria Isabel:

The (Obama) campaign volunteer who hung the Che poster is named Maria Isabel (second photo above) and according to the Lone Star Times, she hung similar banners from her balcony at home. Apparently she’s no “low-level” volunteer either. She serves as a campaign ‘precinct captain” and the co-chair of the Houston Obama Leadership Team. She’s still is an active member of the Obama team.[/u]

8. Calypso Louie (Muthaship fulla bruthas) Farrakhan:
Speaking to thousands of members of the Nation of Islam at their annual convention Sunday in Chicago, Minister Louis Farrakhan praised presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama as “the only hope for healing the nation’s racial divisions.” Can you swallow Farrakhan talking about HEALING RACIAL DIVISIONS??

9. Palestinian Terrorist Supporter Ali Abuminah:

{shortened quote} “As he [Obama] came in from the cold and took off his coat, I went up to greet him. He responded warmly, and volunteered,
‘Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t said more about Palestine right now, but we are in a tough primary race. I’m hoping when things calm down I can be more up front.’ He referred to my activism, including columns I was contributing to the The Chicago Tribune critical of Israeli and US policy [and said:] ‘Keep up the good work!’”

10. Carl Davidson VP of SDS:

A former vice president of the Students for a Democratic Society who traveled to Cuba to meet with Fidel Castro and still praises the dictator today, is another proud radical for Barack Obama, serving faithfully as webmaster for “Progressives for Obama.”

Borrowed from here:

47 posted on 06/28/2008 11:07:28 AM PDT by swmobuffalo ("We didn't seek the approval of Code Pink and before deciding what to do")
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Here are my thoughts on the subject.

This is the very same newspaper that tried to shut down FR several years ago.

These people (The Post) clearly have very malicious intentions. They have decided that they want America to be like Zimbabwe and will do anything and everything, even criminal to make sure that Hussien Obama wins the White House and the Dems keep control of both houses of Congress.

This newspaper is an absolute criminal enterprise and needs to be put out of business. I would urge who hasn't done so to cancel their subscriptions.


48 posted on 06/28/2008 11:07:32 AM PDT by E.G.C. (To read a freeper's FR postings, click on his or her screen name and then "In Forum".)
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To: Anti-Bubba182
How long ago did Kristinn have his sex-change operation?

These people can't validate or discern a dang thing right! Stupid liberals!

49 posted on 06/28/2008 11:07:54 AM PDT by ConservativeMind
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To: kristinn
It's very easy to turn a child into a Muslim--all they have to do is say the magic words. If Obama's stepfather took him to Mosque in Indonesia, it is highly likely that Obama was pressured into saying the magic words.

That doesn't make him a Muslim in my opinion--but it does make him a Muslim by Islam's opinion.

50 posted on 06/28/2008 11:08:00 AM PDT by Mamzelle
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To: taraytarah


Tell that to these folks too:

Many don’t seem to understand the jeopardy to freedom and liberty that is posed by nObama.

51 posted on 06/28/2008 11:08:17 AM PDT by big'ol_freeper ("Preach the Gospel always, and when necessary use words". ~ St. Francis of Assisi)
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To: kristinn
I will not believe Obama is a Christian until he looks right into the camera and says, “ I believe in Jesus Christ and that he is the Son of God come to earth in the flesh.”
52 posted on 06/28/2008 11:08:18 AM PDT by fish hawk
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To: kristinn

1) I’m to the right of Atila, the Hun.
2) Any time spent discussing O.B.’s “possible Muslim ties”, is a waste of time, and, more importantly, UNDERMINES THE CREDIBILITY OF ANY SUBSTANTIVE OR POLICY CRITIQUES!!!!!
3) There are too many fruitful acres to be plowed, to waste time breaking rocks!!!
- Associates who are RADICAL!
- Socialist policies that are proven to produce the opposite of the advertised result.
- Energy policies that don’t produce ANY additional energy.
- Economic policies undermine productivity, reduce government receipts, and reward failure.
- Ignorance in foreign policy that will endanger America.
- Anti-Defense mind-set that places America at risk for decades to come.
- etc...

53 posted on 06/28/2008 11:08:53 AM PDT by G Larry (Fight B.O. with RIGHT GUARD! Vote McCain!)
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To: kristinn

The Obama people are just desperate. They’re attacking anything that isn’t controlled by the media.

And might I add: the timing of this Washington Compost article is pretty strange considering this Muslim thing is old news.

I wonder if the Obama people are worried about the current question about Obama on a few FR threads:
what is on Obama’s birth certificate that makes him unwilling to release it.... yeah he released that piece of trash certification of birth (questions still remain about that) but it seems he’s hiding something on the original birth certificate.....

And FR has been on top of that as the media totally ignores it.

54 posted on 06/28/2008 11:08:56 AM PDT by Fox_Mulder77
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To: kristinn

Barack Husseon Obama a muslim? Say it isn’t so!

Whatever shall we do? Here I thought he was a conservative Freeper, born again Christian!

I just can’t seem to track down his Freeper handle, though. Maybe that lady (Danielle Allen) can help me out?


55 posted on 06/28/2008 11:09:29 AM PDT by jacquej
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To: Fox_Mulder77


56 posted on 06/28/2008 11:10:14 AM PDT by Fox_Mulder77
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To: Anti-Bubba182
Yes, but Kristinn is a man, baby!
57 posted on 06/28/2008 11:10:19 AM PDT by rabidralph (Dems now have Oil Derangement Syndrome)
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To: kristinn; All
Wonder why the Washington Post didn't mention the June 28, 2008
"Obama Campaign Slams Clinton Over Photo"
article?,easy to find,must be that "unity" thing going on.

It's all a "vast right wing conspiracy" don't ya know.

58 posted on 06/28/2008 11:10:58 AM PDT by mdittmar (May God watch over those who serve,and have served,to keep us free)
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To: rabidralph

I know.

59 posted on 06/28/2008 11:11:20 AM PDT by Anti-Bubba182
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To: weegee
"...He has said that he came to Christ as an adult through Pastor Wright..."

Gee, there is something for a Christian to brag about...


60 posted on 06/28/2008 11:11:53 AM PDT by rlmorel (Clinging bitterly to Guns and God in Massachusetts...:)
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