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To: InABunkerUnderSF

“...The power structure of the Catholic Church in San Francisco
has been co-opted by Marxists and homosexuals
and need a good cleaning.”
- - -
I am not catholic, but I have great respect for the religion.
I do not understand “how things work” within the church.
Is there a methodology by which this can be done?
Are there any historical references to any similar such “cleanings”?

19 posted on 08/26/2008 4:53:34 PM PDT by Repeal The 17th
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To: Repeal The 17th

Good luck trying to figure out Catholic politics. I don’t think anyone has for almost 2000 years.

In the Catholic Church it seems to be all too easy to co-opt the levers of power. A gay priest or Marxist nun advances up the chain of command to a position of authority in their diocese or order then they bring those of like mind along with them. Seminaries seem to play a large role in identifying and indoctrinating those who will fulfill agendas.

You clean it up by firing the people who are operating in violation of Catholic doctrine. This is done by retiring or “reassigning” people to positions where you hope they can do less damage.

As much as I revere John-Paul II he seemed to turn a blind eye to some things that needed his attention. Benedict is a good Pope and I hope he has the courage to take steps which may embarrass and expose disunity and disloyalty in The Church. We already have a shortage of priests in this country so there is great reluctance to do anything that will alienate anyone.

Entire orders have been and probably are today controlled by Marxists. the Jesuits under Father General Arupe invented the doctrine of “Liberation Theology”. Much of the bloodshed in Central America in the 1980s can be laid at his feet. The fact that in some Central American countries over a quarter of the population are now Protestant can also be laid at his feet. Arupe’s successor Kolvenbach continued the Marxist policies within the order but without the emphasis on “Liberation Theology”. This year Kolvenbach was replaced by a new Father General I don’t know what his politics are. As someone who attended a Jesuit high school and has great respect for the historical contributions of the Jesuit Order I think it would be great if the order could be restored to it’s historic, constructive mission. I aint holding my breath.

25 posted on 08/26/2008 5:24:32 PM PDT by InABunkerUnderSF ("Gun Control" is not about the guns. "Illegal Immigration" is not about the immigration)
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To: Repeal The 17th

There’s no set systematic procedure (like the recall provisions in some state constitutions), but since the Catholic Church is a hierarchy, and the bishop of San Francisco is pretty far up the hierarchy, essentially the Vatican has to be made aware of a problem in a diocese.

In principle, that information could be transmitted by the papal nuncio to the US, if he’s a guy whose got a good feel for the problems in the country; alternatively, a group of orthodox American bishops could make a case to the nuncio or directly to the Pope (a tough bet, since it’s essentially a case of turning on one of your own, like a cop turning in a cop).

But if the Pope becomes convinced a bishop is failing in his duty to lead his diocese on a path that brings its flock nearer to holiness, then he can replace that bishop with one he trusts more. That bishop could then provide a new direction in terms of policy, move troublesome priests into less-problematic positions, and the like.

When the clerical abuse scandal in Boston reached a point where it boiled over even to Rome, the Pope moved its bishop, Cardinal Law (who although theologically orthodox failed in this leadership task) into a post in the bureaucracy, and brought in a new bishop to try to clean things up.

Despite its reputation as a monolithic structure, the Catholic Church is surprisingly diverse in the range of views and policies you’ll find among its bishops. So you don’t see them getting bounced too often. But it can happen, and sometimes does.

By the way, your tagline is spot-on -— other than Prohibition, the 17th was the biggest mistake since the slavery-related clauses in the original document.

29 posted on 08/26/2008 6:31:20 PM PDT by Stosh
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To: Repeal The 17th

“Are there any historical references to any similar such “cleanings”?”

Patiently awaiting a “cleaning” in my home diocese.
The bishop is approaching the age he will be required to hand his resignation to the pope.
The pope can accept it and replace him, or request for him to remain for a certain pd. of time.
The most disobedienct bishops certainly will have their letters “accepted.”
Some bishops are moved around or receive the gift of a co-bishop.

But this is mostly a case of waiting for the worst ones to age out.
JPII made some bad appointments when he first became pope because he was relying on advice from the wrong folks within the US.
After a period of time most of his appointments were good ones.

38 posted on 08/26/2008 8:21:17 PM PDT by Scotswife
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