We don’t want to beat a dead horse here (or, donkey, as the case may be), but we need to remind you all, once more, not to be Eeyores today. 

The Obamedia is going to do to you what they did to Hillary supporters during the primaries — they are going to lie, and float all sorts of incorrect exit polls, and start revving up to declare Obama the winner.

Drudge Report — mark our words — is going to run that flashing red/blue siren he loves to report McCain losing all sorts of traditional Republican states around midday.  He’s going to get all of you Eeyores hyperventilating. 

The goal of the Obamedia is to depress you so much you don’t turn out to vote. Our friend Astrid always falls for this garbage, and we know she is not all alone. She’ll be miserable all day because she’s never learned to turn out the media and just chill out.

This is going to go down just like Super Tuesday - where the media claimed Obama would win California, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and others…but Clinton won every state we predicted she’d win.

In fact, we were right about every state in the primaries except Missouri,  which Clinton lost by less than 1%. Otherwise, we were spot-on.

So, we know you Eeyores are going to drive everyone in your lives crazy today. You are going to panic and wet yourselves and email/call/bother all of your friends and relatives all day. You’ll forward bogus polls and terrible links to everyone, and depress people left and right.

We have no idea why you people behave this way and really wish  you would stop. Because we’ve been through this with you since New Hampshire and just think it’s all so ridiculous.

Here’s our advice: take a break from news today — consider everything you hear to be lies. Watch some cool movies (our favorite of all time is The Contender with Joan Allen), eat a nice sandwich, have a nap (or two), then tune into the Election Results around 10pm or so CST to see the final tallies add up and wait for a winner.

The rest of the day will just drive you over the edge — and then you will spread this Eeyore gloom and doom to everyone else, because that seems to be what you do.

We will never understand that.

But, we know you’ll do it, because you’ve consistently done it since January. It’s very predictable.

Just like the election results.

McCain wins 286-252…and America gets its first female Vice President.

And on November 5th, we start campaigning for 2012.

"Remember that spreading fear is how Obama works. Don’t do it to other McCain supporters. If you’re nervous, that’s normal. But spreading panic helps no one."

Toast - Why Obama Will Lose and the Political Analysts Will Be Destroyed

McCain-Palin 310 Obama-Biden 228 (Thanks to the PUMAs)

Biden Offers His Take on Girls (Not a Freudian slip- the man is simply insane and incoherent)

What you don't know about Barack Obama - Black liberation theology, birthplace, religion..

ZOGBY FINAL: OBAMA 311, McCAIN 174, TOSS-UP 53 (Flashback to 2004: Bush 213, Kerry 311)

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Pennsylvania ... COAL ... critical state. VOTE

Sarah Palin Says Something Funny With Her Usual Charm

“Although it may sound paradoxical; but that woman’s got stones.”

An old post of mine:

The Female of the Species
http://www.potw.org/archive/potw96.html ^ | ? | Rudyard Kipling

And no, I’m not joshing- I’d rather have one good woman back me up, than ten sorry men— any time, any place.

"Sara's a Fighter": New Television Ad Made For Sarah Palin

Why Obama is toast

Very interesting, lots of information in this article. A sample:

"None of this is consistent with what we would expect from random statistical variation. These considerations reinforce the point I made on Friday. In all likelihood, something else is going on here. The pollsters have different “visions” of what the electorate is, and these visions are inducing such divergent results...The only two people who are running for President, Obama and McCain, are going to states and sending advertising money to other states that don’t even match the public polls..."

Bottom line:

In the end, I expect McCain to win with around 300 + electoral votes and Republicans gaining seats in the House. To make this short, the reasons why is:

-Republican base is energized.

-Reagan Democrats are voting Republican which they haven’t really done since Reagan.

-PUMAs are going for MCCain.

-Many Democrats will refuse to vote for Obama. This ’soft’ blue support will appear throughout the country and will be the reason why Pennslyvania turns red.