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Threat Matrix: September 2008
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Posted on 09/03/2008 6:13:02 PM PDT by nwctwx

:::FreeRepublic's Threat Matrix:::
Critical Threats: Blank When None
How The West Was Won

The rapid and unexpected decline of the Sunni insurgency in Iraq was officially recognized this week, when Maj. Gen. John Kelly, commanding the Marine Expeditionary Force, turned operational control of Anbar Province over to the Iraqi army and police.

Anbar, a vast expanse of desert the size of North Carolina, had been the stronghold of the Sunni insurgency. For years, foreign fighters loyal to al-Qaida had sneaked across Iraq's northwestern border with Syria, into Anbar and down a "rat line" of safe houses in Haditha, Ramadi and Hit.

From Fallujah, the arch terrorist Zarqawi dispatched suicide bombers to murder hundreds of Shiites in Baghdad. So fearsome were the al-Qaida leaders in Iraq that by 2005 they had taken control or intimidated Sunni resistance cells 10 times their size. Read More

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September 2008
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1 posted on 09/03/2008 6:13:04 PM PDT by nwctwx
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To: All; JustPiper; tubavil; thecabal; Revel; Kinetic; Donna Lee Nardo; Honestly; ExSoldier; HipShot; ..

Ping to September thread.

2 posted on 09/03/2008 6:14:59 PM PDT by nwctwx
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To: nwctwx

Thank you nw for this new thread.

3 posted on 09/03/2008 6:19:26 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All



Note: The following blog entry is a quote:

Reports In Russia On S-300 Missiles To Iran

The Iranian media are citing a Russian media report that Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Moscow-based Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, has said that following the increase in tension between Russia and the West, it is logical for Russia to supply S-300 missiles to Iran.

The reformist daily Etemad assessed that this statement attests to an increased likelihood that a Russia-Iran deal will be implemented.

Sources: Kayhan, Etemad, ISNA, Iran, September 3, 2008

Posted at: 2008-09-03

4 posted on 09/03/2008 6:27:33 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All
A tiny sampler of what I have looked at recently ON THE INTERNET: - Press Release: "HOMELAND SECURITY ADVISORY SYSTEM Current Threat Level" (PRESS RELEASE SNIPPET: "The United States government's national threat level is Elevated, or Yellow. The U.S. threat level is High, or Orange, for all domestic and international flights.") (September 1, 2008) (Read More...)

JIHAD (THE GLOBE AND MAIL, August 25, 2008): Huntsville, Ont. - "'CREEPY': SIX MIDDLE EASTERN MEN TAKE MULTIPLE PHOTOS OF 2010 G8 SUMMIT SITE" (September 1, 2008) (Read More...)

YNET "WANTED: LIVING TERROR LEGEND" (August 31, 2008, August 31, 2008, 20:48) (Read More...)

Link (Read More...)

YNET (REUTERS): "IRAN SAYS 4,000 ATOMIC CENTRIFUGES WORKING" (Published August 29, 2008, 10:42) (Read More...)

YNET "REPORT: IRAN SUPPLIED HIZBULLAH WITH ADVANCED MISSILES" by Roee Nahmias (Published August 29, 2008, 11:05) (Read More...)

YNET "ISLAMIC JIHAD: WE HAVE HUNDREDS OF MISSILES READY FOR LAUNCH" (Published August 30, 2008, 21:09) (Read More...)

JIHAD (DAILY "UK: Muslim women caught on tape promising death and destruction to Christians, Brits, ex-Muslims, moderate Muslims, Muslims working in banks, adulterers, fornicators, gays, and women wearing short-sleeves and make-up" (August 30, 2008) (Read More...)


ISRAEL NATIONAL "GAZA TERRORISTS TRAINING 11-YEAR-OLD CHILDREN TO KILL JEWS" by Ze'ev Ben-Yechiel (August 31, 2008, 1:27 pm) (Read More...) - Special Dispatch Series - No. 2034: "WOMEN IN GAZA PREPARE TO BECOME SUICIDE BOMBERS" (August 26, 2008) (Read More...)

Video - Link (Watch Video Here.)

YNET "REPORT:TERRORISTS HOLD KIDNAP TRAINING" by Dudi Cohen (Published August 25, 2008, 15:03) (Read More...) "LAYTH AL-ISLAM IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL" (August 26, 2008) (Read More...)

JIHAD (, August 24, 2008): "AL QAEDA GROUP ON FACEBOOK: 'hey lets shave bush's head off.....:p" (August 26, 2008) (Read More...)


FOX (AP): El Paso, Texas - "POLICE: MEXICAN CARTELS GIVE OK TO HIT U.S. TARGETS" (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "Security is being heightened along the southern U.S. border because of a threat that warring Mexican cartels may send hit men into the United States, authorities said Monday.") (August 25, 2008) (Read More...)

YNET "INTELLIGENCE BODIES WARN THREAT FROM GLOBAL JIHAD 'SUBSTANTIAL'" by Ron Sofer (SNIPPET: "Representatives from IDF Intelligence, Shin Bet, Mossad warn government global terror groups like al-Qaeda, which use civilian information technology to enlist, mobilizing operatives") (Published July 23, 2008, 19:23) (Read More...) - Consular Affairs Bulletins - Report - Colombia: "WARDEN MESSAGE: COLOMBIA WARNS OF INCREASED TERRORIST ACTIVITY IN BOGOTA" (August 22, 2008) (Read More...) "ALLEGED TERRORIST CONFIRMS LIQUID BOMB THEORY" by J. Dey (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "The confession of alleged terrorist Raziuddin Naser has confirmed that jehadis are planning to launch large-scale chemical strikes across the country. Naser was nabbed in Goa early this year when he was trying to hijack a tanker containing 20,000 litres of hydrogen peroxide. Documents available with MiD DAY indicate that Naser had undergone 45 days of extensive training in the use of destructive chemicals at Dera Ismail Khan in Karachi, Pakistan in November last year. Forty other trainees also underwent similar training in Pakistan." ARTICLE SNIPPET: "The police have launched a massive manhunt for the 40 jehadis.") (August 21, 2008) (Read More...)

FOX "FINDING NEMO, THE TERRORIST LIBRARIAN" by David MacDougall (August 21, 2008)

SEATTLE (AP): Centralia - "PROPANE TANK BOMB FOUND NEAR CENTRALIA POWER PLANT" (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "The State Patrol is helping the Lewis County sheriff's office investigate a bomb found near the TransAlta power plant at Centralia. The sheriff's office says it's a 5-gallon propane tank with a small amount of black powder and a blasting cap.") (Page updated August 21, 2008, 4:22 pm) (Read More...)



MICHELLE - blog: "FINO ALERT: VIRTUAL BORDER FENCE BLOCKED" (August 20, 2008) (Read More...)

FOX Washington - "STRING OF SECURITY THREATS HAVE FEDERAL INVESTIGATORS ON ALERT FOR ATTACKS" by Catherine Herridge (August 19, 2008) (Read More...)


THE MEMRI ("Source: IRNA, Iran, August 20, 2008"): "AHMADINEJAD: ZIONIST REGIME TO BE DISMANTLED SOON" (SNIPPET: "Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today said, "The era of the Zionists has come to its end, and I recommend that the leaders of Europe and the U.S. not submit to the Zionists. If they help them, they will be harmed. Also among the leaders of Europe and the U.S. there is serious doubt regarding the existence of Zionism, and soon we will witness the disappearance of this corrupt germ from the region."") (Posted August 20, 2008) (Read More...)

THE MEMRI ("Source: Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, London, August 19, 2008"): "FORMER PAKISTAN ARMY INTELLIGENCE CHIEF: MUSHARRAF WILL REMAIN AL-QAEDA TARGET" (BLOG ENTRY SNIPPET: "...Pervez Musharraf will remain a target for assassination by Al-Qaeda because he was a strategic ally of the U.S. in the war on terror.") (Posted August 19, 2008) (Read More...)

JIHAD ( "SAVAGE DROPS LAWSUIT AGAINST CAIR AFTER DEATH THREATS" (SNIPPET: "The court filing gave no details, but in a telephone interview Horowitz said the factors included an alleged phone threat to Savage. Horowitz said he wasn't accusing the Islamic group of making threats...") (August 15, 2008) (Read More...)

JIHAD (AAP): "THE DO-IT-YOURSELF JIHAD" (August 21, 2008) (ANI): "ONE-MAN CELL, THE NEW FACE OF AL QAEDA TERROR" (August 15, 2008, 5:04 PM ICT) (Read More...)

!@#$% (August 15, 2008) - Consular Affairs Bulletin - Report - East Asia/Pacific - China: "WARDEN MESSAGE: CHINA'S XINJIANG PROVINCE EXPERIENCING INCIDENTS OF VIOLENCE" (August 15, 2008) (Read More...)

MICHELLE - blog: ""She ought to be shot. They gotta be stopped."" (August 14, 2008, 3:41 pm) (Read More...)

WASHINGTON "ASSESSING THE FIGHT AGAINST AL-QAEDA Featuring Ted Gistaro" (August 12, 2008) (Read More...) - Speech - As Prepared For Delivery: The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Washington, DC: "REMARKS BY MR. TED GISTARO" (August 12, 2008) (pdf) (Read More...)

FRONTPAGE "THE WEST'S ISLAMIST INFILTRATORS" by Daniel Pipes (August 12, 2008) (Read More...) - Consular Affairs Bulletins - Report - Middle East/N. Africa - Saudi Arabia: "WARDEN MESSAGE: RIYADH REPORTS NON-SPECIFIC THREAT TO WESTERNERS" (August 13, 2008) (Read More...)

MEMRI - No. 2021: "ISLAMIST FORUM MEMBER PROPOSES POISONING WATER SYSTEMS OF MAJOR EUROPEAN CITIES" (August 12, 2008) (Read More...) (AKI): Berlin - "GERMANY: SECURITY SERVICES WARN OF POSSIBLE HEZBOLLAH ATTACKS" (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "Militant Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah could launch damaging terrorist attacks in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, according to a report by the country's security services.") (August 11, 2008) (Read More...)

JIHAD ( "UK: JIHADISTS IN PRISON THREATEN TO BEHEAD PRISON OFFICIALS" (August 11, 2008) (Read More...) - TERRORISM FOCUS: "JIHADIS REACT OT INDICTMENT OF SUDAN'S OMAR AL-BASHIR" by Abdul Hameed Bakier (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "Reacting to the International Criminal Court's (ICC) indictment of Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir, several jihadi internet forums discussed Sudan's situation in response to a posting entitled "Goodbye Omar al-Bashir and Wake Up Sleeping Cells" ( July, 20). Other assessments of Omar al-Bashir's reign in Sudan were found at (July 24).") (August 12, 2008) (Read More...)

FRONTPAGE "THE WEST'S ISLAMIST INFILTRATORS" by Daniel Pipes (August 12, 2008) (Read More...)

THE MEMRI ("Source: "ILNA, Iran, August 8, 2008; IRNA, Iran, August 11, 2008"): "ADVISOR TO AHMADINEJAD: FIGHT AMERICANS IN IRAQ" (Posted August 11, 2008) (Read More...)

JIHAD ""soone or later you shall pay"" (August 10, 2008) (Read More...) "OF TURKISTANIS AND THEIR VIDEOS" (August 7, 2008) (Read More...) " site of cleric Abdel Hakim Hassan (Abu Amrw)" (June 10, 2006) (Read More...)



EZRA - blog: "SYED SHOARWARDY: ADMIRES MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD TERRORISTS, THREATENS ME THAT I'LL 'SOON PAY'" by Ezra Levant (August 8, 2008, 8:14 pm) (Read More...) "YOUR ROLE IN REPORTING TERROR THREATS" (Note: Includes Video.) (Updated August 8, 2008, 01:46 pm) (Read More...)

NATIONAL TERROR ( "DVD RELEASED - THE SEVEN SIGNS OF TERRORISM" (Note: Includes a list of the "seven signs.") (August 7, 2008) (Read More...)

FOX "U.S. LAWMAKERS TAKE AIM AT HOMEGROWN TERRORIST THREAT" by Catherine Herridge (August 7, 2008) (Read More...) Abuja - "IGERIAN REBELS THREATEN TO ATTACK FOREIGNERS" (August 5, 2008, 08:51 am) (Read More...)

WASHINGTON "BORDER PATROL AGENT HELD AT GUNPOINT Officers fear Mexican military encounters will turn violent" by Jerry Seper (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "A U.S. Border Patrol agent was held at gunpoint Sunday night by members of the Mexican military who had crossed the border into Arizona, but the soldiers returned to Mexico without incident when backup agents responded to assist.") August 6, 2008) (Read More...)
Link (Read More...)

LONG WAR - blog: "AL QAEDA'S EAST AFRICA OPERATIONS CHIEF ESCAPES RAID IN KENYA" by Bill Roggio (August 3, 2008) (Read More...)

Link (Read More...)





5 posted on 09/03/2008 6:31:57 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All$docrequire=alldocs&numaff=C-415/05%20P&datefs=&datefe=&nomusuel=&domaine=&mots=&resmax=100



“EU High Court Invalidates Sanctions Against Al Qaeda”
By Jonathan Winer
(September 3, 2008)

6 posted on 09/03/2008 6:35:07 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All









SEPTEMBER 11, 2001: Before, During and After:








7 posted on 09/03/2008 6:42:58 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All


Note: The following text is a quote:

Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2008

Michigan Man Charged with Possessing Molotov Cocktails, Allegedly to Use at Republican National Convention

A 23-year-old Michigan man was charged last week in federal court for illegally possessing Molotov cocktails, which he allegedly intended to use at the Republican National Convention.

Matthew Bradley DePalma, Flint, Mich., was charged Aug. 30 with one count of possession of firearms that were not registered to him in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record. DePalma made his initial appearance yesterday, and his complaint was unsealed today. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for 1 p.m. Friday in Minneapolis.

According to the criminal complaint, DePalma knowingly and intentionally possessed Molotov cocktails from Aug. 22 through Aug. 28.

“The FBI, in close cooperation with our law enforcement and government partners, is working diligently to identify, investigate and respond to threats directed at the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area during the Republican National Convention,” said Ralph S. Boelter, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Minneapolis Office. “Any criminal activities aimed at disrupting the convention or acts to harm persons or properties in violation of federal law will be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted, as appropriate.”

DePalma was arrested without incident Aug. 30 at approximately 6:15 a.m. by agents of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force at a residence in south Minneapolis.

According to a FBI affidavit, DePalma became known to the FBI in July 2008, when DePalma attended the CrimeThinc Convergence near Waldo, Wisc. During this event, DePalma allegedly stated his intention to travel to Minnesota to attend the RNC, and also expressed his desire to “make some bombs” and “blow up” things during the RNC.

The affidavit states that DePalma discussed with a FBI source his desire to make Molotov cocktails, describing in detail the use of ingredients that would make the flammable liquid more viscous so that it would stick to a target and burn longer and hotter than an ordinary gasoline-based Molotov cocktail.

The affidavit states that DePalma went to the Hennepin County Library on Aug. 18 and spent 90 minutes researching recipes for explosive devices. DePalma produced a handwritten list of items he would need to construct “special” Molotov cocktails that would stick to people and other targets.

DePalma’s conversations, recorded on Aug. 20, described a plan to place a bomb near the Xcel Center during the RNC in an effort to disrupt the convention. The plan involved entering the tunnels near the center and using either Molotov cocktails or a chemical bomb to destroy electrical cables and cause a power outage. DePalma, the affidavit states, also described a related plan to use napalm-filled Molotov cocktails on the streets against police officers stating, “I will light one of those pigs on fire.”

The affidavit states that DePalma obtained supplies for making Molotov cocktails on Aug. 21-22.

On Aug. 22, DePalma allegedly manufactured two jugs of a homemade napalm-like substance for use in Molotov cocktails. He created a flammable gelatin, and described to another the proper technique for throwing a Molotov cocktail to obtain the best explosion. DePalma continued to discuss his desire to make a bomb for use at the Xcel Center on either the convention’s first day (Sept. 1) or last day (Sept. 4).

According to the affidavit, DePalma stated that if he could bomb the center on Sept. 1 they might call off the convention. He added that a “power outage would say a lot” and that it was his “main purpose.”

DePalma also said that he would like to bomb the Xcel Energy Center on Sept. 4 so that the convention would “end with a bang.”

DePalma was observed traveling to a remote location in Rosemount for the purpose of assembling and testing Molotov cocktails. On Aug. 25, DePalma went to a remote location in Roseville for the purpose of experimenting with chemicals for a chemical bomb.

The affidavit states that DePalma manufactured three additional Molotov cocktails in a Minneapolis apartment on Aug. 28, where he was arrested. The affidavit states that DePalma possessed a total of five Molotov cocktails between Aug. 22-28, which were not registered to him in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record, as required by law.

If convicted, DePalma faces a potential maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment. All sentences are determined by a federal district court judge. This case is the result of an investigation by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, which includes the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney W. Anders Folk.

The defendant, of course, is presumed innocent until he or she pleads guilty or is proven guilty at trial.

8 posted on 09/03/2008 6:50:59 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All


“Putin offers Ukraine reassuring words”
kiya ^ | 9/4/08 | by Alina Pastukhova, Kyiv Post Staff Writer
Posted on September 3, 2008 4:56:40 PM PDT by Flavius


“Ukraine coalition collapses under Russian pressure”
The Telegraph ^
Posted on September 3, 2008 11:04:39 AM PDT by maquiladora


“Ukraine defense faces dilemma after Georgia crisis”
Reuters ^ | Tue Sep 2, 2008 11:18pm EDT | By Pavel Polityuk - Analysis
Posted on September 3, 2008 6:05:08 AM PDT by Perdogg


For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
September 3, 2008

“Fact Sheet: U.S. Support for Georgia
The United States Supports The Recovery, Stability, And Continued Growth Of Georgia’s Economy”


“U.S. to Provide $1 Billion for Georgia Reconstruction, Humanitarian Aid”

By Jim Garamone
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Sept. 3, 2008



9 posted on 09/03/2008 7:07:03 PM PDT by Cindy
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10 posted on 09/03/2008 7:20:11 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

Note: The following text is a quote:

Coalition Troops Kill Weapons Facilitator, Capture Terror Suspects

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Sept. 3, 2008 – Coalition forces killed an al-Qaeda in Iraq weapons facilitator and detained eight suspected terrorists during operations targeting the terrorist network in the Tigris River Valley yesterday, military officials reported.

Coalition forces killed a weapons facilitator in Tikrit during an operation to disrupt the al-Qaida in Iraq bombing network in the area. Officials said intelligence reports indicate the man was trafficking rockets and bombing components for a Tikrit-based cell, and may have had ties to the al-Qaida in Iraq propaganda network.

When coalition forces called out for occupants of the target building to surrender, several people came out, but they told the force one man was still inside. During a security sweep of the building, coalition forces found the terrorist, dressed in women’s clothing and hiding under a bed with a rifle and military-style assault vest.

Perceiving hostile intent, officials said coalition forces engaged and killed the man, who later was determined to be the weapons facilitator. Coalition forces detained five suspected terrorists during the operation and found several weapons, body armor and bomb components.

Another suspected member of the same Tikrit-based al-Qaida in Iraq bombing cell was detained during a separate operation in the city. The suspect allegedly worked as a weapons facilitator with the man who was killed in the other Tikrit operation. Outside his house, coalition forces found a cache containing ammunition and a roadside bomb designed to penetrate armor-hulled vehicles, which they safely removed from the area.

Farther south, coalition forces targeted liaisons between senior al-Qaida in Iraq leaders during an operation near Tarmiyah, about 25 miles north of Baghdad. Two suspected terrorists were detained.

In other operations yesterday, coalition forces detained six suspected terrorists in the northern part of the country while targeting al-Qaida in Iraq network leaders.

As part of the continuing effort to destabilize the al-Qaida in Iraq facilitation network that brings foreign terrorists into the country to attack civilians and security forces, coalition forces detained two suspects in Beiji, about 100 miles south of Mosul.

Two more operations in Beiji targeted al-Qaida in Iraq leaders from Diyala province in eastern Iraq. Coalition forces detained three suspected terrorists in the operations. Farther north, coalition forces targeted a member of the al-Qaida in Iraq propaganda network in Mosul and detained a suspected terrorist.

In other news from Iraq, Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers detained several suspected criminals and terrorists during a series of searches in southern Baghdad’s Rashid district Sept. 1 and yesterday.

Soldiers of Company B, 4th Battalion, 64th Armor Regiment, attached to the 4th Infantry Division’s 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, arrested a known Iranian-backed “special groups” member.

At about the same time, Soldiers of Company A, 4th Battalion, 64th Armor Regiment, detained a suspected terrorist cell leader during a reconnaissance mission in southern Baghdad’s Saidiyah community. Later, soldiers of the 4th Infantry Division’s Company A, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, captured a known special groups platoon leader wanted for kidnapping and terrorizing Iraqi citizens.

Soldiers of the 4th Infantry Division’s Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, raided a house in Rashid’s Aamel community early yesterday, detaining two people suspected of working with terrorists in southwestern Baghdad to conduct roadside bombings and car-bomb attacks against the Iraqi security forces and the Iraqi people.

About an hour later, soldiers from the same unit detained three suspects during a target raid in Abu Tshir. The soldiers, working on precise military intelligence, captured a suspected financier who is believed to be responsible for supporting al-Qaida in Iraq fighters in northern Iraq, officials said.

In Sharqat yesterday, about 55 miles south of Mosul, coalition forces detained two wanted men and three additional suspects. One of the wanted men is believed to be a cell leader and senior advisor in an area stretching from Kirkuk to the Tigris River Valley. The other wanted man allegedly has ties to al-Qaida in Iraq senior leaders.

Coalition forces detained four suspected terrorists yesterday in Baghdad, including a man who reportedly is involved in a terrorist facilitation network. Intelligence reports indicate the group brings foreigners into Iraq and provides false documents to help them move around the country and conduct attacks against civilians.

Two suspected terrorists were detained in an operation targeting an al-Qaida in Iraq extortion cell yesterday in Mosul, and coalition forces discovered bomb-making materials with the suspects. A wanted man and an additional suspect were detained in Mosul Sept. 1 during an operation targeting the al-Qaida in Iraq propaganda network.

Coalition forces continued to strike al-Qaida in Iraq elements near the Hamrin Mountains on Sept. 1, detaining three suspected terrorists. One of the detainees is believed to conspire with an al-Qaida in Iraq leader who operates a kidnapping cell to finance other terrorist activities, officials said.

In northern Iraq, police in Tal Afar were informed of an enemy weapons stockpile Sept. 1. The police found 33 57mm rockets, 37 grenade-launcher rounds, 168 mortar shells, 40 rockets, and 44 anti-aircraft rounds.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

11 posted on 09/03/2008 7:23:53 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All



12 posted on 09/03/2008 7:43:03 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All


“Bank of China may escape terror funding probe [Hamas, Islamic Jihad]”
Times of India ^ | 3 Sep 2008, 1814 hrs IST | Saibal Dasgupta
Posted on September 3, 2008 7:40:13 PM PDT by DeaconBenjamin

SNIPPET: “BEIJING: The Chinese government has indicated it is not interested in investigating allegations that the Bank of China was involved in transferring millions of dollars to Hamas and Islamic Jihad for carrying out terrorist activities in Israel between 2004 and 2007.”

13 posted on 09/03/2008 7:54:02 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: nwctwx

Thank you for pinging me and for keeping the TM going.

14 posted on 09/03/2008 8:18:10 PM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( SURVIVAL, RECIPES, GARDENS, & INFO)
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To: Cindy
Depressing news

Snippet: Iranian death squads are again up and running in South America.

Aden coastguards search for hijacked chemical tanker

The second tanker, hijacked by unknown pirates in international waters off the coast of Yemen at 9.50pm, was carrying 41 crew members, of whom 36 were Malaysians and five, Filipino temporary maintenance crew. The fully laden tanker with 30,000 MT of petrochemicals, was heading towards Singapore from Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, at the time of the incident.

Threat of bio-attacks has heightened says David Heyman

Referring to the trans-State dynamics of the serial bombing, he said: “That’s the way terrorists operate, that’s the way they operate within the state, within a country and now within the world. We have to take trans-border actions. Terrorists take advantage of bureaucracies. They are going to hide in the seams of society and that’s what they do best and we who seek to protect society have got to break down those barriers between states, between governments and that’s true internationally.”

15 posted on 09/03/2008 9:33:16 PM PDT by MamaDearest
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To: nw_arizona_granny
Poli-Migra is new Spanish word for blurred line between police and ICE

A new police tactic has caused alarm among Chicago’s immigrant community. The term “poli-migra” has emerged in the local Spanish lexicon to reflect ongoing police efforts that have blurred the lines between local, state and federal authority. Immigrants from Latin American countries detained by Chicago police officers for minor infractions are increasingly ending up in “immigration hold” status. Fabiola Pomareda reports for Chicago's La Raza newspaper.

Drug gang's tunnel found under border

A tunnel used by a drug gang has been found between Mexico and the United States, state police in the northern Mexican state of Baja California said today.

The tunnel was 1.5 metres high and had lighting and ventilation systems, an elevator and air conditioning, said police director Juan Miguel Guillen Gutierrez. Its entrance was 60 metres from the border and went six metres deep. The tunnel was 120 metres long.

Following an anonymous tip, police arrested eight people allegedly linked to the drug trade in the house where the Mexican entrance to the tunnel was found.

16 posted on 09/03/2008 9:50:40 PM PDT by MamaDearest
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To: MamaDearest

Thank you for those links, MamaDearest.

17 posted on 09/03/2008 10:54:35 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: MamaDearest; milford421; DAVEY CROCKETT; PGalt

The term “poli-migra”<<<

Thanks, I had not heard that phrase before.

I think it is backwards, it would sound easier as “Immigration-Police”.

18 posted on 09/04/2008 12:19:12 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( SURVIVAL, RECIPES, GARDENS, & INFO)
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To: All
RECAP AND UPDATED: - Special Dispatch Series - No. 2038: "CONDEMNATION OF AL-JAZEERA CELEBRATIONS OF AL-KUNTAR'S RELEASE" (September 2, 2008) - INTELLIGENCE AND TERRORISM INFORMATION CENTER (IICC): "Strong criticism was heard in Lebanon following the celebrations marking the return of Hezbollah's prisoners, notably Samir Kuntar. Hezbollah was accused of seeking to establish a radical Islamic country of "resistance" (terrorism) in Lebanon, ruled by Iran and exposed to harsh retaliatory measures from Israel." (August 7, 2008)

ISRAEL NATIONAL "KUNTAR: 'Allah Willing, I'll Get to Kill More Israelis'" (July 25, 1008, 09:19 am) - Special Dispatch Series - No. 1999: "RELEASED LEBANESE TERRORIST SAMIR AL-QUNTAR VOWS TO FIGHT UNDER HIZBULLAH: Allah Willing, I Will Kill More Israelis" (July 23, 2008)

Video - Link

THE MEMRI BLOG: "From MEMRI TV: Released Lebanese Terrorist Samir Al-Quantar Vows to Fight under Hizbullah: Allah Willing, I Will Kill More Israelis; Al-Jazeera TV Throws a Birthday Party for Released Lebanese Terrorist Samir Al-Quantar” (Posted July 23, 2008)

Video - Link



Photo - Link

YNET "KUNTAR: WE WILL FREE SHEBAA, AND BEYOND SHEBAA" (SNIPPET: "Freed terrorist vows to continue legacy of Hizbullah leader Imad Mughniyeh; Lebanese residents report Israeli sortie over South, threatening phone calls") (Latest update July 17, 2008, 17:36)

THE MEMRI "IRANIAN NEWS AGENCY PRESS TV PUBLISHES EXCERPTS FROM NASRALLAH'S SPEECH ON THE JULY 16 PRISONERS EXCHANGE" (Posted July 17, 2008) - INTELLIGENCE AND TERRORISM INFORMATION CENTER (IICC): "Two years after the second Lebanon war the bodies of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser were exchanged for five Lebanese prisoners, including the terrorist murderer Samir Kuntar, and 199 terrorist remains. Hezbollah exploited the exchange to produce a propaganda campaign aiming to strengthen its political position in Lebanon.") (July 16, 2008)
stepping back in time...WASHINGTON Nahariya, Israel - "THE WORLD SHOULD KNOW WHAT HE DID TO MY FAMILY" by Smadar Haran Kaiser (May 18, 2003)


19 posted on 09/04/2008 2:10:42 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

YOU ARE HERE: Home > Reports > Consular Affairs Bulletins > Report
Warden Message: Angola Election Day Precautions
Sub-Saharan Africa - Angola
3 Sep 2008

20 posted on 09/04/2008 2:56:17 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

BARNABAS "ANGOLA - GIRL DECAPITATED IN ATTACK BY MUSLIM EXTREMISTS" (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "Muslim extremists recently attacked the Christian community in the town of Andulo. In an horrific incident, the school-age daughter of a deacon at one of the churches was decapitated. Forty believers were assaulted or tortured, and one of them needed 20 stitches in his head. The mob burned three church buildings. They also went to believers' houses to intimidate them and damaged or destroyed items of property. Stones were thrown at the headquarters of a local Christian project, causing some damage.") (September 2008)

21 posted on 09/04/2008 2:58:23 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

“Worldwide Caution”
July 16, 2008

SNIPPET: “This Worldwide Caution updates information on the continuing threat of terrorist actions and violence against Americans and interests throughout the world.”

22 posted on 09/04/2008 2:59:52 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

Note: The following text is a quote:

RELEASE No. 20080903-10
Sept. 3, 2008

Tips from local residents lead to weapons caches in Baghdad
Multi-National Division – Baghdad PAO

BAGHDAD – Tips from local residents and Sons of Iraq led Iraqi National Police and Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers to several caches throughout the Baghdad area Sept. 2-3.

A tip from a local citizen led National Policemen from the 2nd Battalion, 4th Brigade, 1st National Police Division to a cache in Baghdad’s New Baghdad district at approximately 6:30 a.m. Sept. 2. The find included five explosively formed projectiles, three of which were made to look like rocks or boulders, a can of PKC ammunition, three rocket-propelled grenades with war heads, a sniper scope, four M4 magazines with ammunition, five RPGs with rockets, six anti-personnel rockets, a hand held radio and a bag of command wire.

Also in New Baghdad, Soldiers serving with Company D, 1st Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, found a can of 12.7 mm rounds at approximately 7:30 a.m.

A local resident led Soldiers from Company B, 2nd Battalion, 30th Inf. Regiment, 4th BCT, 10th Mtn. Div., to a cache north of Baghdad at approximately 1 p.m. The munitions included three RPG launchers, 10 RPG-7 rounds, nine RPG Boosters, three sticks of plastic explosives, an assault rifle with magazine, a revolver, a pistol and 6,000 PKC rounds.

Soldiers serving with the 1st Battalion, 54th Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division, found a cache while searching empty houses in the Mansour district of Baghdad at approximately 4:45 p.m. The items included an RPG-7 launcher, a PKC machine gun and two rifles.

Soldiers serving with Company A, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, found to an improvised-explosive device and approximately 75 pounds of TNT, with help from an SOI leader, in the West Rashid district of Baghdad, at approximately 8:30 p.m.

Soldiers serving with Troop C, 7th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment, 1st BCT, 4th Inf. Div., received a tip over the phone just after midnight Sept. 3 that led to a cache in the East Rashid district of Baghdad. The weapons seized included four claymore mines and nine RPG rounds, two of which were of Iranian-manufacture.

“The tips provided by local citizens and Sons of Iraq members have been instrumental in seizing these weapons,” said Maj. Mark Cheadle, spokesman, Multi-National Division – Baghdad and the 4th Infantry Division. “Together with our Iraqi Security Forces partners, we have been able to quickly act on this information and remove these dangerous weapons from the streets of Baghdad and out of the hands of extremists.”


23 posted on 09/04/2008 3:02:51 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

Note: The following text is a quote:

Press Release A080904a-307
September 4, 2008

Bombing cells targeted, depleted (Baghdad)
BAGHDAD – Coalition forces killed one terrorist and detained 15 suspects during operations Thursday targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq bombing cells and their supporting networks in Baghdad and the Tigris River Valley.

A suspected car-bombing cell leader and three alleged associates are in Coalition custody after an operation in Baghdad. The alleged leader is reportedly involved in procurement of bombing components, construction of bombs and distribution to the cell, which has been known to attack Iraqi civilians in north Baghdad. He is also believed to have contact with terrorists around Iraq and internationally.

During the operation, a surveillance team observed an armed terrorist attempt to sneak behind the target building. Coalition forces called for him to surrender and fired warning shots, but the gunman refused to comply. Perceiving hostile intent, Coalition forces engaged and killed him.

Several operations in Tikrit targeted AQI cells operating in the Tigris River Valley and netted 10 suspected terrorists, including two wanted men. One of the wanted men is assessed to be a senior terrorist leader in the area, and the other wanted man allegedly operates a bombing cell under his direction.

Also in the Tigris River Valley, Coalition forces in Sharqat, about 90 km south of Mosul, detained a suspected AQI liaison. The man reportedly specializes in transporting false documents for terrorists.

“Al-Qaeda operatives cannot hide – Iraqi Security Forces and Coalition forces are tracking them down and taking these terrorists off the streets,” said Maj. John C. Hall, MNF-I spokesman.


24 posted on 09/04/2008 3:04:09 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: All


September 4, 2008
“Morocco: Jihadist cell planned to attack U.N. peacekeepers in Western Sahara”



August 29, 2008
“Morocco: Authorities break up jihadist network calling itself ‘Conquest of Andalusia’”

25 posted on 09/04/2008 3:07:16 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: nwctwx; Cindy; All

Thank you Ian! Thank you Cindy! Thanks to all who continue to keep us posted : )

26 posted on 09/04/2008 3:52:45 PM PDT by KylaStarr (..keeping watch)
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To: Cindy

Thanks yet again.

Maybe (someday) I’ll actually get retired enough to have the time to do more than lurk around and read the hard work of others.

27 posted on 09/04/2008 4:08:51 PM PDT by Unrepentant VN Vet (Dealing with a situation with a speech or voting "Present" just doesn't hack it.)
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To: KylaStarr

You’re very welcome Kyla Starr.

28 posted on 09/04/2008 7:27:31 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Unrepentant VN Vet

Smiling at you... We’ll be waiting for you.

29 posted on 09/04/2008 7:28:52 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: backhoe; nwctwx; All

Looking at Jihad ON THE INTERNET:




“Cold vs. Hot Terrorism”
September 4th, 2008 | Strategy, Uncategorized, tactics, terrorism

SNIPPET: “Hesbah pundit `Abd al-Rahman al-Faqir has been writing a series of essays he collectively calls “Real War vs. Symbolic War.” The point of the essays is to explain the difference between terrorist attacks (symbolic war) and other types of military violence (real war).

One of his essays, “Cold Terrorism,” examines the decision-making of groups choosing between killing for the sake of eliminating enemies without drawing attention to themselves (cold terrorism) vs. killing to provoke a response against themselves (hot terrorism).”

30 posted on 09/04/2008 7:40:50 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All
RECAP and UPDATED: - THE JERUSALEM POST: "'Commandos nearly exposed in Syria'" by David Horovitz (Updated September 5, 2008, 1:45)

WHITE - Statement by the Press Secretary" (April 24, 2008)


WASHINGTON "SYRIA'S NUKE FACILITY WAS NEARLY FINISHED" by Nicholas Kralev and Sara A. Carter (April 24, 2008)


YNET "REPORT: ISRAEL SPOTS NUCLEAR INSTALLATIONS IN SYRIA" (SNIPPET: "According to Washington official, Israeli jets recently took pictures of possible nuclear installations in Syria and Israel believes North Korea supplying Syria, Iran with nuclear materials, NY Times reports") (Published September 12, 2007, 08:22) - Consular Affairs Bulletins - Report - N. Africa - Syria: "WARDEN MESSAGE: SYRIA TERRORIST THREAT CAUTION" (September 10, 2007)




31 posted on 09/04/2008 8:58:34 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All


“Report: US airstrike kills four in North Waziristan”
September 4, 2008 12:57 PM

SNIPPET: “The US has conducted another airstrike inside Pakistani territory, according to reports from Pakistan. This is the fourth US cross-strike inside Pakistan in five days.”


“Coalition: Senior Taliban leaders killed in Kapisa province”
September 4, 2008 10:03 AM

32 posted on 09/04/2008 9:11:00 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

Paper no. 2831

“SIMI and Educated Muslims?”
By R. Upadhyay

ARTICLE SNIPPET: “Going by the account of the educational and economic background of a number of suspects of terror blasts in recent years provided by Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh police it appears that Islamist terrorism in no more only the career of uneducated and economically backward Muslim youths. Contrary to the mainstream notion that unemployment, inadequate education and economic deprivation have enticed the Muslim youths to seek the path of terrorism as career, the demographic composition of some of the terror suspects suggests that they also belong to the categories ranging from white colour professionals like doctors, engineers, IT specialists to small traders, religious preachers and underworld criminals. The language of e-mail sent to some TV channels before the Ahmadabad blasts in August 2008 by ‘Indian Mujahideen’ was in English and signed by Al-Arbi-al-Hind’ (Arab of India) also gives an indication that the sender was well educated person from within the Indian Muslim society. It may be recalled that most of the persons involved in September 11, 2001 terror incidents in USA were highly qualified Muslim youths. It is also said that a sizeable number of the followers of Oasma bin Laden are specialists in different areas of science and technology.

Profiles of some of the suspects as disclosed by police are as follows:”

33 posted on 09/04/2008 9:18:44 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

Note: The following text is a quote:

Coalition Identifies Taliban Leaders Killed in Recent Strikes

American Forces Press Service

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan, Sept. 4, 2008 – Coalition forces have positively identified five Taliban subcommanders killed during operations over the past month in Afghanistan’s Kapisa province.

Qari Nejat, along with four other enemy fighters, was killed during a coalition forces operation in the province’s Nijrab district Aug. 5. Officials said Nejat was a Taliban commander in the Tag Ab valley region, with ties to senior insurgent figures. He was implicated in the July 21 suicide bombing in the Tag Ab bazaar that injured six Afghan nationals, as well as the July 16 kidnapping of three Afghan National Police officers in Jalokhel. Nejat also was wanted in connection with the torturing and beheading of an Afghan citizen June 30.

Khairullah Nezami and Qari Ezmarai, along with four other Taliban operatives, were killed in the Tag Ab district on Aug. 23. Nezami was a known roadside bomb facilitator and also coordinated the movement of suicide bombers and foreign terrorists within the network. Ezmarai is believed to have helped foreign terrorists move into and around Afghanistan to conduct attacks for the Taliban.

Both militants were local Taliban commanders in the Tag Ab valley region of Kapisa. During the operation, the force also discovered multiple assault rifles and machine guns.

On Aug. 30, Ahmad Shah and Mullah Rohoullah were killed as coalition forces attempted to search a compound in the Nijrab district. As they approached the compound, they were met with small-arms and rocket-propelled-grenade fire. Coalition forces responded with precision air strikes, killing both Taliban leaders. Six other militants also were killed in the strikes.

Officials said both leaders were heavily involved in foreign terrorist facilitation and conducting numerous attacks against NATO and coalition forces, including a recent ambush on NATO forces on Aug. 18. They were known to facilitate the movement of weapons and foreign fighters into Afghanistan.

(From a Combined Joint Task Force 101 news release.)

34 posted on 09/04/2008 9:24:19 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: nw_arizona_granny
You're very welcome Cindy.

Now terror subs prowl Caribbean

The Navy, in trolling for mini-submarines sometimes used to transport drugs, has discovered that some of them apparently are being operated by Hezbollah. The mini-subs are small semi-submersibles, made of fiberglass and capable of carrying up to four people plus a payload. They are popular with drug smugglers, and now the U.S. is concerned elements of Hezbollah have begun using them for drug-running or smuggling weapons.

Fake antivirus products infecting computers

PandaLabs, Panda Security’s laboratory for detecting and analyzing malware, has noted an increase in cyber-crooks’ use of malware in the guise of fake antivirus products to defraud users.

Scientist finds manmade chemical in Indian Creek

Miller called the Alabama Department of Evironmental Management, who ran some tests and told WAAY-31 they found nothing. But when we called Dr. Russell Bazemore, the chief scientific officer at Volatile Analysis, he found something much different.

"We found a class of chemical called phthalates, 3 different types of phthalates," Bazemore said. "it's a manmade chemical and it has no reason why it should be in a natural creek waterway."

35 posted on 09/04/2008 9:28:18 PM PDT by MamaDearest
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To: All

Note: The following text is a quote:

Coalition Forces Kill Enemy Fighter, Detain 15 in Iraq

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Sept. 4, 2008 – Coalition forces killed one enemy fighter and detained 15 suspects during operations today targeting al-Qaida in Iraq bombing cells and their supporting networks in Baghdad and the Tigris River Valley, military officials reported.

A suspected car-bombing cell leader and three alleged associates are in coalition custody after an operation in Baghdad. The alleged leader reportedly is involved in procuring of bomb components, building bombs and distributing them to the cell, which has been known to attack Iraqi civilians in northern Baghdad, officials said. He also is believed to have contact with terrorists around Iraq and internationally.

During the operation, a surveillance team saw an armed man try to sneak behind the target building. Coalition forces called for him to surrender and fired warning shots, but the gunman refused to comply. Perceiving hostile intent, coalition forces engaged and killed him.

Several operations in Tikrit targeted al-Qaida in Iraq cells operating in the Tigris River Valley and netted 10 suspected terrorists, including two wanted men. One of the wanted men is believed to be a senior terrorist leader in the area, and the other wanted man allegedly operates a bombing cell under his direction.

Also in the Tigris River Valley, coalition forces in Sharqat, about 55 miles south of Mosul, detained a suspected al-Qaida liaison. The man reportedly specializes in transporting false documents for terrorists.

In other operations, Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers seized munitions yesterday and today.

While on patrol today, soldiers serving with Company D, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, attached to the 4th Infantry Division’s 7th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment, found a 155 mm round, a 120 mm round and two Italian manufactured anti-tank mines in Baghdad’s East Rashid district.

Yesterday, soldiers serving with the 25th Infantry Division’s Company C, 1st Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, found a cache northwest of Baghdad. The munitions seized included 6 pounds of unidentified bulk explosives, two anti-aircraft gun mount, two anti-aircraft heavy machine guns, a rifle stock and two rifle barrels.

Also yesterday, soldiers serving with the 4th Infantry Division’s Troop C, 7th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, received a tip over the phone that led to a cache in East Rashid. The weapons seized included four claymore mines and nine rocket-propelled grenade rounds, two of which were of Iranian-made.

In operations Sept. 2:

— A tip from a local citizen led Iraqi National Police officers to a cache in Baghdad’s New Baghdad district. The find included five roadside bombs designed to pierce armor-hulled vehicles, three of which were made to look like rocks or boulders; a can of ammunition, three rocket-propelled grenades with warheads, a sniper scope, four M4 rifle magazines with ammunition, five RPGs with rockets, six anti-personnel rockets, a handheld radio and a bag of command wire.

— Soldiers serving with the 10th Mountain Division’s Company D, 1st Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, found a can of 12.7 mm rounds in New Baghdad.

— A local resident led soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division’s Company B, 2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, to a cache north of Baghdad. The munitions included three RPG launchers, 10 RPG rounds, nine RPG boosters, three sticks of plastic explosive, an assault rifle with magazine, a revolver, a pistol and 6,000 rounds of ammunition.

— Iraqi soldiers found a cache while searching empty houses in Baghdad’s Mansour district. The items included an RPG launcher, a machine gun and two rifles.

— Soldiers serving with 4th Infantry Division’s Company A, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, found a roadside bomb and about 75 pounds of TNT, with help from a “Sons of Iraq” citizen security group leader, in Baghdad’s West Rashid district.

— Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers detained an alleged al-Qaida in Iraq member in Baghdad’s Rashid district. Iraqi soldiers handed a suspect affiliated with al-Qaida in Iraq to soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division’s Company C, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, in the Jihad community. The suspect allegedly is responsible for attacks against Iraqi citizens and coalition forces.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

36 posted on 09/04/2008 9:28:53 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All


“Covert Radio Show: 90408 Scope of the Threats”

DESCRIPTION: “The Bank of China is the bank of Hamas? Spec Ops Forces hunting Al Qaeda in Pakistan to disrupt the next 911? All in today’s Covert Radio Show. Runs 60 Mins.”
(September 4, 2008)


“Covert Radio Show: A Hard Look at Iran’s Hardline”

DESCRIPTION: “Today we break down the nuclear scam that Iran is perpetrating on the European Union. Banafsheh Zand Bonazzi breaks it down, and explains the Mullah’s Apocalyptic Worldview. Make no mistake, Iran is playing a very high stakes game of chess with the United States and many of their pawns are playing double and triple games.This is a fascinating episode as Brett breaks down the con that Mahmood is running on the west. Plus the latest from Iraq, Pakistan and Venezuela. Runs 60 Minutes.”

(September 3, 2008)

37 posted on 09/04/2008 10:11:26 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

“U.S. Open Employee Accused Of Making Bomb Threat”
Posted on Thursday, 4 of September , 2008 at 7:12 pm

ARTICLE SNIPPET: “QUEENS—A teenage employee at the U.S. Open Tennis Championships in Flushing Meadows, Queens, has been charged with making a series of phone calls to the venue Wednesday – while at work – claiming that a bomb had been planted at the Arthur Ashe Stadium there. The threats turned out to be a hoax.

Mahmet M. Kadayifci, 19, of 34-24 77th St. in the Elmhurst section of Queens. Kadayifci, who is a contracted employee with the U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) assigned to the fire watch area at the U.S. Open, is presently awaiting arraignment in Queens Criminal Court in Kew Gardens on charges of first- and second-degree falsely reporting an incident. If convicted, he faces up to seven years in prison.”

38 posted on 09/04/2008 10:15:15 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All



“Russia closes its Embassy in Georgia”
By Eter Tsotniashvili
Thursday, September 4


“Cheney Condemns Russia’s ‘Illegitimate, Unilateral’ Aggression”

By John J. Kruzel
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Sept. 4, 2008 –
PRESS RELEASE SNIPPET: “Assistance promised yesterday will supplement the more than 2 million pounds of humanitarian supplies the U.S. military has delivered so far.

Meanwhile, Pentagon Spokesman Bryan Whitman today said the Defense Department will conduct assessments in days ahead to study Georgia’s future security needs

“We’ll certainly be looking at the long-term security needs of Georgia, and what role the Defense Department might have in assisting in that,” he said.”


Note: The following text is a quote:

For Immediate Release
Office of the Vice President
September 4, 2008

Remarks by Vice President Cheney and President Saakashvili of Georgia After Meeting
Presidential Administration
Tbilisi, Georgia

12:35 A.M. (Local)

PRESIDENT SAAKASHVILI: Well, I would like to welcome Mr. Vice President. And thank you for your visit, for your support, and for your solidarity. Let me, on behalf of my people, extend my gratitude for the assistance package you have pledged for Georgia. We heard a statement from your President Bush yesterday, and by Secretary Rice, as well, as we discussed in our conversation.

The support of the United States, now more than ever, reflects just how close our two countries are: that our common values are what truly unite and bind our two peoples. Together with our other partners in Europe, America and elsewhere, we will rebuild Georgia.

Looking forward, it is my number one priority to rebuild this great nation and to send the message to the world: That message is that the light of freedom can never be extinguished in Georgia; the spirit and will of my nation, the resolve of my government, are stronger than ever before; and, we may be a small nation, but our hearts and spirits are not, and our love of freedom is even bigger, and as many challenges lay ahead of us, we are willing to tackle them and to take them.

We feel that we are not alone. We feel that a great community of nations from the European Union, the United States, Japan, other responsible nations, China, are standing by Georgia, and I think we will endure, we will prosper, and we will succeed.

Of course, this has been a very hard time. You know, I think that one thing should be clearly understood: We have two territories in Georgia where ethnic cleansing has been committed. From Abkhazia over the years, more than 80 percent of the population have been expelled.

From South Ossetia, in South Ossetia, two-thirds of the territory has been ethnically cleansed just during those weeks. This is to remind to everybody they’re just trying to legalize the results of ethnic cleansing. But if you are trying to legalize — if anybody in the world would try to legalize or accept what has happened, basically you will be accepting and legalizing human tragedies of hundreds of thousands of people — more than half a million, actually, thrown out of their houses, deprived of their livelihoods, deprived of their right to not only to return but even to see their own houses because of their wrong ethnic origin, because of their wrong loyalty. Ethnic cleansing in South Ossetia took place not only of ethnic Georgians but also ethnic Ossetians that were considered to be disloyal. So I think — I really call on all responsible nations of the world not to accept this, but to continue to condemn — (inaudible) — to upheld international law and to upheld international justice.

On our part, Georgia is a peace-loving nation. We will do our best to avoid violence. We are committed to a peaceful resolution of all the issues. And we are committed to a dialogue with everybody, internally, and with all the nations in the neighborhood and worldwide. We will serve as responsible partners with the United States. Certainly, we have weathered a terrible storm. Let us now plant new seeds. Our slogan of Georgia is “Strength and Unity.” So I think it’s also unity between our nations, between us and other civilized, democratic nations of the world. Thank you again, and God bless this nation. Thank you.

VICE PRESIDENT CHENEY: Thank you, Mr. President. I appreciate the kind words, and the opportunity to visit your great country. I’m pleased as well to bring greetings from Georgia’s friend and ally, President George W. Bush. He, of course, has visited this capital city, and has fond memories of the warm welcome that he received from the people of Georgia. I have felt that same warmth today, and I’m delighted to be here. I also want to recognize Ambassador Tefft and all the staff of the American Embassy here, American and Georgian, for their magnificent work over the last few weeks.

I also bring a message of friendship from the people of the United States. Americans are acutely conscious of the great trials your country has faced over the last four weeks, and we stand in solidarity with the people of Georgia. After your nation won its freedom in the Rose Revolution, America came to the aid of this courageous young democracy. We are doing so again, as you work to overcome an invasion of your sovereign territory — and an illegitimate, unilateral attempt to change your country’s borders by force that has been universally condemned by the free world.

The United States has already provided nearly $30 million in humanitarian assistance, including more than 1,200 tons of food and supplies. And yesterday in Washington, President Bush announced another billion dollars in economic assistance to Georgia, as part of America’s contribution to a broader international effort called for by the European Union. These funds will support reconstruction, humanitarian needs, the resettlement of displaced persons, and other vital priorities. President Bush has also directed a range of American government agencies to give additional support to Georgia’s recovery by promoting greater international trade and investment in this country. As I have assured President Saakashvili today, America will help Georgia rebuild and regain its position as one of the world’s fastest growing economies. He and his democratically elected government can count on the continued support and assistance of the United States.

I assured the President, as well, of my country’s strong commitment to Georgia’s territorial integrity. Georgia has that right, just as it has the right to build stronger ties to friends in Europe and across the Atlantic.

For the sake of long-term security in this region, we call for the peaceful resolution of the dispute over the Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia — based on good faith discussions among the parties, and objective international mediation.

Russia’s actions have cast grave doubt on Russia’s intentions and on its reliability as an international partner — not just in Georgia but across this region and indeed throughout the international system.

America will do its duty to work with the governments of Georgia and our other friends and allies to protect our common interests and uphold our values. America is fully committed to Georgia’s Membership Action Plan for NATO, and to its eventual membership in the Alliance.

The United States is very pleased with the recent establishment of a NATO-Georgia Commission. As the current members of NATO declared at the Summit in Bucharest, Georgia will be in our alliance. NATO is a defensive alliance. It is a threat to no one. Indeed, NATO is one of the great forces for freedom, security and peace that the modern world has known.

Mr. President, before they were called home to defend their country, Georgian troops were on assignment in Iraq, helping to defend that struggling, young democracy. Now, it is the responsibility of the free world to rally to the side of Georgia. We will help your people to heal this nation’s wounds, to rebuild this economy, and to ensure Georgia’s democracy, independence and further integration with the West.

Mr. President, you’ve been fearless in response to the occupation of your territory, and steadfast in your principles. America respects you, and we respect the noble people of this country — more than 100,000 of whom came out this week to demonstrate their support for Georgia’s independence and sovereignty.

PRESIDENT SAAKASHVILI: Actually, 1.5 million.

VICE PRESIDENT CHENEY: 1.5 million. Well, it was more than 100,000.

(Laughter.) Good, 1.5 million.

Georgia’s independence and sovereignty has been very important, obviously. And Georgians have sacrificed for freedom, and served for freedom’s cause in other lands. All Georgians deserve to live as free men and women — and this, I believe, is their destiny. In their hearts, the Georgian people have great courage. And in America, they have a sturdy and faithful friend. Thank you.

END 12:45 P.M. (Local)


“The Georgias to Come”
By Michael Radu | Friday, September 05, 2008


“A Selective Indifference to War”
By John Perazzo | Friday, September 05, 2008

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To: All

Note: The following text is a quote:

YOU ARE HERE: Home > Reports > Consular Affairs Bulletins > Report
Warden Message: Ethiopia Capital Explosion
Sub-Saharan Africa - Ethiopia
4 Sep 2008

Printer Friendly Email Article
5 Aug 2008
6 Jun 2008
21 May 2008
21 May 2008
16 Apr 2008

U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa issued the following Warden Message on September 4:

The Embassy has confirmed an explosion occurred at approximately 16:00 September 3 in a video parlor in the Merkato section of Addis Ababa. Ethiopian Federal Police report six people were killed and 29 injured in the event. Because of the severity of some of the injuries, additional deaths are likely. Police report no American citizens or other foreigners were among the casualties. While the cause of the explosion is still under investigation, police assess it to be a malicious act – likely an improvised explosive device planted in the venue – and similar in nature to previous explosive incidents occurring in Addis Ababa.

The Merkato was the site of a previous bombing at a bank in February, 2008 that resulted in no casualties. Because of these and other incidents, the Embassy recommends that Americans avoid the Merkato. The Embassy also takes this opportunity to remind Americans to review their personal safety and security posture and to remain vigilant. Americans are urged to be cautious when frequenting prominent public places and landmarks, especially in the coming weeks as the Ethiopian New Year (September 11) and the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 bombings approach. Americans are advised to beware of unattended baggage or packages left in any location, including in minibuses and taxis, and to avoid crowded unsecured public places with poor access controls and security screening.

For the latest security information, Americans living and traveling abroad should regularly monitor the Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs internet website at, where the current Worldwide Caution, Travel Warnings, and Travel Alerts can be found. Up-to-date information on security can also be obtained by calling 1-888-407-4747 toll free in the U.S. and Canada, or, for callers outside the U.S. and Canada, a regular toll line at 1-202-501-4444. These numbers are available from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except U.S. Federal Holidays.)

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To: MamaDearest; milford421; DAVEY CROCKETT

Thanks to Mama Dearest for finding these articles.

Strange chemicals in a river, always makes me nervous.

On the subs, remember when I found the ads to buy them for 10 million and now they build their own.

Thanks M.D. for thinking of me.

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To: nw_arizona_granny
You're welcome Granny. You've been part of TM for a long long time and you've always got a unique authentic way of looking at things that is much appreciated.

Al Qaeda new fronts feared

Last month an Arabic satellite TV channel broadcast a chilling video of a group of Iraqi teenagers called the "Youths of Heaven" -- their faces masked and brandishing Kalashnikov rifles, chanting "Allahu Akbar" and vowing to blow themselves up with "crusaders and apostates".

The film of these aspiring suicide bombers, all said to be under 16, was produced by al-Furqan, the media arm of the Islamic State of Iraq, aka al-Qaeda. But such material is rare these days, with film coming out of Iraq looking suspiciously like posed training sessions with little of the live action of ambushes that has been the staple fare of jihadi websites.

Ebola's cell-invasion strategy uncovered

University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston researchers have discovered a key biochemical link in the process by which the Ebola Zaire virus infects cells - a critical step to finding a way to treat the deadly disease produced by the virus.

Ebola produces severe and often fatal hemorrhagic fever in its victims and inflicts mortality rates close to 90 percent in some outbreaks. No vaccine or antiviral therapy has been developed against the virus, and it is considered a high-risk agent for bioterrorism.....

New alcohol based hand sanitizer may minimize viral transmission, including norovirus

In the study the researchers formed a synergistic blend of ethanol, polyquaternium polymer and organic acid and tested its capability to inhibit human and animal viruses. When compared with a benchmark alcohol-based hand sanitizer, results showed higher levels of reduced infectivity of human rotavirus, adenovirus type 5, poliovirus type 1, and norovirus, as well as feline calicivirus and murine norovirus type 1 from the new ethanol-based sanitizer.

"Based on these results, we conclude that this new ethanol-based hand sanitizer is a promising option for reducing the transmission of enteric viruses, including norovirus, by food handlers and care providers," say the researchers.

Bacterial pneumonia was main killer in 1918 flu pandemic

It was secondary bacterial pneumonia—not the influenza virus by itself—that killed most of the millions who perished in the 1918 flu pandemic, which suggests that current pandemic preparations should include stockpiling of antibiotics and bacterial vaccines, influenza researchers reported this week.

Typhus outbreak handling draws ire

Stanhope also said the nation's current system of monitoring disease, in which health departments collect specimens and wait for a lab to confirm the disease, rather than monitoring a collection of symptoms in hospitals and alerting doctors to unusual clusters of illness, is badly outdated. He said the country is at risk of a biological attack if it doesn't change the way it monitors illness.

"It leaves us absolutely vulnerable and damned near unable to respond a bioterrorism event," Stanhope said.

Two Christians kidnapped, then killed in Iraq

Tariq Qattan, a 65-year-old doctor, was recently kidnapped by a terrorist group. Then on Wednesday, news emerged that he had been killed, according to Assyrian International News Agency.

His family had reportedly paid around £10,000 in ransom money, but it was not enough to free the Christian man.

On the same day, news also was released about the kidnapping and murder of another Christian, Nafi Haddad. Nafi was kidnapped on Monday and it is unclear whether the captors demanded ransom money.

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To: MamaDearest

Thank you MamaDearest.

So much information you provided.
I appreciate it.

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To: Cindy
Anytime Cindy!!!!

Coroner slams government for refusing to fund probe into deaths after one of worst water poisoning cases in British history

Snippets: In 1988 a lorry driver poured 20 tonnes of aluminium sulphate into the wrong tank at the Lowermoor treatment works at Camelford in Cornwall  -  contaminating the water supplied to 20,000 homes.

Locals say the accident led to cases of vomiting, skin burns, brain damage, memory loss and joint problems  -  and up to 20 deaths. They accuse the Government of covering up the scale of the disaster, which happened in the run up to the privatisation of the water board.

For nearly two decades the victims of the blunder have demanded full investigation.

Outbreak prompts recall of NW alfalfa sprouts

Snippets: Oregon State Public Health Division and U.S. Department of Agriculture officials announced Thursday a recall of Sprouter's Northwest brand alfalfa sprouts due to a Salmonellosis outbreak.

As of Tuesday, 13 outbreak cases had been identified in Oregon and Washington. All cases reported becoming ill since Aug. 1.

The recalled sprouts were distributed through a number of wholesalers to grocery stores, restaurants, and other retail outlets in Oregon and Washington.

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“SouthCom Transformation Promotes New Approach to Regional Challenges”

By Donna Miles
American Forces Press Service

MIAMI, Aug. 26, 2008 –
ARTICLE SNIPPET: “Stavridis described the “enormous challenges” facing Central and South America during his mid-March testimony before the House Armed Services Committee. Without large-scale conventional wars looming on the horizon, the bigger regional challenges are poverty, drugs, the risk of regional terrorism and the beginnings of Islamic radical terrorism, he told the committee.

Like a long line of commanders before him, Stavridis recognized that traditional Cold War-era ways of operating didn’t fit in SouthCom’s area of focus, which includes all of Latin America and parts of the Caribbean. “Previous SouthCom commanders have recognized we need to fundamentally change how we do business around here,” Sparling said. “


At $2 million apiece, the craft poke out only a foot above water and can carry 12 tons of drugs.”

By Gordon Lubold | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
from the August 25, 2008 edition

ARTICLE SNIPPET: “Military officials, working in conjunction with the US Coast Guard and law-enforcement agencies, say they apprehended about 25 of the hard-to-find semi-subs a couple of years ago but this year are on track to find as many as 60. Another military official says that number could be as high as 100 by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, the semi-subs have an estimated success rate – actual delivery of cargo – of about 80 percent, Admiral Nimmich says, adding that he is confident the US can tackle the problem given more focus and resources.

Most of the boats have been intercepted in the eastern Pacific between South and Central America. In the last two years, the vessels have emerged as an increasingly viable way to transport large quantities of drugs that ultimately make their way into the US.

Built of a combination of fiberglass and wood and now steel, the 40- to 80-foot long semi-subs can travel as far as 2,000 miles, carrying a payload that represents, according to Nimmich, “10 hits of cocaine for every senior high school student in the US.””

ARTICLE SNIPPET: “Costing an average of $2 million per ship, the semi-subs are typically built under cover of the jungle canopy in South and Central America and can take a year to construct.”
ARTICLE SIPPET: “Although US Southern Command, headed by Adm. James Stavridis, has not received as much attention support as its sister commands, particularly US Central Command, which oversees the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it has quietly focused on the drug fight, interdicting about 200 metric tons of cocaine last year.

To make more headway, General McCaffrey says, the American government as a whole needs a broader strategic policy in Latin America that would help address the growth in effectiveness of drug cartels.

If semi-subs represent one way in which narcotics traffickers have adapted, the growing use of tunnels on the US-Mexico border represent another.”


“For US, a terror threat lurks in drug smuggling subs
Shift of cargo to arms and people is feared”

By Bryan Bender
Globe Staff / August 17, 2008

KEY WEST, Fla. -

ARTICLE SNIPPET: “These “semi-submersibles,” which exhibit some of the same characteristics as military submarines, mark a significant advancement in the ability of drug smugglers to slip past coastal defenses.

So far this year, the Coast Guard says it has encountered at least 27 such vessels headed toward the southern and western United States, more than in the previous six years combined, while far more are believed to have gone undetected, according to US military and law enforcement officials.

The growing number and increased sophistication of the vessels, officially designated “self-propelled semi-submersibles,” has set off alarms at the highest levels of the US military and the federal Department of Homeland Security. Counterterrorism officials fear that what drug runners now use to deliver cocaine, terrorists could one day use to sneak personnel or massive weapons into the United States.

Navy Admiral James Stavridis, commander of the US Southern Command, the Miami-based military command that concentrates on Latin America, warned in a recent military journal article, “If drug cartels can ship up to 10 tons of cocaine in a semi-submersible, they can clearly ship or rent space to a terrorist organization for a weapon of mass destruction or a high-profile terrorist.””


“Semi-subs becoming drug, security risk”
Published: Aug. 17, 2008 at 3:41 PM
KEY WEST, Fla., Aug. 17 (UPI)


“Commanders Discuss Operational Issues at House Hearing”

By Gerry J. Gilmore
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, March 14, 2008 –

ARTICLE SNIPPET: “Yet, SOUTHCOM’s area of responsibility also includes challenges, Stavridis said.

“There are enormous challenges, starting with poverty, but also drugs,” the four-star admiral noted. Regional terrorists, including the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as FARC, increasingly rely on narcotics trafficking as a way to raise funds, he said.

Stavridis also sees “the beginnings of Islamic radical terrorism” in some parts of his area of responsibility.

On the Caribbean watch, Cuba remains the sole dictatorship in the Americas, Stavridis said, while noting Haiti “continues to be a nation that is trying to overcome extreme challenges of poverty.”

The admiral also cited recent tensions caused by a border dispute between Colombia and its neighbors Venezuela and Ecuador. Venezuela and Ecuador accused Colombia of violating their sovereignty during recent Colombian military operations that attacked terrorists operating along the countries’ common borders.”


Posted On: Apr 8 2008 10:53AM

SNIPPET: “”On March 6th and 13th, Navy Adm. James Stavridis, commander of U.S. Southern Command, testified before the Senate and House Armed Services Committees as part of the command’s annual posture statement to Congress.

Stavridis emphasized the command’s continuing work to strengthen partnerships in Central America, South America and the Caribbean and addressed current security challenges and concerns in the region. Below are some selected excerpts of Stavridis’ testimony to the House and the Senate:”

SNIPPET: “On the use of semi-submersible submarines
by drug runners:

“In 2006, we were tracking, either via intelligence or capturing, around three of these in the year 2006. In the year 2007, it jumped to about 30. This year so far, in three months, we`ve seen about 30. So, we are seeing more and more of these. We don`t know how many there are that we are not seeing.”

“…they really are essentially garage-level technology. It`s just a diesel engine, a fiberglass hull, a snorkel, a primitive periscope, seating in a crude sense for two to four personnel. We are working very hard on the intelligence front to find out where they are coming from… They can go hundreds of miles.”

On continued military support to Colombia:

“Colombia has made enormous progress on — as a result of Plan Colombia, which came out of the Clinton Administration and was followed in the Bush administration. Murders down 80 percent; kidnappings down 60 percent; terrorist incidents down 60 percent; police presence throughout the country — it`s a much safer country.

As the chairman indicated, the Colombians have just self-financed with a wealth tax — three-and-a-half billion dollars. I fully expect, over the next 24 months, we should be able to move toward a reduction in our very small forces that are there. As you know, Senator, we have a cap of 600 U.S. military. We`re typically, on average, well-below that, in the 500 range.”

On military-to-military relations with Venezuela:

“Historically, the United States and Venezuela have had very close relations. And, it is unfortunate that, at the moment, we do not enjoy that at a government-to-government level. And, at a military-to- military level, Senator, we have no relationship unfortunately. We have tried to reach out to the Venezuelan military. We`ve invited them to conferences. We want to have some level of understanding and dialogue with them, but they have rejected that. They have also – ‘they,’ the government of Venezuela, has not been cooperative in the narcotics fight, and we are very concerned about trans-shipment of cocaine through Venezuela.”

On Venezuela’s military buildup:

“I am concerned about it. It seems like a high level of weapons purchases… 25 high-performance aircraft, 50 new attack helicopters, over 100,000 AK-103 – very advanced – automatic rifles, military transports, diesel submarines – a very advanced technology. I, personally, have difficulty understanding why that level of weapons would be needed by the Venezuelan state, because as we’ve just seen, this is a region that is not prone to going to war, but has the capacity to solve, peacefully, disputes. “


“SOUTHCOM commander testifies before Congress”
Posted On: Mar 14 2008 2:00PM

By Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Michael Wimbish
U.S. Southern Command Public Affairs

ARTICLE SNIPPET: “The commander of U.S. Southern Command testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Armed Services Committee March 13, saying that there is a low likelihood for military conflict in Latin America and the Caribbean while warning of possible emerging security challenges.

Navy Adm. James Stavridis’ testimony, alongside the commanders of U.S. European Command and the future U.S. Africa Command, was his second in a week. On March 6, he appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee as part of the command’s annual posture statement to Congress.

Stavridis discussed the recent tensions between Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, sparked by Colombia’s attack of Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebels in Ecuador March 1. He said the peaceful resolution, which also involved leaders from other surrounding nations, displayed the region’s aptitude for solving such problems.

“The region came together to solve that problem, and that´s very encouraging,” Stavridis said.

Stavridis also offered the SOUTHCOM take on Venezuela’s recent military weapons and equipment purchases, which have included more than 20 high-performance fighter jets, 50 new attack helicopters, over 100,000 AK-103 automatic rifles, military transports, and advanced diesel submarines.

“I personally have difficulty understanding why that level of weapons would be needed by the Venezuelan state because, as we´ve just seen, this is a region that is not prone to going to war, but has the capacity to solve, peacefully, disputes,” stated Stavridis.””



YNET (AP): “REPORT: IRAN BUILDS NEW, SMART SUB” (Published August 12, 13:42)<

THE MEMRI (”Source: Mehr, Iran, August 12, 2008”): “IRAN LAUNCHES RADAR-EVADING VESSELS, UNMANNED SUBMARINES” (Posted August 12, 2008)

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To: All; JellyJam

More details UPDATE:

September 3, 2008

Note: The following text is a quote:

United States Attorney’s Office
Western District of Pennsylvania

Defendant in Pennsylvania Collar-Bomb Bank Robbery Case Pleads Guilty.

United States Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan announced today, September 3, 2008, that Kenneth Barnes, a resident of Erie, Pennsylvania, has pleaded guilty in federal court to charges of conspiracy to commit bank robbery and using and carrying a destructive device during and in relation to a crime of violence.

Barnes, age 54, pleaded guilty to two counts before United States District Judge Sean J. McLaughlin. Ms. Buchanan stated that “Barnes’ guilty plea today is a significant step towards providing closure to one of the most bizarre crimes ever committed in the Western District of Pennsylvania. The callousness of the defendants’ conduct, coupled with the unusual series of events committed by the participants, complicated and prolonged the investigation.” Ms. Buchanan further stated, “This crime would not have been solved without the dedication and commitment of outstanding law enforcement officers and prosecutors.”

In connection with the guilty plea, Assistant United States Attorney Marshall J. Piccinini advised the court that the evidence gathered from the FBI, ATF, Pennsylvania State Police, and Erie Bureau of Police, and other sources, establishes that on August 28, 2003, employees at the PNC Bank located at 7200 Peach Street, Erie, Pennsylvania were robbed by a lone individual later identified as Brian Wells. According to the information provided to the court, the evidence establishes that the bank robbery was not committed by Wells alone but rather, was actually planned in advance by a group of co-conspirators to include William Rothstein, Marjorie Diehl Armstrong, and Kenneth Barnes. The evidence would establish that the conspirators contrived a series of notes appearing to require Wells (the supposed bomb hostage) to follow a course of instruction in order to complete the bank robbery and have the device disarmed and removed. These notes provided instructions leading to other notes along a route from the PNC bank, across Interstate 90 to wooded areas near Interstate 79 in Erie County, Pennsylvania.

Investigators immediately followed the instructions on the notes recovered from the bank and Wells’ vehicle to attempt to gather evidence in the minutes following the bank robbery. When investigators arrived at the Kearsage exit of I-79, they retrieved a note that instructed the reader to travel back onto I-79 south to the McKean Township sign and again walk into the woods for further instructions. At that location investigators found an empty jar without a note in it, with marker tape attached. The tape appeared to have been broken and was attached at the other end to a tree in the vicinity. The evidence would show that somebody removed that note from the time of the robbery to the time investigators arrived.

According to the information provided to the court, the evidence shows that at approximately 1:30 p.m. on August 28, 2003, prior to the bank robbery, a telephone call from a Shell gas station payphone was placed to Mama Mia’s Pizzeria, where Wells worked as a deliveryman, for a pizza delivery order. The evidence establishes that at 1:30 p.m., a witness saw co-conspirator William Rothstein talking on that exact payphone and later observed William Rothstein standing in the vicinity of the payphone with coconspirator Marjorie Diehl Armstrong. Kenneth Barnes was also at the Shell gas station at that time, having driven there with coconspirator Marjorie Diehl Armstrong. Barnes purchased $10 worth of gasoline for Diehl Armstrong’s vehicle and entered the Shell gas station. Barnes’ $10.00 purchase of gas was confirmed by cash register receipts, and surveillance video from within the Shell gas station store depicts Kenneth Barnes present in the store during the same time frame that co-conspirators Rothstein and Diehl Armstrong were observed outside.

Wells left the pizza shop and proceeded to a television tower site, where he met with the co-conspirators. At that time, the device was affixed to his neck and he then proceeded to the PNC bank. After Wells entered the PNC Bank, he raised his shirt and showed the teller a bomb affixed to his torso by a collar device, and demanded money. The teller then provided Wells with $8702.00 in federally insured bank proceeds. Wells then left the bank and the destructive device that was affixed to Wells’ neck later detonated, killing him. Experts with the FBI were able to use the pieces of debris to piece together the device sufficient to gain an understanding of how it functioned and how it was configured within the metal box attached to the collar. The analysis by the FBI’s forensic laboratory experts, disclosed that in addition to the collar and locking mechanism attached to Brian Wells’ neck, the device that exploded and killed Brian Wells was an improvised explosive device, meeting the definition of a destructive device under federal law.

The evidence shows that, although the pipe bombs themselves were relatively simple, the way in which the device was configured was not simple. The device was rigged to the collar assembly in such a way as to make it appear that attempts to remove the device would have detonated it. Portions of the device were meant to appear to be “booby traps” but were not. Moreover, the device was armed in such a way that contact with the device through any attempted manual entry would likely have detonated it. The bomb maker designed the device in such a way that attempts to deactivate the device in the time allotted would have failed.

In August and September, 2005, law enforcement agents interviewed Kenneth Barnes, because it was believed that he had some connection with Marjorie Diehl Armstrong and it was known that he had previously disclosed to the Erie Police, in the course of the Roden homicide investigation, that Marjorie Diehl had solicited him to kill her father. Barnes stated that he had known Diehl Armstrong for 6 to 8 years prior to 2003. Barnes admitted that Diehl Armstrong had solicited him to kill her father because her father was spending Diehl Armstrong’s inheritance.

Barnes stated that Diehl Armstrong was mad at PNC bank among other reasons for allowing her father to obtain all of Diehl Armstrong’s mother’s money after her mother’s death. Barnes admitted that Diehl Armstrong had asked him if he had ever robbed a bank and if she decided to rob a bank, would he be the get away driver. According to Barnes, approximately 2 to 3 months before the collar bomb incident, Diehl Armstrong made statements to him about robbing a PNC bank and on several occasions solicited Barnes to be the get away driver. Barnes also admitted that Diehl Armstrong had asked him a few months prior to the bank robbery if he knew anyone that could make a bomb, specifically, one with a timer that counted down. Barnes said that if he ever had to make one it would be a pipe bomb constructed from pipe, approximately 5 to 6 inches long, filled with some form of powder or C4. When asked by investigators what type of powder he would use, Barnes replied that he would cut open shotgun shells. Barnes’ description is consistent with the pipe bombs that were in the device in this case. Barnes later admitted that he told Diehl Armstrong about different types of explosive powder and how he would build a pipe bomb.

Then, in December 2005, Barnes admitted that he was with Diehl Armstrong throughout the day on August 28, 2003. Barnes disclosed that he knew much more about the collar bomb incident, Diehl Armstrong, Brian Wells, and Bill Rothstein than he originally disclosed to investigators. During this and subsequent interviews Barnes confessed and told investigators that on August 27, 2003, the day before the bank robbery, he, Diehl Armstrong, Rothstein, Stockton, and Wells met at Rothstein’s house and discussed the plans for the bank robbery the next day. Barnes disclosed that the plan was for Wells to wear a device into the bank, because it would intimidate tellers resulting in better compliance. Wells was to give notes to the teller, and after leaving the bank, give the money to Rothstein. This way, if Wells was stopped by authorities, he would not have any money with him, demonstrating to authorities that he was not willingly involved.

Barnes admitted that sometime after 10:00 a.m. on August 28, 2003, Diehl Armstrong picked him up at his residence at 617 Perry Street, for the purpose of the bank robbery and they drove to Peach Street. Barnes admitted that he and Diehl Armstrong then drove to the Shell gas station, that he purchased gasoline for Diehl Armstrong’s vehicle while Diehl Armstrong and Rothstein were standing near the pay phone.

According to Barnes he and Diehl Armstrong parked in her red Jeep Cherokee where they could observe Peach Street and PNC Bank. Using binoculars, Barnes stated that he observed Wells, followed by Rothstein, driving north on Peach Street and pulling into Summit Town Center, where the PNC Bank is located. Barnes saw Rothstein park his large yellowish vehicle near Eye Glass World and McDonald’s and saw Wells enter the bank. Diehl Armstrong then used the binoculars to watch the bank robbery as well. According to Barnes’ admissions, after the bank robbery he and Diehl Armstrong drove to Rothstein’s residence then switched cars and drove Rothstein’s large yellowish car to Interstate 79. Barnes admitted that Diehl Armstrong pulled onto the side of the berm of I-79, got out of the car, and went down over the embankment into the woods. She returned carrying something which she threw in the back seat of the car. In conjunction with his interview, Barnes went for a ride with investigators and showed them the route he traveled with Diehl Armstrong that day.

According to the information provided to the court, the evidence shows, consistent with Barnes’ admission, that another witness, saw a woman, believed by the witness to be Marjorie Diehl Armstrong, straddling the guard rail on I-79 in the vicinity of the I-90 ramp. The evidence shows that this location is several hundred feet from the demand note drop site in the woods off of the south bound berm of I-79. This is the location where a note had been removed prior to law enforcement arriving that afternoon.

The investigation also disclosed that after the December 2005 interviews of Barnes, he told his former girlfriend, “I’m in trouble and I’m not getting out of it this time.” In February, 2006, investigators interviewed Diehl Armstrong and advised her that they had developed new information since their last interview. Specifically, investigators advised Diehl Armstrong that Barnes had told investigators that he was with Diehl Armstrong on August 27 and 28, 2003, the day before and the day of the collar bomb incident.

According to information presented to the court, on March 2, 2006, an inmate spoke with Diehl Armstrong at the State Correctional Institution (SCI) at Muncy, after Diehl Armstrong returned from SCI Cambridge Springs, where she had been interviewed by federal agents. The inmate stated that Diehl Armstrong was extremely upset about the last interview by investigators to the point she was almost in tears. Diehl Armstrong stated to the inmate, “I hope Ken didn’t tell them anything.” Diehl Armstrong told the inmate, “I won’t tell on Ken and Floyd.”

In March, 2006, investigators interviewed Barnes again, who divulged more information about the collar bomb plot. Barnes stated that approximately one month prior to the collar bomb incident, Roden, Diehl Armstrong, Wells, and another person were at Barnes’ house located at 617 Perry Street discussing the bank robbery while they were standing on his front porch. As part of the initial bank robbery plan, Roden was to be the driver for Wells. Barnes further indicated that Wells had previously been to Barnes’ house four or five times. Investigators then interviewed another witness who confirmed that the meeting on Barnes porch took place.

During the March 13 and 14, 2006 interviews of Barnes, he reaffirmed to investigators the details of the August 27, 2003 meeting at Rothstein’s house. Barnes then stated that on August 28, 2003, after going to Barnes and Noble and the Shell Station, they went to Rothstein’s house. Barnes stated that they were at Rothstein’s house “waiting for Brian Wells.” While there, the collar bomb was taken out from Rothstein’s garage. The garage was located East of Rothstein’s house in his back yard, and was just a couple feet from the dirt road leading back to the television tower. Barnes then described the collar bomb device and his description was consistent with the outward appearance of the device. Barnes then reaffirmed what he had told investigators about where he and Diehl Armstrong went and what they did on upper Peach Street. Barnes also stated that Diehl Armstrong killed Roden after they had an argument about Roden trying to extort money from Diehl-Armstrong based on his threat to expose the bank robbery plot.

In May 2006, Barnes said that on August 28, 2003, the day of the incident, he was with the others at the tower site where the device was affixed to Wells. Barnes admitted that when Wells realized that the device was real, Wells didn’t want to wear it. Barnes claimed that one shot was fired from a gun and the device was then placed on Wells’ neck. Another cooperating government witness would confirm Barnes’ account that when Wells realized that the device was real, he did not want to wear it and a gunshot was fired. Another cooperating witness would testify that at the same time the conspirators were back on the tower site road, one gun shot was heard coming from that vicinity. According to information provided to the court, a cooperating government witness would testify, consistent with Barnes’s admissions, that Barnes conspired with the other participants to commit the bank robbery and that the conspirators knowingly perpetrated the scheme, knowing that a destructive device was to be used. The cooperating witness would confirm that the conspirators including Barnes, met on various occasions leading up to the August 28, 2003 incident. That cooperating witness would specifically disclose the meeting on August 27, 2003, the day before the bank robbery, in which the conspirators, including Barnes, discussed the plan for the next day Investigators then interviewed other witnesses who were acquainted with Barnes and discovered that Barnes had admitted to them that he was with Diehl Armstrong on the day of the incident.

In addition, one of Barnes’ family members cooperated with investigators. While Barnes was in the Erie County Jail, prior to being indicted in this case, this family member regularly visited Barnes. The family member then reported to law enforcement the things Barnes said. The family member would state among other things that Barnes admitted that he was with Wells, Diehl Armstrong and Rothstein on the date of the incident; that Wells was forced to wear the device; that Barnes was solicited to kill Diehl Armstrong’s father for $100,000; that Barnes knew law enforcement would find no evidence from the search at his house because the bomb wasn’t built there; that there is no black man involved in the case as claimed by Wells; that the only person who can “talk” is Diehl and she has two murders under her belt and no one would believe her; that Rothstein and Diehl were at his house the night before the incident discussing the robbery; that all of the bomb making materials were taken to the landfill; that he isn’t worried about the case and would only worry if Diehl Armstrong came back to testify; and that as long as Diehl Armstrong doesn’t talk he’ll be okay.

Barnes admitted that the conspirators communicated with walkie-talkie type radios and that he provided these radios to Diehl Armstrong. Barnes then identified two Motorola radios found by investigators in Rothstein’s van on September 21, 2003, as the one’s that he gave to Diehl Armstrong. Barnes also indicated that he believed that the gun that was fired one-time back at the tower site, was a small caliber revolver. Investigators discovered a small caliber revolver in Rothstein’s vehicle, loaded, with one bullet having been fired from it.

Judge McLaughlin scheduled sentencing for December 3, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. The law provides for a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 years on the destructive device count and a maximum total sentence of life in prison, a fine of $500,000, or both.

Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, the actual sentence imposed is based upon the seriousness of the offense and the criminal history, if any, of the defendant. Ms. Buchanan commended the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Pennsylvania State Police, the Erie Bureau of Police, and the Office of the Erie County District Attorney, for their investigation that led to the prosecution of Barnes. Ms. Buchanan also expressed her gratitude to the numerous individuals who cooperated with law enforcement in the investigation of this case.

47 posted on 09/05/2008 10:54:05 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All; backhoe


September 05, 2008
“Reader Love Mail: Jihad Tube Edition”



Well now, this is NOT nice:

“Why I do continue Cyber jihad?”

Video Description - quote:

SubscribeFrom: mamomamo333
Joined: 1 week ago
Videos: 2
Added: September 01, 2008 (Less info)
Fuck you youtubesmackdown!
Category: Entertainment
Tags: JIhad Cyber jihad youtubesmackdown movie fuck america

48 posted on 09/06/2008 12:10:20 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: All; backhoe


PROPAGANDA On The Internet:

49 posted on 09/06/2008 1:24:17 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: All


September 5, 2008

“Al-Qaeda to Denmark: ‘Allah willing, we will wipe you from the face of the earth’”


Note: The following post is a quote:

Purported bomber warns Denmark of more attacks
Las Vegas Sun ^ | Fri, Sep 5, 2008 | The Associated Press
Posted on September 5, 2008 10:27:08 PM PDT by skully

A new al-Qaida video identifies the Saudi purportedly behind a suicide bombing at the Danish Embassy in Pakistan, and he is shown warning in a taped last testament that more attacks will punish Denmark over newspaper caricatures of Islam’s founder.

In the 55-minute video posted on the Internet late Thursday, the alleged bomber is referred to both by a nom de guerre, Abu Ghareeb al-Makki, and by his real name, Kamal Saleem Atiyyah al-Fudli al-Hathli. He appears in an explosives vest as he recounts his plan for the attack.

“As for my final message to the worshippers of the cross in Denmark, I tell them, Allah permitting, this isn’t the first nor the last retaliation,” al-Makki says. “We will wipe you from the face of the Earth.”

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

50 posted on 09/06/2008 1:42:32 AM PDT by Cindy
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