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To: Fred Nerks; BabaYaga; FormerLib; Bokababe; Kolokotronis; lightman

1. Thanks, Fred, for backing me up. As shown by your post, everything I said about Bassiouni is true, with no propagandistic exaggeration whatsoever! And any skeptical Freeper or lurker can use Google to verify for himself/herself that what I said about the mSA is true as well. The extent of muslim fifth-columnist infiltratation of the highest levels of American and Western European society is hard to believe, but really happening. And it is getting worse over time.

2. The HAGUE PRIZE? The “human rightser” perpetrators of The Hague are now giving fakey prizes (designed to imitate prestigious international awards) to their own. It’s just like Hitler giving Quisling a “Nuremberg Prize” for Nazism beyond the call of duty!

3......He has served as a U.N. human rights expert in Afghanistan....

Yikes! After bashing the Serbs, Bassiouni has more recently turned his attention to our American troops fighting that necessary war against international muslim terrorists in Afghanistan.

Given Bassiouni’s record in the Balkans, it’s hard to believe anything he says about Afghanistan, isn’t it?

And it’s high time that our Americans elites learn that using muslims to keep the Serbs down is sure to come back and bite us in the end.

8 posted on 09/16/2008 8:33:48 PM PDT by Honorary Serb (Kosovo is Serbia! Free Srpska! Abolish ICTY!)
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To: Honorary Serb; SunkenCiv

Bassiouini needs to go on our Enemies List - if he’s not already on it:

9 posted on 09/16/2008 11:05:57 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (FAIR DINKUM)
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To: Honorary Serb; Fred Nerks
Thanks for the info, I didn`t know about this "persona non grata" in charge, well, from the truth point of view, not from the muslim side. As you probably know, it is not the first time that muslim butchers are almost released of the charges - remember Oric and Haradinaj (released) for the "lack of evidence". Muslim officers got 8,5 years in total. It is outrage.

I mean what is with that farce - they chose sides, decided to see the things in black and white, rejecting the truth that do not fit in their propaganda program - so why they charged them at the first place. Just to maintain the ilusion of the "fair court"??? They don`t have to do this. Free butchers are welcomed as heroes (to torture civilians one really has to be special kind of psychopat), Serbs get angry almost always, Croats get angry and Muslims are content always, they are always victims and heroes. With this kind of approach, this constant humiliation of serbian people, brainwashing, puting upon "always guilty" frustration, in Balkans never will be peace.

For those who can understand serbian/croatian/"bosnian" - on B92 blog recently appeared a seria of texts dedicated to the serbian victims in Srebrenica region: Srebrenica from another angle: crimes over the christian - orthodox civilians in Eastern Bosnia 1993-1995.
As far as I know it is the FIRST time that the subject like this show up on B92. It is based on the author research that contains withnes testimonials of refugee families from Skelani and Bratunac,
several internet data bases including UN report Provisional list of victims of muslim terror over the serbian people, the lists that are collected in the 3 books of Milivoje Ivanisevic: "Hronika naseg groblja" - The Chronicle of our grave-yard, "Zlocini nad Srbima 1992--1995." - Crimes against the Serbs 1992-1995. and "Srebrenica jul 1995." - Srebrenica july 1995.
Like the author of the blog said: I will talk about the victims and not the butchers, they just make me sick.

The blog also shows the chart of burned and looted serbian villages in eastern Bosnia, but also in western Serbia (!!!):

From the same books author - M. Ivanisevic: "Licna karta Srebrenice" - Srebrenica` personal card (id) in 23 chapters. Please, if somebody understands, read it. I hope it will be translated in english.
The similar comment can be read also:

Republika Srpska i optuzbe za genocid - Republika Srpska and charges for genocide

For me, reading this blog was complete revelation because it stands agains all the liberal brainwashing, making taboo of anti-serb crimes, that everybody who dared to speak in public about those were labeled as extremist, nationalists, fascists, clero-fascists, nazis, bandits, morons, a genocide-deniers, a genocide-deniers, a genocide-deniers, a genocide-deniers, a genocide-deniers, a genocide-deniers, a genocide-deniers....
To speak about serbian victims and to call for a memory on them was a crime and stil is for the paid "humanists", it is "relativisation of a crime". Is it??? Of course not.
It`s just constant brainwash pressure organized to put every brain cell into psycho-slavery, to engrave "GUILT" on every Serb genetic code.
They also used the situation that media were almost completely silence about this and many people just don`t know the truth.

On english - just from some of the sites there are numerous texts: Articles on Srebrenica or Srebrenica And the Politics of War Crimes

I also spoke to some of the refugees and some serbian soldiers about this Silvertown (Srebrenica) mess. Ahh, it`s for crying out loud.

11 posted on 09/17/2008 8:20:55 AM PDT by BabaYaga (BRE!)
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