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Scared Witless (Anyone left shaking after CBC's lowbrow attack on Sarah Palin?)
Toronto Sun ^ | 27th September 2008, | Michael Coren

Posted on 09/28/2008 8:30:43 PM PDT by nickcarraway

Heather Mallick must be loving it. The largely anonymous journalist, a legend in her own lunchtime, is now the subject of controversy because she called American Republicans "white trash," said Sarah Palin looked like a porn actress and made repugnant personal comments about the governor of Alaska's family. She did all this on the CBC website, paid for by public dollars. The content of the diatribe is less Oscar Wilde and more Oscar the Grouch, but it's become major news in the United States.

This is not a woman whose career has exactly blossomed and the consequent anger and bitterness is obvious, as is her evident jealousy of Palin's physical attractiveness. None of this matters very much; what does matter is that once again the Canadian public is obliged to fund this nonsense. Beyond the abuse of public money, however, is hypocrisy.

Mallick's defence is one of freedom of speech. Yet last year I was approached by the editor of a newspaper called The Women's Post and asked if I would write a column for her, providing what publisher Sarah Thomson called "a conservative voice." She explained that she already had plenty of liberal writers but wanted some balance.

One of those left-wing writers employed by The Women's Post was Mallick. When she heard about me being offered a column she became extraordinarily angry and threatened to resign. The good people at The Women's Post called the enraged journalist's bluff and it was goodbye to our control freak comrade. So when Mallick's defenders cry about unfettered expression and the right to offend they ought to know of whom they speak.

Which brings us nicely to radio presenter Michael Enright, who on CBC last Sunday said that he had been fortunate in his life to avoid such unpleasant things as "Michael Coren and the Ebola virus" -- proving that genuine wit and humour require more than pomposity and a silly bow tie. Much as I'm delighted by the attack, twice in two weeks now CBC types have used childlike insults to pursue their own leftist agendas.

Enright was the man who some years ago said that the Roman Catholic Church was the largest criminal organization in the world outside of the Mafia. Enright, or anyone else, has a perfect right to express an opinion, even one as suburban and daft as this. Such ignorance and extremism does, however, bring the man's ability and objectivity into severe doubt. Has he been informed and balanced in his interviews over the years or is he merely a conduit for the cliched Toronto leftism?

I assume that before long Bollinger Bolshevik journalists will simply be throwing bricks through people's windows if they disagree with them. So much easier than writing anything down or picking up a microphone.

There is something exciting and vibrant about the meaty exchange of ideas and ideals, and from such a clash of ideologies Canada becomes a more interesting place. Instead we have dreary and predictable abuse from Enright, Mallick and their dowdy friends.

Time and change are against the corporation. Simply put, the CBC as it stands now has no future. For the time being people who somehow think they're clever apparently will argue with you by the equivalent of calling you smelly or putting a "kick me" sign on your back. How sad. And these dunderheads say Americans are dumb!

TOPICS: Canada; Editorial; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: cbc; heathermallick; identitypolitics; lefthate; leftspew; michaelcoren; palin; sarahnoia; sexistleft

1 posted on 09/28/2008 8:30:43 PM PDT by nickcarraway
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To: nickcarraway
The CBC, IMO, should attempt to redress the damage they caused by running a series on the LW lies that have been disseminated through the MSM and major LW blogs about Sarah Palin, and fully debunk them.

Only in this way, IMO, can they effectively correct what they have done. In the process, they will have enhanced their status as unbiased news purveyors.

2 posted on 09/28/2008 8:36:27 PM PDT by Post Toasties (It's not a smear if it's true.)
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To: nickcarraway
I just did a yahoo search on Ms Mallick. I now know why the woman is going crazy about Sarah Palin. She's an ugly person, probably a card carrying member of NAGS. National organization of ugly women, I believe Rush says. This woman was probably a failed abortion. Now she has a terrible attitude.
3 posted on 09/28/2008 8:41:32 PM PDT by antiunion person (If you're patriotic, don't vote the Obama/Biden ticket.)
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To: antiunion person

I had to about a vile fugly witch!

As much as conservatives disagree with others, you will *never* find our side stooping to employ such disgusting and contemptible words. Thankfully, this horrible woman does not enjoy the blessings of US citizenship.

4 posted on 09/28/2008 8:47:52 PM PDT by bigbob
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To: nickcarraway

Greta called her a pig on her show, several times, it was satisfying. Such name calling!

5 posted on 09/28/2008 8:49:26 PM PDT by libbylu
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To: antiunion person

I believe it is NAG - National Association of Gals

6 posted on 09/28/2008 8:49:27 PM PDT by OCC
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To: antiunion person
She looks and sounds like a Maureen Dowd wannabe.

7 posted on 09/28/2008 8:52:31 PM PDT by OCC
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To: nickcarraway

As Henry VIII said about fourth wife Anne of Cleves, ‘she is nothing fair and have evil smells about her’. One can apply that quote to this liberal journalist.

8 posted on 09/28/2008 8:53:45 PM PDT by Ciexyz
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To: nickcarraway

My, my, my. The lefties have their panties in a twist over the Palin debate, don’t they?

9 posted on 09/28/2008 8:54:14 PM PDT by GVnana ("I once dressed as Tina Fey for Halloween." - Sarah Palin)
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To: nickcarraway
Sarah Palin Better Than Barack Obama
Obama Says A Baby Is A Punishment
Obama: “If they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

10 posted on 09/28/2008 8:56:42 PM PDT by narses (...the spirit of Trent is abroad once more.)
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To: GVnana
Aside from the visual of that battle axe and panties , i agree with you . It's the old fart beltway guy's and the lefts ugly crones who will have to face the fact that the old guy chose a younger woman to take the ride of a lifetime. All they worked for and stand for is about to be exposed as a waste of time. HA HA Ha . Sorry
11 posted on 09/28/2008 9:00:42 PM PDT by fantom
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To: nickcarraway; Allegra; Fred Nerks; Calpernia

Mark Steyn should file a hate speech complaint agianst Malik
, with the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

She would be censored and fined.

Heather Mallick
A Mighty Wind blows through Republican convention
Last Updated: Friday, September 5, 2008 | 8:48 PM ET
By Heather Mallick, special to CBC News

I assume John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential partner in a fit of pique because the Republican money men refused to let him have the stuffed male shirt he really wanted. She added nothing to the ticket that the Republicans didn’t already have sewn up, the white trash vote, the demographic that sullies America’s name inside and outside its borders yet has such a curious appeal for the right.

So why do it?

It’s possible that Republican men, sexual inadequates that they are, really believe that women will vote for a woman just because she’s a woman. They’re unfamiliar with our true natures. Do they think vaginas call out to each other in the jungle night? I mean, I know men have their secret meetings at which they pledge to do manly things, like being irresponsible with their semen and postponing household repairs with glue and used matches. Guys will be guys, obviously.

But do they not know that women have been trained to resent other women and that they only learn to suppress this by constantly berating themselves and reading columns like this one? I’m a feminist who understands that women can nurse terrible and delicate woman hatred.

Palin was not a sure choice, not even for the stolidly Republican ladies branch of Citizens for a Tackier America. No, she isn’t even female really. She’s a type, and she comes in male form too.

John Doyle, the cleverest critic in Canada, comes right out and calls Palin an Alaska hillbilly. Damn his eyes, I wish I’d had the wit to come up with it first. It’s safer than “white trash” but I’ll pluck safety out of the nettle danger. Or something.

Doyle’s job includes watching a lot of reality television and he’s well-versed in the backstory. White trash — not trailer trash, that’s something different — is rural, loud, proudly unlettered (like Bush himself), suspicious of the urban, frankly disbelieving of the foreign, and a fan of the American cliché of authenticity. The semiotics are pure Palin: a sturdy body, clothes that are clinging yet boxy and a voice that could peel the plastic seal off your new microwave.
‘Turn your guns on Levi, ma’am’

Palin has a toned-down version of the porn actress look favoured by this decade’s woman, the overtreated hair, puffy lips and permanently alarmed expression. Bristol has what is known in Britain as the look of the teen mum, the “pramface.” Husband Todd looks like a roughneck; Track, heading off to Iraq, appears terrified. They claim to be family obsessed while being studiously terrible at parenting. What normal father would want Levi “I’m a fuckin’ redneck” Johnson prodding his daughter?

I know that I have an attachment to children that verges on the irrational, but why don’t the Palins? I’m not the one preaching homespun values but I’d destroy that ratboy before I’d let him get within scenting range of my daughter again, and so would you. Palin’s e-mails about the brother-in-law she tried to get fired as a state trooper are fizzing with rage and revenge. Turn your guns on Levi, ma’am.

Palin has it all, along with being vicious and profoundly dishonest. Just hours after her first convention speech, the Associated Press did a good fast listing of her untruths and I won’t dwell on them.

I did promise to watch the entire convention so you wouldn’t have to, but I discovered a neat trick. I switched between the convention and the 2003 folk music mockumentary A Mighty Wind on Bravo.

They were indistinguishable. Click on a nervous wreck with deeply strange hair doing a monologue on society today and where it all went wrong. Are you watching Christian belter Aaron Tippin singing Where the Stars and Stripes and Eagle Fly in the Xcel Centre in St. Paul or the actors from Spinal Tap remixing the 1966 version of Potato’s in the Paddy Wagon?

Who delivered this line: “To do then now would be retro. To do then then was very now-tro, if you will.” Was it Rev. James Dobson of Focus on the Family talking about Bristol Palin’s shotgun wedding or was it a flashback to the Kingston Trio?

The conventioneers are nothing like the rich men who run the party, and that’s the mystery of the hick vote. They’d be much better served by the Democrats. I know Thomas Frank answered this in What’s the Matter with Kansas?; I know that red states vote Republican on social issues to give themselves the only self-esteem available to their broken, economically abused existence.
Lie works for Palin

But surely they know Barack Obama is not planning to finish off the ordinary hillbilly when he adjusts tax rates. He’s going to raise taxes on the top 2% of Americans and that doesn’t include anyone at the convention beyond the Bushes and McCains and random party management. So why cheer Palin when she claims otherwise?

Is it racism? I’m told that it is, although I find racism so appalling that I have difficulty identifying it. It is more likely the dearly held Republican notion that any American can become violently rich, as rich as those hedge funders in Greenwich, Conn., who buy $40-million mansions unseen and have their topiary shaped in the form of musical notes.

When Palin and Rudy Giuliani sneered at Obama’s years of “community organizing” — they said it like “rectal fissure” — the audience ewww-ed with them. Republicans dream of a personal future that involves only household staff, not equals who need to be persuaded to vote.

So I’m trying to imagine the pain of realizing, as they all must at some point, that it is not going to happen for them. It’s the green light at the end of the dock. It’s the ship that never comes in, gals, as Palin would put it. But she won’t because the lie works for her. It helps her scramble, without compassion, above all those other tense no-hoper ladies in the audience.

American politics isn’t short of smart women. Susan Eisenhower, Ike’s granddaughter, who just endorsed Obama, made an extraordinary speech at the Democratic convention (and a terrific casual appearance on The Colbert Report as Palin was speaking). The Republican party has already consumed nearly all of its moderate “seed corn,” she said aptly. Time to start again.

Eisenhower, a scholar and journalist, has a point. Or am I only saying that because she’s part of the thoughtful demographic that I’m trying to reach here? Think, Heather, think like a Republican! The Skeptics, shall I call them, are my base, and I’ll pander to them as ardently as the Republican patriarchs tease their white female marginals.

This Week

Mad Men is scaring me (AMC on Sunday nights). What has Matthew Weiner, a writer from The Sopranos, created, a period soap opera about reality and façade or a horror series on a localized war between men and women? Was Episode 6 of Season 2 a costume drama about the Madonna/whore complex or the operatic rendition of one simple thing, human cruelty?

Or maybe I’m seeing too much into it and it’s just a sexed-up version of the Republican convention.

[Heather Mallick is obviously a bona fide psychopathic nutter, posing as a journalist.]

This CBC apology is far too little, far too late.Not only do they lack class, but the CBC is idiotic. Mallick should be looking for a new job.They just lost millions of readers and watchers.Oh I forgot, they are government subsidized and do not have to worry about competition. ( See what socialism does to the media?)

12 posted on 09/28/2008 9:06:04 PM PDT by Candor7 (Fascism? All it takes is for good men to say nothing, (
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To: nickcarraway
Mallick's defence is one of freedom of speech.

I wonder if Ms Mallick would consider it free speech if I called her a trashy, trollopy, semi-literate little __________.

You, and she, may use your imagination to fill in the blank.

13 posted on 09/28/2008 9:06:12 PM PDT by RobinOfKingston (Man, that's stupid ... even by congressional standards.)
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To: nickcarraway
because she called American Republicans "white trash,"

You mean we're not?

14 posted on 09/28/2008 9:07:39 PM PDT by JaguarXKE
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The only way she would look good is with Obama's bawrs on her chin.

Oh, thats already happened?

Explains a lot.

15 posted on 09/28/2008 9:09:08 PM PDT by Candor7 (Fascism? All it takes is for good men to say nothing, (
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Hit every ugly stick on the way down the tree.

16 posted on 09/28/2008 9:09:46 PM PDT by TASMANIANRED (TAZ:Untamed, Unpredictable, Uninhibited.)
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To: nickcarraway

They wouldn’t be attacking Sara this badly if Obama was really ahead in the polls. Judging by their attacks McCain must be up by at least double digits nation wide.

17 posted on 09/28/2008 9:10:45 PM PDT by apt4truth
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I’m serious. Can someone post a picture of a good looking Canadian woman not from Quebec.

18 posted on 09/28/2008 9:10:47 PM PDT by Stentor (Obama is Bill Ayers' Renfield.)
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Who is that man?

19 posted on 09/28/2008 9:21:32 PM PDT by LostInBayport (John McCain is the Luckiest Man Alive...mere mortals such as we can only wonder why...)
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To: Stentor
I can't.

20 posted on 09/28/2008 9:22:27 PM PDT by OCC
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To: fantom
Here's a better visual: Photobucket
21 posted on 09/28/2008 9:22:28 PM PDT by GVnana ("I once dressed as Tina Fey for Halloween." - Sarah Palin)
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To: Candor7

WOW..thanks for the post, until now only heard Greta speaking about it.

22 posted on 09/28/2008 9:23:17 PM PDT by Irish Eyes
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To: Stentor
There was one from Vancouver years back, but her psycho husband killed her.
23 posted on 09/28/2008 9:26:19 PM PDT by coydog (Keep Canada green - paint a Liberal!)
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To: nickcarraway

The Canadian moonbat media is not voting in our election.

Who really gives a flying fig what some left-wing Canadian media types have to say, whether it’s an election year here or not?

24 posted on 09/28/2008 9:45:22 PM PDT by july4thfreedomfoundation (Sarah Palin is an American Margaret Thatcher. Sarah Palin is a female Ronald Reagan)
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25 posted on 09/28/2008 9:45:49 PM PDT by wjcsux (0BAMA, Keep the change.)
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To: nickcarraway

I have friend connections to Canada, so I harbor no ill will against the folks on the other side of the longest undefended border in the world.

That having been said, exactly what irrepressible narcissistic impulse has mastered the assorted braying jackasses from Canada, Britain, and other points outside the 50 states (57 if you learned math like Barack did) to drive them to pontificating about OUR candidates? And doing so in such a haughty, superior fashion?

It would never occur to me to waste my time lambasting the multitude of nondescript femboys who have revolved in and out of the Canadian houses of government.

Note to Canadian female reporters: Instead of showing your bona fides as a jerk, learn from Palin. You really don’t have to be butch to be an effective woman in your field.

What the plodding pundits outside the US don’t understand is that Sarah Palin is authentically American in her life story and her values. She is not European. She does not seek the approval of the illuminati that fancies itself world class in its pretensions.

For that reason these human bullhorns simply are incapable of understanding her. They mistakenly believe that they are better than her, but, to recall an old Randy Newman song, “they’re wrong.”

They really ought to stop trying to curry favor with their komrades to the south, unless of course they are shooting for a gig with one of the shrinking US news organs.

I will not speculate on the particular organ that is shrinking.

26 posted on 09/28/2008 10:08:55 PM PDT by bitterdfwrepub
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To: nickcarraway

She’ll lift your spirits just watching her.
Why don’t we get to see more of her, Senator McCain?

27 posted on 09/28/2008 10:22:08 PM PDT by XR7
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To: JaguarXKE

I would kindly like to remind Ms. Mallick that many sons of families who live in trailor parks in the USA are right now protecting her sorry ass (at no charge) by making sure the terrorists stay in Iraq or Afghanistan and she ought to show these soldiers’ mothers a little repect!

Honestly! There are many fine and decent God-fearing people who raise their families living in trailor parks.

There are also lots of outdoorsy handsome hunks like Todd Palin and attractive assertive women with quick minds who live in the great state of Alaska.

Ms. Mallick, you stay on your side of our northern border ans I will stay on mine!

P.S. I happen to think Canada is beautiful and I have met a number of nice people from Canada. Ms. Mallick is not going to change my mind so easily about the rest of her countrymen!

28 posted on 09/28/2008 10:22:25 PM PDT by BIOCHEMKY (I love liberty more than I hate war.)
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When putting lipstick on a pig it is important not to over do it.
29 posted on 09/28/2008 10:52:43 PM PDT by eggman (Obama is now The Zero. He used to be The One but he added Biden.)
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To: nickcarraway
This episode of Sesame Street Eh? is brought to you by the letter

30 posted on 09/28/2008 11:10:23 PM PDT by Dr.Deth
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To: Candor7

I’ve noticed that way left leaning fems like to use the word ‘vagina’ a lot. Must make them feel all grown up.

Just when I thought the smarmy and pretentious dull witted rantings of Molly Ivans were long gone, along comes this wannabe. I don’t need Hannibal Lector to tell me what this bird is all about!

31 posted on 09/28/2008 11:18:27 PM PDT by LittleBillyInfidel (''Undocumented nukes want to do the job that American nukes won't do.'')
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To: nickcarraway

She couldn’t even give a Great Dane a boner.

That’s ugly.

32 posted on 09/28/2008 11:31:58 PM PDT by Finalapproach29er (Democrats still want to Impeach Pres. Bush and/or VP Cheney; keep your eye on these House hearings.)
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To: nickcarraway

Who is Sarah Palin? Seriously I have not seen her since the Katie Couric interview. Has anyone else???

33 posted on 09/28/2008 11:55:03 PM PDT by napscoordinator
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To: july4thfreedomfoundation
....”The Canadian moonbat media is not voting in our election”....

Are you sure? Remember, one candidate is from Chicago (and it seems everywhere else in the world except the United States). Home of the stuffed ballot box. JFK would never have been president if it wasn't for the Chicago stuffed ballot box.

It is a sad state but true. One side of the political spectrum plays by the rules (guess which one?).

The other side thinks that the end justifies any means (guess which one?). They will tell any lie, use any means, to gain the (communist) power they crave. Their goal is simple (and taught in most major colleges today). Turn ALL private business over to the government. Period. (Those non-liberal rich people who worked all their lives to own their own business’ need to be re-educated anyway).

Their view: “Gee, just think what a great “workers Paradise” (where have you heard that phase outside of North Korea, Communist China, the old USSR, or ANY major U.S. University) we can create by government throwing out those RICH business owners and WE THE PEOPLE taking over”!

Their problem, of course, is that nearly 50% of this formerly great country - those ignorant enough to vote liberal - (who now think that nightly entertainment is cartoons such as “Family Guy” and “King Of The Hill”) DO NOT plan on being the “workers” in this great “workers paradise”. Unfortunately for liberals, there will only be so many sit down government jobs.

It has always amazed me, being from a very RED part of a very blue state (WA), how people (liberals) will cheer loudly when their candidate is elected on the promise of tax increases. And then they are the first to scream when their taxes go up! It is a sad state of affairs when the United States is turning out nearly half of a population who is bound and determined to vote against their own interests. AND then cry loudly when it actually comes true!

34 posted on 09/29/2008 12:33:38 AM PDT by Mtner77
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To: nickcarraway

why even watch the network if you KNOW theres going to be bs?

ill stick to FOX and let newsbusters do what they have to do

35 posted on 09/29/2008 12:43:57 AM PDT by YoungRenaissanceMan (Current Personal Poll: McCain Wins 278-260 OR Obama Wins 273-269 OR The Chaotic 269-269 Tie Occurs)
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To: antiunion person
She's an ugly person, probably a card carrying member of NAGS. National organization of ugly women...

Hypocritical Association of Ugly Gals


36 posted on 09/29/2008 12:54:13 AM PDT by uglybiker (1f u c4n r34d th1s u r34lly n33d 2 g3t l41d)
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To: JaguarXKE
"You mean we're not?"

If you come down my way to Southern Maryland and use that expression in some places, you had better be ready to rock and roll.

That expression is the same as "n**er". I've seen some people catch a major a** whipping from getting too loose with that expression.

37 posted on 09/29/2008 3:10:09 AM PDT by Jimmy Valentine (DemocRATS - when they speak, they lie; when they are silent, they are stealing the American Dream)
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To: antiunion person

She reminds me of Cherie Blair in the looks department.

38 posted on 09/29/2008 3:24:42 AM PDT by beaversmom
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To: Jimmy Valentine

Of course if you are R Byrd (D WV) you can just go ahead and say white n.....r as a matter of record and be completely justified-and praised and be called upward...
Yet a white with an R behind his/her name had better NOT get ‘cute’ and try to throw the perfectly good word, niggArdly into a conversation concerning cheap SOB’s.
The Government Schools and MSM have made it a point that many have no clue as to what is being said....

39 posted on 09/29/2008 3:34:37 AM PDT by xrmusn ("LETS SHOW THE POLS WHAT TERM LIMITS IS ALL ABOUT")
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To: Jimmy Valentine

Then someone should invite her to your neighborhood!

40 posted on 09/29/2008 9:03:57 AM PDT by JaguarXKE
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To: LittleBillyInfidel; Beckwith
I’ve noticed that way left leaning fems like to use the word ‘vagina’ a lot.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Which is why I make a point of using the words "penis" and "vagina" together A LOT , when I happen to be around any of them.

Hoping to show them that vaginas cannot stand alone.

Have you ever heard of or seen a stand alone vagina? Very rare, almost non-existant, although I saw one run over crossing the road one day.

Which leads one to pose a question:

Why did the vagina cross the road?

Monologue. ( Mon, a log?)

41 posted on 09/29/2008 7:42:06 PM PDT by Candor7 (Fascism? All it takes is for good men to say nothing, (
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