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All the Way to 1993 -- Documented Evidence between Ayers and Obama

Posted on 10/07/2008 8:54:28 PM PDT by indianyogi

Please take a look at the two pdf documents and excerpts from it.

The 1st report is the very first program report published by the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) Foundation. According to this report which came out in 1996, both Obama and Ayers were on the Board of this foundation.


The 2nd report provides a history of how the Chicago Annenberg Challenge Foundation came into being. The idea was born in 1993. A group of more than 70 activists were chosen to be on the Board. But the real work started in 1995 after the $500 million arrived.


The report shows that William Ayers was the FOUNDING MEMBERS and Obama received a letter of appointment from Vartan Gregorian the Chairman of the Board in 1995. Again, it is that year that the CAC received 500 million dollars grant.

Indeed, a plausible argument can be made that Obama and Ayers started work on CAC right from the inception in 1993. The document also indicated that Obama started serving on the CAC board while he was practising Law at Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland. The time period also indicates that Obama served on CAC before he got on the Board of the Woods Fund, another foundation run by Ayers.


TOPICS: Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: obama; obamatruthfile

1. Chicago Annenberg Challenge Program Report May 8, 1996



Barrack Obama Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland 14 West Erie Street Chicago, IL 60610 Phone:312-751-1170 Fax: 312-751-9490 (Page 2)

Bill Ayers, Associate Professor Univ. of Illinois-Chicago College of Education M/C 147 1040 W. Harrison Street Chicago, IL 60680-7133 312 996-9689/Fax 996-6400 (Page 3)


2. The Chicago Annenberg Challenge: The First Three Years by Dorothy Shipps Teachers College, Columbia University March 1999


Early History of the Challenge:

In December 1993, Ambassador Walter Annenberg announced a gift of $500 million from the Annenberg Foundation to America’s public schools. The money was offered as a “challenge” to schools to bolster existing reform efforts and encourage new ones. Responding to this opportunity, a 73-member Working Group of local community activists and representatives of national school reform organizations drafted a proposal to bring some of the grant money to Chicago. In January 1995, the group was awarded nearly $50 million, and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge was born.

Founding members:

Anne Hallett, Warren Chapman, and Bill Ayers, all founding members of the Chicago Challenge, each took the time to carefully review early drafts and correct on our mistakes and misconceptions. (Page 5)

William Ayers, a political organizer who became a local professor of education, and Warren Chapman, a state school reformer who is now a local foundation program officer—seized the opportunity. Ayers captured their enthusiasm. (Page 11)

Obama Letter of Appointment : Vartan Gregorian, Letter to Barack Obama, Chair of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge Board. Brown University, May 28, 1996. (Page 54)


1 posted on 10/07/2008 8:54:28 PM PDT by indianyogi
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To: indianyogi


2 posted on 10/07/2008 8:57:40 PM PDT by CommieCutter (Suck it up! Must stop Obama Bin Biden!)
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To: indianyogi
I think HussienO's meddling in kenya politics to help get his cousin, an Al Qaeda operative elected is an even bigger story than the Ayers connection and falls right in line with the entire hussienO mindset...

WND reporter halted in Kenya today

too bad this never got anywhere , I suppose the pres of kenya wants to let sleeping dogs lie

3 posted on 10/07/2008 9:02:11 PM PDT by KTM rider (The solution is to stimulate the manufacture of goods in USA)
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To: indianyogi
In all gangs, terrorist cells, mafia type groups, etc., YOU DON'T GET INSIDE UNLESS YOU “EARN” YOUR WAY IN!!!

UNKNOWNS ARE NOT ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 posted on 10/07/2008 9:04:59 PM PDT by AmericaUnited
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To: indianyogi

Let’s give this Ayers thing another little bit of perspective.

The only reason that Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn did not kill people in the numbers of say, the Oklahoma City bombing, is because they lacked the technical expertise. They clearly had the will and they apparently still do.

So let’s replay the OKC scenario a bit. Let’s assume that Tim McVeigh managed to get off on a technicality the way the Ayers did. Then let’s assume that McVeigh went on to get an education and wound up as a college professor.

Then let’s assume that some politician who was, say, “eight years old” when the OKC bombing occurred, managed to develop an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship with McVeigh.

Do we really think that ANYONE [except our enemies (foreign and domestic) and those who are completely duped and blinded by their idealism] would take that politician seriously as a candidate for mayor, much less the presidency?

Of course not. And yet, that is almost exactly the same as the current scenario with Obama and Ayers.

These are indeed perilous times.

5 posted on 10/07/2008 9:05:31 PM PDT by newheart (The Truth? You can't handle the Truth. But He can handle you.)
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To: indianyogi

It was mentioned on Rush Limbaugh today that Obama did Ayers’ book review in 1997.

6 posted on 10/07/2008 9:09:37 PM PDT by NotJustAnotherPrettyFace
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To: NotJustAnotherPrettyFace

HAs anyone mentioned this Odinga video on talk radio?

7 posted on 10/07/2008 9:11:12 PM PDT by CommieCutter (Suck it up! Must stop Obama Bin Biden!)
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To: indianyogi
And on Alice Palmer, the Communist State Senator who hand-picked Obama, promoting him along with Ayers and Dohrn:

Alice Palmer

Alice J. Palmer is a former Democratic state senator who represented the 13th Voting District in Illinois in the early 1990s. Prior to her stint in politics, she had worked for the Black Press Institute and was editor of the Black Press Review. During the Cold War, Palmer supported the Soviet Union and spoke against the United States. In the 1980s she served as an executive board member of the U.S. Peace Council, which the FBI identified as a Communist front group (and which was an affiliate of the World Peace Council, an international Soviet front). Palmer participated in the World Peace Council’s Prague assembly in 1983 -- just as the USSR was launching its “nuclear freeze” movement, a scheme that would have frozen Soviet nuclear and military superiority in place.

In the mid-1990s, Palmer attended a number of political meetings at the Chicago-area home of her friends and ideological allies, former Weatherman terrorists Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn. At those gatherings, Palmer developed a friendly relationship with another attendee, a young aspiring politician named Barack Obama.

In 1995, state senator Palmer decided to pursue an opportunity to run for a higher office when Mel Reynolds, the congressman from Illinois’ 2nd District, resigned from the House of Representatives amid a sexual scandal involving him and an underage campaign volunteer.

As Palmer prepared to leave the state senate, she hand-picked Barack Obama as the person she most wanted to fill her newly vacated senate seat. Toward that end, she introduced Obama to party elders and donors as her preferred successor, and helped him gather the signatures required for getting his name placed on the ballot.

But in November 1995, Jesse Jackson, Jr. defeated Palmer in a special election for Reynolds’ empty congressional seat. At that point, Palmer filed to retain the Democratic nomination for the state senate seat she had encouraged Obama to pursue; that seat would be up for grabs in the November 1996 elections. She asked Obama to politely withdraw from the race and offered to help him find an alternative position elsewhere.

But Obama refused to withdraw, so Palmer resolved to run against him (and two other opponents who also had declared their candidacy) in the 1996 Democratic primary. To get her name placed on the ballot, Palmer hastily gathered the minimum number of signatures required. Obama promptly challenged the legitimacy of those signatures and charged Palmer with fraud. A subsequent investigation found that a number of the names on Palmer’s signature list were invalid, thus she was knocked off the ballot. Obama also successfully challenged the signatures gathered by his other two opponents, and both were likewise disqualified. As a result, Obama ran unopposed in the Democratic primary and won by default.

“I liked Alice Palmer a lot,” Obama would later reflect. “I thought she was a good public servant. It [the process by which Obama got Palmer's name removed from the ballot] was very awkward. That part of it I wish had played out entirely differently.”

To view a comprehensive profile and some supplemental resources about Alice Palmer, click here.

8 posted on 10/07/2008 9:13:49 PM PDT by unspun (Web search: "Cloward-Piven AND Obama" - get the truth out to all GOP officials & conservative media.)
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To: newheart
Share this (90 minute) video with everyone on your email lists. Got some coworkers who aren't sure who they're going to vote for? This may help them decide. Lots of voters today were either not born yet, or were too young to remember who the Weathermen were, and what they did. But they need to know, and they need to know that Obama is closely tied to the unrepentant founders of that domestic terror group.

Weather Underground Documentary

9 posted on 10/07/2008 9:17:18 PM PDT by onemiddleamerican
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To: newheart
Ayers and his wife are COP KILLERS.

Anti-personnel bomb set on window-ledge in San Francisco

Brian V. McDonnell, a sergeant with the San Franscisco Police Department who received fatal shrapnel wounds from a Weatherman pipe bomb set off on February 16, 1970.In a bombing that took place on February 16, 1970, and that was credited to the Weathermen at the time, a pipe bomb filled with heavy metal staples and lead bullet projectiles was set off on the ledge of a window at the Park Station of the San Francisco Police Department. In the blast, Brian V. McDonnell, a police sergeant, was fatally wounded while Robert Fogarty, another police officer, received severe wounds to his face and legs and was partially blinded.

Weatherman leader Bernardine Dohrn has been suspected of involvement in the February 16, 1970, bombing of the Park Police Station in San Francisco. At the time, Dohrn was said to be living with a Weatherman cell in a houseboat in Sausalito, California, unnamed law enforcement sources later told KRON-TV.[28] An investigation into the case was reopened in 1999,[29] and a San Francisco grand jury looked into the incident, but no indictments followed, and no one was ever arrested for the bombing. An FBI informant, Larry Grathwohl, who successfully penetrated the organization from the late summer of 1969 until April 1970, later testified to a U.S. Senate subcommittee that Bill Ayers, then a high-ranking member of the organization and a member of its Central Committee (but not then Dohrn’s husband), had said Dohrn constructed and planted the bomb. Grathwohl testified that Ayers had told him specifically where the bomb was placed (on a window ledge) and what kind of shrapnel was put in it. Grathwohl said Ayers was emphatic, leading Grathwohl to believe Ayers either was present at some point during the operation or had heard about it from someone who was there. In a book about his experiences published in 1976, Grathwohl wrote that Ayers, who had recently attended a meeting of the group's Central Committee, said Dohrn had planned the operation, made the bomb and placed it herself. In 2008, author David Freddoso commented that “Ayers and Dohrn escaped prosecution only because of government misconduct in collecting evidence against them”.

Brian V. McDonnell

10 posted on 10/07/2008 9:19:07 PM PDT by DaveTesla (You can fool some of the people some of the time......)
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To: NotJustAnotherPrettyFace
If I weren't still a sane well grounded person who laughs at conspiracy theories, I would swear this whole thing reeks of a conspiracy. The economy just happens to collapse in a credit crisis after years of left wing activists pressuring banks to lend money under CRA.... 27 days before the potential election of a radical Marxist. :-)

11 posted on 10/07/2008 9:20:16 PM PDT by Eric Blair 2084 (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms shouldn't be a federal should be a convenience store.)
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To: indianyogi

Thank you for posting this information!

12 posted on 10/07/2008 9:21:31 PM PDT by jan in Colorado (For Barack Hussein Obama TRUTH FILE see my homepage!)
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To: indianyogi; All
Obama and Ayers go back even further... to at least 1987, when Ayers headed up the ABCs and Barack the DCP.

In 1987 in the wake of a controversial strike by the Chicago Teachers' Union, the Alliance for Better Chicago Schools, or ABCs, was formed to lobby for a new Illinois law that would mandate the establishment of a new power center in Chicago public schools. Local school councils would be established to watchdog union teachers and their principals and they would have the power to fire principals at will.

Bill Ayers helped organize the ABCs group, was its contact person and later its chair. Barack Obama worked on school reform efforts for the DCP at that time, the DCP played a leading role in the school reform effort and the DCP was a member of the ABCs. Chicago United, a business group established by Tom Ayers, Bill's father, was also a member of the ABCs.

The Woods Fund also provided additional financial support to the DCP in 1988 to support its school reform efforts. A program officer of the Woods Fund at the time was Ken Rolling who would later be hired by Bill Ayers and Barack Obama as Executive Director of the $110 million Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

13 posted on 10/07/2008 9:25:58 PM PDT by Nonperson ( So this is the way freedom dies - to thunderous applause?)
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marked to pass along

14 posted on 10/07/2008 9:31:08 PM PDT by Freedom2specul8 (Please pray for our troops....
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To: indianyogi

Oh no, Barack Hussein only knows him because their kids go to school together. Of course, it remains to be seen how that could be when Ayers’ “kids” are in their 30s and the Hussein kids are 6 and 9.

15 posted on 10/07/2008 9:34:05 PM PDT by Excuse_My_Bellicosity (Never argue with idiots. They'll pull you down to their level, then beat you with experience.)
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To: indianyogi

BTW - the amount of money contributed by the Annenberg Foundation was $50 million, not $500 million.

One thing that charitable foundations expect is that a board dispensing money attempt to solicit matching funds from government and corporate sources.

IIRC - the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) ended up with almost $150 million to disburse, in an effort to “improve the Chicago schools.”

The money went primarily to fund activist who would preach social activism in the schools. After some period of time, the Annenberg Foundation had a review conducted - and the results showed no benefit, so the CAC was shutdown.

16 posted on 10/07/2008 9:54:24 PM PDT by Vineyard
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To: KTM rider

I imagine that one of the first things 0bama would do as CIC would be to prop up his Luo cousin in Kenya, to completely depose the Kikuyu president from his elected position. 0bama has no qualms about resurrecting the old soviet war in Afghanistan; he’ll send the military to Kenya on any flimsy excuse. His cousin will then be in a position to carry out his promise to implement Sharia law in a major African country, and spread it from there.
On the other hand, should McCain get the job instead, 0bama will demand power sharing here just like his cousin got in Kenya. If no power sharing agreement, his goons will see to it there is civil unrest on main street. That’ll be a job for Ayers.

17 posted on 10/07/2008 10:59:35 PM PDT by Tellurian
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To: indianyogi

Penetrating Insights into the Obvious
18 posted on 10/08/2008 7:19:43 AM PDT by MichaelAsher54
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