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Rush Brings Up Obama's Birth Certificate - Finally!!! (Text)
Rush Limbaugh ^

Posted on 10/23/2008 5:34:40 PM PDT by FloridaBattleGround

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To: FloridaBattleGround

Obama’s in Hawaii where he’s going to place a pillow over his grandmother’s face.

41 posted on 10/23/2008 6:26:42 PM PDT by gotribe (obama just sucks)
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To: All


*Obama has a tissue thin work experience resume.

* He has not managed large groups of personnel, departments, material, or P&L statements.

* Obama’s own writing exhibits a deep-seeded anger and resentment towards people of the Caucasian race over the issue of slavery.

* His emotional gravitas is centered upon his African heritage, and his belief that the white man is responsible for global poverty and unequal sharing of wealth.

* Obama’s personal associations since childhood have been mostly with radical African Americans, Muslims, and communists; those who harbor anger towards The United States of America.

* Particularly disturbing is his lengthy relationship with Bill Ayers, an unrepentant Weatherman radical who bombed government buildings and abdicated the overthrow of the United States.

* Given the current global situation of nearly twelve thousand Muslim acts of terrorism since 911, it is disturbing to find his close associations with Muslim groups

*The statements in Obama’s books are disturbing and this one is particularly disturbing: “Should the political winds shift in an ugly direction I will side with the Muslims.”

* Obama has surrounded himself with anti-American grievance mongers, and appears to manipulate “typical white people” by appealing to their guilt about slavery.

* He is a socialist, and totally disenfranchised from the history of “root America.”

* Obama refuses to discuss his years at Columbia University, although he lived off campus and made few friends.

* Obama will not release his application to the state bar notes which raises questions on several issues including the use of drugs.

* Very little is available about Obama’s experience with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a foundation that spent $100 million with no discernable benefit for the schools and students that it was designed to help.

*Obama did not run with a mainstream crowd, but chose radicals and communist agitators for his social group.

*Obama’s pastor met with global terrorist Mohmmar Gaddafi in Libya, along with their mutual friend and anti-American Louis Farrakhan.

*Obama has referred to this radical pastor Wright as his “personal spiritual advisor,” and in fact, the title of one of Obama’s memoirs was inspired by a line from this pastor’s “sermons.”

*Obama is endorsed by every Muslim terrorist organization on Earth; and holds Muslim beliefs.

*Obama used tactics from “Rules for Radicals” at his previous employment.

*Obama’s wife used an excerpt from this book during a recent speech.

*Both Obama books are full of anti-American, anti-white racist passages.

*Obama admitts drug use.

*Obama’s wife wrote bitter anti-white thesis as a college undergraduate.

*Obama went to Kenya to campaign for Raila Odinga, who is connected with brutal Muslim politics in Africa, who instigated riots after losing the presidency that caused the death of 1200 and who had a pact with hard-line Muslims to enforce Sharia law on the country if he was elected.
There is evidence that Obama helped Odinga plan his campaign even down to the riots.
Obama did this on the U.S. taxpayer dollar!!

*Obama’s father was part of Kenya’s most corrupt regime.

*Obama has used more than one name.

*Obama’s original birth certificate is unavailable.

*Obama was mentored during his youth by a high level communist in Hawaii, Frank Marshall Davis, an admitted bisexual and pedophile.

*Obama was proctored into an elite Eastern private university by a middle eastern Muslim, Khalid al-Mansour.

*Obama has terrorist organization “Nations of Islam” employees on his current staff, and one of his advisors is a member of the global terrorist group “Muslim Brotherhood.”

Yet this man is steamrolling his way full speed ahead into the White House.
His sordid past is covered up by his volunteer campaigners, the MSM.
The Republicans will not vet him.



DEMAND Mccain/Palin fight Obama back! NAME NAMES!
Ayers! Wright! Frank Davis! Odinga!

McCain will NOT attack enough to win the election.

McCain’s anemic attempts to fight Obama back is losing this election. DEMAND THEY EXPOSE OBAMA. NAME NAMES!!

Flood him out with emails with videos, articles, documentation.

Flood the MSM out with emails with videos, articles, documentation. DEMAND they put the truth before the American voters!

Please go to

and pick up all the email addresses to the McCain camp and HUNDREDS of emails of MSM.


42 posted on 10/23/2008 6:30:33 PM PDT by patriot08
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To: BCrago66

Obama did produce a birth certificate and it was examined and deemed valid and they say the group examining it was a Soros group and on and on.

Even IF Obama hasn’t produced a birth certificate, that wouldn’t prove he was born outside the United States and then I thought if he’s born to an American mother he’s American.

I think Rush is just playing with Obama, I think he really really dislikes how leftist Obama is and he knew mention of this would keep the issue alive in some folks’ minds. He’s probably also annoyed the dems fight so dirty and the GOP plays so nice.

My guess is Obama has so damn much money for ads and a lead and thinks he can take the time off. Very hard to see what Obama would need to do personally in Hawaii regarding a birth certificate. It’s a little late to fake his baby footprint.

43 posted on 10/23/2008 6:32:31 PM PDT by Williams (It's The Policies, Stupid.)
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To: fightinJAG


I have spent a lot of time on this site and its links and it seems to very solidly refute all of Berg’s assertions...

reposting the link:


I cannot find out who or what is behind it

if you take the link, and delete everything after the and hit the go to button on your browser, you end up on a “Thistle Tea” website with some personal information about favorite music and so on...and there is no link from that to any of the information that we are discussing...

Do you have any idea who or what has posted the information you linked to?

There is no “about” link or any other way (that I can find) to figure out where this information comes from.

I am not argueing with you, or the information on the link, but I would like to know who or what has posted evidently they have taken a lot of time and effort to post it and to hide their idenity.

44 posted on 10/23/2008 6:34:40 PM PDT by kralcmot (my tagline died with Terri)
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To: kralcmot

You ask a good question.

Since I am generally familiar with the cases discussed at the link and federal civil procedure-—although I cannot vouch for the presentation in all particulars-—I took it at face value as a good summary of the law on this point.

To answer your question, I don’t know who is behind the site. It’s not the big-time, that’s for sure.

I’d say the important thing, if there are questions, is to verify that the summaries of the cases are accurate. That could be done by googling the case names.

One point: these cases only refute Berg’s assertions of standing to sue. They don’t go to whether or not he has enough evidence to go forward against Obama if he did have standing.

45 posted on 10/23/2008 6:41:29 PM PDT by fightinJAG (Rush was right: You never win by losing!)
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To: BCrago66; Doug TX
Now Doug, go back to Kos or the Democratic Underground or where ever you came from. Because no genuine conservative could be so stupid.

Gee, I guess all the conservatives who posted, researched and discussed at length on this 6,000+ post thread are "stupid" too.

Blogger admits Hawaii birth certificate forgery, subverting Obama claims (Uh-oh)
46 posted on 10/23/2008 6:41:59 PM PDT by Miss Didi ("Good heavens, woman, this is a war not a garden party!" Dr. Meade, Gone with the Wind)
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To: cripplecreek

see post 17

for a strong refutation of the Berg lawsuit

and my post 44

in response...

can you make any sense of this?

47 posted on 10/23/2008 6:42:55 PM PDT by kralcmot (my tagline died with Terri)
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Comment #48 Removed by Moderator

To: kralcmot

Have you attempted to contact the owner through a comment? You leave a comment with your e-mail. The site doesn’t publish comments, so your e-mail won’t go puglic. But, she will answer you directly.

The owner is an Obama supporter. She became interested in the allegations back in the primaries. She started keeping personal notes on links to stories about the allegations. When the complaint was filed, she decided to move her notes to a blog.

You do have to check the sources and recognize that she is an Obama supporter. I still find it interesting.

49 posted on 10/23/2008 6:46:24 PM PDT by Sibre Fan
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To: BCrago66

I think you go to your county health department for a copy of your birth certificate.

50 posted on 10/23/2008 6:46:54 PM PDT by kcat
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To: kralcmot

to answer the unanswered question, I know this about contacting her, from personal experience.

51 posted on 10/23/2008 6:48:02 PM PDT by Sibre Fan
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To: BCrago66
"BCrago66 wrote: And another thing: I don’t know if I have my birth certificate. It might still be in a box in my storage area, but maybe not, because I’ve moved numerous times, and lost some documents. So if I had to prove my state of birth, I might have to ask the hospital to produce a certificate of live birth, as Obama did. Now, you guys gonna call the INS and get me deported?"

Where you are confused, BCrago, is in thinking something from a hosptital is "official". That and 3 bucks will get you coffee and a doughnut ot two, but not much else - it certainly has no legal standing, much less authority.

The government keeps the legal birth-record paperwork, not hospitals. What people are asking Obama to produce is what's called a "long form" and/or "vault" (official/government) record of birth. Although he should be able to afford the $10 or so to get a copy and make it public, Obama has been either unwilling or unable (or both) to do so thus far. In fact, the DNC is fighting along with him to keep his legal birth records (if they exist) secret. Media people have tried to gain access to its, but only Obama can legally authorize such a release of info.

But again where you're mixed up is in the a document's legal authority. And, yes, if the best you can do is something allegedly from a hospital, but your state has no record of your birth you could be deported (when your actual place of birth is determined.)

What's extremely unusual here is that we are speaking of a major party candidate being unable to produce legal documents regarding his birth. If Obama were running for a seat on the Park Board, it might not matter a whole lot. But what's problematic is that not only can he not cough up such documentation, but is in fact (with the DNC) fighting to keep it secret. It's just something that should be no problem. You got the place wrong (a hospital) but you are correct that you or any of us could easily produce our birth records that are held by the government. Except for Obama, it seems.
52 posted on 10/23/2008 6:48:29 PM PDT by LouieFisk
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To: BCrago66

Generally, when Rush says something like” ...and it’s popping up all over the place. There are a lot of people now that are starting to speculate and be curious about this....”, he’s not talking about internet chatter. Instead, he’s referring to sources with a little more horsepower.

Not sure that’s the case with this episode, but it’s escaped the not-to-be-bothered-with lockbox that you and I had it in, imo. It’s something to keep an eye on.

53 posted on 10/23/2008 7:01:14 PM PDT by qwertypie
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To: BCrago66

You do not have nor have you ever had your birth certificate.What you have is a copy.The original is with the county where you are born.If lost yours and need a copy you can go there and get one .This the COLB that is in question,not some piece of paper Barry might have in a shoe box somewhere.

54 posted on 10/23/2008 7:01:20 PM PDT by DAS-PATRIOT
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To: Sibre Fan

so, thank you very much

i see her refutations as interesting and plausable

i am not a lawyer

or a judge

so i cannot rule on the dispute itself

but take her refutation into evidence

and await the results from competent authorities

and then wait for the inevitable appeals

and endless bickering

another poster noted that this is really a fight between Clinton Democrats and Obama Democrats and we should stay out of it and

pass the popcorn

good advice

55 posted on 10/23/2008 7:01:29 PM PDT by kralcmot (my tagline died with Terri)
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To: BCrago66
Because no genuine conservative could be so stupid.

See post #24. This guy is a complete mystery and he is purposely locking up every document from his past to keep it that way. The big question is: Who is the real Barrack Obama and what is he hiding?

About the only record we do have is that AP photo of his Indonesian school records that show that he was registered as an Indonesian of the Islamic faith. That's indisputable.

If a candidate's citizenship no longer matters I guess we can all ignore the Constitution and let any outsider run for President?

56 posted on 10/23/2008 7:02:10 PM PDT by Nasher (When I say Obama, you say Ayers. OBAMA-AYERS! OBAMA-AYERS!)
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To: matginzac
"Why won’t Hannity put in on H&C? It would finish the election!!!"

Remember what Rove said. Republicans have plenty to unleash in the most important last 72 hours when everyone is paying attention.


57 posted on 10/23/2008 7:15:47 PM PDT by bruinbirdman (GET OUT THE VOTE !!!!)
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To: Klepto

I haven’t read much about this story because so far it’s seemed unprovable, etc.

However, the question is:

Why this peculiar behavior over the ill grandmother. As Rush points out, either she’s extremely ill, in which case, why not go at once?

Or she’s just recuperating from breaking her hip, in no immediate danger, in which case, why not wait until the campaign is over to go??

The whole trip smells and there is some unsavory reason behind it, although I’m not sure what it is.

58 posted on 10/23/2008 7:23:09 PM PDT by altura
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To: kralcmot

I heard something very today on the Michael Savage show that although the judge was appointed by Clinton, he is actually a Republican. The plot gets thicker.

59 posted on 10/23/2008 7:26:57 PM PDT by Sibre Fan
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To: counterpunch
Rush may have brought up 0bama’s Birth Certificate, but he still has yet to mention 0bama’s membership to the Democratic Socialists of America and their New Party

I haven't seen B.Hussein Obama's name on their roster. That may be why Rush isn't mentioning it.

60 posted on 10/23/2008 7:30:44 PM PDT by taxesareforever (Quick justice for the senseless killing of Marine Lance Cpl. Robert Crutchfield.)
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