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vanity | 11-04-2008 | mick

Posted on 11/04/2008 7:52:44 PM PST by mick

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To: an amused spectator

Is is Sarah Palin’s fault that Ohio went from 40-35R in 2004 to 40-31D tonight. A +14 shift to the democrats!!

McCain held Bush’s numbers among Republicans and he actually did quite a bit better among independents. He lost because around 25% of the Republicans that existed in 2004 no longer do and 15% more dems exist than they did in 2004.

If you plug McCain’s #s in to the 2004 turnout, he wins with a larger margin than Bush did.

In 2004 40% said terrorism and moral values were the most important issue vs 24% who said the eocnomy. Tonight 61% said the economy vs 8% who said terrorism. Moral values didn’t even register. Four years ago it got 23%, tonight nothing.

In 2004 Bush’s approval was 53-46 in OH. Tonight it was 28-71. Bush went from a +7 to a -43, a net shift of -50. The fact that McCain was able to even stay within double figures is beyond astonishing given the above data.

Among those who decided in Spetember, Obama won 60-40. Gee, I wonder what ahppened in September?

By the way, these numbers are consistent in just about every state out there.

Obviously the huge decline of the GOP in Ohio and nationwide is all the fault of Sarah Palin.

Governor Palin has not been perfect, but we need to look long at hard at President Bush and what he’s bequeathed to us, before we start looking towards Anchorage for people to blame.


41 posted on 11/04/2008 8:11:04 PM PST by jeltz25
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To: mick
[Posted on another thread, but I don't do vanities]
The Palin Test

I want all you FReepers who've been critical of Palin to set aside your problems with her for a moment and understand something:

Not kidding about this. We know who our friends are now, and we know the people who were only pretending to be. Now, you have to decide where you stand. We lost this election, as we lost the 2006 election, because we took conservatism for granted. Period. Trying to blame Palin for the failures of a Top of the Ticket many of us were less than enthusiastic for is NOT going to cut it. What we need to find out in the next two years is if a conservative message, clearly articulated and put forward with firmness and with no apologies still appeals to America.
42 posted on 11/04/2008 8:12:22 PM PST by FredZarguna (Oh No! Not THE Kathleen Parker.)
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To: mick

I think there are a lot of fiscal conservatives out there who don’t care much about the moral issues. They say they’re “libertarians.” And the 3-4 that I know like this hated Palin and voted 3rd party or not at all because of her.

I love Sarah Palin, but I can see why others think she is a deal-breaker. They don’t care about the social issues as much and see her as being a Bible-thumper. Maybe you guys call these kinds of people RINOs, but they are conservative on the economic issues.

I never gave to a political campaign before this election, but mainly because I hate Obama and I wanted McCain to have every chance to beat him. I don’t think Palin could ever make it to the White House though as President - she doesn’t come across as serious enough. She doesn’t come across as a leader in the Margaret Thatcher style - and I think a female running for Prez wouldhave to have that kind of toughness to have a chance at winning.

Ah well... back to the drawing board on it all!

43 posted on 11/04/2008 8:12:33 PM PST by Spera
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To: mick

We had a presidential candidate celebrated for his heroism in America’s defending allies abroad against Communism — yet he failed to recognize our most effective communist enemy to date, when he was staring McCain in the face inside America.

And now that communist enemy is headed to becoming United States President.

44 posted on 11/04/2008 8:13:02 PM PST by unspun (PRAY & WORK!! - SPAM FOR FREEDOM!! - -
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To: mick

This has little to do with Palin...

The Bush legacy is now complete.

45 posted on 11/04/2008 8:13:38 PM PST by dragnet2
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To: Cricket24

Sarah Palin is the reason I voted for McCain!

She’s the only reason I’m truly sorry he lost, and the fact that she is still our nation’s future is the only reason I’m not figuratively slitting my wrists.

She has a better chance in 2012 against Obama than against Hillary after McCain. Or in 2016 after McCain would have lost to Hillary, because he would have been a Bush-like RINO anyway, nominating Harriet Myers types at best to SCOTUS, Joe Lieberman types at worst.

46 posted on 11/04/2008 8:13:57 PM PST by Atlas Sneezed (Guns don't kill people, criminals and the governments that create them do.)
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To: sockmonkey

Same for me. I would not have contributed at all had it not been for Palin.

47 posted on 11/04/2008 8:14:24 PM PST by Livin_large
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To: Spera

I think Palin is more Libertarian than most libertarians. We’ll see how this shakes out, but she definitely needs to shake off McCain.

48 posted on 11/04/2008 8:15:17 PM PST by Globalist Goon ("Head down over a saddle.")
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To: mick
You can fill out a simple form to say Thank You to Gov. Palin. The form prohibits partisan, political comment so I just said thanks and God bless.
49 posted on 11/04/2008 8:16:18 PM PST by rabidralph (Yeah, she's all that.)
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To: padre35

The crooked GOP RINO Bob Asher who chaired the McCain campaign here in PA is on TV calling for an “inclusive” party.

50 posted on 11/04/2008 8:16:57 PM PST by Nextrush (Sarah Palin is the new Ronald Reagan.)
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To: UCFRoadWarrior; padre35

Freeper padre35 is the author of the phrase Vichy apt description of these creeps I should say !

51 posted on 11/04/2008 8:17:47 PM PST by mick
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To: All
Can we stop pretending we like McCain now?

Sarah was the only reason McCain didn't get clobbered worse than he did.

52 posted on 11/04/2008 8:17:50 PM PST by icwhatudo (PALIN VID=========>>>>><++++++++)
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To: Rocko

“She’s the reason we weren’t utterly blown out.”

Of course.
I worked and gave money for the first time because of Palin.
And I first voted in 1980.

Going to the left will not happen. We conservatives need to take back our party.
Palin has given us a glimpse of what that can be like.

MCCain ran a negative campaign that gave no one a reason to vote for him. He pointed out all of O’s faults which were plenty. Plenty of reasons to vote against Obama.

But voters need a reason on to vote for someone. Reagan had it right with his positive vision for our country.

We all need to bitch and complain for awhile.
Then we need to rebuild and regroup and take our nation from the radical leftists which were elected tonight.

53 posted on 11/04/2008 8:18:11 PM PST by HereInTheHeartland (Flush Obama/Biden in 2008!!!!)
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To: RightCenter

“I understand all this but I think Jindal will turn out to be even better than Sarah by 2012, though.’

Take a look at his health plans for La., he was tainted by the Bush’s andhaving been exposed the the RINO virus may be dangerous. See what he says about Palin in the coming months.

54 posted on 11/04/2008 8:18:15 PM PST by A Strict Constructionist (Can we avoid"Tobacco Road" on the "Road to Surfdom"?)
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To: mick
This is my first post tonight and I will put an essay up on this in the next few days ‘cause I saw this coming. I along with Rush warned all on this page about McCain not 3 days ago. I never thought he could win. McCain was the worst of candidates we have put up there. It was true in 2000 and it has born out tonight. And Sarah if she was smart would have taken McCain's request to be VP and told him to shove it. McCain has been a boil on the Republicans ass for for far to long and like Bob Dole we are rid of him. But we can only hope that Barak’s governance matches hi rhetoric because if it does we might be screwed in the short tern but he will feel our wrath next time. But for now this defeat if anything must not be puty at the hands of Sarah Palin or for that matter on Mr. Bush but squarely on the head of John McCain, who did nothing in the last eight years but second guess, whine, obfuscate and undermine Mr Bush in every endeavor and threw gasoline on all media Bush fires instead of standing by him.
55 posted on 11/04/2008 8:18:30 PM PST by Pharmer (Palin in 2012! We are so screwed!)
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To: llevrok
Time to purge the Rinos, start with a small party and re-build from there...

Wow! we are already half way there. We have the small party part down to a tee.

56 posted on 11/04/2008 8:19:36 PM PST by CharacterCounts (Wanted: Snappy, erudite tag line.)
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To: Beelzebubba

Sort of, when Goldwater lost, and Reagan was term limited out in CA, he went back to his ranch, and made appearances all over the country, always working, he supported local candidates, he made speeches, he wrote articles.

I would love to see Gov Palin become Senator Palin, but alas, it is not going to happen, if she is to rise to lead us, she will have to make a one woman effort to do so, there will be no Senatorial Soapbox for folks to get to know her.

57 posted on 11/04/2008 8:20:20 PM PST by padre35 (Sarah Palin is the one we've been waiting for..Rom 10.10..)
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To: mick

I will HATE any Repubs who blame Sarah. She’s the only reason I voted Repub. She is one tough courageous woman who had a lot of sh#t thrown at her, treated totally unfairly, and yet kept her head high and didn’t stop fighting. She’s great!

58 posted on 11/04/2008 8:21:05 PM PST by jporcus
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To: FredZarguna

John McCain is currently at 48% in OH an dhas been gaining. When you look at the exit polls, when you see that 25% of the OH GOP no longer exists, when you see a +15 in Pary ID for the dems since 2004, when you see Bush’s approval a net -50 since 2004, when you see that 23% cared about moral values in 2004 and )5 cared about it today, when the economy went from 24% to 61%, when you factor in Obama’s+ +1.5 from his gain in the black vote, McCain’s performance in OH is about as good as anyone could expect and probably much better.

Basically when all is said and done, about 2-3% of the electorate in OH shifted from Bush to Obama. Given all that has happened in four years, is that really so unexpected. is that really a mark against McCain or Palin.

Bush has a strong GOP Governor and 2 GOP Senators in OH in 2004. There’s a popular Dem gov and a new dem Senator now. He did much better than just about anyone had a right to expect.

To pull the #s he is with the exit polls what they are is amazing.

Now, he still lost, but to pin the blame on him or Gov Palin is absurd. If you want to blame someone, blame the guy who has the lowest apporavl ratings of any Preisdent in US history and who’s seen 50% of those who approved of him in 2004 switch to strongly disapproving him.

59 posted on 11/04/2008 8:24:00 PM PST by jeltz25
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To: mick

Palin was the star of the campaign and had greater positive power than any of the other three main candidates. Because of Palin, the core of conservative Republicans voted for McCain-Palin. The Republicans need to know that during this election, the loyal Republicans were the conservatives and we conservatives were the strength they had. The squishy Republicans were unreliable. They are the fools who during the past three decades kept chasing left-wing ideas to, in their minds, go where the country was going or appeal to the moderates, etc. They were the ones who danced with the illegals because these were supposedly socially conservative people. The squishy Republicans were the ones who voted with the left and called conservative judges too extreme.

Where are the squishy Republicans tonight? They are in the losers’ tent. The conservatives can be proud that they were the clear and strong opposition to the o-bomination threatening our nation. Only we conservatives saw and understood the threat. The squishy Republicans are contemptible losers and have helped lead this country to the state it is in. The hard left of the Dem party has thrown up three of the wackiest leftist extremists in history. They did this three times in a row for a Presidential election. Had sensible conservatives dominated the Republican party, it is unlikely the Dem’s would ever have risked running even one of those nuts.

60 posted on 11/04/2008 8:25:03 PM PST by iacovatx (If you must lie to recruit to your cause, you are fighting for the wrong side.)
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