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Vanity: Team Romney Sabotaged Palin and Continuing to Do So?
vanity ^ | 11-5-08 | Various

Posted on 11/05/2008 4:34:48 PM PST by TitansAFC

Today, Red State ran an article on the origination of nasty lies from within the McCain/Palin camp. They report, Romney staffers now working on the McPalin campaign have been spreading the stories of Palin’s “ineptitude” to the press. Red State and other reporters accuse Romney staffers, including Kevin Madden (former Romney press-man) of pushing reporters into “Troopergate” stories and other possible negative Palin story angles. Palin provides a threat to Romney for a presidential run, but now is not the time for in-party fighting.

American Girl has been very critical of long-time Romney supporter Kathleen Parker (see here and here), a “Republican,” from the National Review for her consistent ridicule of Palin instead of criticising the Democrat ticket. Parker has proven to be a putrid, vile opportunist in this election. Parker has only proven to me that she would stab my dog if it helped her personal interests.

Mitt Romney has an obligation to his party and beliefs to publicly hog-tie Madden, Parker, and his surrogates (I have a list). If Romney fails to reign them in and rehires them for another WH bid, he can count on American Girl fighting hard against his nomination.

This is no threat, but a promise. I will take my money, my volunteers, my time, this blog, and more - and back another candidate. Guaranteed.


When I was in St. Paul for the Republican Convention, more than a dozen people told me acolytes of Mitt Romney were feeding all the stories to the media portraying Palin in a negative light.

In fact, I heard that one of the biggest pushers of anti-Palin stories, including encouraging reporters to pursue the "Trooper-gate" story was Romney spokesman Kevin Madden.

I did not blog on it at the time because I perceived it to be people trying to finish off Romney. It likewise seemed clear to me that if this was going on, it was people loyal to Romney who were still hoping for his come back and not Romney himself.

These days it is hard to miss Kathleen Parker's savage attacks on Sarah Palin. She, along with several others listed here attacking Sarah Palin were also some of the first pundits in bed with the Romney campaign in 2007/8.

Again, it is hard for me to place the finger on Romney. It seems to me that these are people who are still convinced he's the better nominee and don't want Palin to be in any position to challenge him in 2012.

At this moment, however, it is absolutely clear -- there is an effort, organized or not, by supporters of Mitt Romney to harm the reputation of Governor Sarah Palin.

The American Spectator documented it yesterday.

Former Mitt Romney presidential campaign staffers, some of whom are currently working for Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin's bid for the White House, have been involved in spreading anti-Palin spin to reporters, seeking to diminish her standing after the election. "Sarah Palin is a lightweight, she won't be the first, not even the third, person people will think of when it comes to 2012," says one former Romney aide, now working for McCain-Palin. "The only serious candidate ready to challenge to lead the Republican Party is Mitt Romney. He's in charge on November 5th."

Though I initially dismissed the Kevin Madden rumors, Amanda Carpenter has Kevin in his own words going after Sarah Palin.

And it is not just Madden. It may be hard for you to believe, but there are Romney supporters now working on John McCain's campaign who are, in fact, indisputably out to damage Sarah Palin's reputation. I am not just convinced of it. I know it to be fact. That there are "conservative pundits" echoing the same talking points makes me deeply suspicious.

I agree with Matt Lewis. I doubt Mitt Romney is responsible or encouraging it. In fact, I suspect he'd be extremely disappointed to find this out. Nonetheless, whether organic or organized, it is happening and it deeply worries me that these people now undermining Sarah Palin view Romney as the logical choice to lead the RNC or be the front runner in 2012. You don't get to sabotage your own side and then have your guy be the front runner.

We must remember this. Contrary to the quote in the American Spectator, if November 5th ushers in President-elect Obama, I stand with Sarah.

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To: ari-freedom

I strongly supported Romey as Mac’s VP. I think Palin is wonderful and thank Mac for bringing her to the frontlines. IMHO Romney is a winner and Palin is too.

41 posted on 11/05/2008 4:45:34 PM PST by Lady GOP
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To: TitansAFC

Madden is a Vichy Republican, however, when he hit Governor Palin, he was working for the Democrat Operation known as “Grove Group”.

K Parker is simply a hagis.

42 posted on 11/05/2008 4:45:44 PM PST by padre35 (Sarah Palin is the one we've been waiting for..Rom 10.10..)
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To: boomop1

Palin was an awful pick. McCain lost the experience argument when he picked her. Secondly, Romney would have won this election. He would have debated rings around Obama, and his financial expertise would have made a very persuasive argument to the undecideds.

McCain was an awful candidate, the worst the GOP has had since Bob Dole.

43 posted on 11/05/2008 4:45:54 PM PST by Signalman
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To: GerardKempf
I am remembering Reagan saying something Like "if they cannot accept conservatism its time to let them go".

44 posted on 11/05/2008 4:46:04 PM PST by darkwing104 (Lets get dangerous)
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To: TitansAFC
Sounds plausible.

Both Kathleen Parker and Peggy Noonan based Palin - and they were Romney supporters.

45 posted on 11/05/2008 4:46:21 PM PST by LdSentinal
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To: TitansAFC

Romney is a flaming lib and a liar. I would campaign for Barry Hussein Obama before I would ever vote for that fraud. I hope we’ve seen the last of that loser.

46 posted on 11/05/2008 4:47:41 PM PST by NavVet ( If you don't defend Conservatism in the Primaries, you won't have it to defend in November)
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To: TitansAFC

I’ll be ordering my “Palin 2012” button from this week.

47 posted on 11/05/2008 4:47:58 PM PST by MayflowerMadam ("the pacifist is as surely a traitor ... as is the most brutal wrongdoer" T. Roosevelt)
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To: Bobkk47
He was next, the republican syndrome.
48 posted on 11/05/2008 4:48:44 PM PST by boomop1
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To: TitansAFC

Frontrunners for 2012 should be Jindal and Palin, because they both have charisma. Romney is smart, but has even less charisma than McCain.

49 posted on 11/05/2008 4:48:49 PM PST by igoramus08
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To: Emperor Palpatine

Yup...theyhave been part of the problem here since the primary.

P.S. I despise Kathleen Parker. She is a vicious old witch.

50 posted on 11/05/2008 4:48:50 PM PST by Palladin (Obama on Ayers: "He's just a guy in my neighborhood." LIAR!!!)
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To: All

You guys are going to have to get a new hobby.

Romney’s net worth is about 1/2 of what it was in January of this year. That costs not just him. It costs his kids and grandkids, too. The market has savaged him.

He’s not running again. For anything. Nothing in government could possibly pay him enough to have a shot at recovering his portfolio. He likely would have turned down any job McCain offered.

I think the folks on FR need to wake up and look at the world around them. It’s A Different World Than It Was Even As Recently As 1 September 2008. The markets are devastated. The net worth of the US of A is devastated.

And . . . what happened from mid Sept to late October is essentially the only reason McCain is not president elect. Not policy. Not campaigning style. Not Palin. Not Romney.

Money. The 3% of people who had to change their minds to beat Obama voted to punish the GOP brand for what happened in October. Just the same way they will punish Obama in 2012 for $250/barrel oil.

It doesn’t matter what abortion position there is. Or guns. Or gay marriage. Or missile defense in Poland. Or a middle name of Hussein.

People lost their life savings in October, and 3% made their choice.

Now relax, forget the hated Romney, the hated McCain and the hated anything else. Nothing matters for the next 4 years but the price of oil and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Any talk of policy is utterly silly because for both sides . . . there’s no money to fund anything.

51 posted on 11/05/2008 4:50:12 PM PST by Owen
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To: igoramus08

He reminds me of a slick car salesman.

Especially with that just too-perfect hair and those ever-s-white capped teeth.

52 posted on 11/05/2008 4:50:13 PM PST by Emperor Palpatine ("I love democracy. I love Free Republic")
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To: TitansAFC
McCain and Romney RINOs of a feather.

Geeze I wanted either Fred or Hunter but the MSM and the RINO cabals have spoken and we got McCain.

The silver lining? Sarah Palin and what a breath of fresh air she turned out to be. She gave McCain half a chance and a heck of a lot more votes than he would have gotten with Romney or some other RINO for veep.

53 posted on 11/05/2008 4:50:17 PM PST by Vaquero ("an armed society is a polite society" Robert A. Heinlein)
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To: org.whodat; CharlotteVRWC

-—”This may be disinformation to further fragment the Republican Party.....
You could say that about this vanity as well.”-—

Right.....even with the actual quotes from Romney-ites, right?

54 posted on 11/05/2008 4:50:18 PM PST by TitansAFC (In 2008, please vote GOP and show us that you love your country more than you hate John McCain)
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To: TitansAFC
With Bush not grooming a successor and McCain probably not running again due to his age, that opens up struggles by others for control of the GOP.

The person/faction that manages to wrangle controller-ship of the party has a leg up on the 2012 nomination.

If that struggle takes too long, it could ruin GOP hopes for both 2010 and 2012.

55 posted on 11/05/2008 4:50:32 PM PST by TomGuy
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To: igoramus08

For an upbeat conservative 100% patriotic ticket, I would choose Palin/Huckabee.

(If we still have free elections in 2012. It’s possible that the ticket then could be Obama/Ayers vs. Obama/Ayers.)

56 posted on 11/05/2008 4:50:58 PM PST by Palladin (Obama on Ayers: "He's just a guy in my neighborhood." LIAR!!!)
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To: TitansAFC
"I did not blog on it at the time because I perceived it to be people trying to finish off Romney."

Looks like Romney's people have finished off Romney. If he can't control his staff, how can he hope to be President?

57 posted on 11/05/2008 4:52:06 PM PST by editor-surveyor (Obama isn't just an empty suit, he's a Suit-Bomb trying to sneak into the White House.)
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To: TitansAFC

This is disheartening.

Sarah Palin is a true conservative and one of the only reasons that McCain didn’t lose by a larger margin. I wouldn’t have voted for McCain had Palin not come on board.

Whether or not Romney or any of his team members are behind these lies, Romney is not a TRUE CONSERVATIVE.

Romney is washed up and toast. I will not support him for a run in 2012. We need someone more like Duncan Hunter. Someone who stands up for conservative values no matter what!

Besides, I am renouncing my Republican Party affiliation today. So...honestly I don’t care who the next GOP nominee is, the GOP can KISS MY ASS GOODBYE!

58 posted on 11/05/2008 4:52:20 PM PST by sierrascrapper (DUNCAN HUNTER the TRUE CONSERVATIVE CHOICE that was shut out)
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To: Bobkk47
Romney would have won this election.

GMAFB... Romney would have lost in a Mondale-like landslide. In retrospect, McCain is the ONLY GOP candidate that could have made this a race considering all that he was up against. Palin was excellent and energized the base in a way that @ss Romney never could have. I am so sick of RINO Romney sycophants desecrating this forum.

59 posted on 11/05/2008 4:54:29 PM PST by big'ol_freeper (Gen. George S. Patton to Michael Moore... American Carol: "I really like slapping you.")
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To: LdSentinal; All

You may also want to consider Nina Easton of Fox Panel. Her husband was a muckity-muck in the Romney campaign. Another one who couldn’t wait to sink her claws into Governor Palin.

60 posted on 11/05/2008 4:55:19 PM PST by fortunate sun (Proud Palinista!)
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