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Sarah Palin: November election was the result of ‘frustration, disappointment’
Atlanta Journal Constitution ^ | december 1, 2008 | jim galloway

Posted on 12/01/2008 8:24:37 PM PST by fkabuckeyesrule

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To: jeltz25
My contention is a lot of it was class based and region based, more of a “they’re just not our kind of folks” deal. Ironically, Barack and Michelle fit right in and no one had any problems wit hthem whatsoever. I guess we have come a long way whne the leftist black radical with muslim name and his wife are instantly accepted and thw down home white couple are shunned.

Absolutely. And it relates to the abortion issue, which is an issue that both sides largely buried. In His book "The Clash of Absolutes," Lawrence Tribe admits that the pro-choice vs. pro-life issue is an instance of class warfare. The upper classes have largely abandoned Christianity except for a minority who treat it as a philosophy--and neo-platonist than Christian. The Middle and "lower"classes, or many of them, still remain Christian in their "values." and visceral reactions to things. Palin's decision not to abort her down's syndrome child showed she belonged to the latter, and for this reason she is hated by the upper crust, because she gave lie to the notion that pro-life people will not put their money where their mouths are. For a person of her standing to do what she did literally puts her out of the pale, as opposed to phonies like Peggy Noonan, who talks a good game but will not play it.

41 posted on 12/01/2008 9:52:30 PM PST by RobbyS (ECCE homo)
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To: jeltz25
Ive read reports of her being offered 5-7M for a book deal.


42 posted on 12/01/2008 9:53:06 PM PST by RetiredArmy (NOTE TO REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS: PLAY THE CONSERVATIVE CARD!!!)
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To: jeltz25

It’s the economy.

43 posted on 12/01/2008 9:56:28 PM PST by Carismar
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To: Maine Mariner

Good point. One thing I think that younger conservatives/Republicans(ie those under 50 or so) don’t really get when it comes to Reagan is how much of his success was based on the miserable failure that was James Earl Carter.

They think all we need is a strong conservative and everything takes care of itself.

They all say we just need another Reagan and we’ll win big like he did.

And to that I say, sure, have the dems give us another Carter in office and then it will be easy t owin like Reagan did, jsut like it was easy for Obama to win this year.

Change the demographics back to a near 90% white electorate like Reagan had and we’ll do pretty good as well.

Be that as it may, if Obama gives us Carter II, Palin or Jindal or Romney or whoever will be sitting pretty in four years.

44 posted on 12/01/2008 9:57:26 PM PST by jeltz25
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To: jeltz25

Another of McCain’s flaws was taking the SW Hispanic vote for granted, he just never really did much to garner votes from them, Obamao hit him with negative ads, and McCain never fought back or even bothered to fight back.

Hispanics is where the future will be, like it or not.

And I don’t care for it, not a bit, the Obamao will try and grant them amnesty, if he wins, 10 years from now will be ugly.

45 posted on 12/01/2008 9:58:03 PM PST by padre35 (You shall not ignore the laws of God, the Market, the Jungle, and Reciprocity Rm10.10)
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To: CurlyBill

The backend of the ticket sold its soul to the Socialist Slick Willard.

46 posted on 12/01/2008 10:01:49 PM PST by fieldmarshaldj (~"This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps !"~~)
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To: RetiredArmy
She could write a book with the title

How to field dress a liberal

Its easy they're gutless!

47 posted on 12/01/2008 10:04:08 PM PST by DaveyB (Those who are merciful to the cruel will be cruel to the merciful.)
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To: ansel12

I found it ironic especially that Springsteen supported Obama when Todd and Sarah Palin were probably the living embodiment of so many of his songs, certainly much more so than Barack and Michelle.

Look at The River:
I come from down in the valley where mister when you’re young, they bring you up to do like your daddy done
Me and Mary[Sarah]met in high school when she was just seventeen

Then I got Mary pregnant and man tat was all she wrote, and for my nineteenth birthday I got a union card and a wedding coat
We went down to the courthouse and the judge put it all to rest...

Based on what I’ve read, the song is almost a biography of them.

And I can certainly picture a Sarah Palin who gave her son his middle name so that it would be Van Palin to sound like Van Halen being more a Springsteen fan in the 80s than Obama. So much for loyalty.

But you got to my point. Thats what I was trying to get across

48 posted on 12/01/2008 10:04:33 PM PST by jeltz25
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To: jeltz25

You make some very interesting and valid points. Although the establishment was very, very dismissive of Reagan and remained extremely disdainful of his policies, the society/media elites nonetheless were often rather drawn to his old-style Hollywood manner and connections. They had a certain begrudging fascination and acceptance of him, in between their condescending condemnations of his ideology and actions.

But, wow, the visceral hatred and unyielding scathingness towards Gov. Palin, her family, and her cultural backdrop, by these same media elites, has reached all-new heights. It’s really been something to behold (in a sickening way, of course).

49 posted on 12/01/2008 10:05:22 PM PST by greene66
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To: jeltz25
If you count in the 3-4-5x money advantage for zero, the full time 24/7 driveby in the tank media, and the stupidity of many voters, it is remarkable that McCain did so well.......

astounding actually......

zero for all his advantage, nearly blew it.....if a few more had bothered to read about him, he would have been trounced....

50 posted on 12/01/2008 10:19:27 PM PST by cherry
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To: jeltz25

Good observation....although I do believe that Matt Lauer should be excepted along with Greta Van Susteren. I’ve seen him discuss his visit and interview with Gov. Palin on several other shows, and he seems to have a genuine regard for her and her family.

51 posted on 12/01/2008 10:21:12 PM PST by SallyH
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To: SallyH

Lauer did seem to be ok, although I wonder how much of that was genuine and how much of it was sympathy because it was the day after she lost and he was in her home and just trying to be a nice guy and actually show some manners. I still don’t know if I’d trust Lauer 100% going forward, but he’s certainly a cut above the usual crowd.

I also think that there may be a different effect once someone actually spends time with her as opposed to relying on a media filter.

Lauer was probably thinking to himself “hmm, she’s not at all like what Keith and Chris assured me she’d be like”

Also, once he had to fly out 9 hours or so from NY to Anchorage he was probably willing to give the benefit of the doubt and hospitality can go a long way.

52 posted on 12/01/2008 10:35:00 PM PST by jeltz25
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To: fkabuckeyesrule

Can someone explain Mr. Baxter’s gratuitous ‘downtrodden’ remark ?

Freakin media snobs.

53 posted on 12/01/2008 10:49:20 PM PST by EDINVA
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To: jeltz25
He was part of the Hollywood crowd which is almost tantamount to the same thing. He was good friends with people like Walter Annenberg, George Will, Bill Buckley and others who were very much part of the establishment. EVen in CA he was friends with Unruh and others and was accepted as part of the establishment. He was friends with Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, Liz Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and just about every other major star of that era. Imagine a Republican candidate who was close, personal friends with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington and Will Smith and that’d give you some idea.

You have just listed two vastly different classes of human beings.

The hollywood of old actually had some standards, class, and dare I say it, morals.

Those actors you have listed of the current culture are nothing but trash.

There is no comparison between the two groups.
54 posted on 12/01/2008 11:39:18 PM PST by SoConPubbie (GOP: If you reward bad behavior all you get is more bad behavior.)
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To: SoConPubbie

they just seem that way with the passage of time

Reagan was good friends with Rock Hudson. I doubt many conservatives would consider him having class and morals.

Cary Grant slept with just about every woman in town, and a number of the men too, depending on what you read

Sinatra, Martin and some of the other ratpackers weren’t exactly the epitome of morals, especially in regards to alcohol, drugs, and women.

Liz Taylor and her 8 husbands wasn’t either.

40-50 years from now they’ll be saying why can’t they be like Brad and Angelina and George, and venerating them just like we do the older generation.

It was more of a social proof type deal. ie if Ronnie and Nancy were good enough for them, they’re ok by us.

There wasn’t anything close to the look down their noses thing that we saw even from the media and even from a number of erstwhile Republicans and conservatives.

I hope those Republicans and conservatives are happy with SecState Clinton and more liberals on the SC when Stevens or Ginsburg leave.

It couldn’t be issues or policy since McCain was always going to be in charge of that and they had no problem with him prior to Palin. It couldn’t be experience since Obama doesn’t have any of that. There was something else and I think it was cultural/social more than anything.

55 posted on 12/01/2008 11:59:10 PM PST by jeltz25
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To: GBA; All
I’m hoping you (Sarah) have some real conservatives to compete with in the primary.

How many "real" Conservatives can you name GBA? The fact that there are so few that one can name them all is a shame. I like the tagline of a fellow Freeper, 09Patriot which says: "I'm a MILITANT Conservative; Compassionate Conservatism got us nowhere"
56 posted on 12/02/2008 12:17:53 AM PST by no dems (George W. Bush: America's last White President. ACORN will see to it.)
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To: Old Sarge

I believe that B. Hussein will screw things up so badly that by 2012, he will be defeated worse than Ron Reagan kicked Jimmy Carter’s butt.

57 posted on 12/02/2008 12:21:05 AM PST by no dems (George W. Bush: America's last White President. ACORN will see to it.)
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To: jeltz25

I’m going to answer each of those....but you do make a decent point about Mccain...which had a lot to do with Palin being on the ticket....

Bush One got hit by Perot or he would have won, it’s an unfair precedent

Carter was a dead duck even though he led in early and mid election polls....horrible economy and poor national security

Ford had the Watergate albatross

Humphrey inherited Vietnam and student and black unrest from LBJ...Nixon looked to restore order to the vast majority who did not support leftism including most students and to find a decent way out of SE Asia

so, none of those comparisons really fit this time except the bad economy which is still so far not nearly as bad as 1980.

Obama got 4-5 times the margin of victory Bush did against Kerry. We lost a number of Southern states mainly due to non southern transplants and younger and black voters. We got clobbered in Congress. It was not a rout but rather a stern rebuke.

Oddly enough Tennessee here went GOP in the statehouse for the first time since Reconstruction.

I don’t feel we have any choice but to go back to the right in the GOP...if we go centrist we will be much like the Clinton Part Deux triangulation it looks so far the Messiah is aiming for.

for the record, I’m a hard right social and cultural militant and brook little tolerance for political correctness.

My only beef with Palin whom I broken glassed for is when she gets on the glass ceiling stump like with Greta...that I could please do without.

Middle aged white guys are her base....not kids and not enraptured fembots who now love the pro-life movement simply because she is a woman.

I hope she gets that.

58 posted on 12/02/2008 12:21:50 AM PST by wardaddy (Monarchists for Palin 2012)
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To: jeltz25

I think it was more of a case of the democrats prefecting voter fraud, they got pretty close to doing it in 2000 so they screamed the republicans stole the election. with acorn and Venezuelan voting machines i would say the fix was in.

59 posted on 12/02/2008 12:24:03 AM PST by 09Patriot (I am a MILITANT Conservative, compassionate conservativism got us NOWHERE)
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To: padre35
He could marry Bill Ayers in CA

Whoa, buddy. Not anymore he can't. We Californians took care of that. Viva Proposition 8!
60 posted on 12/02/2008 1:09:02 AM PST by fr_freak
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