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To: flattorney

## High Profile Al Franken Donors ##

J J Abrams filmmaker, TV producer
Chris Albrecht HBO chairman and chief executive 2002-07
Jason Alexander actor
Herb Alpert musician, producer
Phil Angelides Calif. State Treasurer; 2006 candidate for governor
Clarence Avant record producer
Dan Aykroyd actor, comedian
Burt Bacharach composer, entertainer
Kevin Bacon actor
Bob Balaban actor, director
Andre Balazs hotelier
Alec Baldwin actor, activist
Paul Begala political consultant, commentator
Ed Begley, Jr actor
Jim Belushi actor
Candice Bergen actress
Steve Bing producer
Ross Bleckner artist
Jon Bon Jovi rock star
David Brock author, media watchdog
James L Brooks producer, director
Jackson Browne musician
Jimmy Buffett musician
Les Charles TV producer, writer
Peter Chernin News Corporation president and COO
George Clooney actor
Ben Cohen Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream co-founder
Jane Curtin actress
Ted Danson actor
Larry David comedian, writer
Laurie David writer, activist
Jonathan Demme filmmaker
Alan Dershowitz attorney
Phil Donahue talk show host
Paul Dooley actor
Michael Douglas actor, director
Michael Dukakis 1988 presidential candidate
Dick Ebersol NBC sports executive
Nora Ephron filmmaker
Peter Farrelly screenwriter, producer, director
Geraldine Ferraro Congresswoman 1978-84; 1984 VP candidate
Sally Field actress
Milos Forman director, actor, writer
Michael J Fox actor, activist
Al Franken satirist
Tom Freston Viacom president 2005-06; MTV co-founder
David Geffen Dreamworks co-founder, record producer
Danny Goldberg Air America ceo 2005-06; record producer
Al Gore Vice President 1993-2001
Jamie Gorelick 9/11 Commissioner; fmr US Deputy Atty General
Brian Grazer producer
Robert Greenwald filmmaker
Brad Grey Paramount Pictures chairman, CEO
Taylor Hackford director
Larry Hagman actor
Tom Hanks actor
Christie Hefner Playboy Enterprises chairman, ceo
Marg Helgenberger actress
Buck Henry writer
Philip Seymour Hoffman actor
Alan Horn movie executive
Norman Hsu fashion industry executive; political fundraiser
Norman Jewison director
Jane Kaczmarek actress
Donna Karan fasion designer; Donna Karan Inc founder
Lawrence Kasdan filmmaker
Garrison Keillor author, performer
Joanna Kerns actress
Kevin Kline actor
Christine Lahti actress
Sherry Lansing Paramount Studios chairman, ceo (1992-2004)
Lucy Lawless actress
Norman Lear television producer
David Letterman talk show host, comedian
Barry Levinson filmmaker
Amy Madigan actress
Bill Maher comedian, political satirist
Steve Martin actor, comedian, writer
John McEnroe tennis champion; sports commentator
Lorne Michaels producer
Nicole Miller fashion designer
Mike Mills musician
Walter Mondale Vice President 1977-80
Mike Myers actor, comedian
Kevin Nealon comedian, actor
Paul Newman actor, philanthropist
Randy Newman songwriter
Craig Newmark founder
Leonard Nimoy actor
Cynthia Nixon actress
Edward Norton actor
Conan O’Brien late-night tv host
Rosie O’Donnell actress, comedian
Bob Odenkirk actor, writer, producer
Jane Pauley journalist; talk show host
Mark Peel chef, restauranteur
Bonnie Raitt recording artist
Harold Ramis director, writer, actor
Sumner Redstone Viacom chairman
Carl Reiner actor, comedy writer, producer
Rob Reiner director, producer, actor
Paul Reiser comedian, actor
Gloria Reuben actress
Jay Roach director
Linda Ronstadt singer
Gary Ross filmmaker, actor
Meg Ryan actress
Susan Saint James actress
Thomas Schlamme producer, director
Tony Shalhoub actor
Garry Shandling comedian, actor
Elisabeth Shue actress
Ben Silverman NBC Universal chairman
Paul Simon singer/songwriter
James Sinegal Costco ceo
Robert Smigel comedian, writer
George Soros financier
Darren Star producer, screenwriter
Mary Steenburgen actress
Ben Stein writer, actor
Meryl Streep actress
Barbra Streisand singer, actor, producer
Heather Thomas actress, producer
Marlo Thomas actress, philanthropist
Garry Trudeau cartoonist
Eli Wallach actor
Sam Waterston actor
Bob Weinstein Miramax co-founder
Harvey Weinstein Miramax co-founder
John Wells television producer
Jann Wenner Rolling Stone
Tom Werner Boston Red Sox co-owner 2002-present; TV producer
Bradley Whitford actor
Robin Williams actor, comedian
Joanne Woodward actress
Robert Wright NBC Universal - Chairman, CEO 1986-2007
George Zimmer Men’s Wearhouse founder, CEO
Jerry Zucker producer, screenwriter


2 posted on 01/09/2009 2:28:33 PM PST by flattorney (See my comprehensive FR Profile "Straight Talk" Page)
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To: flattorney
Good grief. That's quite a list. I'm aware of the ubiquity of liberal leftist in Big Media. Even still, that list is sobering. I'm surprised that Coleman kept it as close as he did.

If we are hit again, let's hope that it's Hollywood and not New York.

4 posted on 01/09/2009 2:36:10 PM PST by Big_Monkey
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To: flattorney

Does Kevin Nealon really have money to be throwing around to political causes? I haven’t seen him in anything for awhile.

6 posted on 01/09/2009 2:37:16 PM PST by snakedriver
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To: flattorney

Now why on earth would Ben Stein and Jerry Zucker be giving Franken money?

7 posted on 01/09/2009 2:41:26 PM PST by agrace
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To: flattorney

Ben Stein????

8 posted on 01/09/2009 2:49:54 PM PST by bubman
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To: flattorney
I'm a bit surprised about Steve Martin backing Franken. One thing I liked about him was he was funny without being that political. I could have sworn it seemed he leaned slightly on the conservative side when he hosted the Oscars a few years back.

Oh well, maybe it was a courtesy donation because of his SNL connection. There are many ex SNL'ers on the list.

11 posted on 01/09/2009 2:59:46 PM PST by MissCalico
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To: flattorney

Leonard Nimoy actor


15 posted on 01/09/2009 3:36:27 PM PST by eCSMaster
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To: flattorney

“Ben Stein writer, actor”

Ben Stein gave money to Franken’s campaign? WTF?

20 posted on 01/09/2009 4:03:39 PM PST by AuH2ORepublican (Fred Thompson appears human-sized because he is actually standing a million miles away.)
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To: flattorney

This list is shocking. I had to print it to add some to my boycott list. Old movies are better anyway. I refuse to watch these communist traitors. Half of them that call themselves actor or actress are liars by calling themselves that anyway. Their talent is laughable.

25 posted on 01/09/2009 4:45:21 PM PST by mojitojoe
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To: flattorney

Ah, the usual suspects...

28 posted on 01/09/2009 7:14:23 PM PST by Marysecretary (.GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL)
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To: flattorney

Franken contributors ping

31 posted on 01/09/2009 9:22:09 PM PST by gleeaikin
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To: flattorney
George Soros a "financier?" Wow. That's gilding the lily.... He's an unprincipled, megalomaniacal, greedy crook (literally), and a socialist to boot who doesn't care in the least about the suffering of people who'd be sacrificed along the way to the achievement of his goals.

If he pulled this stunt on Norm Coleman (and it seems completely likely to me) to get revenge on him for exposing his friend Mark Malloch Brown, thus to make him ineligible to head the World Bank, using his picked man, the SecState of Minnesota to "queer" the vote, then there's something else I wouldn't put past him.

I think Obama is his picked man, too, and for the same reasons Brown was: As POTUS, he would be the best "insider" in the world, probably, to pass along info to Soros re: activities in the U.S. Treasury, and whatever info he had regarding impending moves by overseas national banks.

Plus Obama's plans for economic "recovery" — trillions of debt-financing from here as far as the eye can see (not even counting the multi-trillion unfunded liability in the Social Security and Medicare systems) — will absolutely bankrupt America, and drive the value of the dollar down a black hole. A savvy currency trader like Soros with a preference for the "short" position could possibly make hundreds of billions of dollars (jeepers, maybe trillions) out of the collapse of the dollar.

I understand China has been signaling over the past few weeks that it is not exactly eager to extend the kind of credit the U.S. Treasury needs to make good on Obama's promises to the fools and children who cannot see him for what he is: A flim-flam man who does not love America, and who will not uphold and defend the Constitution. I strongly doubt he prefers a rule of law to his own rule....

Anyhoot, if China and the Saudis pull back on making loans to us, interest rates will have to rise to attract capital. With rising taxes, and rising unemployment, this could break the back of the American economy.

Good-bye capitalism; and good-bye to the America we know and love.

34 posted on 01/10/2009 1:02:47 AM PST by betty boop
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To: flattorney

Whew... That is quite a rogues gallery of bed-wetting scumbags!

36 posted on 01/10/2009 1:30:50 AM PST by Lancey Howard
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To: flattorney

The only one that hurts is Abrams.

Newman can’t give any more money himself, but he’ll be voting for Franken as often as he runs.

38 posted on 01/10/2009 1:39:38 AM PST by Rastus
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