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To: autumnraine; LucyT; Chief Engineer; MHGinTN; maggief; hoosiermama; El Gato; Scanian; BP2; unspun; ..

Woah, guess I just didn’t look, along with Berg and about yea many others -
“His family are members of the Luo ethnic group. He was the son of Onyango Obama (c. 1895-1979) who had at least three wives; Barack Obama Sr. was the son of Akumu Habiba, the second wife. However, he was raised by Onyango’s third wife, Sarah, after Akumu left her family and separated from her husband in 1945.[2][9]

[2] a b Kimberly Powell (2008). “Ancestry of Barack Obama”. Retrieved on 2008-09-26.
[9] Reitwiesner, William Addams. “Ancestry of Barack Obama”. Retrieved on 2008-11-21.

Much clickable in above.

This being understood (finally by myself), there is nothing to say why Martin was stating-as-fact on truenews end Oct that Granny Sarah could NEVER have been present for the birth of Jr in Kenya, as he specifically was saying she came along later, after 1961. He was saying it was “a stretch” (exact phrase I recall) to think a FUTURE step-mom would be at birth of FUTURE hubby’s kid by then-present wife. To be redundant to make clear, he was speaking to later-than-1961 wife who’d be daughter to Granny Sarah, that daughter being betrothed without acknowledgment by biographers.

Martin has completely screwed up. He can’t use the “step-grandmother” argument to decidedly quash the Kenyan birth of Bam-Bam, as he made out he was so doing.

As Howie Carr says, a reporter AND hardbound book publisher (which is what Martin is) is doing very well to get 90% right, myself thinking Carr was saying this especially in respect to the lugubrious world of corrupt politics. They will trap you in disinfo somewhere along the way. It is impossible in the flurries of local politics in the last few decades to get it ALL right. There simply aren’t enough corroborating sources, one being cut-off by incestuous cops, judges, editors. Local stories will inevitably flounder, crash and burn. To get these untainted expanded stories into book form as Royko, Breslin, Hamill et al is impossible today, given the publishers. Conservative publishers are on the national and international level, not local. Everything is global now, eh!? Local-based internet reporters aren’t getting printed books done and distributed into regular bookstores and can’t get reviewed and promoted in MSM. The classic city investigative reporter is a dying breed. Its one big reason Jr snuck through, right!

Martin probably was sound enough at the craft in Chi-town, but has completely blown it here, along with a couple LOUD claims he’d deliver goods on other things Obama. One can NOT get let’s say the half-keystone wrong in central rebuff to Kenya-birth argument. This is the VERY big leagues and

Returning to same wiki: “While at Harvard, Obama Sr. met an American-born teacher named Ruth Nidesand. She followed him to Kenya when he returned there after he received a master’s degree (AM) in economics from Harvard in 1965.[17] Nidesand eventually became his third wife and had two children with him before they divorced.”

On the Hawaiian legal action by Martin, he DID do some good but failed to integrate aspects of what this VT woman offers specific to the very basic HI COLB problem at

I ping again to list again, even all know the basic contentions - the popular O Sr account. Sorry once again!

52 posted on 01/19/2009 11:49:31 AM PST by BonRad (As Rome goes so goes the world)
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To: BonRad; LucyT

Andy Martin was applying AMERICAN and ENGLISH law/principles to an AFRICAN family/tribe.

In applying “Stepmother” to Barack Sr., it would NORMALLY mean that the Step-parent came along AFTER the fact. But Barack Sr.’s MOTHER WAS HIS FATHER’S 2nd WIFE. Meaning Sarah was already a wife when Barack SENIOR was born.

Therefore, Sarah was there when Barack Sr. was born, this has been a bone of contention and confusion for many.

NOW Sarah says, “no, I meant I was there when Barack Sr. was born, not Barack Jr., the President” when asked to clarify if she did in fact state “I was there when Barack was born”. Which could have very well been the case. But so many have said, “No, that couldn’t be it because she was his STEPMOTHER” (once again, applying AMERICAN PRINCIPLES to this situation and assuming this meant Sarah came along AFTER Barack was born, which is not true-multiple wives were common in the Lua tribe)

Therefore, Andy Martin is correct AND incorrect.

Does this make sense? Please ping your list to my explanation as I understand it and let me know if I am off base.


53 posted on 01/19/2009 12:11:10 PM PST by autumnraine
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To: BonRad

LOL you knew I would correct anything that had mistakes in it so here I am. Obama Sr returned to Kenya in 1964 not 1965 as is commonly reported. Ruth followed him to Kenya and they married but researching dates I discovered that Mark Ndesandjo was born in 1964 in Kenya. I have not found a date of marriage for Obama Sr and Ruth as of yet nor have I found a date of birth for the son David who died in 1987 in the motorcycle accident. Obama Sr and Ruth were married for 7 years before she filed for divorce. An account I read the other night mentioned a car accident involving Obama Sr when Kezia first discovered that Obama Sr had married Ruth. The two women met in the hospital and although the account gave 1981 as the date I believe the author was referring to the 1971 accident. 1971 would have been correct since by 1981 Ruth was married to the Tanzanian and had given birth to third son Joseph(he was born in 1980) Apparently Kezia was quite surprised to learn that Ruth was Obama Sr’s wife, which gives a lie to the fact that she had been quoted as saying she gave permission for Obama Sr to marry. One lie leads to another to another.....

54 posted on 01/19/2009 12:14:18 PM PST by Chief Engineer
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To: BonRad; LucyT; Iowan
On the Hawaiian legal action by Martin, he DID do some good but failed to integrate aspects of what this VT woman offers specific to the very basic HI COLB problem at

Yet another person who does not understand the real HI COLB problem: that the COLB posted online is a forgery.

BTW, her use of the term, "Altered," means "updated," and forged.

It disgusts me how many people never bothered to research that angle when it was clearly stated in other lawsuits, on WND, and numerous other websites.

68 posted on 01/20/2009 5:38:51 AM PST by Polarik ("A forgery created to prove a claim repudiates that claim")
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