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Obama's team of zombies-Washington is still a one-party town: Thieves
Salon ^ | February 7, 2009 | David Sirota

Posted on 02/06/2009 6:17:59 PM PST by 2ndDivisionVet

Only weeks ago, the political world was buzzing about a "team of rivals." America was told that finally, after years of yes men running the government, we were getting a president who would follow Abraham Lincoln’s lead, fill his administration with varying viewpoints, and glean empirically sound policy from the clash of ideas. Little did we know that "team of rivals" was what George Orwell calls "newspeak": an empty slogan "claiming that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts."

Obama's national security team, for instance, includes not a single Iraq war opponent. The president has not only retained George W. Bush's defense secretary, Robert Gates, but also 150 other Bush Pentagon appointees. The only "rivalry" is between those who back increasing the already bloated defense budget by an absurd amount and those who aim to boost it by a ludicrous amount.

Of course, that lockstep uniformity pales in comparison to the White House's economic team -- a squad of corporate lackeys disguised as public servants.

At the top is Lawrence Summers, the director of Obama's National Economic Council. As Bill Clinton's treasury secretary in the late 1990s, Summers worked with his deputy, Tim Geithner (now Obama's treasury secretary), and Clinton aide Rahm Emanuel (now Obama's chief of staff) to champion job-killing trade deals and deregulation that Obama Commerce Secretary Judd Gregg helped shepherd through Congress as a Republican senator. Now, this pinstriped band of brothers is proposing a "cash for trash" scheme that would force the public to guarantee the financial industry's bad loans. It's another ploy "to hand taxpayer dollars to the banks through a variety of complex mechanisms," says economist Dean Baker -- and noticeably absent is anything even resembling a "rival" voice inside the White House.

That's not an oversight. From former federal officials like Robert Reich and Brooksley Born, to Nobel Prize-winning economists like Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman, to business leaders like Leo Hindery, there's no shortage of qualified experts who have challenged market fundamentalism. But they have been barred from an administration focused on ideological purity.

In Hindery's case, the blacklisting was explicit. Despite this venture capitalist establishing a well-respected think tank and serving as a top economic advisor to Obama's campaign, the Politico reports that "Obama's aides appear never to have taken his bid (for an administration post) seriously." Why? Because he "set himself up in opposition" to Wall Street's agenda.

The anecdote highlights how, regardless of election hoopla, Washington is the same one-party town it always has been -- controlled not by Democrats or Republicans, but by Kleptocrats (i.e., thieves). Their ties to money make them the undead zombies in the slash-and-burn horror flick that is American politics: No matter how many times their discredited theologies are stabbed, torched and shot down by verifiable failure, their careers cannot be killed. Somehow, these political immortals are allowed to mindlessly lunge forward, never answering to rivals -- even if that rival is the president himself.

Remember, while Obama said he wants to slash "billions of dollars in wasteful spending" at the Pentagon, his national security team is demanding a $40 billion increase in defense spending (evidently, the "ludicrous" faction got its way). Obama also said he wants to crack down on the financial industry, strengthen laws encouraging the government to purchase American goods, and transform trade policy. Yet, his economic team is not just promising to support more bank bailouts, but also to weaken "Buy America" statutes and make sure new legislation "doesn't signal a change in our overall stance on trade," according to the president’s spokesman.

Indeed, if an authentic “rivalry” was going to erupt, it would have been between Obama's promises and his team of zombies. Unfortunately, the latter seems to have won before the competition even started.

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1 posted on 02/06/2009 6:17:59 PM PST by 2ndDivisionVet
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
Who mentioned Zombies...?

2 posted on 02/06/2009 6:22:53 PM PST by ErnBatavia (Here's hoping the Kennedy family trust is in deep....with Madoff)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

The Soviet flag is practically flying at 1600 Pennsylvania and the looney left isn’t satisfied.

3 posted on 02/06/2009 6:23:49 PM PST by NavVet ( If you don't defend Conservatism in the Primaries, you won't have it to defend in November)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Enjoy your four years, creep.

4 posted on 02/06/2009 6:24:33 PM PST by Attention Surplus Disorder (Mr. Bernanke, have you started working on your book about the second GREATER depression?")
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

The Right told the Left that Obama was worthless, so they can stuff their morning after crying.

5 posted on 02/06/2009 6:24:51 PM PST by Psycho_Bunny (ALSO SPRACH ZEROTHUSTRA)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
Sirota normally writes for The Nation, a Far Left, somewhat Stalinist, rag. But lately he's been surprising me.

A few months ago I posted a Sirota article from The Nation where he recognized that FDR's New Deal and its successors had destroyed the vibrant civil society that had made this country different. (Read Alexis de Toqueville's 1836 classic, Democracy in America, to see what I'm talking about.)

Sirota now seems to be moving into the territory I'd describe as Honest Liberal. I have a feeling that in a year or so, he's going to wake up and realize, with horror, that he's becoming a conservative.

6 posted on 02/06/2009 6:26:20 PM PST by Publius (The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

evening vet

Well what caught me in that article was the Lincoln connection.

Well Lincoln presided over a war between the state will phony do the same because right now he is royally screwing many Americans, it is not north v south but left v right.

Unless those liberals and left wing loons all move to their stronghold of the north east and all conservatives move to our stronghold of the south, Midwest and AK

Infact I wouldn’t lose sleep over it as let the liberal commies have their utopia and I’ll watch down here laughing at how they are screwing their new utopia up.
Just so long we have a fence built between us and them and all left wing loons get the hell out with the homo’s and illegals and of course not forgetting their lets talk to child molesters

7 posted on 02/06/2009 6:26:55 PM PST by manc (Marriage is between a man and a woman no sick MA,CT sham marriage end racism end affirmative action)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

I don't believe that the author is an actual liberal. He may think he is; he may tell all his friends that he is; he may spew liberal rhetoric. But he appears incapable of professing two contradictory ideas at the same time... it alarms him that Obama is "buying American" while supporting free trade.

A true liberal will see Obama as providing the solution.

8 posted on 02/06/2009 6:27:23 PM PST by Nick Danger (
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
All hail King Obama. Bow down before the newly formed Communist Party (Formally RATS).
9 posted on 02/06/2009 6:27:50 PM PST by Logical me (Oh, well!!!)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Some good news out of the Obama Administration?

We have been worried that they are communists, but instead they are just run of the mill kleptos.

Actually, as I read what I wrote I suppose it’s bad news all around.

10 posted on 02/06/2009 6:29:21 PM PST by 1010RD (First Do No Harm)
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To: Logical me

I see this as a fait accompli.

The values that made this a great country are officially repudiated in the quest for power by the democrats and those beholden to their largess.

11 posted on 02/06/2009 6:37:08 PM PST by Aria ("An America that could elect Sarah Palin might still save itself." Vin Suprynowicz)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Whoa! The fellow travelers may not be useful idiots...

12 posted on 02/06/2009 6:42:07 PM PST by Mamzelle (Boycott Peggy Swoonin')
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To: manc; All

You all have heard it from me first.

By the summer of 2010, we will be in a revolution of some sort, or there will be a complete breakdown of civil society.

13 posted on 02/06/2009 6:43:05 PM PST by jacquej
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To: jacquej
I couldn't agree with you more. BLOAT
14 posted on 02/06/2009 6:44:35 PM PST by 2ndDivisionVet ("Don't confuse what you got a right to do with what's right to do." Bill Bennett)
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To: jacquej
Obama will combine the failures of FDR and Carter in one administration;I sincerely HOPE the people vote foe CHANGE in the 2010 elections and ,even before then,that the Republicans and conservative Democrats grow spines and fight this megalomaniac bent on destroying our nation.
15 posted on 02/06/2009 6:59:19 PM PST by hoosierham (Waddaya mean Freedom isn't free ?;will you take a credit card?)
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To: Logical me


Where’s my shovel?

16 posted on 02/06/2009 7:08:35 PM PST by Califreak (Stimulus-paying back donors and vote farming)
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To: jacquej

“By the summer of 2010, we will be in a revolution of some sort, or there will be a complete breakdown of civil society.”

Nah, today’s American can’t be bothered—ignorance is bliss and bliss is IN, baby! Hope and change! That FEELS GOOD!

“Get off your ass and fight!” Well, that does not FEEL

Game over.

Kiss what the founders created GOODBYE.

Who’s going to fight? Modern Americans are a bunch of whining pansies compared to the scrappy founders.

Nah, we’ll continue to rot and eventually be absorbed by some EU-like entity.

America’s best days are truly behind her.

The rest is socialism, stagnation, infighting—like a nagging cramp, but no fight will break out—not a chance.

17 posted on 02/06/2009 7:12:29 PM PST by Boucheau
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To: Boucheau

Sad to say, I think you are right.

It’s over. The American dream is over.

18 posted on 02/06/2009 7:26:22 PM PST by KansasGirl
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To: jacquej

if it does happen then I would have no problem .

This phony is ruining this great country and my kids will live in a country which will be a 3rd rate country

19 posted on 02/06/2009 8:55:39 PM PST by manc (Marriage is between a man and a woman no sick MA,CT sham marriage end racism end affirmative action)
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To: Boucheau; jacquej
I think your characterization will prove to have changed when every zerObot starts to feel the pain. I no longer think very many are cooing over how good it feels to have elected zerO. There is widespread fear and anxiety about basic lifestyle.

No job except deadening government jobs for the loyal and protected classes.

Inadequate heat in the winter.

Inadequate cooling in summer.

Inadequate power at high prices everywhere, all the time.

Inadequate food stamp money to feed your family, let alone feed them organics.

Inadequate income for trips to Cuba.

Inadequate donations to their causes and NGOs. Favoritism between factions for government grants.

The younger generation is very interconnected, thanks to technology. They know people everywhere, know the economic conditions, the outrages, the betrayals. Only a few can hope to benefit in a totalitarian regime. The rest are going to begin to seethe.

I predict that the upper income liberals who figured zerO and the donks couldn't upset their comfy apple cart will be the first defectors. Middle income folks of all ideologies and colors are going to get very nervous about terrorists being set free, tried for other crimes or incarcerated in their nearby prisons, which see escapes on a regular basis. The lower income classes are going to get nothing but crumbs, as usual, and they will resent it. The perpetually angry will either be bought off or become the target of envy and jealousy from the not-so-fortunate, but just as angry, cadres.

There's going to be plenty of fighting. Only 1/3 fought against tyranny, back in the founders' day.

As for us, a poster last night or today recommended what amounts to *monkey-wrenching* the regime. Increase your taxable deductions. Slow spending for all but necessities. Barter for whatever you can. Take whatever you are eligible for that is being passed out and still don't vote for them. Go on virtual or actual strike, depending on your circumstances. If you are in a position to cost the regime time and money without becoming a target, do so. Everyone can think of several ways to resist.

If the regime is forced to continually badger and pressure folks from every demographic and every ideology, they are going to be run ragged just doing CYA and PR while herding cats. Nothing ever works in a communist society, anyway.

Everyone is too smart to think they could stage a physical battle and become anything but tank tread material ala Tiananmen Square.

20 posted on 02/07/2009 9:48:41 AM PST by reformedliberal
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To: Nick Danger

Oh no, Sirota is a liberal in good standing. He posts over at Daily Kos and everything, although recently, the Kommies flamed him terribly for something (I didn’t read exactly what, I just saw the flame war when I searched comments).

Stuff like this Sirota article is valuable ammunition when you’re talking to liberals (if you must). You can quote the Cato Institute until you’re blue in the face, and they’ll just tune it out, but if you say, “Well, David Sirota says...” you get their attention.

I turned a BUNCH of liberals against the Shamnesty bill by pointing out the objections raised by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Whatever you or I might think of the positions of the SPLC, they are super popular with liberals. So, by citing their positions, I was able to convince these liberals to join in the opposition to the Shamnesty bill.

I’ve already mailed a few of them the Sirota column, along with the numbers for their Senators.

21 posted on 02/07/2009 6:21:14 PM PST by Mr. Know It All
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To: reformedliberal

I tend to agree with you.

I’m trying to get folks’ attention with the drama stuff.

They are not feeling the pain yet.

If you don’t have an eye for what’s happening then indeed you wouldn’t be really ready to fight just yet.

If you are truly a reformed liberal then you see what I see: Americans are losing their country and their freedom and sleepwalking through the destruction.

The left has entropy (chaos) on their side. They have only to destroy—not to build. Their ideal “government” creates nothing—it merely steals from one human and delivers the bloody loot to another. A recipe for death as proved by the graves of millions of innocents that perished at the only possible end of that “good-hearted” idealogy.

The left claims to hate slavery and powerful rich people but seems to have a real taste for huge, opressive governments chock full of powerful rich politicians.

I’ll take the greedy CEO over the tax-greedy politician with an army and a gun to my head any day.

The “rich liberals” you mentioned are but pawns. These “useful idiots” will indeed be the first to experience great disillusionment and to defect. They will also be among the first strolled-out into an open field somewhere just outside of town by the real-deal left, if you get my meaning.

22 posted on 02/08/2009 12:55:19 AM PST by Boucheau
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