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Obama Disses Brits, Will Media Miss?
Newsbusters ^ | 02/15/09 | Warner Todd Huston

Posted on 02/15/2009 10:15:34 AM PST by DFG

Barack Obama loves Lincoln. It seems not a day goes by that he isn't quoting the Civil War icon or comparing himself to that great man. But it looks like we are finding one great leader that Barack Obama doesn't like so much: Winston Churchill.

It appears that President Obama is dissing the Brit's most famous and stalwart leader by quickly returning the most famous bust of the man loaned to this country by the United Kingdom in the aftermath of 9//11. The return of the bust of Churchill flustered the British government because they didn't ask for it to be returned. Our best ally was nonplussed and even quickly told Obama he could keep it in the Oval Office where Bush had displayed the piece of art. Obama told them no thanks which made the Brits even more amazed.

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TOPICS: News/Current Events; United Kingdom
KEYWORDS: bho44; bhouk; bust; churchill; obama; traitor; uk
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Hey Britain, weren’t you the ones who were chiding us for not electing someone international? The Superstar. Well, you got him now.

I wish I could feel sorry for Britain and their ignorance, but I’m too busy feeling sorry for America and her own ignorant.

41 posted on 02/15/2009 11:02:33 AM PST by autumnraine (Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose- Kris Kristopherson)
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And I thought it wasn’t possible to loathe Obama any more than I already do.

42 posted on 02/15/2009 11:03:44 AM PST by Madame Dufarge
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To: Yorlik803

Too obvious....he’s attempting to bring change by stealth (which he doesn’t do well either.) By the way, I am one of those who gives him NO real kudos for being an outstanding speaker. He’s slightly above average when giving a speech. Period. Reagan would have made mince-meat of him in that area if they had ever debated.

43 posted on 02/15/2009 11:04:56 AM PST by SumProVita (Cogito, ergo...Sum Pro Vita. (Modified DeCartes))
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oif it was Joseph Stalin.....

44 posted on 02/15/2009 11:08:24 AM PST by mware (F-R-E-E, that spells free. Free baby.)
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It clashed with the new Ikea decor.

45 posted on 02/15/2009 11:10:06 AM PST by autumnraine (Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose- Kris Kristopherson)
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There's a picture of the bust in the story. I must admit, I was not impressed.

But I wouldn't insult an important ally by insisting on returning it either.

46 posted on 02/15/2009 11:11:02 AM PST by Cheburashka (Liberalism: a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.)
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To: eclecticEel
"He has a bust of Stalin that he wants to put in its place."

Likely 0be has a bust of himself to put on a pedestal just above the 0ne of Stalin.

47 posted on 02/15/2009 11:11:04 AM PST by Paladin2 (No, pundits strongly believe that the proper solution is more dilution.)
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To: SumProVita

He dont need Stealth. He has the media running flak for him and a bunch of willing, brainless robots who hang on his every word.
You are right about his speaking skills. Get him off his teleprompter and he sounds like a high school boy who is trying answer explain why he didnt do his homework.

48 posted on 02/15/2009 11:11:26 AM PST by Yorlik803 ( Freedom- 07-04-1776-11-06-2008. RIP)
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The reason is CLEAR...

Churchill defeated the Nazis — kindred brothers in hate with the Muslims.....

Obama is clearly a closet Muslim.

The Dalai Bama isn’t nearly as “smart” or “clever” as his sycophants would have us believe — since he is picking fights that don’t need to be fought.

49 posted on 02/15/2009 11:13:33 AM PST by river rat (Semper Fi - You may turn the other cheek, but I prefer to look into my enemy's vacant dead eyes.)
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To: Patriotic1; SumProVita; HardStarboard; BradyLS; Ernest_at_the_Beach; dervish; Twotone; ...
Added to the list...

The List

Week Four

Obama is disses the Brit's most famous and stalwart leader, Winston Churchill by returning the most famous bust of the man loaned to this country by the United Kingdom in the aftermath of 9//11

Obama has begun to indicate that he's willing to reconsider the Bush administration’s push to deploy a ballistic missile defense system, contrary to his repeated campaign promises to the contrary.

Third week in office

Obama changes the setup of the National Security Councel by executive order
Shauna Daly, professional “dirt digger” hired as “White House councel research director”
White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel got free housing from House rep (D) Rosa DeLauro for 5 years . DeLauro is married to Stan Greenberg; a pollster (Quinlin Rosner Research) with lucrative contracts from both that representatives.
A Syrian paper reported that the Obama U.S. Dept. of Commerce agreed to sell plane parts to Syria
A lawyer for the Obama administration surprised a panel of federal appeals judges by making an argument to preserve state secrets in a trial regarding terrorism subjects. This argument was made, after repeatedly attacking the Bush administration for doing the same thing.
President Obama said Monday that "only government" can shake the country out of recession, as he tried to settle doubts about his administration's costly economic recovery package during a prime-time press conference.
Obama reverses Bush policy on 'warming' Federal agencies settle long-standing case in favor of environmentalists. The U.S. will now refuse to help finance development overseas if the environmental establishment claims that it would contribute to 'global warming
Deborah Burlingame, a 9/11 family member who lost her brother Chip during the 9/11 attacks, spoke to media at the National Press Club about her meeting with President Obama.
He said he was not at all worried about the security of the American people in bringing the detainees here. Not in the least worried about that. His reasoning was this: ‘ Al Qaeda doesn’t have conscience they’re not interested in going back and springing these guys. They’re forgotten once they are put away in our federal facilities. He said, furthermore there are so many soft targets in the United States, like a shopping mall, why would Al Qaeda go after a hard target like a federal lock up or military prison, when they could choose a soft target.’
Burlingame later added that Obama was “non-committal” about visiting Guantanamo Bay when she asked him
Interior Secretary Salazar Kills Bush Offshore drilling plan Saying “we need bring sanity back into our energy policy….
Obama gave two high level positions to former Citibank executives (Jacob J. Lew, and Michael Froman) who helped run Citibank into the ground and raises questions of conflict of interest .
Republicans are shut out of the Stimulus conference negotiations.
Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-Ind):“(the stimulus package…)is being crafted without a single House Republican in the room.”
Obama in 2007:End the Practice of Writing Legislation Behind Closed Doors: (from Obama’s website:
Defense lobbyist William Lynn approved as deputy defense secretary. Obama waives ethics regulations by putting the ex-defense lobbyist in charge of day-to-day operations at the Pentagon. Obama violates promise to keep lobbyists out of the federal government. On his first day in office, Obama issued an executive order forcing individuals to wait two years before they could be hired for the agencies they had lobbied, violating his own executive order less than three weeks in office.
Obama appoints Gil Kerlikowske to be the nation’s new drug czar. Kerlikowske has established himself as a devoted lobbyist for every restrictive gun law proposal.
Obama controls the press core at the White House: Chicago Sun Times Writer Carol Marin writes: “The press corps, most of us, don't even bother raising our hands any more to ask questions because Obama always has before him a list of correspondents who've been advised they will be called upon that day.”
Obama demonstrates dangerous ignorance of the Classified Information Procedures Act or CIPA by the president. This was witnessed by Debra Burlingame, sister sister of Charles Burlingame III, the pilot of American Airlines Flight 77 that was flown into the Pentagon on 9/11, at White House meeting of families of terrorism victims
President Obama today repeated the claim that Jim Owens, the CEO of Caterpillar, Inc., "said that if Congress passes our plan, this company will be able to rehire some of the folks who were just laid off." But after the president left the event, Owens said the exact opposite.
Defending the White House in the wake of Sen. Judd Gregg's withdrawal as Commerce Secretary, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said it is not "amateur hour"
Obama Now Believes Iran Is Nuke Threat. In 2007, Obama said the opposite, “"It is absolutely clear that this administration and President Bush continues to not let facts get in the way of his ideology."
"They need, now, to aggressively move on the diplomatic front."
"They should have stopped the saber rattling -- should never have started it," said Obama.

Obama interfering with Israeli Government Formation
The U.S. official position is that it looks forward to "working with any government," but in back-channel messages the Obama administration has made it clear it would like to see a unity government in Jerusalem over a narrow right-wing government which would in all likelihood result in a freeze in peace talks with the Palestinians.
Aides to Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed on Friday that Washington officials did indeed relay the message while associates of Kadima chief Tzipi Livni denied receiving such a message.

Obama brakes campaign promise to wait 5 days before signing any legislation on stimulus bill. Second time he broke this promise in his first month in office

(Rest of the list posted at my profile page on FR)

50 posted on 02/15/2009 11:14:54 AM PST by Nachum (Obama theme song: Ball of Confusion by the Temptations)
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Other than we ever hear about any statesmen whom O-Idiot admires?

I don't think he ever talks about his heroes. I think Obama is his only real hero.

51 posted on 02/15/2009 11:21:36 AM PST by what's up
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Well, in all fairness to Obama, Churchill preferred cigars to cigarettes.

52 posted on 02/15/2009 11:34:54 AM PST by stevem
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Hussein is well aware what an anti-Communist Churchill was.

53 posted on 02/15/2009 11:38:28 AM PST by fso301
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That’s o.k.
The Brits educational system doesn’t think he warrents a mention in their history books.

But Gandhi and Nelson Mandela do.

Go figure.

54 posted on 02/15/2009 11:47:38 AM PST by RedMonqey (Arm yourself if you must. For your enemies surely will.)
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To: Eva

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” - Winston Churchill

This is EXACTLY why he is returning the statue.

55 posted on 02/15/2009 11:51:44 AM PST by Constitutional Patriot (Socialism is the cancer of humanity.)
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To: Constitutional Patriot

BTTT - the obommie is a commie AND a mooselimb. America is fighting for her life!!!

56 posted on 02/15/2009 12:00:54 PM PST by newfreep ("Liberalism is just Communism sold by the drink." - P.J. O'Rourke)
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57 posted on 02/15/2009 1:48:52 PM PST by paulycy (BEWARE the LIBERAL/MEDIA Complex)
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To: yarddog
Remember Churchill was half American.

Just like the Messaih. Both of them had fathers who were UK subjects. Maybe he fears that it will remind others, or just doesn't like the reminder himself?

58 posted on 02/15/2009 2:54:06 PM PST by El Gato ("The Second Amendment is the RESET button of the United States Constitution." -- Doug McKay)
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To: El Gato

Obama is pretty much the very opposite of Churchill. Sort of an anti-Churchill.

59 posted on 02/15/2009 3:22:56 PM PST by yarddog
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To: Red Steel
Hey Brits, will take back Winny’s bust as soon as you produce Obama’s birth records from a Mombasa hospital.

Pissing off the official custodians of records you hope they don't have does seem imprudent. Even if the records are from Canada, rather than Kenya, Canadians are still subjects of the Queen.

60 posted on 02/15/2009 3:32:49 PM PST by El Gato ("The Second Amendment is the RESET button of the United States Constitution." -- Doug McKay)
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