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Are Congress and Obama Deliberately Inciting a New US Civil War?
Canadian Free Press ^ | March 20, 2009 | Sher Zieve

Posted on 03/20/2009 2:19:14 PM PDT by LoneStarC

With the events that have transpired over the last 58 days—since Obama and his adherents commandeered the US presidency—fear is now becoming the order of each and every day for many of We-the-People. ....... ....has led me to believe that both Congress and Obama are in the process of purposefully creating conditions that will lead to a revolution by We-the-People so that it and Obama can affect Martial Law and once and for all forcibly suppress the American people

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To: Jack Black

What do you think about this one? Four in one day?!?

41 posted on 03/20/2009 2:54:07 PM PDT by little jeremiah (Asato Ma Sad Gama Tamasi Ma Jyotir Gama)
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To: LoneStarC
Actually, I have been thinking the same thing for a while now. I was speaking with my bff and we were talking about how “weird” everything happening was and how blatant it was being done.

I feel like I am being provoked, like a triple dog dare.

42 posted on 03/20/2009 2:55:26 PM PDT by NoGrayZone (Who Is John Galt?)
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To: LoneStarC
The only scenario where I see these commie idiots doing this purposely is one where a foreign power, such as Russia, is already lined up to invade once our civil war kicks off. Without that, the leftists in this country wouldn't have a prayer of winning an actual armed conflict.

I honestly think that these people are really just incredibly stupid and live in a fantasy land. They do not understand simple realities of economics and foreign policy, and so they think that they can spend without restraint because government creates money, and that they can deal with foreign dictators and hostile powers with just a handshake and a warm smile because nobody ever really, really wants to hurt anyone else.

They are mostly deluded fools who are more interested in exalting themselves than dealing with reality, except for the few severely hardcore leftists who actually want to destroy this country.
43 posted on 03/20/2009 2:55:45 PM PDT by fr_freak
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To: devistate one four
I think the illegals are to make up for all the abortions we have done.
That’s a lot of tax payers.

Am I to take it that you think "illegals" pay tax beyond the unavoidable sales and fuel taxes? I think that is hopelessly naive.


44 posted on 03/20/2009 2:56:53 PM PDT by Gandalf_The_Gray (I live in my own little world, I like it 'cuz they know me here.)
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To: LoneStarC

Yes! Next question....

45 posted on 03/20/2009 2:58:11 PM PDT by Islander7 (If you want to anger conservatives, lie to them. If you want to anger liberals, tell them the truth.)
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To: LoneStarC

I’m afraid they are purposefully wrecking the economy to create a large body of unemployed and dependent people; then, presto! You may earn your income as a member of the brownshirts. Met with increasing protest from the conservative producers bearing the majority of tax burden, the brownshirts will be armed to suppress civil unrest and to enforce the newly-passed gun and ammo laws, then you would have a civil war.

Protect the 2nd amendment and no standing army!

46 posted on 03/20/2009 2:59:17 PM PDT by justapicker
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To: Gandalf_The_Gray

The left says they do. and they are never wrong.

47 posted on 03/20/2009 3:01:26 PM PDT by devistate one four (Impatiently waiting for the next tea party! Tet '68)
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To: rabscuttle385; null and void; LucyT


48 posted on 03/20/2009 3:03:38 PM PDT by stockpirate (A people unwilling to use extreme violence to preserve liberty, deserves the tyrant that rules them.)
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To: LoneStarC
Before 0bama took office our country had never been in worse shape in my lifetime. And since the 0 took office it has been steadily getting worse. This is no accident.
49 posted on 03/20/2009 3:04:37 PM PDT by LiberConservative (0bama: Kenyan slang for "FAIL")
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To: momincombatboots
Reminder: It has been done before. They would simply declare the patriots “combatants” or “insurrectionists” and force the USAF and every other service member to choose. When I took the oath it was “enemies, both foreign and domestic”. Simply declaring patriots domestic enemies would allow the US military to “fire at will”. Remember Waco? If the government declares a group as domestic enemies, swat teams will shoot first and ask questions later.

How does the federal government "force" the USAF to fire on fellow Americans? As for your "oath", is it ever possible for members of the federal government to be the "enemies" against whom the USAF is to protect the People? I'm sure this is not your intention, but your comment above gives the impression that the USAF consists of mindless drones. I hope our American soldiers and sailors are able to identify this countries domestic enemies.

50 posted on 03/20/2009 3:08:01 PM PDT by Repeal 16-17 (Let me know when the Shooting starts.)
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To: Repeal 16-17

The US Army fired on the “bonus marchers” in 1932. Future President Dwight Eisenhower argued with his commanding officer, General Douglas MacArthur, not to attack these unarmed war heroes, but MacArthur refused and ordered the tanks and machine guns to attack, torching what little possessions they had left. The day’s toll was three dead, 54 injured, 135 arrests, and over 1,000 men, women and children gassed.

51 posted on 03/20/2009 3:10:51 PM PDT by DFG
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To: LoneStarC
The stamp act, tea tax and attempt to disarm Bostonians pales into insignificance compared the rape of the treasury and threats to freedom we are staring in the face!

. . . which pale in comparison to B.O.'s passion for doing what he can to increase the deaths' of unborn babies in the U.S. and world.

52 posted on 03/20/2009 3:12:32 PM PDT by Faith
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To: Faith

Bump for later.

53 posted on 03/20/2009 3:14:45 PM PDT by Pantera
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To: LoneStarC

If you want to see where Obama is coming from, read Alinskys book.

54 posted on 03/20/2009 3:15:28 PM PDT by RC2 (
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To: LoneStarC

Yes but he is a populist and is taking from those with and giving to those without. I worked for my money not these lackey lawn jockeys he’s giving MY money to.
And he is what 52 percent of the populace voted for.
A mandate if ya ask the magic negro.

55 posted on 03/20/2009 3:15:54 PM PDT by Joe Boucher (An enemy of Islam)
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To: LoneStarC they don’t come to trial...

56 posted on 03/20/2009 3:21:32 PM PDT by mo
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To: Repeal 16-17

Ok You tell me.. who fought in the civil war? I am not implying anyone is mindless. Your defensiveness is counterproductive to conversation. Who defines “foreign and domestic” enemies during a conflict or even before a conflict begins? Who commands the US Military?

57 posted on 03/20/2009 3:22:21 PM PDT by momincombatboots (The last experience of the sinner is the horrible enslavement of the freedom he desired. -C.S. Lewis)
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To: Jaded
elected official stating that AIG people should be strung up with piano wire?

Where do you get that it was an elected official?....

58 posted on 03/20/2009 3:23:14 PM PDT by Ernest_at_the_Beach (What happened to my IRAs)
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach

Wasn’t it one of those anonymous e-mail comments?

59 posted on 03/20/2009 3:25:59 PM PDT by Califreak (111th Congress: Destroying America With Reckless Abandon)
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To: datura
My Fellow Freepers: Let's stop talking treason and realize that the only way to get the government we want, and which we believe will exist within the clear bounds of our beloved Constitution, is to vote it into power. Realize that Obama was elected within the framework of law (even though I still want to see his actual birth cert., not some registration of a live birth); nonetheless he was voted in. Likewise, we must vote in our man or woman. The next 3.83 years are giving us the opportunity to re-secure our government by carefully and wisely doing 2 things: 1) encouraging our limited-government public servants (even if they are just local town officials) to run for higher office; for too long our political representatives have been career hacks that sell us out to the highest-bidding lobyist. I would sooner vote for a local common sense Constitutionalist for governor than the incumbent. And 2) start talking to people we know about the fundamental freedoms (Bill of Rights) and the need for fiscal responsibility. Lots of people are starting to realize that O is spending lots too much money — and they are getting worried. They are ripe to be reintroduced to the Bill of Rights as our founders intended it; we are fools if we don't reintroduce them. Talk to everybody about what the Constitution and BOR is about. Let's save our guns, ammo, and talk of treason for when they try to abolish the 2ND amendment.
60 posted on 03/20/2009 3:26:18 PM PDT by majormaturity
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