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Exclusive: Obama Attorney Threatens Distinguished Veteran on Obama Birth Certificate Issue: Why? ^ | April 15, 2009 | Margaret Calhoun Hemenway

Posted on 04/15/2009 12:21:33 AM PDT by Red Steel

After the flippant dismissal by U.S. Circuit Court Judge James Robertson of the lawsuit to attempt to determine whether Barack Obama is constitutionally eligible to serve as President, D.C. attorney John Hemenway received a letter from a lawyer representing Barack Obama and Joe Biden, his Vice President.  (Hemenway had enjoined the suit launched by Hillary Clinton's ally, Philip Berg, the former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania and attorney Lawrence Joyce of Arizona, in an attempt to force President Obama to disclose his birth records, currently being protected against public scrutiny by the Obama legal team at a reported cost of as much as one million dollars.)  The entire letter, written by Obama attorney Robert F. Bauer, states the following:

“I represent President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden. I write to request that, in light of the District Court’s March 24, 2009 Rule 11 order in Hollister v. Soetoro, No. 08-2254, you withdraw the appeal filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, No. 09-5080. For the reasons stated in Judge Robertson’s order, the suit is frivolous and should not be pursued.
Should you decline to withdraw this frivolous appeal, please be informed that we intend to pursue sanctions, including costs, expenses, and attorney’s fees, pursuant to federal Rule Appellate Procedure 38 and D.C. Circuit Rule 38.”
Mr. Hemenway's response to the letter was a promise to "write and protest and attack those against the demand that Obama show proof of his birth, and I will continue to do anything I can think of doing that might perhaps deter or injure those who are opposed to “transparency” and “openness” and honesty in governmental operations—all those good and vague promises that Obama threw out in speeches read from his teleprompter."
Mr. Hemenway added, "The lawyer for Obama, Robert Bauer, has abused his privileges as an attorney, because I can regard his premature (and totally inaccurate) threats to seek some sanction against me as a threat to keep me from performing my duty to my client.  It won’t work and he will soon see that it has not worked to intimidate me."  In his opinion, "many judges and other officials are simply crassly violating their oaths of office.  Since I had been in the Department of State and served in Moscow for two years, I am mindful of an expression used by the Russians: “Nada dakazat’ kulak!”  (You must show them your fist!)"
Hemenway also pledged:
“…to appeal the slap taken at me (the so-called “reprimand”) by Judge James Robertson who tried unsuccessfully to label our efforts as “frivolous” but who did not have the guts to sanction me under Rule 11.  (This would have given me—and others engaged in this important battle —standing in the Court of Appeals.)  I will do my duty to Colonel Hollister, who technically is a client, even though I never agreed initially to follow the case in the Court of Appeals.  The military, as Colonel Hollister's interest demonstrates, is quite concerned with the basic issue of ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ orders originating from a ‘legitimate’ or ‘illegitimate’ commander-in-chief.  Recall that Judge Robertson never did admit attorneys Berg or Joyce to practice in his court, never had a hearing and never examined evidence because he didn't seek any.  The Judge gave the impression that his decision was predicated solely on ‘blogging and twittering’.“
For the many others who have contacted him and expressed interest in this cause, Hemenway invoked Churchill's admonition:  “If a matter of principle is involved in a course of action, then never give up—never – never – never.”  The most important part of that quote is the “matter of principle.”  It was not just a display of the stubborn nature of Churchill.  Following that advice, we can see that here, we have a grave matter of principle. 
If Obama can break such a basic, fundamental rule of the Constitution, then what is to keep him from ignoring or suspending other basic rights, such as the Writ of Habeas Corpus
Last, Hemenway points out:  “Mr. Bauer claims his father was an attorney in Vienna who opposed the union with Germany (the so-called “Anschluss”) and promoted anti-Nazi political movements while he was in Austria.   He says his father left Austria in 1940.  Very few people left greater Germany after 1939, when the war started.  In any event, if Bauer's background includes such a family history of opposition to anti-rule-of-law monsters, how does he explain his support for this Chicago-styled conspiracy to violate a basic requirement of the United States Constitution?”

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption
KEYWORDS: akaobama; bho44; bhotyranny; birthcertificate; brownshirts; certifigate; democrats; eligibility; liars; obama; quisling; usurper
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To: Red Steel
I don't know where this case is or where it is heading but I think this is something to think about. This is not the first time obama has said his birthdate was different than his stated birthdate. I will say for myself, there is something on that BC obama has lied to us about. There is absolutely no way there could be no other reason for his denial for everyone to see the original. Either it is amended by name, mother and fathert being foreign born, late birth certificate born in Kenya and amended, something is on that BC.

obama said by his supporters to be the smartest president they have ever met, right?

Actually, the president misspoke on the sequence of events in Cuba. The invasion of CIA-trained rebels at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba occurred in April 1961. Obama was born August 4, 1961.

This would account for a Hawaii late birth certificate arriving from kenya!!! His birth date was changed. If he had a slip of the tongue, that would mean he was actually born July of 1961. His mother could have brought him back, filled out Hawaii documentation for late birth BC, state where he was born and signed it but put a different birthdate to make it look like last couple of days so to avoid suspicion. Or obama had the BD changed.

Does everyone remember in those days how easy it was to put any birthdate on your drivers license? I knew a lady who refused to let anyone know her age. She was 53 and on her DL she was 42. It was hysterical. I would look at the DL, then look at her, then look back at it again. The DMV never looked at her old one or questioned her. She never brought in her old one she told me.

And also in my day, /ahem not telling, they had changed the policies as to when children could get into kindergarten. I think you had to be 4 months to 5 year birthdate. Don't quote me. Parents were lying to get their children into school earlier. One kid was a whole year younger than his parents placed. One was a year older because he was really tiny and his parents felt he needed the extra year. Some it was a matter of a month or more. In obama's day, there was no technology they had to check like there is today.

One other time obama gave a different idea of his birthdate in a speech. I can't remember but someone caught him on it. I think it was during campaigning. I would not put it past obama to be as much as a year older by the look of his skin on his face. Usually dark skin does not wrinkle or sag at his age. obamas nasal labial folds are of a much older dark pigmented skin. But that could be heavy drug use and smoking that did him in.

61 posted on 04/18/2009 1:49:25 PM PDT by OafOfOffice ("If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace"Thomas Paine)
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To: OafOfOffice
Yes, I think there was something else that also brought Obama's birth date into question, although, I cannot remember the specifics.

I suppose the DMV could not have cared less about the woman's age. Somewhat like Hawaii, that ran lackadaisical birth certificate program, which was easily taken advantage.

Good post.

62 posted on 04/18/2009 10:27:08 PM PDT by Red Steel
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To: Red Steel

Hememway should bring a lawsuit against Bauer for extortion and civil rights violations. Bauer cannot legally threaten anyone with sanctions, and the only he did it because Robertson mouthed off.

Obama hired Bauer SOLELY to fight the eligibility lawsuits, and has paid him over $1 million with campaign finances. Obama has virtally unlimited funds to stomp on any private citizen who brings a lawuit.

63 posted on 04/22/2009 5:57:05 PM PDT by Polarik (Forgeries are forever)
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To: Canedawg

You, sir, are a moron. If you think that deciding to become more active and informed in politics because of how you perceive a general election is going qualifies a person to be a POS, then your parents should be allowing you near enough a computer to communicate with your betters.

64 posted on 04/26/2009 3:55:25 AM PDT by rudman
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To: rudman

You signed up after the election along with many other dhimmie infiltators, and you are defending the Saudi government as “having their heads on straight”.

Saudi Arabia is a monarchy based on Islam.

Get lost.

65 posted on 04/26/2009 4:25:52 AM PDT by Canedawg (Support and defend the Constitution, and fight back against the Idiocracy.)
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To: Canedawg

It occurs to me you embody why the libs can get away with marginalizing the republican party as extreme. You talk without thinking - and doing so make it harder for those of us who actually do things accept that any ideas you might have would have any value.

Let me make a few things clear for you: I am a vet who served my country in the gulf war. My father was a vet who served in vietnam. His father was a vet - and so on - you get the picture.

I have been involved in the republican party for my whole adult life. I have donated time to state and local republican candidates and donated to my party the legal limits in all presidential elections since my business became successful enough to allow me to do so.

Now - you don’t understand things. A smart man learns to ask why, a foolish man just talks. You have already demonstrated which group you fall in - but since I believe that in education lies freedom, let me pretend you asked “What do you mean? I don’t understand.”

Here’s your answer.

My comment on Saudi Arabia was predicated on our SHARED belief and ideals - not a blanket approval or an endorsement to all things arabic. The comments was an attempt to understand how the Saudi’s were being cast in the same group as the libs - when the Saudi people and goverment are anything but liberal in any way, shape or form.

So, to clear it up for dense people like yourself - let me point out what we share:

Saudi Arabia is socially conservative. They believe in a government and private life in close alliance to god. They don’t go for the evolution crap, they don’t go for drug use, they don’t go for abortion, they don’t go for feminazis, they don’t have gays, period, let alone gay marriage. There society is orderly and stable. They don’t overly regulate their businesses - they don’t see successful people are merely cows to milk for the benefit of the poor. They accept what life hands out and go with it - poor and rich alike. They are charitable - and they are good businessmen.

Now - that isn’t an endorsement of islam. As an evangelical christian, it saddens me when anyone chooses to ignore jesus’s grace. So I support mission trips through my church - and when I was in Saudi Arabia - I did what I could to witness.

It isn’t an endorsement of monarchy. As a conservative - I know that democracy will eventually come to Saudi Arabia, when the Saudis decide as a people to reach for their rights. Until then, they get the government they deserve.

What I was trying to say was that I do not see them as “partners” of the libs - they have nothing in common with them at all. They are social conservatives by definition of the word - and would find Obama to be abhorrent, to a man.

They have long donated through various companies to Republican causes - not to mention the royal family and the bush family have been friends and business partners for my entire lifetime. King Fahd friggin kissed W, and the two held hands from the copter to the white house.

Now do you understand why I questioned? And why I can’t reconcile Saudi Arabia and Barack Obama?

66 posted on 04/30/2009 2:42:59 AM PDT by rudman
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To: rudman

Stop boring me with your pretentiousness. Wahhabism characterized as socially conservative is a joke, right?


Go away.

67 posted on 04/30/2009 4:58:12 AM PDT by Canedawg (Support and defend the Constitution, and fight back against the Idiocracy.)
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To: Canedawg

Again - for your education - the definition of Social Conservative: “Social conservatism is a political or moral ideology that believes the government has a role in encouraging or enforcing traditional values or behaviors based on the belief that these are what keep people civilized and decent.”

I’ll pray for you.

68 posted on 05/01/2009 4:51:26 AM PDT by rudman
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To: usmcobra; jarofants
I sea Mr Jarofants is knew hear.

Is it tyme four his complimentary wedgie?

69 posted on 05/01/2009 5:13:07 AM PDT by Grizzled Bear ("Does not play well with others.")
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To: Grizzled Bear

I was hoping for a hard drive melting ZOT.

Just a thought, Obama like to say he is a native born American even though the Constitution doesn’t have that term in it.

What does he really mean?

That he is the Native born son of a native of Africa as in “the natives are restless tonight”?

Or that he is a Native American?

Or that his Mother was a Native American?

Or that his mother was a native of America?

70 posted on 05/01/2009 5:24:53 AM PDT by usmcobra (Your chances of dying in bed are reduced by getting out of it, but most people still die in bed)
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To: Red Steel

"Constitution? We don't need no steenkin' Constitution!!"

71 posted on 05/01/2009 7:29:15 AM PDT by Gritty (We are either going to stop Obama or the United States is going to cease to exist - Alan Keyes)
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