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Obama, Alinsky, and Scapegoats
American Thinker ^ | April 24, 2009 | James Lewis

Posted on 04/24/2009 6:08:59 PM PDT by neverdem

'Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It  and Polarize It.'  
 - Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals. 

That's what Barack Obama taught his ACORN followers in all his Community Agitator classes in Chicago. That slogan defines mob scapegoating, of course. It is an exact prescription for whipping up mobs -- by race, by gender, by ethnicity, by religion. If you want to know how to whip a mob of Pakistani Taliban fascisti to whip a young girl for flirting with a young man in public, this is exactly what you do: Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personality It, and Polarize It.

And notice that "the target" is no longer a human being. It's an "It."  Try substituting the word "victim" for "target," and you see how it works.

This is exactly what the Dixiecrats did to blacks in the Jim Crow South, and what President Obama does today with capitalists who run General Motors and Wall Street.

So the purported comedienne Janeane Garofolo interprets the anti-tax tea parties as obviously racist. You see, Ms. Garofolo can read minds, in spite of all the obvious decency of the tea party protesters.  And Obama's Department of Homeland Security has now pinpointed our chief terrorist danger: It's "right-wing extremists," including Iraq War vets coming back home.    

In psychiatry, scapegoating is called "displacement of rage," and it is often said to be a low-level defense, one that comes easily to people who are already emotionally troubled or impaired.  With mature adults scapegoating doesn't work very well -- not unless you can make them into insecure wrecks by destroying their incomes, for example. That's what happened to the German middle class in the Weimar Republic. It's what will happen in this country if the economy fails to recover. That is why it is so vital to keep the administration from its most extreme spending plans, which could harm the economy if the Democrats in Congress are foolish enough.

Scapegoating is very simple, and very malevolent. It is the defining feature of human destructiveness. All the truly irrational actions in human history involve displaced rage. Pathological societies in the world are always torn by a search for new scapegoats.

Scapegoating is a really effective manipulation for mobs that have long ago decided that their real enemy is...  anybody. Because that overwhelming feeling of rising rage matters much more than whoever is the victim of the moment. That overwhelming tension is intolerable and seeks an outlet.

For instance, the target could be the kulaks.

"Comrades! ... You need to hang (hang without fail, so that the public sees) at least 100 notorious kulaks, the rich, and the bloodsuckers. ...  This needs to be accomplished in such a way, that people for hundreds of miles around will see, tremble, know and scream out: let's choke and strangle those blood-sucking kulaks. ...
Yours, Lenin." (italics added)

That's Lenin the mob leader after the Bolshevik revolution. 'Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It.'  The kulaks were Russian peasants who owned a couple of cows instead of just a scrawny goat like most others, and therefore provided juicy hate objects for the mob. Lenin knew how to whip up those mobs because that's how it was done during the four centuries of Romanov rule before the Revolution. It is deeply ingrained in Russian folklore -- you can see it in the opera Boris Godunov, where a pair of Orthodox priests whip up a mob to kill two Catholic priests, foreigners from Poland. That was just before 1500 AD.

Scapegoating is emotional high explosive that you can direct at will, like those fire-spewing proton packs in the movie Ghostbusters.  You just  'Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It.'  It's like pulling a trigger on human emotions and watching the human target get blown away. We've seen it ever since the Boomer Left took over the media, most recently with the abuse heaped upon George W. Bush.

Saul Alinsky was born in 1909 of Russian Jewish parents in New York City. Why was the Alinsky family living in America in 1909 rather than Minsk or Pinsk or Omsk or Chomsk? Because they fled the Russian pogroms of 1890-1910, like thousands of other Jews.

I don't know if Alinsky's parents were direct victims of the peasant mobs, but chances are that his aunts or uncles or grandparents must have been. I have a friend whose grandmother was knouted to death by Cossacks in Poland in the 1920's. I don't think her grandchildren and great-children have ever come to terms with that horror, even though they are living in the next century in America. It is a multigenerational trauma. Horrific traumas can have that effect. In the Jim Crow South blacks were scapegoated by the very same kinds of mobs, led by the very same kinds of agitators  -- virtually all of them white Democrats. It seems that some blacks are still experiencing the emotional ripple-effects, decades later.

Now follow this closely: The Alinsky family fled to the United States because life was intolerable in the old country. They found safety in America. Emma Lazarus was another Jewish immigrant, who understood the difference between the Old and New World well enough. She wrote about the Statue of Liberty,

"A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame."

Emma Lazarus must have been an extraordinary woman, because her poem brims with gratitude for the New World: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...".

That is a very different feeling than the young Saul Alinsky harbored. Little Saul must have seen the Statue of Liberty often enough on the skyline of his childhood. But he never understood it the way Emma Lazarus did. We can only wonder why, because thousands upon thousands of persecuted refugees kept flowing into New York City when he was growing up.

And then little Saul grew up and wrote Rules for Radicals, and dedicated his life to ... the very same art of whipping up mobs that his parents fled from. Rules for Radicals might have been written by a medieval mob agitator; only a few words need to be changed. 'Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It.'  Substitute "heretic" or "witch" for "target" and you have all the religious persecutions in human history. Substitute "blacks," and you have a Dixiecrat lynch mob. Substitute "whites," and you have all of J-Wright's sermons at Trinity United, Chicago. It's all the same thing. Human nature doesn't change. Alinsky:

"Any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and change the future. This acceptance is the reformation essential to any revolution."

Funny thing is, Emma Lazarus thought that America was the revolution those huddled masses were looking for.

Alinsky did not write his little book of Rules against the Tsar of Russia, nor against mob demagogues in general; rather, he wrote it in a rage against free market wealth, against capitalist individualism, against the prosperous middle class and its most successful home, the United States of America. Alinsky became the hero for other agitators -- people who used to call themselves "communist agitators." Those were not shameful words when little Saul was growing up, they were proud words.

Agitare comes from the Latin word for "stirring up," the same root as the word "activist." A "community activist" is just a slightly different name for the old phrase "communist agitator" -- one who stirs up a group, just like those old hairy demagogues in Tsarist Russia and Poland, and then in Soviet Russia, Germany, China and Cambodia, in Rwanda and Kosovo, the Punjab and Indonesia ....

Question: How is it that little Saul Alinsky, child and grandchild of victims, became the new persecutor?

Here is a strange twist of fate. Starting with the huge expansion of the US college campuses in the Sixties, Saul Alinsky's little book went viral. Alienated middle-class kids with no personal experience of poverty or suffering -- in the sense that blacks knew it in the South and the Jews and many others in Europe and Asia -- they all went around with Alinsky's Rules for Radicals in their backpacks. Radicalism became romantic. Alienated and ignorant kids yearned to become Che Guevara and kill the capitalists. That's how rich kids like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn learned their theology. It's how they became heroes in their own eyes. Such saintly people, giving their all for the poor and helpless.

Hillary Rodham complained about her authoritarian father when she was a child, and instantly on getting to Wellesley she fell for Saul Alinsky and his Rules, and became an admiring disciple of the Master of Scapegoating.  Hillary's first major political act was to join the staff of the Senate Watergate Committee, where she wrote a legal brief for the Committee on why President Richard Nixon should not, repeat not, be allowed legal counsel in his impending impeachment and trial.

'Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It.'

See how it works?

So the persecuted become the persecutors. Hillary the victimized child -- at least in her own mind -- became the really visceral hater of the Clinton White House. The black victims of mobs in the South had children and grand-children, some of whom -- by no means all -- became the Reverend J-Wright, or Louis Farrakhan. The children of victims of Russian persecution, some of them -- by no means all -- became romantic Alinsky radicals.  Those children of wealth worshipped men of violence, and sanitized them -- Che, Mao, Fidel, Carlos the Jackal, Ayers, Mumiah, the list goes on.

The Reverend J-Wright preaches mob incitement. It's all over his sermons. His younger successor in the same church, Rev. James Moss III, has his own style of incitement.  He tells his congregation that black people will never be accepted by whites; they are lepers, with an ugly skin condition that makes them diseased outcasts forever. Sweet, ain't it? The worst Dixiecrat agitator during Jim Crow couldn't have put it worse than that.

Take the rage that people feel and direct it to the most convenient human victim. 'Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It.' J-Wright started life as a Black Muslim, as he tells it, and then studied Black Liberation Theology. What's BLT?  Well, Pope Benedict says it's a cover name for Marxism. In this case, racial Marxism. Which brings us right back to Lenin whipping up the Bolshevik mobs to kill the kulaks.

It doesn't matter where you direct the rage. Brazil's Marxist president Lula blames "white people with blue eyes." We are living in a time of reverse racism, having flipped Dixiecrat racism to the other side. The tragedy is that we have not transcended race, not and as long as racial demagogues can squeeze this new hatred for money and power. The Obamas are the very incarnation of reverse racism. That is why they felt the need to show contempt to the Queen of England, and to bow down to the pre-medieval King of Saudi Arabia. In the next four years, or eight, or longer, you will see them do that over and over and over again, because that is their lifelong obsession.

Barack Obama and Michelle attended J-Wright's church for twenty years, and had their little girls baptized and raised at Trinity United. Our President was brought up by a mother who was a young college radical from Mercer Island, WA, and Kansas. His absentee father in Kenya was a proud post-colonial socialist -- until, it seems, he ran into trouble with Jomo Kenyatta and had two car accidents in a row; the second one of which killed him. But Barack Obama didn't draw the rather obvious lesson that his father may have been assassinated by a typical post-colonial tyrant. Instead, he adopted the side of the persecutor in the same way the young Saul Alinsky did.  Obama grew up in his early years in Indonesia, where hundreds of thousands of ethnic Chinese had recently been massacred by -- you guessed it --  raging ethnic mobs looking for scapegoats. Oddly enough those Indonesian massacres are not mentioned in Obama's two autobiographies.

Obama's first boyhood mentor was the CPUSA's guy in Hawaii, a black man filled with racial rage and resentment, and little Barry was handed on from one radical friend to the next, in a long chain by way of Harvard Law to the Chicago Democrat Machine. The one big gap in his autobiography is his college years at Columbia, but knowing what we know we can fill that in pretty well. He married Michelle, herself a daughter of an African-American ward boss and friend of Jesse Jackson, who made a brilliant career out of scapegoating corporations for money, power and personal fame. Then Barack was taught politics by Emile Jones, the political godfather of Southside. 

There's only one useful rule for predicting human beings:

People tend to do in the future what they did in the past.

So Barack Obama is now President of the United States.

What will he do?

How about 'Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It?' 

There go those AIG bonus guys. Let's tax ninety percent of their bonuses and smear them in the media. Done.

There goes Rick Wagoner. Let's kill his career at GM. Done.

Let's try to rouse up the mob against Rush Limbaugh. Oops! Forget it --- he's got his own megaphone. Next time just go for the ones who can't protest.

Now he darkly threatens trying officials responsible for making policy in the Bush administration.

 Life will be so much better then, won't it?

Or will it?

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To: CaptRon
Mskes me wonder how our side can take advantage of this. Only thing holding us back is our decency and lack of duplicitousness.

Alinsky's technique plays to the "have nots". People who have nothing and will do anything to change the situation. Alinsky gains the sympathy of his audience by expressing antipathy against a target within the bounds of experience of his audience. He is careful never to offend the intended audience. Alinsky had no moral objection to violating the law...if it achieved his objectives.

The technique doesn't work well with the "haves" or the "have some, want some more". They have something to lose. They understand that violating the law will cost them.

61 posted on 04/26/2009 8:57:04 PM PDT by Myrddin
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To: neverdem

Wow. That is an awesome article.

62 posted on 04/26/2009 9:50:18 PM PDT by GeronL (TYRANNY SENTINEL. LIBERTY FICTION at
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That is an awesome articles

63 posted on 04/26/2009 9:50:53 PM PDT by GeronL (TYRANNY SENTINEL. LIBERTY FICTION at
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Notice that Obama is keeping GWB in the news even now and it’s working. The public is not asking where all those stimulus jobs Obama prtomised are.

64 posted on 04/27/2009 5:01:11 AM PDT by sickoflibs (RNC Party Theme : "We may be socialists, but they are Marxists!")
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To: sickoflibs
Notice that Obama is keeping GWB in the news ...

You're giving Obama credit where no credit is due. The MSM is keeping GWB in the news.

If GWB had tried to keep Clinton "in the news" it wouldn't have worked. Reporters don't carry water for Republicans.

In short - it takes two to tango - and the MSM does NOT dance with us...

65 posted on 04/27/2009 8:31:20 AM PDT by GOPJ (We sleep safe..because rough men stand visit violence on those who would do us harm-Orwell)
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I agree with you on the MSM -Obama love-in, BUT it is still somewhat of a “conservative” cop-out used on talk radio to let GWB off the hook. GWB purposefully was kind to Clinton(Remember the Sept 11 commission hearings???) , but Obama is strategically blaming GWB for everything bad now, to make republicans guilty by association. Example, the media will ask how ANY republican can oppose deficit spending after GWB and TARP. Any job losses are defined as republican economy job losses, but government jobs are created Obama jobs. Keeping GWB alive keeps Obama popular. Republicans/we are paying a steep price for anything they/we may have got out of GWB, especially the past two years.

BTW : republicans complaining about Clinton in 2008 was lame and could NEVER work. By then any bad deals GWB cut with Pelosi on wasteful big government deficit spending was going to be GWB legacy, not Clinton or Carter.

66 posted on 04/27/2009 8:55:57 AM PDT by sickoflibs (RNC Party Theme : "We may be socialists, but they are Marxists!")
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To: GeronL; kellynla; Tennessee Nana; ForGod'sSake; HiJinx; bcsco; kristinn
That is an awesome article...

You're right. Ping.

67 posted on 04/27/2009 9:00:57 AM PDT by GOPJ (We sleep safe..because rough men stand visit violence on those who would do us harm-Orwell)
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To: GOPJ; 1_Inch_Group; 2sheep; 2Trievers; 3AngelaD; 3pools; 3rdcanyon; 4Freedom; 4ourprogeny; ...


68 posted on 04/27/2009 12:00:37 PM PDT by HiJinx (~ Support Our Troops ~ ~)
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To: neverdem


69 posted on 04/28/2009 12:30:34 AM PDT by Bradís Gramma (Life is but a big granola bar.)
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To: neverdem

I’d sure like to find a copy of that book...but I will NOT buy a new one...

70 posted on 04/28/2009 12:34:27 AM PDT by Bradís Gramma (Life is but a big granola bar.)
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To: DeweyCA
Anyone who is a Christian and doesn’t see the devilish methods that BO uses is really naive.


71 posted on 04/28/2009 1:04:04 AM PDT by Bradís Gramma (Life is but a big granola bar.)
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To: DeweyCA
I have told some of my Sunday School students that BO purposefully incites envy, jealousy and hate, the very antithesis of Christian virtues. Anyone who is a Christian and doesn’t see the devilish methods that BO uses is really naive.

Dead on.

Self-absorbtion is the antithesis of Godliness and in many ways synonymous with sin. The devil's primary tool is the exploitation of self-absorbtion and its corollaries: hate, jealousy, envy, xenophobia, class, identity politics, etc.

Political liberalism is likewise rooted in the exploitation of self-absorbed class envy, masked under a cloak of compassion. Clinton was good at this. Obama its master. Feminism. Race-baiting. Immigrant-pandering. Rich-bashing. All these are rooted in vile victim politics.

Jesus Christ was disinterested in any form of these things. He didn't give a whit whether you were free or slave, rich or poor, black or white, oppressed or oppressor, suffering or healthy. He was interested solely in your devotion to God and the fate of your soul. Never your class or status or moving you from one category to another.

Christ spoke often of kings, rulers, rich men, the oppressed and the poor, but never saw individuals in terms of class relationships. Christ never advocated any form of political or social tranformation.

72 posted on 05/05/2009 2:12:22 PM PDT by mbarker12474 (If thine enemy offend thee, give his childe a drum.)
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To: Foxbatx


73 posted on 05/05/2009 2:46:45 PM PDT by Canedawg (Support and defend the Constitution, and fight back against the Idiocracy.)
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To: EternalVigilance
Republicans are nothing but a big pile of mush.

This is exactly right. Thanks.

I told the RPV caller today, "I'm not supporting the Republican Party -- until further notice."

74 posted on 05/05/2009 3:23:00 PM PDT by kinsman redeemer (The real enemy seeks to devour what is good.)
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To: neverdem

Great article. Bump.

75 posted on 05/05/2009 3:38:59 PM PDT by Emile ("If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything" -- Unknown)
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To: neverdem

bookmark for later.

76 posted on 05/05/2009 5:16:58 PM PDT by RatsDawg
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I managed to watch Idol and read this... ;) CHILLING reading but it is all there. The thing that really turned me was when I heard about his work against infanticide, not “just” abortion. He is so much worse than the average Dem it is frightening. It does not help that he is young and black and speaks well at times. He fools so many people and he is doing evil.

77 posted on 05/05/2009 6:55:23 PM PDT by PghBaldy (Obama/Bush rules:
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To: PghBaldy

He worked to—on four occasions—protect infanticide, not work against it. Obowma has a very wicked soul, a rotted soul that will do anything, tell any lie, or use anything to empower himself. Truly ‘the father of lies, a murderer from the start’ is his father now. It breaks my old heart to see so many black people taken in by this wicked man, supporting him regardless of what they are shown of his evil.

78 posted on 05/05/2009 7:48:48 PM PDT by MHGinTN (Believing they cannot be deceived, they cannot be convinced when they are deceived.)
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To: neverdem

May bump - this is an all time great one!

79 posted on 05/05/2009 7:54:30 PM PDT by GOPJ (Pinch Sulzberger,it so predictably turns out,is only a liberal with other people's money.Howie Carr)
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To: neverdem

The fact that the President is:

1.) A disciple of an astoundingly and incredibly amoral and immoral author like Saul Alinsky who dedicated the pinnacle of his life’s work (Rules for Radicals) to, amongst other thngs, Satan. This was widely known before the election, but seemed to make no difference to voters. If there was ever an indication of moral rot, it is his admiration for this evil man and his book.

2.) A close personal friend with a Black Theologian racist “Reverend” Wright who thinks the white people in this country invented AIDS to kill black people, donated thousands of dollars to this man’s “church” as he sat in the pews nodding with agreement all those years before the light of the public shined for a fleeting instant on that rathole.

3.) A is a close associate of a terrorist like Bill Ayers and his like in the Weathermen who thought a reasonable price to pay would be to kill millions of Americans who wouldn’t buy into their radical plans once they took power, not to mention Bernadine Dohrn who thought the sticking of a fork by murderers into the slain body of a pregnant woman was a fabulous thing. Do any of YOU out there have friends like this? Do you even KNOW anyone like this? THESE people are close friends and associates of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Think about that for a minute.

4.) Has vowed on recorded film to gut our military

5.) Has cravenly and subordinately bowed at the waist a la POW Dick Stratton (who did his heroic bow for patriotic reasons) to a Saudi King, something NEVER before done by a US President.

80 posted on 05/05/2009 9:11:47 PM PDT by rlmorel ("The Road to Serfdom" by F.A.Hayek - Read
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