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Possibility of Bio-Terrorism in Swine Flu Outbreak
April 25, 2007 | freedomfighter1013

Posted on 04/25/2009 5:51:39 AM PDT by FreedomFighter1013

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To: Sherman Logan

“If we get slammed with a major flu pandemic, things will get nasty quickly.”

Not all that long ago, we were seeing a lot of PSAs being run regarding a flu pandemic. They were produced in such a manner that they were scary to kids and the adults were wondering why the need for such drama as opposed to just stating facts in a non-dramatic way. Did anyone else see them? I haven’t seen them run lately but then again, I’ve been staying away from the television.

101 posted on 04/25/2009 7:51:59 AM PDT by JavaJumpy
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To: FreedomFighter1013

It could be another Baptism - of TERRORISM.....!

102 posted on 04/25/2009 7:52:19 AM PDT by 2harddrive (...House a TOTAL Loss.....)
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To: FreedomFighter1013

Ping for later

103 posted on 04/25/2009 7:52:35 AM PDT by JesusBmyGod (Baruch HaBa B'Shem Adonai)
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To: romanesq

I didn’t care for the movie much either, but Brad Pitt cracked me up doing his nut case schtick.

104 posted on 04/25/2009 7:55:19 AM PDT by 3catsanadog (I plan to give the new President the same respect and dignity the other side gave Bush.)
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To: 3catsanadog

You are probably right, and the vaccine given to them would just be wasted, in the process diverted from someone it might actually help.

Vaccines merely activate the immune system. HIV/AIDS people essentially have no immune system to activate.

105 posted on 04/25/2009 7:59:12 AM PDT by Sherman Logan (Everyone has a right to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.)
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To: SolidWood

Paraphrasing from one of the many articles about concerns of security at bio-labs throughout the world

It is worrying that WHO & CDC cannot account for whereabouts of live virus samples within and outside the US. Chances of virus ending up in hands of terrorists or just simply incompetants is troubling.

106 posted on 04/25/2009 8:00:04 AM PDT by Cold Heart
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To: Sherman Logan

So, what are you saying, we shouldn’t be concerned? At all? I’m not saying panic, just saying it might be man-made. This virus has mutated in a very deadly way at least twice before, 1918 and 1976.

107 posted on 04/25/2009 8:02:38 AM PDT by FreedomFighter1013 (Obama is Weakening America for Partisan Gain: Change, Big-Time)
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Bump to myself

108 posted on 04/25/2009 8:02:42 AM PDT by Judith Anne
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To: battletank

I read in another related article somewhere that some of those NY school kids were in Mexico for Spring Break.


There were warnings everywhere not to go to Mexico. Maybe if the media had done their job instead of fawning over Obama for (pick a reason), those warnings might have been better received.

109 posted on 04/25/2009 8:07:40 AM PDT by JavaJumpy
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To: truthandlife

Here’s some proof:

On antigenic drift, from Wikipedia

“As in all RNA viruses, mutations in influenza occur frequently because the virus’ RNA polymerase has no proofreading mechanism, providing a strong source of mutations. Mutations in the surface proteins allow the virus to elude some host immunity, and the numbers and locations of these mutations that confer the greatest amount of immune escape has been an important topic of study for over a decade[3][4][5].

Antigenic drift has been responsible for heavier-than-normal flu seasons in the past, like the outbreak of influenza H3N2 variant A/Fujian/411/2002 in the 2003 - 2004 flu season. All influenza viruses experience some form of antigenic drift, but it is most pronounced in the influenza A virus.

Antigenic drift should not be confused with antigenic shift, which refers to reassorment of the virus’ gene segments. As well, it is different from random genetic drift which is a very different but important process in population genetics.”

“In the influenza virus, the two relevant genes are the surface proteins, hemagglutinin and neuraminidase. The hemagglutinin is responsible for entry into host epithelial cells while the neuraminidase is involved in the process of new virions budding out of host cells. The host immune response to viral infection is largely determined by the immune system’s recognition of these influenza antigens. Vaccine mismatch is a potentially serious problem. Antigenic Drift is the continuous process of genetic and antigenic change among flu strains.?

110 posted on 04/25/2009 8:08:28 AM PDT by FreedomFighter1013 (Obama is Weakening America for Partisan Gain: Change, Big-Time)
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To: Truth29

F*ck the bozos!

111 posted on 04/25/2009 8:08:30 AM PDT by rintense (Go Israel!)
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To: Tamatoa

You are right; he earned a PHD in Biology in the early 1980’s and constantly talked about the subject yesterday on his show. Says that the BORDERS should have been closed immediately.

112 posted on 04/25/2009 8:12:02 AM PDT by spiderfern
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To: wtc911
WHO and CDC know more than they are saying.

I don't recall such urgent statements about crossover viruses in the past.

113 posted on 04/25/2009 8:14:53 AM PDT by Mad_Tom_Rackham (What did Obama's Teleprompter know, and when did it know it...)
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To: FreedomFighter1013

Of course we should be concerned. I was merely pointing out that a random mutation does not have a 50% chance of making the disease more deadly to humans. I don’t know what the numbers are, but the chance is a great deal lower than that. The reason pandemics are rare is that only an occasional mutation is able to easily infect people.

Flu is a poor choice for a bio-weapon, since it mutates so readily. You could come up with a highly efficient killer and it promptly mutates to relative harmlessness when released.

An efficient bio-weapon would lock in the deadly characteristics. There are a great many other organisms that are more likely as a basis for such a weapon.

114 posted on 04/25/2009 8:16:45 AM PDT by Sherman Logan (Everyone has a right to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.)
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To: FreedomFighter1013
Update: doctor friend also says that what is also unusual is that this type/combination virus is the based on the same strain as in the 1918 Spanish flu virus (H1N1) outbreak (extremely deadly, 25 million dead in 25 weeks; total dead 50-100 million dead; 2.5%-5% of the world population). This makes the virus extremely deadly. The likelihood that this combination with the most deadly strain would happen naturally is very, very low.

Holy crap!

115 posted on 04/25/2009 8:16:46 AM PDT by Mad_Tom_Rackham (What did Obama's Teleprompter know, and when did it know it...)
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To: DogBarkTree; All

“Interesting perspective but it looks like there is only a 2% mortality rate so far. I would think a bio terrorist bug would kill more people. Unless of course this is just a test run.”

Even if it isn’t an attack or a test run for an attack — terrorists have been given yet another bright idea for attacking us...and for doing so in a way that doesn’t require passports or going through U.S. background checks.

116 posted on 04/25/2009 8:17:05 AM PDT by quesney
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To: FreedomFighter1013
1. Impeach Obama, Biden, and on down the line until we get to Sarah Palin as President.

2. Seal the Mexican border.

3. Nuke Beijing and Tehran.

4. Waterboard Immelt and a few of the other "free traitors"; follow up with Predator strikes on Soros and a couple of others.

5. Cancel the H1-B and L1 visa programs.

6. Stealth bomber strikes on the U.N. building.

7. Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, Robert Bork on the Supreme Court.

8. Rush Limbaugh as the Presidential Press Secretary.

9. Lock Jack Kevorkian and Ted Kennedy in a room together. Sell the video feed on pay-per-view.

10. Repeal the 13th Amendment.

11. Vote Massachusetts, Vermont, and the San Franciso-to-Seattle portion of the Northwest out of the Union: cede them to Canada.

12. Abolish Roe v. Wade by Executive Order.


(Hey, if the left can take advantage of a crisis, so can we!)

117 posted on 04/25/2009 8:17:35 AM PDT by grey_whiskers (The opinions are solely those of the author and are subject to change without notice.)
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To: homegroan

I had scarlet fever as a child as well. Nasty stuff, isn’t it? I remember hallucinating for days and people’s voices sounded like that teacher on Charlie Brown..’Wha..wha wha’.

118 posted on 04/25/2009 8:20:07 AM PDT by penelopesire ("The only CHANGE you will get with the Democrats is the CHANGE left in your pocket")
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To: RoseofTexas

Well, it’s probably border AND boarder.

119 posted on 04/25/2009 8:20:17 AM PDT by Mad_Tom_Rackham (What did Obama's Teleprompter know, and when did it know it...)
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To: HospiceNurse; FreedomFighter1013
Mutation is neutral, that means that 50% will be more deadly and 50% less deadly, but at a mutation rate of 1.5/10,000 per per nucleotide per infectious cycle, 50% of these mutation will be more deadly. And, since this virus has already mutated to become extremely deadly (i.e., 1918), the possibility of this super, possibly human-engineered, 4-virus combination (strain) to become extremely deadly again is greater than 0. How much greater, we don’t know with current information.

No offense intended but I doubt your assumption regarding mutation is quite all that simple (and I’d like to see a source for it). And it’s way too early to know that this flu is “extremely deadly (i.e., 1918)” or that it is “human-engineered”.

First of all flu viruses mutate all the time without any human engineering. That’s why a new flu shot is developed each year for the strain predicted to be the predominate one.

And the mutations mean, if that mutation results in human to human transmission, that a human host may be more vulnerable to catching the flu but does not necessarily equate with the deadliness of that strain over previous ones. It that was the case we’d be extinct as a species by now.

And the avian and swine to human disease vectors are nothing new. That one could make an avian to swine to human vector is not all that surprising.

Secondly, engineering a deadly flu is not as easy as it sounds. And there are more effective biological warfare diseases than the flu.

With all that said, this certainly bares watching. I am concerned that this strain seems so far to infect the younger and healthier like the 1918 strain and is breaking during a time of year not the typical flu season. But what is unknown at this time is if all the reported deaths in Mexico are from this flu strain, or if the deaths were from secondary infections and or as a result of poor or non-existent medical care as so far the few confirmed cases in the US have not resulted in any deaths.

Until more is known, I’m keeping my tinfoil handy but only for wrapping leftovers.
120 posted on 04/25/2009 8:20:46 AM PDT by Caramelgal (When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness.)
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