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McCain aide: There's outreach — but no compromise [McCainiacs whine about 0bama]
CNN - Political Ticker ^ | 2009-04-29

Posted on 04/30/2009 10:30:53 PM PDT by rabscuttle385

WASHINGTON (CNN) – As part of his answer to whether he would reach out to Sen. John McCain as part of a renewed effort on immigration reform, the president said "we reach out to — to Senator McCain on a whole host of issues."

. . . . .

However, McCain spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan also said that the White House mostly reaches out to the senator on issues where they have clear agreement, and she underscored a theme he brought up on the Senate floor just today — that he believes President Obama and Democrats don't really want to compromise on big, controversial issues.

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TOPICS: Government; Politics/Elections; US: Arizona
KEYWORDS: 0bama; 111th; amnesty; bipartisan; mcbama; mccain; mccaintruthfile; mclame; queeg; rino; zero

1 posted on 04/30/2009 10:30:53 PM PDT by rabscuttle385
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To: Dick Bachert; 50mm; stockpirate; Eaker; ducdriver; ChrisInAR; AvOrdVet; MaggieCarta; indylindy; ...

The Juan McCain Truth File.

"I have great respect for Al Gore."
—John McCain, October 2, 2008

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This can be a very high-volume ping list at times.

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Republican Commissar’s Warning: By joining this ping list, you may be subjected to the delusional rants and ramblings of McCainiacs, of "moderate" Republicans, of pragmatic conservatives resigned to voting for the lesser of two Democrats, and of countless RNC shills who simply want to meet a new overlord.

2 posted on 04/30/2009 10:31:24 PM PDT by rabscuttle385 ("If this be treason, then make the most of it!" —Patrick Henry)
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To: rabscuttle385

McCain doesn’t seem all that bright.

3 posted on 04/30/2009 10:34:38 PM PDT by quesney
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To: rabscuttle385

I think we might as well get used to it, our country is about to get 20 million new, freeloading DemocRAT voters. Way to go America! Nice job back there in November.

4 posted on 04/30/2009 10:36:13 PM PDT by FlingWingFlyer (
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To: rabscuttle385
So our former standard bearer now complains that his former adversary is not interested in compromise. McCain has never understood Obama anymore than McCain understood his duty as standardbearer. A standard bearer is one who bears the standard, the one who goes to the front carrying the colors high aloft so that his followers can see them and guide on them so that the attack against the enemy is coordinated. He leads the attack.

A standard bearer who does not know that he is in a battle or who is not prepared to fight is not much use. Even more, a standard bearer who is unwilling to recognize his enemy as such and destroy him is a liability.

After one of the debates in which John McCain attacked Obama for his inexperience, I wrote the following post in frustration to an article whose author did not get it anymore than did John McCain. McCain never understood that he was confronted with twin problems: First, he was confronted by a Manchurian Marxist, an ideologue, who was a threat to our representative democracy and our capitalist system. Everything that has transpired since I wrote this reply has confirmed this judgment. Second, because of his color and because the legacy of George Bush, Barak Obama was destined to win the last election unless he was morally destroyed.

John McCain was either incapable of understanding or unwilling to engage on this basis and so he lost the election. Now he is about to lose the nation.

A poster has noted that John McCain does not seem to be very bright. If McCain does not understand Obama by now he is too dumb to break rocks. Here is the reply written sometime in September:

If nothing else, the first debate of 2008 proved that Senator Obama is an inexperienced amateur who does not understand the essentials necessary for the job he is seeking.

That statement betrays the author's basic misunderstanding of Obama and, unfortunately, the great strategic error of the McCain campaign.

; The fundamental flaw in Obama which disqualifies him from being president of the United States is not his inexperience-although that is a major negative-it is his ideology.

Obama is not stupid and he is not inarticulate. He proved in the debate that he can operate adequately without a Teleprompter. By the same test, McCain often got lost in the thickets of his own rhetoric. So long as the threshold test for Obama to become president of the United States is whether he looks amateurish or presidential, Obama will become president of the United States. Both the author and the McCain campaign are fighting a battle they cannot win.

Obama's disqualification for the office comes from his stealthy attachments to his radical ideology. Everything about Obama can be explained, not by amateurism, inarticulateness, or inexperience, but by his extreme leftist world view. For example, Obama's original resistance to the Iraqi war comes not as he claimed in the debate from concerns about war aims, doubts about the actual presence of WMDs, or the absence of an exit strategy, his resistance came as a reflex of his ideology. These radicals do not want America to succeed anywhere militarily. They believe every American military operation is morally wrong and likely to impede the progress of world socialism. The same ideological reflex prevented Obama from supporting the surge and later from acknowledging its success. It is ideology, not inexperience, which drives Obama's worldview. It is ideology, not inexperience, which explains him. It is in his ideology that he must be exposed.

Obama's best score of the night occurred when he lectured McCain about McCain's false assumptions leading into the war. This in response to an attack that Obama was amateurish. In a stroke, Obama turned the tables on McCain, obliterated the argument that he was inexperienced, and converted it into an argument that Obama's judgment was superior to McCain's. We conservatives can argue with the substance of Obama's claims, but for the undecideds and independents who will decide this election, the round clearly went to Obama and perhaps the whole war because they immediately concluded that he was not too inexperienced to be commander in chief. The whole McCain campaign strategy died right there.

As long as the campaign is fought along the lines that Obama is too inexperienced to be president of the United States, rather than ideologically disqualified, Obama stands to win the election because voters will simply say I have seen Senator Obama in the debates and I choose to believe my own eyes.

On the other hand, if the campaign against Obama is designed to expose him as a stealth radical it will be persuasive because all the pieces of Obama's life and career fit. There is not a single public policy position that Obama has taken-at least prior to his flip-flopping after gaining the nomination-which cannot be explained by Saul Alinsky and even that tactic is provided for in the Alinsky playbook.

The author points out that McCain branded Obama and the debate as, "naïve and dangerous". Obama is certainly dangerous but he is not naïve, he is a committed one world statist. He does not commit, for example, to meet with dictators without preconditions because he is naïve, he wants to meet with them so he can cut deals with them. The people are not much worried about an inexperienced president who has good intentions because they know he has an army of advisers and wise old man around him. They have heard that rap every election about every candidate. On the other hand, they will not tolerate a facile man with bad intentions.

McCain is essentially running on integrity expressed in patriotism. He is trying to defeat a patriot with better ideas. Let him run against a man whose bad ideas make him unpatriotic.

On issue after issue Obama is vulnerable on his ideology. It should not be difficult to tie every one of his policy positions to standard Marxist- Alinsky rhetoric. Of course, when is undertaken the cries from the left of "McCarthyism" will be deafening. Let them shriek, they will be howling on the defensive. In politics, like war, one is either on defense or on offense. Politics and wars are lost on defense.

The alternative in a democrat year, in a season of change, during potentially the greatest economic threat ever to confront the Republic, is to pursue a strategy that cannot win because nobody cares.

6 posted on 04/30/2009 11:33:11 PM PDT by nathanbedford ("Attack, repeat attack!" Bull Halsey)
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To: SonOfPyrodex
The good news is that when H1N1 mutates over the next 6 months, it is going to take 20-80% of its native New Democrats right off the voter rolls.

Death is no impediment to voting for the Dims.

7 posted on 05/01/2009 2:41:44 AM PDT by MaggieCarta (We're all Detroiters now.)
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To: rabscuttle385

McCain is a man who is totally unable to see himself and his flaws. In otherwards, he will never learn.

He still cannot see the reasons he lost the bid for POTUS.

His insistance on walking across the aisle was a big one. He proudly hyped this every day on the campaign trail to the dismay of the voters. He was unable to see that this particular idea was repugnant. It also showcased that he had no vision or plan in place for where he wanted to take this country. It made it look as though the future was up for compromise with democrats.

Now one could say that Obama did the same, but he did not. He did not boast about walking across the aisle, he merely said that he was going to bring us all together following his wonderful utopian plan. We all know now that this idea was BS, but it was effective.

Here we are now, Obama with over 100 days in office, there has been nothing but misery and Senator McCain is squealing about not being able to walk across the aisle. He still cannot see it as ridiculous for him to think that the democrats are interested in his input.

Mr McCain, in Obamaworld, your job is to blissfully bend over and take it. Your importance has been diminished.

8 posted on 05/01/2009 4:57:04 AM PDT by dforest
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To: nathanbedford
Frankly, Nathan, I don't think McCain is stupid as much as he's playing a dangerous game of political chess here in an attempt to frame Obama as his political foil by proxy for his upcoming re-election bid in 2010. He's betting that his electorate in Arizona will see him as the consummate bi-partisan patriot against a party and administration that doesn't want or need to play ball with him. McCain, like most pols, also count on an electorate with a short memory and attention span.

But McCain has racked up so many "bi-partisan" maneuvers and downright anti-conservative stances over the years, that he's permanently painted a big "L" on his forehead. This 2010 election in Arizona will be more of a litmus test on the electorate than it will be on McCain. We already know who he is and what he really stands for. We're about to find out if Arizona is really a conservative bastion or merely another California or New Mexico.

9 posted on 05/01/2009 5:18:28 AM PDT by TADSLOS (God Bless Texas- where freedom still has a chance.)
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One would think that even John McCain would accept the reality of his age. Yet there is no known cure for Potomac fever. Even Churchill would not gracefully leave the stage, why should we expect more of a lesser man?

10 posted on 05/01/2009 5:38:42 AM PDT by nathanbedford ("Attack, repeat attack!" Bull Halsey)
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To: nathanbedford
One would think that even John McCain would accept the reality of his age

Why should he when he looks around at the likes of Byrd, Kennedy and a host of octogenarians still seated in the senate? Term limits and repealing the XVII amendment would go a long way in breaking Potomac fever, at least for the senate. That place is akin to a federal country club working retirement village.

11 posted on 05/01/2009 5:44:59 AM PDT by TADSLOS (God Bless Texas- where freedom still has a chance.)
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To: rabscuttle385

To The One, ‘Outreach’ means offering Republicans the opportunity to vote for His programs.

12 posted on 05/01/2009 6:01:49 AM PDT by norwaypinesavage (Global Warming Theory is extremely robust with respect to data. All observations confirm it)
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