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Life imitates '24'
WorldNetDaily ^ | 5/4/09 | Joseph Farah

Posted on 05/04/2009 3:00:42 AM PDT by JohnHuang2

The actions of Barack Obama in recent weeks raise a profound question.

What if the FBI arrested some terrorists and determined they had information about a nuclear bomb smuggled into the United States and agents had reason to believe they had only hours to prevent a detonation in a major city?

What would Obama do?

Would he be content merely asking the terrorists where the bomb was?

That's the impression I get from the administration's phobia about coercive interrogations.

Not only is Obama declaring to the world that the U.S. will definitely disallow coercive interrogations in such a scenario, he seems determined to punish the behavior of previous officials who took the common-sense, historically justified position to put the safety and security of Americans ahead of the comfort of people who seek to do them harm on a massive scale.

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Renouncing "torture", U.S. to join group hugs with captured terrorists

You can tell how effective the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques (better known as 'fraternity pranks') were by how loud liberal ninnies are still screaming about them. Liberals blow off 9/11 as bad behavior, but go into shock when they hear Bush was rough with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Yet, none of Bush's tactics actually involved "torture" -- no racks, thumb screws, or blowtorches, sadly. Spiked batons and cattle prods? Dream on.

What really irks liberals is that America wasn't attacked again after 9/11. The Bush-Cheney-Rummy junta of effective torturers kept al-Qaeda from scoring another 9/11 hit, much to the chagrin of the Democrats' nut base.

Every year a million babies get hacked to pieces in the womb but put a caterpillar in a cell with Mohammed and liberals go bananas. Imagine the unspeakable anguish, the unbearable agony and pain of being in the same cell with Mohammed. Poor caterpillar.

"What I've said -- and I will repeat -- is that waterboarding violates our ideals and our values," said Obama's Teleprompter somberly during its hour-long 'Everything is Bush's Fault' and 'Look how great I am' press conference. "We could have gotten this information in other ways, in ways that were consistent with our values, in ways that were consistent with who we are." Make nice with captured Islamic terrorists and they'll spill their guts with information. You'll see!

The harmless little darlings at Guantanamo use women and children as suicide bombers and human shields, detonate bombs on trains, buses and restaurants, load explosives in ambulances, take hostages and hack heads off, but be gentle with them and al-Qaeda will abide by the Geneva Conventions. As a window to how sick and twisted the enemy we face is, when video of Nick Berg's hideous murder was aired, reaction from the crazies was nothing short of jubilation. And that was just DailyKos.

Obama said that his opposition to "torture" to save American lives is grounded in his false belief that Churchill didn't torture, based on an article he just read on the Internet. Obama is such a great admirer of Churchill, he removed his bust from the Oval Office.

Obama's idiotic claim that Britain was saved by lacking the use of torture, based on something cooked-up by Andrew Sullivan, is false since even the Guardian newspaper documented years ago that German prisoners in the "London Cage" were subjected to torture in the 1940s under wussy pantywaist Churchill, who didn't do torture. The wimp also ordered the torture of Kenyans during the Mau Mau Rebellion, which Obama was mad at Churchill about -- something the Teleprompter forgot to mention. But don't worry, Democrats will soon file a complaint against Sarah Palin about this.

Liberals wanted Bush impeached for accurately citing British intelligence that Saddam had sought uranium yellowcake in Africa, but Churchill gets quoted for something he never said ("we don't torture") and Obama's Teleprompter gets a pass.

And how is Obama's valorous theory -- 'go softie on crazed Muslim terrorists and they'll go softie on us' -- working out these days? The overseas contingency ops against man-caused disasters coming along OK? After dropping warmongering Bush's "War On Terror" lingo, ordering Gitmo closed, ditching the tribunals, chumming with Raul, chumming with Chavez, bowing to the Saudi King, ditching the bust of Churchill, apologizing to the French, appeasing North Korea, kissing up to Iran, apologizing to the Turks, releasing DOJ interrogation memos to al-Qaeda free of charge, reaching out to extremist Taliban "moderates", threatening Bush lawyers with prison for having legal opinions, etc., etc., here's how lovely and peaceful the world has become:

-- "Iraq's security gains" under Bush's 'failed' surge "are beginning to reverse," McClatchy Newspapers admits, with more than 200 people blown up in Baghdad during April, which was double what it was in March, which was double what it was in February. There were 35 bombings in Baghdad during April alone. Hillary Clinton said these bombings are signs of success.

-- Kim Jong-Il responded to Obama's overtures to North Korea by test-firing a long-range, multi-stage missile. Obama angrily responded by announcing cuts to missile defense.

-- In response to Obama extending the olive branch, Iran's mullahs graciously sentenced an Iranian-American journalist to eight years in prison. To reassure everyone of its peaceful intentions, Tehran announced it's got over 7,000 advanced centrifuges cranking.

-- The Taliban has vowed to launch a new wave of attacks against the U.S. and its allies in Afghanistan. The news came as a total shock since the world adores us now.

-- In nuclear-armed Pakistan, Taliban forces are now within 60 miles of Islamabad, with security falling apart everywhere, including the area along the border with Afghanistan where binny supposedly is hiding out. Obama urgently responded by buzzing Ground Zero in New York.

-- Despite repairing America's 'irreparably' harmed image abroad, Obama has failed to get Europe to send combat troops to Afghanistan, even though Obama thought our wonderful "European allies" would be ready to fight after he showed he's just as big a wuss as they are.

Allies bailing, terrorists emboldened by a wussified America, doing terroristic things, even after Obambi asked them to stop -- who could have seen this coming?

Anyway, that's...
My Two Cents...

1 posted on 05/04/2009 3:00:42 AM PDT by JohnHuang2
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To: JohnHuang2

How many must suffer before the non-nuanced One will know that all rights have gray areas, and are to some extent limited by the rights of everyone else?

I thought seeing in black and white was a conservative trait, but I guess we are all forced to see things on an ad hoc basis sometimes.

God help us all and protect us from those who are so certain they are right.

2 posted on 05/04/2009 3:19:16 AM PDT by LachlanMinnesota
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To: LachlanMinnesota

Obama will send Michelle to deliver a stern lecture to the terrorist in that case.

3 posted on 05/04/2009 3:27:34 AM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (Beat a better path, and the world will build a mousetrap at your door.)
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To: JohnHuang2

I really wonder whether “The Great One” understands that his own daughters might be harmed when parts of America get incinerated. I don’t see him losing any sleep over my own dear sons, that’s certain.

4 posted on 05/04/2009 3:35:50 AM PDT by Think free or die (The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money - M.Thatcher)
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To: All


5 posted on 05/04/2009 3:40:31 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: JohnHuang2

If everybody listened to Jack Bauer, they would have to rename “24” as “20 Minutes”...

6 posted on 05/04/2009 3:47:02 AM PDT by gridlock (L'Etat, c'est Barack...)
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To: JohnHuang2

Hussein’s pronouncements about torture are akin to putting up that sign in your yard- “Gun Free Home.”

7 posted on 05/04/2009 5:27:44 AM PDT by arthurus (ACORN + Amnesty = Venezuelan Democracy in the USSSA)
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To: JohnHuang2
Obama's interrogator: "OK, I mean it, for the last time, where is the bomb?"

Captured jihadi: "FUBO. You are weak infidels. Allaah is great."

Obama's interrogator: "Alright, that's it. Put the Barney video back on, and this time turn the sound up."

8 posted on 05/04/2009 6:12:34 AM PDT by Sender (It's never too late to be who you could have been.)
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To: Think free or die
I really wonder whether “The Great One” understands that his own daughters might be harmed when parts of America get incinerated. I don’t see him losing any sleep over my own dear sons, that’s certain.

Instead of the nuclear bomb scenario, I think we should address it this way: what if you had credible, incontrovertible intelligence that terrorists were planning a Beslan-type attack on a school in a small city or town. You just don't know where. Show pictures of the horrors of the Beslan attack where hundreds died, mostly children, after days of horrific fear and suffering. Maybe that would open some eyes to the utter depravity of the Islamo-fanatics.

9 posted on 05/04/2009 7:04:29 AM PDT by Inspectorette
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To: Sender
Obama's interrogator: "Alright, that's it. Put the Barney video back on, and this time turn the sound up."

If Obama ran the Spanish Inquisition:

Ximinez: Right! If that's the way you want it -- Cardinal! Poke her with the soft cushions!

[Cardinal Biggles carries out this torture]

Ximinez: Confess! Confess! Confess!

Biggles: It doesn't seem to be hurting her, lord.

Ximinez: Have you got all the stuffing up one end?

Biggles: Yes, lord.

Ximinez: [angrily hurling away the cushions]: Hm! She is made of harder stuff! Cardinal Fang! Fetch...THE COMFY CHAIR!

10 posted on 05/04/2009 7:38:31 AM PDT by pepsi_junkie (Who is John Galt?)
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