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NY Post ^ | May 9, 2009 | Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

Posted on 05/09/2009 3:41:49 AM PDT by Scanian

GEN. Colin Powell is wrong to say that the Republican Party must move to the center: Now is not the time to try for triangulation.

This is a time for the party to stand firm on its principles until this nation again comes around to the GOP's way of thinking. This process will be driven by the consequences of President Obama's program.

The challenge brought by Obama is no longer just theoretical: He means to pass the ultimate leftist agenda and has the votes to do so.

As a result, our nation will be unrecognizable well before the 2010 elections. Business will march to a beat drummed in Washington. The top producers will be hounded by confiscatory taxation. A majority will pay nothing or receive government welfare. Our health-care system will be destroyed. Illegal immigrants will be well on their way to citizenship.

Obama's brave new world will be the subject of the 2010 elections. We believe that his Congress will be swept from power as a result.

We think that inflation will join a lingering recession -- giving us recess-flation -- and that high unemployment will continue. Voters will recognize the damage to their health care as bureaucrats weigh in to prevent them from getting the care they need. Our security and defense failures may well have cost us Pakistan, and the nightmare of a nuclear-armed terrorist state may have already come true (even before Iran).

All America will be watching the Obama fallout, and Republicans must be seen as a clear alternative -- a strong voice for reversal of the harm the president will have inflicted -- if they are to benefit from this catastrophe.

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TOPICS: Business/Economy; Culture/Society; Government; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: bho44; biggovernment; confrontation; dickmorris; gop; leftistagenda; rebuilding; taxes

1 posted on 05/09/2009 3:41:49 AM PDT by Scanian
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To: Scanian

If Collin Powell and John McCain represent the Republican party platform, I am voting Libertarian. I WON’T vote for a McCain retread, or for another RINO. I did it before as an ANTI-OBAMA vote, but I will vote my principles first 2010!!

2 posted on 05/09/2009 3:47:57 AM PDT by broken_arrow1 (I regret that I have but one life to give to my country)
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To: Scanian

Hey Hootie.....the friggin Repukes MOVED To the center and had your gumba McQueeg as the leftist centrist leader.

and WTF did you do???

You backed the Marxist BROTHER!


3 posted on 05/09/2009 3:49:13 AM PDT by Vaquero ("an armed society is a polite society" Robert A. Heinlein)
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To: Scanian
All the clarion calls to move to the center are based on lies and bias.

What is the center? Homosexual marriage, abortion on demand, scientism (politicized science) and big government?

That is not the center.

In America, we are different. Our country was founded on individual liberty, not collective security or coercion. That we've lost our way is evidence that we need to return to the Golden Mean - A Constitutional Republic.

Colin and friends need to come back to the center. We need to hold true to our founding principles. America should not look to the world, but to our Constitution and Bill of Rights as originally intended.

The rest of the world remained, in large part on the statist path. Liberty was an accident or afterthought. That is the history of the rest of the world.

For America, individual liberty was the founding principle.

4 posted on 05/09/2009 3:50:30 AM PDT by 1010RD (First Do No Harm)
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To: Scanian
Unfortunately for Morris' thesis, history too often reveals that the electorate is no more likely to be educated to the failures of leftist nostrums then the left itself is likely to acknowledge the failures. Indeed, the left seizes on the failures of its own policies to demand more of the same. Thus, the solution for failed socialism always seems to be more socialism.

5 posted on 05/09/2009 3:57:10 AM PDT by nathanbedford ("Attack, repeat attack!" Bull Halsey)
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To: Scanian


6 posted on 05/09/2009 4:03:39 AM PDT by Ulysse
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To: Vaquero

colostomy bowell... just a bag of sh!t!


7 posted on 05/09/2009 4:09:35 AM PDT by LibLieSlayer (hussein will NEVER be my President... NEVER!!!)
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To: Vaquero

I couldn’t tell who you were attacking - Powell or Morris. If you’re addressing Morris, why attack him when he finally seems to be coming to his senses?

It seems to have dawned even on Morris and McGann that this administration is way beyond anything we have ever seen in terms of being radical left-wing and being determined to enforce their policies on us all - which will mean the destruction of our country. I think they’re absolutely right that we have to reaffirm our principles and be there to pick up the pieces in 2012 - my only question is whether this will even be possible after 4 years of Marxism. Heck, it may be too late even by 2010.

8 posted on 05/09/2009 4:16:16 AM PDT by livius
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To: Scanian

Morris is completely right, IMO.

There has to be a CLEAR line drawn between the sides. Because there are more of us than them.

The message has to be:

Without national security, we have NO economic security. We will be relentless, uncompromising, and WE MEAN BUSINESS. We don’t care who’s feelings are hurt.

“We’re willing to help the helpless, not the clueless” (to quote Dennis Miller) In other words, a safety net, not a hammock.

Fiscal responsibility is not optional. There is no sense in scrimping and saving for our children while standing on our kitchen floor, unless we’re willing to do it on the Congressional floor.

We love immigrants. And we love them enough to want to get through and process the hundreds of thousands backlogged in our system BEFORE we take on any more. Once we finish that, then we’ll talk about amnesty. To do anything else is patently immoral.

We are a party of life and understand that some disagree. However the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has ruled that Roe v. Wade is the law of the land as long as he’s on the court.

We believe marriage is a man and a woman. But we are also economic creatures. We do recognize that gay couples are economically punished for their status. One thing Republicans agree with is economic fairness. We’re ready for the dialogue. Should the term “marriage” be reserved for religions unions, to not offend our churches and synagogues, but consider the joining of two people together for a life of economic parity with others, if that is their wish? We don’t know the right answer, but we are ready for the dialogue.

School choice MUST exist. Period. The arguments of “It’s wrong to only save a few, when there are so many others” holds no water, with us. That would be like suggesting that since we can’t cure ALL cancer patients now, that we should treat NO cancer patients, ever.

That can be our winning platform.

*rant off, btw*

9 posted on 05/09/2009 4:23:29 AM PDT by Daisyjane69 (GO CAVS !!!! No Cleveland championship since 1964. I'm not getting any younger!)
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To: Scanian

Hey Colon (yes, colon) - who was McLame? Chopped liver?

You didn’t back him, did you?

You showed you’re true colors on that one.

10 posted on 05/09/2009 4:33:34 AM PDT by PeteB570 (NRA - Life member and Black Rifle owner)
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To: Daisyjane69

Even Dick Morris is coming to his senses? Maybe there is hope.

11 posted on 05/09/2009 4:34:24 AM PDT by mike-zed
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To: livius

powell and the blowfish

12 posted on 05/09/2009 4:34:52 AM PDT by Vaquero ("an armed society is a polite society" Robert A. Heinlein)
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To: Scanian

For a toe-sucker, he’s starting to make sense.

13 posted on 05/09/2009 4:42:19 AM PDT by nhwingut ( Don't Blame Me. I Voted For Waterboarding...)
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To: Scanian
I think the GOP rallying cry should be:

We want our country back...Now!

14 posted on 05/09/2009 4:43:06 AM PDT by econjack (Some people are as dumb as soup.)
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To: Scanian
15 posted on 05/09/2009 4:46:03 AM PDT by Old Sarge (Remember, remember, the Fourth of November, the Socialist treason and plot...)
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To: Scanian
The modern Politician motto has been and will always be ’Get elected at any cost.’ If they need to act like a Republican (RINO) , not a problem, can do. Need to convert to a Democrat, can do that too. Being moderate makes it easier to switch back and forth and you don't have as much to explain. As far as the article, Conservatives must stick to their conservative principles. Principles are NOT something that changes with ‘What's Popular’. Conservatism is a way of life.
16 posted on 05/09/2009 5:02:52 AM PDT by PushinTin (NEVER, argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience!!)
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To: Scanian

This advice should be taken both figuratively and literally.

17 posted on 05/09/2009 5:14:58 AM PDT by muir_redwoods ( O.B.A.M.A. = One Big Asinine Mistake, America)
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To: nathanbedford

truth is we don’t need to educate them, we just need them mad as hell at they were at Bush and the pubbies........that’s how we got obama, and it’s how we will get rid of him.

18 posted on 05/09/2009 5:21:38 AM PDT by tioga
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To: Scanian

Rollback in 2010 !

19 posted on 05/09/2009 5:34:30 AM PDT by Eric in the Ozarks
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To: broken_arrow1

I hear you and will be doing the same. If Progressiveism is the only thing the Republicans and DemoRats offer I will be voting (along with family and friends) for the third party candidate that is closest to the principals of the constitution.

20 posted on 05/09/2009 5:56:13 AM PDT by 2001convSVT ("Only Property Owners that pay taxes should have the right to Vote")
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To: Scanian

The writer is absolutely correct, but I don’t think the Republicans will be smart enough to figure this out by 2010.

The Republicans have no clear leader, no clear direction, have no foundational principles which are non-negotiable. They’re a mess. The foundation of the structure is rotten.

Unfortunately, I believe the time has come to burn the building, bulldoze the site, salt the earth, and rebuild under a new banner. The Republicans have so damaged their brand that no one takes them seriously anymore and I see no evidence that the current cast of characters can be reformed into a truly conservative party.

21 posted on 05/09/2009 6:14:19 AM PDT by DivaDelMar (CRAm member-- (Conservative Republicans Against mcCain) Think you're entitled to my vote? CRAm It!!!)
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To: Scanian

Colin Powel?

RINO and fool.

22 posted on 05/09/2009 6:54:25 AM PDT by wgflyer (Liberalism is to society what HIV is to the immune system.)
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To: 1010RD

Excellent post. Conservatism itself is the center, it is the middle of the road, it is moderate. Reagan used conservatism to move the center to him, not the other way around. God bless FReeper Common Tator and may he Rest in Peace, but he used to always advocate for the GOP to move to the center.

23 posted on 05/09/2009 7:02:04 AM PDT by Extremely Extreme Extremist ("President Obama, your agenda is not new, it's not change, and it's not hope" - Rush Limbaugh 02/28)
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To: Scanian

What guns are those? The R’s had four years to govern. They wielded mostly moderately left-wing guns.

For the R’s to offer an alternative, they would actually have to be conservative. Otherwise, they are just a slightly more moderate version of the dems. “Vote for us. We don’t suck as much as democrats” is not a very good campaign slogan.

More fundamentally, all this “the Republican Party is dead” stuff from the media is only designed to consolidate the death grip the political class has on the “things that may be discussed.” So it is appropriate to discuss HOW the government should do things for people and what things it should do. It is NOT appropriate to discuss whether the government should be doing something at all.

By forcing the R’s left, which is the whole goal here, the political class eliminates any actual alternative to our current system of government, which is: (1) Grab a lot of money from small businessmen and some upper-income taxpayers and then give that money to people and businesses in exchange for money and votes; and (2) Grab a lot of power for the government. Then dispense portions of that power in exchange for money and votes.

The only difference between mainstream R’s and all D’s is a small difference in emphasis on which pigs should get the most slop at the trough. They do not disagree on the urgent need for a trough filled to the brim by thee and me. Nor do they disagree that the only people who should decide which pigs get the slop are other members of the political class. They emphatically agree that the folks who actually fill the trough up are pretty much a nuisance to be ignored except when you have to lie to them around elections.

The (so far successful) to drive the R’s to the left is to institutionalize that approach for the lifetime of current office holders.

24 posted on 05/09/2009 7:29:29 AM PDT by ModelBreaker
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To: Scanian
Like a whipped puppy REPUB2
25 posted on 05/09/2009 7:42:10 AM PDT by odin2008 (EVIL TRIUMPHS WHEN GOOD MEN DO NOTHING)
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To: Scanian

What we need is Repubs who get out there and TELL WHAT THE DEMS are doing to this country, instead of trying to win by taking the middle road. Triangulation will NOT win at this point.

26 posted on 05/09/2009 8:06:31 AM PDT by kitkat
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To: Extremely Extreme Extremist
You're right. We need to push back and hard. Reason is on our side across the board, including the libertarian trip-stones - abortion and sexual choice (read: deviancy).

Conservatism works, yet we've allowed the Left to dominate the thoughtspace for too long. The horrors of dictatorship were foisted upon us. Slavery is a conservative position, along with trapping women in every school textbook you read. That is just plain wrong.

Tradition fails or works as it serves individual liberty. Clearly, if you are going to cause a revolution it better be an improvement. Our entire governing system, the American Revolution, is predicated on slow, meaningful change. To be an American Revolutionary is to be conservative, that is conserving the hard fought liberties that drain away by man's natural desire to control others.

It's the devils world and our Founders knew it.

27 posted on 05/09/2009 8:09:29 AM PDT by 1010RD (First Do No Harm)
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To: ModelBreaker
The goal shouldn't be D or R, but voting for people of conscience who want small government. DC or any government is naturally corrupting. Even, library boards slowly grow corrupt and look to aggrandize power to themselves. It is human nature.

I won't vote for another lawyer, but I'll vote for business people with some exceptions. Politics is by nature the business of lying and favors. We won't cure that in one election.

The one thing statists have on us is they understand and desire power. Like the One Ring, that power is corrupting. Someone has to wield it though, if we are to return to the center and American Liberty.

28 posted on 05/09/2009 8:13:58 AM PDT by 1010RD (First Do No Harm)
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To: Vaquero

Oh, ok! In that case, I agree entirely!

29 posted on 05/09/2009 8:59:11 AM PDT by livius
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To: Scanian

Powell couldn’t forget his own skin color and voted on that basis as did a lot of people. Not Ella Fitzgerald though.

30 posted on 05/09/2009 10:10:18 AM PDT by yldstrk (My heros have always been cowboys--Reagan and Bush)
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To: Scanian

The OP has big tent, reach out across the aisle, in the spirit of bipartisanship principles all in an effort to expand the voter base at the expense of Conservatism. Nothing for Conservatives to see here.

31 posted on 05/10/2009 2:00:58 PM PDT by Man50D (Fair Tax, you earn it, you keep it!)
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