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Who Wrote Dreams and Why It Matters (Dreams From My Father)
American Thinker ^ | May 24, 2009 | Jack Cashill

Posted on 05/23/2009 11:16:16 PM PDT by neverdem

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To: neverdem

Thank you for posting this.

41 posted on 05/24/2009 7:45:57 AM PDT by FourPeas ("The government is like a very irresponsible teenager." -Ben Stein)
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Comment #42 Removed by Moderator

To: Pastelsbywelz
I think that you make an excellent point about the “dreams” of his father. It was never discussed before the election the sort of dreams that Obama,Sr. had for his native Kenya.
I am one who is not so sure that Obama is in fact his biological father. If Obama,Sr. is not the person listed on the original birth certificate, it would be a very good reason to go to such lengths to keep the certificate hidden. The other reason is that people like Ayers did see something in Obama that they thought would be useful. It wasn't his innate intellect or his dilligence or his work ethic or his articulateness or his writing. It seems to me that he might have had a blood line that would give him instant credibility among the fellow travelers. Obama, Sr. did not possess that. Obama’s great sense of his own self-worth and destiny and entitlement would be explained better if he believed himself to be born to a great lineage, an heir to the cause.
I know that abandoned children often idealize their fathers, but they often harbor bitter resentment and a deep sense of betrayal. It seems odd that he would write a book extolling his father's dreams if that father were Obama,Sr. He was not trying to reconcile with the man and create a relationship with him as an adult. The time had passed for that. If we consider that Obama, Sr. is not the father, but someone else, it has some merit to me.
I know that I haven't been logical. First talking about Obama and his dreams for Kenya and then postulating that he wasn't in fact, Obama’s true father. The truth is that it doesn't make sense to me and therein lies the inconsistency of my thinking.
Obama has been packaged and marketed by some other entity for a very long time. No one is accepted to Harvard Law School without leaving a trace of accomplishment at Columbia without the aid and assistance of some very powerful people. There is something in Barry's pedigree that caused people to take note, not in his abilities.
43 posted on 05/24/2009 8:02:20 AM PDT by madinmadtown (It is good to be right.)
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To: neverdem

Good read. As others have noted, it’s not so much the fact that this book probably was ghost written, but that it was ghost written by Ayers and also that Obama has gone to such great lengths to hide so many inconvenient truths from his past.

44 posted on 05/24/2009 8:23:33 AM PDT by chpmass
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To: conservative cat
Exactly !!!!

But they will go on and on when Sarah Palin's book comes out.

45 posted on 05/24/2009 8:36:27 AM PDT by Dustbunny ("Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them. " Ronald Reagan)
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To: nathanbedford
Sadly, I see nothing on the horizon which suggests that the country will listen to the little boy who observes what he sees, Obama "has no clothes."

I have been waiting for a growing collective body of Americans to state the obvious, myself. How can people be so blind to Obama's policies and dislike for what has made America the greatest nation in the world? He is willfully trying to destroy America and remake it in his image. This "new" America will not prosper.

I don't think people realize that it truly IS possible for such an incompetent unAmerican person to be elected as President. It has happened.

I see nothing in Obama's character that levens his ambition with the good as we see in Churchill's character. To the contrary, I see a resentment born out of racism, a political philosophy which is nothing more than a rationalization to play God, and a well tuned passive aggressive model of compensation.

I see Obama as a pathological narcissist. He has honed a cult of personality in which too many idolize him for absolutely no reason; no accomplishments, no proof that any of his ideas might work. He is believed because of his cult like charisma.

If a majority of the public ever actually wisen up, realize he is "naked", I wonder what his reaction will be. Pathological narcissists don't take rejection too kindly. A pathological narcissist with power is a dangerous combination.
46 posted on 05/24/2009 8:37:15 AM PDT by Girlene
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To: brytlea; Diana in Wisconsin; Kakaze; Tammy8; unkus; metmom; Cap Huff; svcw; reaganaut; ...

Ping to a spellbinding article.

47 posted on 05/24/2009 8:37:34 AM PDT by greyfoxx39 (If Pelosi knew of torture and did nothing to stop she is admitting to being W's accomplice.)
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To: madinmadtown
Obama has been packaged and marketed by some other entity for a very long time. No one is accepted to Harvard Law School without leaving a trace of accomplishment at Columbia without the aid and assistance of some very powerful people.

That is exactly correct.

For that matter, even blacks had to have done something to get accepted to Columbia in the 1980s. His progress from a doper with bad grades at the Punahou School, to Occidental, to Columbia and then to Harvard is very remarkable, particularly when you consider the dearth of honors or achievement.

48 posted on 05/24/2009 8:42:57 AM PDT by Jim Noble (Pas d'ennmis a droit)
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To: Girlene
I see Obama as a pathological narcissist. He has honed a cult of personality in which too many idolize him for absolutely no reason; no accomplishments, no proof that any of his ideas might work. He is believed because of his cult like charisma.

You have just articulated more succinctly than I did in a vanity posted before the election but your quoted paragraph offers me an excuse to repost part of it here:

The conclusion of anyone with common sense who has seen the films of innocent children singing their Obama songs or who has watched the quasi-military chanting and saluting of the Obama Youth in military garb must conclude that there is something very, very wrong with these people. I remember when I first saw the YouTube Children singing their Obama song I became conscious after a while that my mouth was gaping open, so appalled was I. My reaction to seeing the paramilitary gang marching into the karate hall was a mixture of embarrassment that these kids would make such fools of themselves and anger that adults would so brazenly manipulate children. Then I felt a creeping sense of unease that there was something potentially very sinister going on. Dear merciful God, this is Orwellian!

Beyond a very healthy repugnance to the spectacle of brainwashed children put on display, beyond the inescapable Maoist symbolism of it all, a commonsense person asks, what kind of man would permit this to go on in his name? What kind of parent would not seek to protect his child from such a man? What kind of pathology would lead parents who presumably love their children to consign those children to the demons of mind control? How could Americans fall for such a transparent cult of personality?

Unfortunately, we need not be uncertain about what kind of man would permit this grotesquerie to be advanced in his name. History provides us with plenty of examples: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Kim Jong-Il come to mind and now we add Barak Obama to the list. Why has he not spoken out and repudiated this? Would not a decent man do so if only for the children?

If Obama will not speak out now as a candidate when a little modesty, even false modesty, would advance his chances, what will he do when he gains office with no resistance anywhere on the horizon; no opposition in either the House or the Senate, no voice in traditional media to be raised against him, no institutional resistance on a national level of any kind organized to discourage him? Because he condones this obscenity one must ask, Is Obama really a narcissist as has been claimed? If so, how far will he go when he has the levers of power in his hands when there is no effective resistance to his ego?

How dangerous is Barak Obama?

Is he too dangerous to be put in a place where he could literally get us all killed? Or Is he the indispensable man in some sense? I do not think so. There is nothing in his career that suggests that he is the man for this season. In a time of war he has no military experience. In a time of looming financial disaster, he has no economic credentials. If he is potentially dangerous and if he is not indispensable, why would so many people want to put him in a position where he could do us harm, even get us all killed?

My commonsense explanation is that there must be a pathology, a mass psychosis, that brings people to the point where not only are they eager to make him the most powerful man in the world but they are invoking his name and calling upon him to be their savior. This they do rather than falling on their knees out of fear of The Real God.

This is the Obama pathology.

To a middle-class conservative who instinctively rejects conspiracy theories and normally wants to think the best of people because that's what he learned in Sunday school, this deification of an empty suit is as bewildering as it is frightening. What in the world are these people thinking? Do they not weigh the risks of consigning their fate to an unqualified man, worse, a person tainted his whole life with stunningly dangerous confederates including felons and Communists and terrorists? What is the upside? What is it about this man whose career is utterly uninterrupted by any accomplishment which would motivate these people to risk their children and my children to whatever he might do to them? How do they know? How can they be sure? Don't they have any doubts?

My problem is that I am seeking after that which I cannot find. I want to find an explanation in logic for a phenomenon of emotion. It is easy for middle-class conservatives to overlook the power of emotion even though history provides plenty of examples even within our own culture in America. Can logic explain why so many drank Jim Jonse's Kool aid? Why Charles Manson commanded such blood loyalty? How many cheered OJ Simpson's acquittal? Why did princes Diana's passing traumatize a nation? These are not questions which are answered with everyday commonsense. One almost has to go to the Bible to see the answer in Old Testament allegory which lets us know that evil is and there will always be worshipers of the golden calf.

49 posted on 05/24/2009 8:52:47 AM PDT by nathanbedford ("Attack, repeat, attack!" Bull Halsey)
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To: nathanbedford

Very thoughtful analysis of Obama and his cult following, nathan beford. The only thing I can come up with as to the “Why” is the “I want to be popular, too” mentality among so many.

Too many people have no clue what is going on in our own country. If the media, other politicians, yada, yada, tell them Obama is the “cool” person’s choice, then that’s good enough. No critical thinking needed.

I have family members that voted for him. When I asked why, the answers were, “He gives me hope”, or “It’s time for a change”. Why? They don’t know. Sound bites repeated often enough become reality for people who don’t really want to have to think for themselves. Hope and change is a sound bite, not a sound logical plan for the future.

50 posted on 05/24/2009 9:15:02 AM PDT by Girlene
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To: nathanbedford

Hitler didn’t waltz into Berlin sweeping up jews as he went along. It was a slow process that took years. It was two years until jews weren’t allowed to vote. Then another couple before the ghetto and yet a few more before the camps.

So the maniac doesn’t have to act like a serial killer on steroids to be a maniac.

I expect a crisis to come that is beyond all our imagination and will be the reason and excuse to do whatever the maniac wants. I believe he is a muslim. I had suspected it, but the treatment he has given Europe and Israel along with the sycophant routine with the Muslim countries, not to mention the attempt to kiss the ring of the “Keeper of Mecca” which has been the tradition for thousands of years for Muslims (I don’t think it was a bow, I think he was reaching for his hand and leaning down before he heard audible gasps around him and woke the hell up) proves it to me.

Just my opinion though.

51 posted on 05/24/2009 9:19:40 AM PDT by autumnraine (Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose- Kris Kristoferrson)
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To: ccmay

I forgot that one. I have heard it years. Still, very funny. LOL

52 posted on 05/24/2009 9:43:10 AM PDT by Vendome
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To: greyfoxx39
"There is thus a logic to the left's willful blindness. Why the literary right has accepted this charade continues to baffle me."

The left has the fifth column enemedia as their hourly propaganda slave, so any opposition is instantly shut down with ridicule and typical leftist condescension such as we read from Chrissy 'hissy-fit' Matthews. The left lie as easily as they breathe, so not surprisingly, any opposition to Obowma/Ayers collaboration will be lied about by Ayers, Obowma, and the entire press corps which serves the lie, any lie they are fed from the left. Axelrod is their current feeder, and he uses a layering of lies to accomplish the dissonance needed in order to promote an affirmative action figure fraud. Until 3/4 of the media is 'shot against walls of outraged populace' (that is a metaphor, for the idiot gov't workers monitoring FR), the plummet into the disease of socialism will not be halted.

Barack Hussein Obama is so thorough a fraud, so well constructed from whole cloth, that only protection by the Roberts subpreme court and selected liberal fools on federal benches can prevent his being exposed and shamed.

53 posted on 05/24/2009 9:47:06 AM PDT by MHGinTN (Believing they cannot be deceived, they cannot be convinced when they are deceived.)
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To: nathanbedford
The cult of Obowma is a very carefully crafted one by a master at the game of 'astro-turfing', which is a purposed form of deceit. David Axelrod has studied the effectiveness of certain behavior manipulations and concluded that his boss or bosses can benefit from manipulating the masses. It is a sinister approach to herding godless people seeking some god they can grasp hold of and believe they will be 'protected'. Ultimately, whom do we know is the father of lies, a murderer from the start? That's right! Obowma is a test case for the coming anti-christ.

It is interesting to note the effect that studying men like HItler has had on Axelrod ... David has tried, perhaps unconsciously, to look like Hitler even down to the little brush of a mustache. Axelrod has studied the mild mannered version of Hitler when being interviewed and applied that persona to his own Axelrodesque sessions of lying for his master. If anyone doubts that, merely consult the Youtube record of Axelrod floating ever enlarging lies to cover the facts on the Obowma/Ayers connections.

54 posted on 05/24/2009 9:57:21 AM PDT by MHGinTN (Believing they cannot be deceived, they cannot be convinced when they are deceived.)
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To: nathanbedford
Hussein is a “Confidence Man” of the highest order.

In the good, old tradition of revolutionaries, Obama hides in plain print.

On p. 94-95 of his autobiography he describes an effective tactic to deal with White people:

“It was usually an effective tactic, another one of those tricks I had learned: People were satisfied so long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves. They were more than satisfied; they were relieved - such a pleasant surprise to find a well-mannered young black man who didn't seem angry all the time.”

In reality he is much like Alger Hiss according to this author:

Coldly courteous, and condescending.

IMO, he showed us who he really is when he instinctively genuflected before the Saudi King.

Obama has NO love of the United States, and he will (hopefully) be caught in the act of disloyalty.

55 posted on 05/24/2009 10:19:00 AM PDT by roses of sharon (NOTRE DAMIAN: ABORTION, YES WE CAN!)
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“Ayers seems consumed with lies, lying and what he calls “our constructed reality.” The Obama of Dreams says much the same and in much the same language. “But another part of me knew that what I was telling them was a lie,” he writes, “something I’d constructed from the scraps of information I’d picked up from my mother.”

Will this be his ‘out’ when his BC is finally exposed? We all know that Obama is comfortable with lies....he tells them all the time!

Thanks for the ping.

56 posted on 05/24/2009 10:36:16 AM PDT by penelopesire ("The only CHANGE you will get with the Democrats is the CHANGE left in your pocket")
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To: roses of sharon

He already was, in bowing to the Suadi ‘prince in Islam’ he showed disloyalty to America and subserviance to ‘a powerful prince in Islam’!

57 posted on 05/24/2009 10:37:40 AM PDT by MHGinTN (Believing they cannot be deceived, they cannot be convinced when they are deceived.)
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To: LucyT

Thanks for the ping, LucyT.

What I still don’t understand is how he can “read” a speech and sound so convincing, charismatic and speak with such conviction while off script he sounds like a bumbling fool. (Please note that I think he’s tedious, boring and scary. Just an observation as to how others perceive him.)

If he’s such a learned person, why does he speak differently without Totus? I do believe he’s been programmed to hypnotize his followers.

58 posted on 05/24/2009 10:38:49 AM PDT by azishot
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To: NoGrayZone

Personally I believe more folks than are readily apparent are paying attention - they are just holding this as a “hole card” of plausible deniability against the day when everything turns to liquid crap...

59 posted on 05/24/2009 10:51:00 AM PDT by rockrr (Everything is different now...)
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To: Tenniel2

good point.

60 posted on 05/24/2009 11:05:38 AM PDT by kabumpo (Kabumpo)
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