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To: patriot preacher
In the case of the Czechs, they were “surrendered” by Neville Chamberlain, never given an opportunity or a say to determine their own fate. They were engaged in a war against oppression — during a time of declared war (WORLD war), and so acted accordingly.

Not really. Chamberlain agreed to not fight over the Sudetenland. Hitler rolled in and the Czechs opted not to fight. Shortly thereafter Hitler called Czech President Benes into a meeting and gave him a diktat based on a threat to not only invade, but to bomb Prague flat just for the hell of it. President Benes gave in and the Czechs surrendered themselves. So the Czechs did indeed surrender to the Germans of their own accord, albeit under great duress.

They were engaged in a war against oppression — during a time of declared war (WORLD war), and so acted accordingly.

Per the Geneva Convention, they were not a combatant. Czechoslovakia never declared war on Germany.

On the other hand, John Brown broke the law, plain and simple. He may (or may not) have been morally right ..., but that did not justify the attempt at rebellion.

Take out the specifics and you could just as well be talking about John Adams or George Washington.

In much the same way, the murderer of Tiller has acted inappropriately, unjustly, and illegally, as did Brown. We are NOT engaged in war (not yet anyway), and while there was provocation (the murder of the unborn can be seen no other way by a moral people), this does not justify an individual taking the law into his own hands, being judge, jury and executioner.

If he were killing two year olds instead of babies, but it were legal for him to do so, would you still consider the killer wrong, or just illegal. My point is that unjust laws lead to illegal action by just people. We can argue about how unjust a law must be before each of us may consider our illegal actions just, but the underlying principle is that justice and legality are not one in the same.

I for one, will NOT hold this person up as a hero. He is a criminal. What he has done has percipitated — or at least hastened — the coing persecution against Christians, gun owners, and any others who believe in “traditional” or “Conservative” values and governance. When we face this, we will have this murderer to thank in part.

Perhaps, and that is a good point. However, the Left has never seemed to pay any price for the actions of its radicals.

I suggest we ALL get prepared. The next year and a half is likely to be quite tense and dangerous.

Good suggestion.

198 posted on 05/31/2009 4:27:23 PM PDT by SampleMan (Socialism enslaves you & kills your soul.)
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To: SampleMan

1. Regarding the Czechs — the Government surrendered — the people never did. And the Geneva Convention only applies when it works to our enemies advantage...

2. The difference between the Founders and Brown was that the Founders acted based on shared principles, after ore than a decade of appeals for redress, and they did so as representatives of their respective States. John Brown was a coward and vigilante who acted unilaterally and illegally.

3. That justice and legality are not synonymous is a principle we agree on. That the murder of an unborn child is the same as the murder of a 2 yr old child I generally agree on (there may be a caveat or 2, but generally agreed). But where we draw the line may be different. That Tiller is dead is not something I will weep over. But the question is, what is the net effect of that “justice” the killer doled out? I’ll tell you, the murder of MORE unborn babies, under the protection of Federal law enforcement, AND the persecution of those who would work to see abortions end! It was both illegal AND unjust to murder Tiller, if for no other reason than because the net effect will be that more babies die, and more liberties are lost — and civil conflict inevitably comes closer.

4. The Left never has to pay a price because they have no morals, and make no pretense to having morals (unless they see political benefit in it). There is therefore no criteria by which they are held accountable. The Press won’t hold them accountable, their comrades in the Washington political elite (Dem or Repub) won’t hold them accountable, their friends in the courts won’t hold them accountable. ONLY the people at election time MAY hold them accountable — and lately, that’s not been true. Furthermore, by the time the census is thru, ACORN is fully funded and in place, and the gerrymandering of new congressional districts in finished, not even a MAJORITY of the voters will be able to beat the deck they’ve stacked.

203 posted on 05/31/2009 6:19:47 PM PDT by patriot preacher (To be a good American Citizen and a Christian IS NOT a contradiction. (
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