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To: Star Traveler

The Muslim flag is already over the White House thanks to the closet Muslim.

19 posted on 06/25/2009 10:36:21 AM PDT by ConservativeOptimist ( Jihad from the oval office.... Or how do you spell "Manchurian Candidate"?)
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To: ConservativeOptimist

You said — The Muslim flag is already over the White House thanks to the closet Muslim.

I do understand what you’re saying when you say that, but in my case, I think any other reader should understand what I’m saying here. I’m not simply saying that it’s going to be like what we see with Obama there now — but rather — it’s going to be a literal flag flying over the White House, with Muslims in all areas of government, and Sharia law instituted, and all our lives governed under the law from the Koran and from the Sharia law that they wish to put into place.

It’s already being set up and those Muslims are already infiltrating all levels of government in preparation for doing this, laying the groundwork carefully, right now, in order to make it impossible for us to undo it later and making it easy to turn this entire nation under the *direct control* of the evil and oppressive idealogy of Islam.

Also, keep in mind that *even right here on Free Republic* — we’ve got the *lying defenders* of Islam, speaking out against those who oppose this evil idealogy of Islam. They use obfuscation and misdirection and outright lying in order to “defend Islam”...

This is what I wrote in another post to some other poster...

Well..., sorry, but I don’t call an evil and oppressive government idealogy with their own proponents expressing openly that they are going to overthrow the U.S. and fly the Islamic flag over the White House — to be “drivel”....

However, your statement saying that is it drivel, for what Islam and those terrorists are intent on doing — does have a name that many may not be familiar with...

It’s called “Takiyya” — which is the practice of those supporting the evil/oppressive idealogy of Islam to “lie through their teeth” (usually straight to your face) about what Islam intends to do, if they are “called” on it...

It’s the practice that Muslims are called upon to do in order to keep this oppressive idealogy of Islam from being exposed, if that is about to happen (either to an individual, or a group, or in the press or wherever it comes up).

You’ll find the information about Takiyya, the “lying through your teeth” practice of Muslims... to infidels... in several places documenting the practice of Muslims to sidetrack and lie to people so they *won’t suspect* that they are about to be oppressed...

Here’s just one example...

Submitted by Clare M. Lopez (United States), Apr 29, 2005 at 18:53

Dear Mr. Pipes:

I am sure you are aware of it, but perhaps it would help the average reader to better understand what we are up against with committed Islamist jihadis, if the concept of “takiyya” were included in a story like this. In fact, to the Western way of thinking and within our ethical framework, deception is deception and it is wrong.

Within the Muslim moral universe, the concept of “takiyya”, which is religiously-sanctioned deception to protect or promote Islam, is not only moral, it is admirable because it comes from the Koran and experiences of Muhammad himself. This by no means is to excuse the behavior of a character like Moussaoui, but to place that behavior in a context about which most Americans know nothing. As Sun Tzu said many centuries ago, “Know thine enemy as you know thyself.”

Clare M. Lopez
Executive Director, Iran Policy Committee
Washington, DC


22 posted on 06/25/2009 10:45:53 AM PDT by Star Traveler (I personally oppose shooting abortionists, but I do not believe in imposing my morality on others.)
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