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Sarah Palin At High Noon
American Thinker ^ | 6-26-09 | Lloyd Marcus - OP/ED

Posted on 06/26/2009 12:44:26 PM PDT by smoothsailing

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June 26, 2009

Sarah Palin At High Noon

By Lloyd Marcus

I just watched the classic movie "High Noon" (again). Gary Cooper played a brave sheriff who brought law and order to his town. As one woman said, "He made it safe for a decent woman to walk down the street". A recently released outlaw was coming back to town on the noon train to deliver vengeance against the sheriff who put him away. His gang of three arrived early to help their leader take out the sheriff.

Fully aware of why the bad men were in town, the sheriff could not arrest them because they had not broken any laws. Waiting is not illegal.

Desperate, the sheriff interrupted a church service to solicit help. After much debate, the ungrateful town folks declined. They even suggested the sheriff "get out of town" hoping the trouble would follow him. The sheriff contemplated their recommendation. He began saddling his horse, but something inside would not allow him to run away. Heroically, the sheriff faced the bad guys and won!

I thought of another strong, gutsy, bold, stand-on-principles hero, Sarah Palin, in her own modern day version of High Noon. Sheriff Palin rode into America Town on a white horse with conservative guns blazing and saved a dead McCain campaign. She brought hope to weary and battered conservative town folks and gave them a reason to vote.

Outlaw Obama and his posse, the hate filled liberal media/Democrat gang, came to town a gunnin' to politically eliminate Sheriff Palin. They ambushed her at Miss Katie Couric's CBS saloon. Though wounded numerous times, Sheriff Palin survived.

She bravely stood tall and rode high in the saddle while ungrateful, weak kneed Republican town folks ran for cover, hid in their homes and peeked nervously through the curtains.

Why are Obama and his gang so committed and desperate to destroy Palin? Could it be they recognize her destiny, like that of Moses, to set her people free? And why is she so despised by them? Obama's gang hate Palin for all the reasons we love her. Sheriff Palin is a good, decent and strong character driven conservative leader. Palin also believes in God. Such humility and virtues are as repulsive to liberals as showing Dracula the cross.

Something that sticks in the craw of many liberal women is that in their youth, they brought into the feminist rhetoric that women's liberation means no husband and family. Tragically, they find themselves aging and alone. Meanwhile, this conservative woman has it all: great career, fine family and a husband who loves and respects her. Adding insult in injury, Sheriff Palin looks mighty fine in her jeans.

Recently, the libs sent an old washed up gunslinger, the Letterman Kid, to challenge Sheriff Palin to a shoot out. Palin planted two bullets between the pathetic old dude's wrinkly eyes before he could un-holster his gun.

Despite Sheriff Palin's courage and willingness to fight, Obama and his posse rule America Town. They are in the process of taking over everything! Obama took over the livery stable and banned horses. While he and his posse continue riding horses, we town folks are forced to ride miniature ponies.

But in the spirit of what has made America Town great, an uprising is a brewin'. A huge conservative posse is building daily. Our first battle will be in 2010 to win back America Town's House and Senate. Then, in 2012, God willing and the creek don't rise, Sheriff Palin will lead us to victory in the battle of Little Big Washington DC. Years earlier, another great lawman cleaned up America Town, Sheriff Ronald Reagan.

After Sheriff Palin sweeps out the Obama gang, perhaps once again, we will be as what Sheriff Reagan affectionately called us, "a shining city on a hill".

Lloyd Marcus is the Singer/Songwriter of the "American Tea Party Anthem" and President, NAACPC (National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color).

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To: smoothsailing

What I mean is Sarah Palin is mediocre at best. She is a complete invention of the Right, just as 0bama is an invention of the Left.

Palin’s support comes from desperation and a real shortness of vision. The GOP has always been the “who’s next in line” party, and as the defeated VP candidate on John McCain’s defeated presidential ticket, the mind numbed lemmings are gravitating to her, since they believe she is “next in line.”

She already lost against 0bama last year, and she will lose any rematch, too.

Some people in certain quarters of the conservative movement are trying very hard to invent a mythology around Palin. But just like 0bama, her accomplishments are few and insignificant. But unlike 0bama, she can’t even speak intelligently. Are we so abused from the Bush years that many of us have now convinced themselves that an inability to communicate effectively or coherently is actually a sign of leadership? Have we actually brainwashed ourselves from the years of excuses we made for Bush? “Bush/Palin can’t form a complete sentence, which proves they’re real people!”

Half the heartburn of the past 8 years we experienced was unnecessary and brought on solely by Bush’s public image as a dolt. That held back everything we wanted to accomplish as conservatives, and the only way Bush could get anyone to go along with him was when he was the one going along with him. The Ted Kennedy education bill vs. The Social Security reform failure. Bush’s domestic policy ‘victories’ were Phyric. He only won when he was advancing the Left’s agenda. The reason was because his inarticulation made it impossible for him to bring anyone over to his side that wasn’t already there.

We can do better than that. I don’t know who it is quite yet, we’ve got 3 years to figure it out, but that person is out there. Let’s not forfeit 2012 to 0bama because we’re too stubborn to admit that John McCain made a bad choice for his running mate. It’s time for us to admit that maybe John McCain doesn’t have the best judgement after all.

41 posted on 06/26/2009 1:30:53 PM PDT by counterpunch (In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.)
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To: counterpunch

You and others in and out of the republican party just don’t get it sometime. There are millions of conservative Americans that DON’T CARE whether Sarah flows through every word/sentence with literary beauty. listen to half the democratic house and senate! we are looking for an honest, principled, christian, experienced candidate....that happens to be an American conservative. She’s it.

42 posted on 06/26/2009 1:37:38 PM PDT by texassonofww11vet
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To: counterpunch

With Palin what you see is pretty much what you get. With Obama what you see is what you get. I prefer what I see when I look at Palin He is cold-blooded and power-hungry, and Palin is not. Whether she has to “stuff” or not, remains to be seen. but she is obviously not backing down.

43 posted on 06/26/2009 1:37:41 PM PDT by RobbyS (ECCE homo)
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To: MrB

Will this one succeed or will she get destroyed by the beast before anything good gets done?

44 posted on 06/26/2009 1:37:59 PM PDT by Soothesayer (The United States of America Rest in Peace November 4 2008)
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To: MrB

Well said, she can put two sentences together without a teleprompter and without the ers and ahs.

She can also communicate with people no matter what some say, the campaign last year is proof of that. She connected with millions in a very short time though Country Club Republicans didn’t like her message.

45 posted on 06/26/2009 1:38:23 PM PDT by jazusamo (But there really is no free lunch, except in the world of political rhetoric,.: Thomas Sowell)
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To: counterpunch
I respectfully beg to differ on a couple of your points:

It wasn't George W. Bush's inability to communicate that set conservatism back; it was his refusal to communicate until it was simply a matter of being too little, too late, and too bitter towards the wrong people.

The ability to communicate effectively is important. But while a person may not have a particularly strong grasp of grammar or syntax, if one is still able to get one's point across to as many people as possible, then that is what matters. If we based our choices of leaders solely upon their ability to form a grammatically-correct sentence, the only people who would be in Washington are attorneys, professors, and political hacks who can afford skilled speechwriters.

And I would posit that the crisis in which our nation finds itself is due to the fact that our halls of Congress are already populated with far too many attorneys, professors, and political hacks who can afford skilled speech writers.

You can keep your yearning for slick and precise orators who, for all their grammatical correctness, would still run over your mother and children for a quick, self-serving deal.

As for me, I'll take the plain talker who fights for what is right.

46 posted on 06/26/2009 1:39:51 PM PDT by 60Gunner (It's RINO Season!!!)
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To: Globalist Goon

This populist BS doesn’t work.
We just need someone smart who will advance the conservative message.
If you aren’t moving forward, you are moving backwards.
Republicans haven’t had a purpose for 10 years.

McCain didn’t offer people a reason to vote for the ticket.
Sarah Palin didn’t either.

Voting for them because 0bama was a socialist scored them less votes than John Kerry got when he lost to George Bush 4 years earlier.
Palin offers no solutions to get behind.
That’s what voters want. Ideas they can get excited about.
The feeling that the candidate is going to advance America in some way.

Right now, I believe Americans are clamoring for less government, but at the same time, making the government we keep more streamlined, efficient, and responsive. And more benevolent, less intrusive.

Palin can’t offer policies like that. You know this. She can whip up a crowd with her shrill criticisms of 0bama and other TV celebrities, and create a media circus around her, but she’s not a serious individual and problem solver in the long tradition of American statesmen.

47 posted on 06/26/2009 1:42:30 PM PDT by counterpunch (In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.)
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To: Globalist Goon

The GOP has 3 years to develop some leadership.

48 posted on 06/26/2009 1:44:42 PM PDT by counterpunch (In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.)
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To: techno

That’s downright nutty.
Sarah’s ‘tribe’ will discover just how small and isolated they are if she somehow wins the 2012 nomination.
I really don’t want to see 0bama president for 8 years.

The PalinBots are willing to risk that on a longshot gamble at elevating their Queen.

49 posted on 06/26/2009 1:48:29 PM PDT by counterpunch (In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.)
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To: counterpunch

Well, we have a problem. Someone like Romney simply “can’t whip up a crowd.”
and he can’t “connect” either with a crowd or individuals. He’s a stiff.

50 posted on 06/26/2009 1:49:30 PM PDT by RobbyS (ECCE homo)
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To: counterpunch

No one here has asserted that an inability to communicate is a requirement for a conservative choice for president. To characterize it as such is misleading at best.

I’ve listened to many interviews/speeches of hers and had no trouble whatsoever understanding her very conservative message. Millions of other Americans stood with her to give John McCain a fighting chance, responding positively to her conservative message.

That she is not a spit-shined politician with “soaring rhetoric” is not her Achilles Heel; that is her strength. The sooner some get that through their thick, urbane skulls, the sooner we can get on with the work we have to do.

51 posted on 06/26/2009 1:50:23 PM PDT by delphirogatio (I may not be a lion, but I am a lion's cub, and I have a lion's heart)
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To: texassonofww11vet

Palin cannot win on the votes of small town conservatives alone.
Millions of conservatives are not enough.
She would need well over 60 million votes.

52 posted on 06/26/2009 1:56:10 PM PDT by counterpunch (In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.)
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To: counterpunch

Here we go again, counterpunch screaming at the top of his lungs about how worthless Sarah Palin is. As I’ve stated before, it’s clear you don’t like her and prefer a more elitist politician.

You, like the liberal democrats, fear Sarah Palin. It’s obvious from your posts that you are afraid she might get the nomination. Quit being such a pussy and start encouraging people like Sarah to enter the arena and bring the values of normal folks to Washington. If she wants to be President, let her run and fail on her own. What possible harm can there be from having more people like Sarah Palin on the national scene?

53 posted on 06/26/2009 1:57:11 PM PDT by stevestras
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To: counterpunch; All

“John McCain made a bad choice for his running mate”

What color is the sky in your world today?

Governor Palin is the only reason Juan “My Friends...” McCain didn’t have his moderate a$$ completely back-handed to him—sliced, diced & double-dipped ...
counterpunch, you sound like the Democrats who called Reagan an “amiable dolt” and a “dunce.” They’ve pulled the same stuff with every GOP candidate, going back to Eisenhower.
When McCain picked Sarah, we were all saying, “Who?” She was saying, “Me?” K-K-Katie ambushed her, so you’re ready to drink the NBC/CBS/ABC kool-aid ... and Obama can “speak intelligently”. (”Senator, tell us: (dramatic pause) When did you first learn you could actually walk on water?” “Oh gee, Kate—age 3 I think.”) Jayzus!
Uh, er, hmmm, um—that’s, that’s, uh, a problem.
Once a month Sarah gets peckish and hunts bears with a switch, she would butter Zero’s neck-tie in debate, as she did with Joltin’ Joe, and she’s got a couple years to sharpen her teeth. And they know it.
We will continue to see attacks from the demo-dupes on all channels, but here? These negative vibes, man ... always with these negative vibes.

54 posted on 06/26/2009 1:58:46 PM PDT by tumblindice (FRiends don't drink MSM koolaid)
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To: RobbyS

The choice between Palin or 0bama is a false dichotomy.
I’d rather pick someone else entirely who is not a hollow media creation or hand-picked by Juan McCain.

55 posted on 06/26/2009 1:58:54 PM PDT by counterpunch (In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.)
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To: counterpunch

You are reading from the same page as someone like Peggy Noonan who wants Palin to sound “substantive.” Obama never sounds “substantive,” sometimes even when he is reading from a script.

56 posted on 06/26/2009 1:59:19 PM PDT by RobbyS (ECCE homo)
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To: Soothesayer

Whom He calls, He equips.

57 posted on 06/26/2009 1:59:48 PM PDT by MrB (Go Galt now, save Bowman for later)
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To: counterpunch
Well, I happen to hold Palin in higher regard than you do, but even I don't see her as some celestial gift to mankind. I merely share her principled conservative philosophy, and am delighted by the excitement she generates.

I don't know what your point is in injecting Bush and McCain into a discussion about Palin, although you apparently desire to equally diminish them all.

You seem quite bitter, I hope you're able to get beyond that.

58 posted on 06/26/2009 2:00:41 PM PDT by smoothsailing
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To: alecqss

Vlad the Impaler used to brag that a naked virgin with a golden cup could pass unmolested from one end of his kingdom to the other.

I guess he made it safe for both decent and indecent women to walk down the street. ;)

59 posted on 06/26/2009 2:00:58 PM PDT by allmendream ("Wealth is EARNED not distributed, so how could it be redistributed?")
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To: jazusamo

All she has to do is something NO leftist can do,

speak genuinely from her core beliefs.

If a leftist did that, he’d get 10% of the vote.

And when you get someone genuine on stage with a typical leftist pol, the difference is going to be clear.

60 posted on 06/26/2009 2:01:11 PM PDT by MrB (Go Galt now, save Bowman for later)
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