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To: stevie_d_64

I don’t have a person.
It is really too early to jump on any bandwagon.

One person I would like to see run is Newt Gingrich.
But he also has a history of always being “about” to get in without ever actually getting in.

That doesn’t mean he is my ‘guy’ mind you.
He is simply someone I think may have the potential to at least raise the bar, elevate the discourse, and shape the debate in a positive way, even if he doesn’t prove to be the right person ultimately to carry the message forward.

I’m not a Ron Paul nut, if that is what you are trying to insinuate.
I think it is high time conservatives stop settling.
We’ve lost it all. We have nothing left to lose.
If now isn’t the time to put our foot down and demand better leadership than what we’ve currently got, then when the hell will it ever be?

I’ve been critical of Palin, John Boner, Eric Can’tor, Mitch McConnell, Michael Steele. They are all mediocre at best. We can do better than all of them.
But we won’t, so long as they have their apologists and cheerleaders.
It’s time we have some leadership that proves itself to us, instead of us carrying the water for them, and making excuses for their shortcomings.

We do have real leaders out there. Mike Pence comes to mind.
Perhaps not president just yet, but he ought to be the Republican leader in the House. Speaker of the House, to be exact.
It can happen, but only if we demand more from Republicans we elect.
Stop propping up clowns and demanding that America accept them.
It doesn’t work that way.

If we can’t cut our losses now, then when will we ever?
It’s time for a whole new Republican party.
No more RINOs, and no more clowns and halfwit bumblers either. It’s time to free ourselves from the burden of propping them up. All of them.
Let them prove themselves for once, and then see who is left standing.

81 posted on 06/26/2009 2:52:01 PM PDT by counterpunch (In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.)
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To: counterpunch; All; SolidWood; Al B.; Sarah Barracuda; SoCalPol; techno; pissant; Diogenesis
You know, it is a damned good question as to WHY you have THIS picture on your FR profile page...

...and then come on this board to trash her as mercilessly as you have.

I'm starting to think that you're either a lib troll or a deranged nut.

106 posted on 06/26/2009 3:41:51 PM PDT by Virginia Ridgerunner (Sarah Palin is a smart missile aimed at the heart of the left!)
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To: counterpunch

You are right dead on the money...We are on the same page...

My insinuation was just a personal check...Yeah, I should not have done that, but I had to know fo sur...

If Newt can weather the storm, then sure, some of his stuff he used to be about still resonates with me...

I recall a few things I kept scratching my head about in recent years about him...I speak in generalities at this time because I dismissed them as quirks, or spur of the moment idiosincracies that didn’t matter “too” much in the bigger scheme of things...

My biggest fault with him was he didn’t stick to his guns...He had a tremendous amount of support, even when the attacks on him and the Republicans in general were at their hieght...I attribute that loss also to what Tom DeLay did to my district when they went after him...

When you are right you are right...And no amount of BS is going to change things, if you just stick with it...

But all of that is water under the bridge...

You and I and many others are wondering the same things...Who will step up, when will the Republican party leadership get their collective heads out of their arses and stop settling for people who sound and look good, but cannot compete with liberal/socialists...

It is not going to get any easier in 2010 and 2012...

What is going to be telling, and I have yet to find the discussion on this, is that not only is the government spending money like mad, they just passed this latest bill yesterday that is going to tax us into oblivion...

The only respite is that I see the spending our future unborn generations future away, they are going to have to pay for it already, even after we are dead and gone...

How do you find enough people to represent us that are willing to die (figuratively, politically or even literally) to correct that???

I do not see a lot of people out there with the courage to do so...

You do not need to be a financial wizard to do and support things which will correct it...

183 posted on 06/27/2009 4:31:09 AM PDT by stevie_d_64
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To: counterpunch

VS Palin?

You have got to be out of your LIBERAL mind!

365 posted on 06/28/2009 5:20:59 PM PDT by Randy Larsen ( BTW, If I offend you! Please let me know, I may want to offend you again!)
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