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Voting Rate Dips As Older Whites Stay Home [Enabled 0 to Win OH & PA!]
APReport ^ | July 20, 2009

Posted on 07/20/2009 1:43:08 PM PDT by Steelfish

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To: Zhang Fei
It makes no sense letting Stalin get into power because the GOP guy disagrees with you on some issues.

Exactly my point. Say what you will about McCain, can any of you McCain haters honestly say that America would have been worse off on July 20, 2009 than we are today if McCain were President? Would we have a runaway Congress running amuk? Would we have a leader bowing down to Saudi kings and shaking hands with evil dictators all the while smacking Israel in the face? Would we be facing this monstrosity of a health care nightmare? Would the House have passed Cap and Tax? I think you know the answer.

You holier than thou conservatives refusing to vote for anything less than your perfect candidate may have (not necessarily did) put us in this boat. Voting has consequences but so does NOT voting and you have to accept the consequences of your choices. We are here PERHAPS because of those who stayed home.

41 posted on 07/20/2009 2:09:46 PM PDT by erkyl (We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office --Aesop (~550 BC))
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To: Aria
Want some cheese to go with that whine???

I hear the food banks are about to give away a bunch.

42 posted on 07/20/2009 2:10:49 PM PDT by org.whodat (Vote: Chuck De Vore in 2012.)
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To: Mount Athos
If you want to blame something, how about a primary process that lets non-republicans decide the victor in many states.

Being that the GOP Primaries were finished long before the Democratic Primaries, it is doubtful that many Democrats voted in the GOP Primaries. However, if you recall, there was a movement lead by Rush Limbaugh called "Operation Chaos" where he encouraged Republicans to vote for Hillary in open Democratic primaries.

And we all know how well Mr. Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" scheme worked.

43 posted on 07/20/2009 2:12:43 PM PDT by trumandogz (The Democrats are driving us to Socialism at 100 MPH -The GOP is driving us to Socialism at 97.5 MPH)
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To: erkyl
"Don’t let anyone ever convince you not to vote again."

I'll go you one better, don't let anyone convince you to vote for Liberal Lite just because he/she has an "R" after his or her name.

And this argument about not voting or voting for third party elects Democrats crap has got to stop.

Here's a novel idea, actually run Candidates people want to vote for rather than going with the RINO mantra of "vote for the lesser of two evils" so Democrats won't get elected.

I know its a radical concept but hey maybe its time for such.

44 posted on 07/20/2009 2:14:28 PM PDT by Mad Dawgg (will work for bailout bonus.... Twitter: maddawggmorgan)
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To: RinaseaofDs

Thompson’s name used to be on McCain-Feingold, since that’s the reason I’ve walked away from McCain I couldn’t do it. I’ll admit he’s clean on other reasons to not like McCain, but I couldn’t do it.

45 posted on 07/20/2009 2:14:34 PM PDT by discostu (Jeff's imagination has gone beyond the fringe of audience comprehension)
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To: org.whodat
Some people couldn’t stomach voting for the most open border politician in the republican party.

Yep, and they helped elect Democrats that are literally destroying our nation in front of our eyes...something illegals could not have done in a hundred years.

I wonder if they still feel it was worth it? Was throwing the economy away, allowing the Dems to take over our financial system, change the way we generate and distribute power, abandoning Israel really, really worth it? How about embryonic stem cell research, federally funded abortions, global humiliation?

Nothing John McCain and all the RINOs in America would ever have done approaches what Pelosi, Reed, and Obama are doing right now.

This nation and a lot of "conservatives" got what they deserved..unfortunately, I got it too. The worst part is that we can't change it even with the chest beating going on here..elections have consequences.

46 posted on 07/20/2009 2:15:07 PM PDT by A.Hun (Common sense is no longer common.)
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To: discostu

Understand completely. He was the closest guy running to being a conservative that I could surmise. Again, a punt.

47 posted on 07/20/2009 2:17:05 PM PDT by RinaseaofDs
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To: Steelfish
Among whites 45 and older, turnout fell 1.5 percentage point to just under 72 percent.

Asked to identify their reasons for not voting, 46 percent of all whites said they didn't like the candidates, weren't interested or had better things to do, up from 41 percent in 2004. Hispanics had similar numbers for both years.

Many of us here have known this for some time, even before the November vote, we felt this would be the case. We debated which would be worse: McCain with Dem Congress, or Obama with a Dem Congress, with Obama's presidency spurring the Republicans to a big comeback in 2010?

We are now in the very weeks when that question will be answered. We need to push Congress to defeat Obama's legislative excesses, and identify the Republican candidates who can bring about victories in 2010 and 2012. And we need to throw it back in the faces of McCain, Powell, and RINOs and moderates everywhere who do nothing but demoralize Republican voters with their habit of pandering and sucking up to every interest group they can find to pander to and suck up to. They, including Bush and Rove, are who caused the losses in 2006 and 2008.

The same conservative, Republican message for everyone potential voter.

48 posted on 07/20/2009 2:17:11 PM PDT by Will88
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To: discostu

I wrote in Hunter. McCain carried my state, so it didn’t matter anyway. But, if it ever comes down to my individual vote? Maybe the GOP better earn it. I’m done with the candidates getting more and more Democrat with every election cycle. I held my nose and voted for Bush and that’s the last time.

49 posted on 07/20/2009 2:20:04 PM PDT by Rastus
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To: Jedidah
You have forfeited the right to gripe about our current situation, because you helped cause it.

Everyone who did anything at all to make Juan McCain our nominee caused the loss of 2010. You can blather all you like about how people simply must vote for a pathetic Republican nominee, but many will not do it.

Better to work to produce a much better nominee next time, because you will not change peoples ways in this, as several elections have shown.

50 posted on 07/20/2009 2:20:45 PM PDT by Will88
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To: RinaseaofDs

And really not that horrible a punt. I just couldn’t punt last year. Of course I live in AZ, being in a non-swing state gives you some cover, in a non-swing state I might not be such a purist.

51 posted on 07/20/2009 2:22:28 PM PDT by discostu (Jeff's imagination has gone beyond the fringe of audience comprehension)
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To: trumandogz

Of course some white voters who stayed home didn’t deny McCain the Presidency.

What they did was, in their own self-absorption, refuse to stand up against the worst choice of leadership in generations.

We can’t always have our first choice. Most elections feature flawed candidates. We simply have to pick the better of the two (or more), not stay at home and pout if a suberb candidate isn’t in the mix.

And those who stayed home last November now share some of the blame for what we are all suffering. They did nothing — even one small vote — to prevent it.

52 posted on 07/20/2009 2:24:33 PM PDT by Jedidah ("Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana)
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To: Rastus

I’m not sure if I’d be more or less of a purist if I lived in a swing state. McCain won AZ, so like you might non-vote didn’t matter. Part of me thinks that in a swing state I might be more willing to just keep the dems out, part of me thinks though that if my vote REALLY mattered I might be more severe. Some projections are having AZ morph to a swing state, guess I’ll find out who I really am then.

53 posted on 07/20/2009 2:25:26 PM PDT by discostu (Jeff's imagination has gone beyond the fringe of audience comprehension)
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To: Boucheau; All
"The bigger government gets the more it screws with the natural order of things and serves as a pseudo-husband to single females."

54 posted on 07/20/2009 2:27:48 PM PDT by musicman (Until I see a REAL C.O.L.B. BC, he's just "PRES__ENT" Obama = Without "ID")
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To: Steelfish

This points out that we win by motivating our core constituencies to show up and vote, not by pandering to the Left. The Left’s constituencies will not vote for a watered down “Democrat lite” when the real thing is on the ballot.

55 posted on 07/20/2009 2:28:11 PM PDT by PapaBear3625 (The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money -- Thatcher)
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To: erkyl
The truth is this: McCain did not energize the base. His global warming, attacks on Bush, "calm down" comments put off people.

Enthusiasm is critical in presidential politics and independents and liberals were enthusiastic for Obama. That's all it takes to win: one side is enthusiastic, the other lackluster.
56 posted on 07/20/2009 2:28:51 PM PDT by Acrobat (I cannot even watch BHO on TV. It's keeping me off TV)
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To: erkyl
Exactly my point. Say what you will about McCain, can any of you McCain haters honestly say that America would have been worse off on July 20, 2009 than we are today if McCain were President?

This is what I don't get. People who compromise day in and day out (can't get this, yet - don't have the cash; that convertible is nice but too impractical - I can't ferry the kids, and their stuff, around in that) suddenly decide - on the one thing in which hundreds of millions of other people also get a say - that unless the GOP candidate agrees with them on every major issue, they're sitting this one out. The only place you might get everything you want is in heaven. Actually, probably not even there - I suspect that in heaven, you get everything God wants.

57 posted on 07/20/2009 2:30:23 PM PDT by Zhang Fei
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To: ReneeLynn
All the older whites I know in PA were behind Obama.

...and yet right next door in WV, a state with a very white and more aged population, a state where no Republican holds a state-wide office and both Sens. and two out of our three Reps are Rats......McCain won.

58 posted on 07/20/2009 2:34:20 PM PDT by Roccus (The Capitol, the White House, the Court House...........America's Axis of Evil)
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To: Roccus; ReneeLynn

PA is heavily Catholic in the two major metros (Philly and Pitt) with sizeable Jewish population on the mainline. WV is made up largely of Scots-Irish protestants, who comprise the core of Sarah Palin’s base.

59 posted on 07/20/2009 2:36:45 PM PDT by Clemenza (Remember our Korean War Veterans)
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To: Steelfish

Yup, hope and change.

Wait till the “older whites” can only get assisted suicide counseling instead of hip replacements. Wait till the “older whites” cannot drive their RVs and campers down to Florida due to gas @$10.00

Itell ya the “older whites” are going to be lynched by the younger generations of this country for putting future generations into socialized servitude to pay for all this “hope and change” (aka crap....)

60 posted on 07/20/2009 2:37:19 PM PDT by Freedom56v2 ("If you think healthcare is expensive now, just wait till it is free! "~ PJ O'Rourke)
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