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A letter to Protest of the “Enemies List” at

Mr. President:

You have lost my support, and now I fear that I may also be put on Linda Douglas and your F-i-s-h-y Enemies List. This is the most brazen act ever in America akin to what dictators and third world stooges engage in. Chicago politics must have long ago corrupted you, or is it possible you are just not FIT (I did not say ready) for Prime-Time.

You shame the Country on an Apology Tour, mock the Cambridge Police force, and try to impose Socialism upon America.

Ah, to lament that we do miss the dignity and brevity of the past President who at least was carefully spoken and never misunderstood - but you good Sir, twist and cry foul at every turn.

Please grow up, and please clean up your corrupt Presidential Suite and Administration, for we Americans have all had enough!

So in 2010, 2012 and beyond I will very carefully vote to rid American of you and your ilk in the Congress and Senate.


1 posted on 08/08/2009 5:00:22 AM PDT by Jumper
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To: Jumper

Well they have a lot of enemys...Capitalists. There are still a lot of us around.

2 posted on 08/08/2009 5:02:22 AM PDT by screaminsunshine (!!)
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To: Jumper; Congressman Billybob

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

First amendment rights are being trampled on all around us. We’ll lose them competely if we don’t do something.

A letter is like blowing a pea shooter against a tank. It just helps them know who/where to target.

“Sue the Bastards”
Who’s going to get a class action started?

File charges. Where are the conservative lawyers? Isn’t the attack in MO of the conservative African American a hate crime? Where is the legal support for this young man?

5 posted on 08/08/2009 5:19:47 AM PDT by hoosiermama (ONLY DEAD FISH GO WITH THE FLOW.......I am swimming with Sarahcudah! Sarah has read the tealeaves.)
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To: Jumper

Sending a letter to Obama complaining of his request for Americans to pimp out other Americans is actually getting the job done for him, as your name goes on the list with his receipt of the letter.

Not that most Americans are afraid of that——yet.

As for the Media remember the media didnt say much when Hitler rounded up the Gypsy’s Jews and Catholics either.

I read once where references to Hitler and the Nazi’s were self defeating because they destroyed our credibility. I am sorry for that reference ,but I dont know of any other reference to use and that one apepars to fit like a glove.

8 posted on 08/08/2009 5:23:10 AM PDT by Venturer
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To: Jumper
The Whitehouse has asked citizens to narc on their friends and neighbors who exhibit "anti-healthcare" or "anti-government" behavior.

As a good and loyal brown-shirted Socialist dupe, I sent this message to the whitehouse.

If you are not yet terrified of your own government,

Please join me in emailing the new Gestapo with this report.

Send it

Subject: fishy


10 posted on 08/08/2009 5:27:13 AM PDT by Aevery_Freeman (Our Last Best Hope: REPEAL THE 16th AMENDMENT!)
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To: Jumper

As my tag line shows I am proud to be considered an enemy to people that would destroy America and our Constitution..
I am trying to get bumper stikers made up.You know like those my kid is an honor student at Washington High that you see.
Thinking of
My wife made Obamas hit list at
I made the honor roll on
My husband is in the top 10% on the Government hit list at
My kid wants to be on the honor roll at
The possiblities are endless.

12 posted on 08/08/2009 5:28:30 AM PDT by SECURE AMERICA (Proud to have made Communist Leader Obama's hit list at
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To: Jumper

Mr. President,
Do you really believe the American people don’t understand your true goals and objectives?
None of the policies you’re pursuing are designed to “fix” the underlying problem.
The insurance bill is NOT about providing healthcare, it is about control.
The cap and trade bill is NOT about providing energy, it is about control.
Your tax policy is NOT about creating jobs, it is about control.
You can’t steal money from the people who create the jobs and then wonder why there are no jobs.
You destroy the profit motive and you destroy capitalism and America.
But then, THAT IS your objective.
You’ve taken all of the money managers from the corrupt agencies that created this problem and placed them in positions to instantiate your programs.
You say that you want the people that created the mess out of the way and then magnify their authority ten-fold.

You demonstrate your lack of conviction in your policies, by refusing to discuss the flaws exposed by your critics.
Instead you demonize them, because that is the tactic of extremists.
IF your ideas were solid, you could defend them in open debate.
They aren’t and you can’t!

13 posted on 08/08/2009 5:29:22 AM PDT by G Larry ( Obamacare=Dying in Line!)
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To: Jumper
My email to flag

--- On Fri, 8/7/09, wayne evans wrote:

From: wayne evans
Subject: Healthcare Lies
Date: Friday, August 7, 2009, 1:48 PM

I've seen the same guy on all of the TV networks telling lies about the Healthcare bill. Didn't get his name but he was a skinny Kenyan pimp from Chicago with big ears. Ya'll be on the lookout for this douchebag, I know we will.

14 posted on 08/08/2009 5:31:49 AM PDT by Feckless (No Birth Certificate... No Peace)
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To: Jumper

I suggest you do the honorable thing and turn yourself in ,,,,,,,,, I did . Use this site to show these Nazis how many of us there really are out here . I told him I did not feel comptfortable turning in the many ,,, many other people I know who also think his policies are a failure and have hurt this country .

17 posted on 08/08/2009 5:43:15 AM PDT by lionheart 247365 (-: Who needs scare tactics at a HORROR SHOW ??? :-)
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To: Jumper
Or this one...


20 posted on 08/08/2009 5:47:17 AM PDT by Aevery_Freeman (Our Last Best Hope: REPEAL THE 16th AMENDMENT!)
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To: Jumper

I posted a thread yesterday titled : “Snitcher revolt” and was surprised by the results . I suggested we turn ourselves in ,,,,, start a snowball effect . . .

22 posted on 08/08/2009 5:48:01 AM PDT by lionheart 247365 (-: Who needs scare tactics at a HORROR SHOW ??? :-)
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To: Jumper

Gov Whitehouse Gov Wnemies List is a threat to our security.

25 posted on 08/08/2009 6:17:33 AM PDT by jetson
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To: Jumper
The list they are compiling will be used to deny healthcare. They want GOV controlled to deny their enemies!!!!!
27 posted on 08/08/2009 6:24:44 AM PDT by wbones8765 ("Give me liberty or give me death")
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To: Jumper

First person I’d nominate for the “Enemies of America” list would be obama himself. With the crew obama has installed inside the beltway, I’m afraid Osamma Bin Laden has been bumped out of the top 100...

28 posted on 08/08/2009 6:34:18 AM PDT by ThunderSleeps (obama - bad for America)
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To: Jumper

It is incredible that in American an Administration has created a Public Enemies List. Please write your representatives, the White house and the MSM showing your distrust of this government the Media that is silent.

The public enemies reside in the white house, congress, and the MSM. Who can we write to.

It is better to vote them out of office.

30 posted on 08/08/2009 6:38:10 AM PDT by chainsaw (If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free! -- P.J..)
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To: Jumper

32 posted on 08/08/2009 6:46:36 AM PDT by paulycy (Screw the RACErs.)
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To: Jumper

Add my name to the list you are compiling you pathetic excuse for a leader. We are the United States of American, not the United States of Cuba.

John Eric Knight. Citizen, Taxpayer and Voter.

38 posted on 08/08/2009 7:31:08 AM PDT by MNJohnnie (Obamanomics: we have to destroy the US Economy in order to save it!)
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To: Jumper
To All:
If you would like to remain anonymous; that is not have them capture your IP address, follow these instructions:

Go to this web based proxy server -
Enter this URL in the dialog box - - and click the Begin Browsing... button.

This will take you to a web site that allows you to send anonymous email.

This web site records the IP address that you came from, which is ATunnel's IP address and not yours.

I am not affiliated with either of these web sites in any way. I simply searched for "anonymous email" and "anonymous surfing" and found them. There are hundreds of these available.

So the process is go to a web based proxy server first, then to a site that lets you send anonymous email.

Have fun.

39 posted on 08/08/2009 7:54:22 AM PDT by Texas Jack
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To: Jumper
they wanted names, so i gave them a name... my local RAT!!!

Rep. Eric Massa said Tuesday he opposes the health care reform bill being considered by the House of Representatives because he's concerned it will ruin Medicare or that it could force tens of millions of Americans to buy supplemental insurance they don't need.

"I will not vote for something that I perceive will destroy Medicare," Massa, a Democrat from Corning, said in an afternoon meeting with the editorial board of the Star-Gazette.

guess which one of us gets investigated???

40 posted on 08/08/2009 8:53:07 AM PDT by Chode (American Hedonist -ww- I AM JIM THOMPSON!)
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To: Jumper

The ACLJ, Jay Sekelow, has filed a lawsuit against this criminal act, this past week.

41 posted on 08/08/2009 9:00:25 AM PDT by rawhide
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To: Jumper

White House Data Collection Operation and the “Gov” Website are BOTH ILLEGAL.

WH Clowns did NOT and have NOT even registered their flag “gov” data - So where’s the data going? Who knows?

More self-inflicted wounds by these hyper-partisan incompetents.

* * *

White House Spy Program Violates .Gov Domain Guidelines And Privacy Act of 1974 – Updates And Who To Contact

“Just a long talk with Lee Ellis, policy administrator of the GSA Federal Acquisition Service which assign .Gov domains and creates the guidelines for the use of .Gov domains.

Mr. Ellis was very cordial, mentioning he was up until 9:00 pm last night after being inundated with emails. I would like to extend many thanks to my readers who emailed me after contacting Mr. Ellis. Your words of support were encouraging. Don’t letup and keep sending those emails, but please be very cordial as Mr. Ellis is a very likable gentleman. Mr. Ellis will be the person who will re-write the guidelines if necessary.

Mr. Ellis informed me the legal office of the GSA Federal Acquisition Services (FAS) has been contacted. The White House site will not be taken down, which should come as no surprise due to its importance in providing vital information to the public. However, the use of the blog is in violation of the guidelines.

The White House may be asked to either remove the offending material of put up a disclaimer which states the site in question violates .gov second level domain guidelines by allowing for campaign content – in this case the campaign to pass health care legislation. Mr. Ellis is not a lawyer and I have not yet received a reply email from him, which I requested during our interview. However keep your eyes on the site website, which is the GSA FAS official website for any announcements. Again, keep up the pressure.

To understand the structure involved here, the federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) Vivek Kundra has authority over all other CIOs. I could not find any contact information for Vivek Kundra, so if anyone can dig this up and place it in the comments, I will add it to the post.

I did a little digging and found the current White House CIO is Macon Philips. I don’t have a phone number, so if anyone out there does, again please provide it in the comment section. It took a lot of research, but I was finally able to find an email for Macon Philips – Still looking for a phone number.

Macon Philips, the man behind and the website calling for the turning in of citizens is also known as the White House Director Of New Media.”

43 posted on 08/08/2009 12:39:27 PM PDT by Altera (See, "Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto" by Mark R. Levin)
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