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A Porn-Pop Summer ^ | August 21, 2009 | Brent Bozell

Posted on 08/22/2009 4:09:10 AM PDT by Kaslin

The baby boomers are trotting out the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the "Summer of Love," complete with all that soggy and groggy Woodstock nostalgia. Perhaps the singular statement of that summer was the music and the open celebration of "free love."

All of which, believe it or not, is preferable to what is on the air this summer.

Start with the big hit "Birthday Sex," which brought quick fame (which is to say, infamy) to a singer named Jeremih. (Why must these people always celebrate illiteracy?) His basic lyric is "Don't need candles and cake / Just need your body to make / Birthday sex." But Jeremih also elaborates about how he wants sex in the kitchen, on a waterbed and so on. It's an audio porn movie.

Interestingly, and sadly, few can be found to disapprove of foisting these "adult situation" lyrics on children. Radio station managers are, as a group, completely apathetic. But school administrators? The Chicago Public Schools enlisted their newly famous alumnus Jeremih in an online Twitter campaign to urge Chicago teens to go back to school this fall.

At least the Chicago Sun-Times was bold enough to disagree with this campaign. "We know CPS kids will listen to 'Birthday Sex' and far raunchier tunes whether Jeremih is a CPS spokesman or not," the paper editorialized. "We also know CPS must do all it can to deal with its horrific dropout problem. But that shouldn't include implicitly promoting the message in 'Birthday Sex,' no matter how appealing the messenger."

Jeremih was not alone in the gutter. The rapper who calls himself Flo Rida unleashed a big hit with "Right Round," which celebrates oral sex: "You spin my head right round, right round / When you go down, when you go down, down." He's not talking about spinning his eyeballs around.

Dirty lyrics don't keep an "artist" from appearing on the network morning news programs. They're fine with it, too. On the Aug. 14 "Today" show, the rapper also performed a previous hit song, "Low," with lyrics like this: "Shawty was hot like a toaster / Sorry but I had to fold her / Like a pornography poster."

Flo Rida granted an interview to NBC anchor Matt Lauer, who buttered up his guest by asking if his mother deserved credit for inspiring him to ascend from the rougher neighborhoods of Miami. Flo Rida's answer was even more offensive in its hypocrisy: "I mean, most definitely. She always taught me to dream big, put God first, you know, sacrifice and the sky's the limit."

I wonder what God thinks of that.

It's not just men who behave like pigs. The dance diva named Lady Gaga had a hit song titled "Love Game" that repeatedly celebrated the male anatomy: "Let's have some fun, this beat is sick / I wanna take a ride on your disco stick." A newspaper in the Philippines put the perfect spin on her concert there: "Lady with Legs Wide Open." Her songs aren't just a smash on the radio; they star on TV shows like "So You Think You Can Dance" on FOX.

These songs are not the cutting edge; they are the mainstream. The Culture and Media Institute studied 29 songs that were listed on top 20 airplay charts posted by Mediabase from June 10 to July 22. A large majority (69 percent) of the songs made at least one reference to sex, alcohol, drugs, or contained profanity. Nearly half (46 percent) of the songs contained sexual lyrics and 31 percent of the songs referenced drugs or alcohol. Profanity occurred in 41 percent of the songs.

Dr. Brian Primack of the University of Pittsburgh Medical School studied more than 700 ninth-graders and found in a study earlier this year that sexual songs lead to more sexual activity by teens: "High exposure to lyrics describing degrading sex in popular music was independently associated with higher levels of sexual behavior. In fact, exposure to lyrics describing degrading sex was one of the strongest associations with sexual activity." This might seem like an obvious finding, but no one in the music business bats an eye.

If tobacco companies can be blamed for lung cancer, and oil companies can be blamed for global warming, why aren't radio stations and record companies that churn out pornographic music blamed for teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases?

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial
KEYWORDS: bozell; culturewars; hollywood
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1 posted on 08/22/2009 4:09:10 AM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin; informavoracious; larose; RJR_fan; Prospero; Conservative Vermont Vet; ...

Freep-mail me to get on or off my pro-life and Catholic List:

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Please ping me to note-worthy Pro-Life or Catholic threads, or other threads of interest.

Obama Says A Baby Is A Punishment

Obama: “If they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

2 posted on 08/22/2009 4:11:43 AM PDT by narses (
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To: Kaslin

The lyrics to a lot of songs now are truly gross and disgusting. The only good thing is that they’re usually hard to understand, although I doubt that teenagers find it that difficult. Rap and rap-derived songs are particularly disgusting, because both male and female singers seem to do nothing but either crudely insult or crudely praise each other for their sexual abilities. Well, in between urging the killing of their rivals, cops or random passers-by.

The thing that’s irritating is that you hear this “music” everywhere: not only on the radio if you choose it, but even in clothing stores or at the gym.

3 posted on 08/22/2009 4:17:14 AM PDT by livius
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To: livius

I have real young nieces that eat this shit up and post the lyrics on Facebook.They absolutely are in love with these cretins.

4 posted on 08/22/2009 4:50:31 AM PDT by Uncle Meat
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To: Kaslin’m-In-Love-With-A-Stripper-lyrics-T-Pain/AC9F86CD1A471DFF482570E000151F40
“”I’m In Love Wit A Stripper Lyrics
Artist: T-Pain

Goddamn Lil Mama
U know u thick as Hell u know what im sayin
Matter fact
After the club u know what im talkin bout
Me and my niggas gone be together u know what im sayin
I aint worryin’ bout them really though
Im just lookin at u
Yea shit, u know
U got them big ass hips, god damn!

[Verse 1]

Got the body of a goddess
Got eyes butter pecan brown I see you girl
Droppin’ Low
She Comin Down from the ceiling
To da tha floor
Yea,She Know what she doin
Yea yea yea
She doin that right thang
Yea yea yea
I Need to get her over to my crib and do that night thang
Cause I’m N Luv wit stripper

[Chorus 2x]
She poppin she rollin, she rollin
She climbin that pole and
Im N Luv with stripper
She trippin she playin, she playin
Im not goin nowhere girl,im stayin
Im N Luv wit stripper

[Mike Jones]
[Verse 2]
mike jones!
She’s every’s man dream
She’s god’s gift to ‘erf
Women they love ‘em too that’s what you call a woman’s worth
See I love all of the strippers because they show me love
They know I never pay it’s free whenever I hit da club
But I can’t even lie, the girl’s in her so fly
She slidin’ up & down dat pole, got me mesmerized
Mike Jones don’t ever trick, but goddamn she thick!
I can’t lie must admit!
Dat I’m N Luv wit stripper

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
Out of all the girl’s she be the hottest
Likin’ da way she break it down, I see you girllll!
(spinnin wide)
And she lookin’ at me, in my eyees!(yeah)
She got my attentionnn! (yea yea yea)
Did i forget to mention? (yea yea yea)
I need ta get her over to my crib and do dat night thang!
Cause I’m N Luv wit stripper

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 4]
She can pop it,she can lock it
Teddy Penderass down is bout ta see this sexy girl(in my bed)
She don’t know what she is doing(to my head)
yea She turnin trick’s on me(yea yea yea)
She don’t even know me(yea yea yea)
I done got her over to my crib to dat night thang
Cause Im n luv wit stripper!!!

[Chorus x4]””

5 posted on 08/22/2009 4:56:40 AM PDT by iowamark (certified by Michael Steele as "ugly and incendiary")
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To: iowamark

I don’t think this was necessary to post those disgusting lyrics

6 posted on 08/22/2009 4:58:48 AM PDT by Kaslin (Acronym for 0bama: One Big Ass Mistake America)
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To: Kaslin

I’ll wager that there are a lot of people who don’t listen to pop music who don’t realize what the lyrics today are like.

7 posted on 08/22/2009 5:03:08 AM PDT by iowamark (certified by Michael Steele as "ugly and incendiary")
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To: Kaslin
Same as it ever was....

I Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl

recorded by Bessie Smith, November 20, 1931

Tired of bein' lonely, tired of bein' blue,
I wished I had some good man, to tell my troubles to
Seem like the whole world's wrong, since my man's been gone

I need a little sugar in my bowl,
I need a little hot dog, on my roll
I can stand a bit of lovin', oh so bad,
I feel so funny, I feel so sad
I need a little steam-heat, on my floor,
Maybe I can fix things up, so they'll go
What's the matter, hard papa, come on and save you mama's soul
'Cause I need a little sugar, in my bowl, doggone it,
I need a little sugar in my bowl

I need a little sugar, in my bowl,
I need a little hot dog, between my rolls
You gettin' different, I've been told,
move your finger, drop something in my bowl
I need a little steam-heat on my floor,
Maybe I can fix things up, so they'll go

(spoken: Get off your knees, I can't see what you're drivin' at
! It's dark down there!
Looks like a snake! C'mon here and drop somethin' here in my bowl,
stop your foolin', and drop somethin', in my bowl)

8 posted on 08/22/2009 5:33:41 AM PDT by freebilly ( No wonder all the left has a boner for Obama.... There's "Cialis" in "SoCIALISt")
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To: iowamark

Wow, those lyrics are bad! That’s why people have always liked Weird Al -his parodies have a popular catchy tune but much cleaner lyrics - in this case, in his most recent concert tour he parodied the stripper song with “I’m in love with the Skipper” complete with video clips of the Gilligan’s Island crew.

9 posted on 08/22/2009 5:39:50 AM PDT by Moonmad27
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To: Kaslin

10 posted on 08/22/2009 5:54:31 AM PDT by Bean Counter (No, I am Jim Thompson!!)
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To: Bean Counter
Hey, I've seen those two somewhere......

About forty years ago........they don't seem to have changed their clothes.

11 posted on 08/22/2009 5:58:15 AM PDT by Lakeshark (Thank a member of the US armed forces for their sacrifice)
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To: Kaslin
Any Rand had a few interesting things to say about Woodstock. It's in an article she wrote called Appolo vs Dioneysis. I couldn't find a link with the written word but if you click on the link you can hear Any Rand read the article.
12 posted on 08/22/2009 6:08:30 AM PDT by Nateman (If liberals aren't screaming you're doing it wrong.)
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To: Uncle Meat

Parents fault. We homeschooled ours. The last one is almost 17. They are not ghettoized at all. Parents who send their kids to Government Schools are risking having their kids become ghetto punks.

13 posted on 08/22/2009 6:33:42 AM PDT by ExpatGator (Extending logic since 1961.)
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To: livius

I’m 50, and remember some of the absolutely graphic lyrics from Zepplin and even right at this moment oldies station is playing KC and the Sunshine Band......”do a little dance, make a little love...get down..” Look at Madonna for crying out loud. The MTV slut who really mainstreamed porno.

The difference now is not the graphic lyrics but the frequency of them which should be no surprise to anyone considering the way some of these young people have been raised.

14 posted on 08/22/2009 6:42:19 AM PDT by Outlaw Woman (Hey............How's that Hope and Change Thingy workin' for ya?)
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To: Kaslin
40th anniversary of the summer of love

Sorry Brett, that was two years ago. The Summer of Love was 1967. Groovy.

15 posted on 08/22/2009 6:58:35 AM PDT by socal_parrot (I hate to say I told you so, but...)
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To: socal_parrot
The Summer of Love was 1967, that's correct. After the crew of Apollo 8 circled the Moon, Christmas Eve 1968, "The Sixties" of the Imagination came to an end. All that remained was the hangover.

Can anyone imagine anyone under 30 in 1969 listening to Swing music? Twice as much time has passed between 69 and 09, and we still hear this groove. In an amazingly short period, between mid July and mid August 1969 three amazing things happened, most definitely, no one of which should be either trivialized or over-blown out of perspective and context.

In the order of importance, according to Legacy Media, is



Apollo 11

Which of these three will still be remembered a century, two centuries, perhaps five centuries from today?

I keep picturing the graffiti found in some public places at Herculaneum and Pompeii, celebrating the feats of a favorite gladiator, usually named like a "gangsta" rapper, all cryptic and celebratory of stupidity, and immortalized only because of a pyroclastic flow.

16 posted on 08/22/2009 9:20:25 AM PDT by Prospero (non est ad astra mollis e terris via)
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To: Kaslin


17 posted on 08/22/2009 9:46:45 AM PDT by Christian4Bush ("A community organizer can't start bitching when communities organize." - Rush, 8/5/09)
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To: Lakeshark

Probably the welfare office!!!!!

18 posted on 08/22/2009 11:11:45 AM PDT by GregB (let me be the first to congratulate President Palin on becoming President Of The U. S.)
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To: Outlaw Woman
People have forgotten in the seventies and eighties, the music industry substituted the word “love” for the F word and gave us all kinds of nasty, graphic songs. Love became a verb, and not an innocent one. I’ll spare posting song titles and lyrics, but even country music became heavily sexualized back then.
19 posted on 08/22/2009 12:23:29 PM PDT by Luke21
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To: freebilly

Another Blues fave.

“If you can’t cut the mustard,
don’t be lickin around my jar.”

20 posted on 08/22/2009 12:30:28 PM PDT by tet68 ( " We would not die in that man's company, that fears his fellowship to die with us...." Henry V.)
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