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Tape shows beating on bus of Belleville West student (with video)
Drudge ^ | 9-15-09 | Leah Thorsen

Posted on 09/15/2009 6:23:49 AM PDT by blueyon

BELLEVILLE — A Belleville West High School student was beaten aboard a bus on the way to school Monday, and a police spokesman said the beating could be racially motivated.

The 17-year-old victim was white and the teen assailants were black. Police released a video of the beating, which shows the victim being punched repeatedly while other students on the bus gather to watch, some cheering. It doesn't appear that the victim did anything to provoke an attack and tried only to defend himself. Police said it all unfolded in a five-minute span.

The victim was trying to find a seat and was told by two students he could not sit next to them, police said. When he did sit down, one teen tried to push him out of his seat then began grabbing the victim's neck and punching him in the face.

The victim eventually returned to his seat, but another student began taunting him a few minutes later. The victim was then struck in the face.

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TOPICS: Breaking News; Crime/Corruption
KEYWORDS: blackracism; civilrights; corruption; hatecrime; modernsegregation; obama; racialdivision; thatsracism
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To: blueyon

Calling someone a socialist, opposing higher taxes, opposing big government, opposing ACORN = “Racist”

A gang of black kids ruthlessly beating their white classmate = equalitarian.

Any questions?

121 posted on 09/15/2009 10:26:03 AM PDT by Tzimisce (No thanks. We have enough government already. - The Tick)
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To: blueyon
Who in the world let their kid get on a bus full of black kids? For God's sake doesn't anybody have a clue anymore?

You know I was watching Beck and the others last night and one of the points made wa that the libtards response to EVERYTHING nowadays it "That's Racist!" None of the recent controversies has anything to do with race. Healthcare, Cap and Tax, you name it. However our objections to teir intentions is always "racist". The commen was that the danger they run into is that enough of this behavior on their part and IT WILL BE about race. It was pointed out that the "National Tea Party" (and ALL the Tea Parties) had been pretty white.

So who's fault is that? I think the fact that the few blacks who do choose to join us demonstrates that it is not our intolerance that keeps blacks away. Rather it is the fact that apparently blacks are (mostly) "takers" and see the gummint as their source of things to take. What happens as "it does become about race" especially as the gummmint becomes unable to pay for the stuff they take?

Μολὼν λάβε

122 posted on 09/15/2009 10:26:23 AM PDT by wastoute (translation of tag "Come and get them (bastards)" or "come get some")
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To: blueyon

You all have seen this sort of thing enough times to know: keep your white kids away from black kids.

If you don’t want them beating and abused, that is.

Call me racist if you must but, damn, how much of this do you need to see?

I grew up in a black neighborhood. I was beaten quite a few times.

Fortunately, I grew to over six foot by the time I reached high school—and I was mean by then and knew how to handle them, and how to stay away from groups of them.

Keep your kids away, or these videos keep coming. Remember, there are likely hundreds of these incidents for every one video you see.

123 posted on 09/15/2009 10:32:16 AM PDT by Boucheau
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To: American Silver Eagle

Wow. Thanks for the link - it painted a very sobering picture.

124 posted on 09/15/2009 10:38:26 AM PDT by rockrr (Everything is different now...)
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To: Le Chien Rouge

Thanks for the information and I agree with your observations.

I visited Belleville to go to the shrine of Our Lady of The Snows. I thought the area was beautiful. But I was familiar with ESL’s reputation and warned my husband about it.

125 posted on 09/15/2009 10:53:46 AM PDT by lastchance (Hug your babies.)
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To: Uncle Chip

Which both students is he referring to? Is he talking about the victim? Cause in this wonderful world zero tolerance means the victim is responsible if he defends himself.

Oh and no racial problems in school talk means “we do not have any cross burnings on the lawn.” The idea of black on white or black on brown crime being racially motivated never, ever occurs to them. And what about the black kid who is set upon by ghetto thugs for acting too white? Isn’t that also racial?

126 posted on 09/15/2009 10:57:36 AM PDT by lastchance (Hug your babies.)
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To: meercat

You are right. It was the sound the whips made as they cracked them over the heads of the cattle. The first cattle drive was in Florida.

127 posted on 09/15/2009 11:01:56 AM PDT by lastchance (Hug your babies.)
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To: blueyon

Ahh the fresh scent of peaceful diversity, isn’t it wonderful.

128 posted on 09/15/2009 11:07:05 AM PDT by iopscusa (El Vaquero. (SC Lowcountry Cowboy))
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To: blueyon

Keep in mind that many law abiding Blacks are just as angry and disgusted as anyone else with these thugs. Worse they often are not able to protect or defend themselves because (wouldn’t you know it) White and Black liberal government officials have enacted the most Draconian gun control measures for high crime cities and regions.

Deputize law abiding residents of high crime areas and let them deal with such punks when they come across a crime in progress. Heck with waiting for officials. There would be a lot less crime if justice was fleet of foot and steady of draw.

129 posted on 09/15/2009 11:08:19 AM PDT by lastchance (Hug your babies.)
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To: Boucheau

I worry that Blacks are being lumped together as somehow all being responsible for the criminal behavior of such thugs. When I was in 8th grade a Black girl started to push me around. A group of other Black girls came to my defense. So please remember decent people come in all races.

130 posted on 09/15/2009 11:12:12 AM PDT by lastchance (Hug your babies.)
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Comment #131 Removed by Moderator

To: rbtechair
"...Not all white kids are defenseless ..."

Most of them are defenseless, sad to say. Also, most white kids do not come from a culture of violence, which puts them at a great disadvantage when forced to rub elbows with the dregs of society.

"...antagoniser usually has to fight in packs 5 on 1..."

That's par for the course. Keep in mind that this demographic was not raised on old John Wayne movies, like much of us here have. The concept of a fair fight is foreign to them.

It's been said that there's been a one-way race war going on in this country for the last 50 years. What we've seen here is merely a reminder that the said race war continues to this day.

132 posted on 09/15/2009 11:28:43 AM PDT by I Buried My Guns
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Comment #133 Removed by Moderator

To: blueyon

Has anyone heard how the victim is doing?

134 posted on 09/15/2009 11:33:06 AM PDT by keats5 (Not all of us are hypnotized.)
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To: CookieBear

Well, we are not into that whole victimology thing. That’s the problem with playing the victim. Once you start, you always get to do it.

Break a few legs and this stuff stops. That’s the way the gang bangers handle it.

135 posted on 09/15/2009 11:34:35 AM PDT by AppyPappy (If you aren't part of the solution, there is good money to be made prolonging the problem.)
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To: blueyon

This doesn’t happen often with home schooled kids. Also, the President doesn’t get to pontificate to them whenever he wants without your permission.

136 posted on 09/15/2009 11:42:26 AM PDT by steve0 (My plan B:
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To: blueyon

Just following Obama’s advise to his tribe. Heck, be glad they are not tossing us into a soup pot.

“Get in their face, if they bring a knife, we bring a gun, it is our time now.....”

Obama and creeps such as those in the video are going to bring back the “N word”, and probably already have.

I feel something building that is going to burst.

137 posted on 09/15/2009 11:42:45 AM PDT by Gator113 (YES WE CAN....
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To: Uncle Chip
Both students have been suspended, said Superintendent Greg Moats.

Another clueless public school official raising a generation of thugs and community organizers.

This idiotic policy by clueless public school officials creates either wimps who won' t defend themselves for fear of punishment and or future racists who will hurt innocent victims. And the thugs will slide through because they don't care about a stain on their "permanent record" cause they know they are prison boundbr

Political correctness will be the death of America
138 posted on 09/15/2009 12:01:49 PM PDT by RedMonqey ( John Galt , Please pick up the white courtesy phone.....)
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Comment #140 Removed by Moderator

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