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Obama Agenda Survey (RNC fund raising package, and my response)
September 19, 2009 | cc2k

Posted on 09/19/2009 7:50:52 AM PDT by cc2k

Yesterday, I received a fundraising plea from the Republican National Committee. It included a letter from Chairman Michale Steele, and this survey, which I found most curious. I thought I would share the survey, along with my replies. I will be faxing or mailing this back with a statement that at this time, I will support the candidates that I find most represent my views and values. I will choose these candidates myself, rather than funding them through some national committee.

The parts with a gray or black background are the from the RNC survey, and the parts with a white background are my responses. Here’s the survey:

Republican National Committee
1 Do you agree with Barack Obama’s budget plan that will lead to a $23.1 trillion deficit over the next ten years? o Yes   o No   o No opinion
If you had stopped and put the question mark after the words “budget plan” my answer would be a resounding NO. I do not agree with Barack Obama’s budget plan.

Why you went on to overstate the Obama administration’s proposed budget deficits by more than a factor of two, I don’t understand. Were you including all of the debt we currently have, including the nearly $5 trillion that was accrued under our Republican president George W. Bush? Or are you assuming a Republican Congress after 2010, and a Republican President after 2012 or 2016 will further increase coming deficits by more than $10 trillion above current CBO estimates before 2020?
2 Do you believe the federal government has gone too far in bailing out failing banks, insurance companies and the auto industry? o Yes   o No   o No opinion
Yes, I do. But tell me, Chairman Steele, does the Republican party believe they went too far, just far enough, or not far enough when they voted on the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. That legislation was proposed by a Republican Administration, a Republican Treasury Secretary appointed by a Republican President. Thirty four Republican Senators and ninety-one Republican Representatives in the House voted for that legislation. I personally feel that went too far as well. You won’t be receiving any donations from me if any of this money will be used to support those Representatives and Senators who voted for that bill.
3 Do you support amnesty for illegal immigrants? o Yes   o No   o No opinion
No, I don’t. I support secure borders first and foremost. I also don’t support any “Guest Worker” program. As a currently unemployed American citizen, I would really like an opportunity at one of those “jobs Americans won’t do.” It might not be the best thing for me, but it is better than nothing.
4 Should English be the official language of the United States? o Yes   o No   o No opinion
Yes. This is fairly obvious.
5 Are you in favor of granting retroactive Social Security eligibility to illigal immigrants who gain U.S. citizenship through an amnesty program? o Yes   o No   o No opinion
Not only do I oppose what you asked about. I also oppose any amnesty program. With no amnesty program, there is no worry about Social Security eligibility. I guess that isn’t a choice the RNC is offering, though.
6 Are you in favor of the expanded welfare benefits and unlimited eligibility (no time, education or work requirements) that Democrats in Congress are pushing to pass? o Yes   o No   o No opinion
7 Do you believe that Barack Obama’s nominees for federal courts should be immediately and unquestionably approved for their lifetime appointments by the U.S. Senate? o Yes   o No   o No opinion
No, it is my principled belief that all Presidential nominees should be vetted and investigated in a reasonable time frame. Then, after reasonable investigation and debate, they should get an up or down vote in the Senate. I expected this for President Bush. I expect it for President Obama. I might not agree with his picks, but I realize that elections have consequences. I thought the Democrats were a bunch of crybabies when they opposed and unreasonably delayed action on President Bush’s appointents. The key is a timely and reasonable investigation and vetting process.

Having said that, I do think that some of President Obama’s non-judicial appointments might have needed further investigation and vetting before the final vote.
8 Do you believe that the best way to increase the quality and effectiveness of public education in the U.S. is to rapidly expand federal funding while eliminating performance standards and accountability? o Yes   o No   o No opinion
No, I believe that the best way to improve education in this country is to abolish the federal Department of Education. That was part of the 1994 Contract with America. I’ve been waiting for action on that item, and I’ve been disappointed by actions during the Bush administration to expand the Department of Education and give it further power and control over our schools. Besides the Presidency and control of both houses of Congress (your party had both from 2001 through 2006), what will it take for Republicans to accomplish this?
9 Do you support the creation of a national health insurance plan that would be administered by bureaucrats in Washington D.C.? o Yes   o No   o No opinion
No. Further, I don’t support the Federal Government inserting itself in any way into health care and health insurance issues. There is no authority in the Constitution of the United States for the Congress to act in this area. Leave our doctors and our insurance alone!
10 Do you believe that the quality and availability of healthcare will increase if the federal government dictates pricing to doctors and hospitals? o Yes   o No   o No opinion
Absolutely not. I know that will lead to shortages and rationing. Either administrative rationing with someone (insurance company, government panel) deciding who is most important and gets the goods and services, or de facto rationing with long waiting lines. And it could lead to black markets for medical services as well.

The only way to reduce prices in the marketplaces of the real world is to either increase supply or reduce demand (or both). I have seen no proposals from either party which actually propose to do either of these things. Many of the current proposals will do the opposite, leading to higher prices, or price controls and shortages.
11 Are you confident that new medicines and medical treatments will continue to be developed if the federal government controls prescription drug prices and sets profit margins for research and pharmaceutical companies? o Yes   o No   o No opinion
No. Again, price controls or controls on profit margins will lead to rationing of existing products, as well as serving as a disincentive for any further research and development.
12 Are you in favor of creating a government funded "Citizen Volunteer Corps" that would pay young people to do work now done by churches and charities, earning Corps Members the same pay and benefits given to military veterans? o Yes   o No   o No opinion
No. There is so much wrong with that idea, I don’t know where to begin. Keep the government out of the charity business, please.
13 Are you in favor of re-instituting the military draft, as Democrats in Congress have proposed? o Yes   o No   o No opinion
No, though I’m not aware of any current proposals to do this.
14 Do you believe that the federal government should allow the unionization of Department of Homeland Security employees who serve in positions critical to the safety and security of our nation? o Yes   o No   o No opinion
Not sure on this. I absolutely believe that Homeland Security personnel should never be allowed to strike, or to carry out any other “work action” that might negatively affect our security.
15 Do you support Democrats’ drive to eliminate workers right to a private ballot when considering unionization of their place of employment? o Yes   o No   o No opinion
No, absolutely not. That seems un-American.
One more thing, Mr. Steele, can you tell me the position of the Republican party on transparency and open governance. Specifically, the party position on voting on bills before there is time for legislators to read the bill? and before the bill has been published long enough for citizens of this country to see it and read it? You should know that I believe that pending bills should be published, and there should be adequate time for citizens to give informed feedback to their Representatives before a floor vote occurs. From the voting record of most Republican’s in the House of Representatives, I believe most members of your party disagree with me on this point. This is another reason why I won’t be supporting your party financially at this time.

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I thought I would share this with everyone here.

How many others have received this “Survey?” You would think that when asking for donations, the RNC could get their facts straight.

P.S. If I get a response from the RNC, I’ll share it on this thread and ping all who respond here when the reply comes. I’m not holding my breath, though.

From the desk of

1 posted on 09/19/2009 7:50:52 AM PDT by cc2k
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To: cc2k
They could raise more money by simply supporting Rep. Joe Wilson.

2 posted on 09/19/2009 7:54:25 AM PDT by darkwing104 (Lets get dangerous)
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To: cc2k

I got one too. EFF them!!! Not ONE word about our Military OR National Security. What the hell???

3 posted on 09/19/2009 7:55:45 AM PDT by MestaMachine (One if by land, 2 if by sea, 3 if by Air Force 1.)
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To: cc2k

The department of “Hpmeland Security” is a friggin’ joke.

4 posted on 09/19/2009 7:58:37 AM PDT by MestaMachine (One if by land, 2 if by sea, 3 if by Air Force 1.)
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To: cc2k
I too received this. I read it quickly, tore it in half and then in half again and threw it in the trash. I have sent comments back in the past, but I have come to realize that the first thing the person opening the envelop looks for is a check. No check - and the minimum wage worker tares the survey in half and then in half again and throws it in the trash.
5 posted on 09/19/2009 7:59:35 AM PDT by USMA '71 ((Re-elect no one!))
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To: cc2k

Haven’t gotten this mailing but I did get a telephone call from a party telemarketer. About 20 seconds into the call I said I don’t trust the party so I give to individual candidates. A slight pause, then he continued reading his script. 10 seconds and I reiterated my position. Another pause and he continues doggedly. I said this illustrated PERFECTLY why I don’t contribute to the party anymore. They just don’t listen.

The guy in a very weary voice says, sir I’m just trying to do my job. I said no thank you and hung up.

6 posted on 09/19/2009 7:59:54 AM PDT by DManA
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To: USMA '71

Agreed. The odds that negative commentary will be read by anyone in the Republican Party are about six billion to one.

So, as far as they’re concerned, everything’s great!

7 posted on 09/19/2009 8:01:58 AM PDT by Peter W. Kessler (Dirt is for racing... asphalt is for getting there.)
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To: cc2k

Friends who worked at RNC tell me they dont even read the replies, they just look for a check in the envelope. Kinda like those tv evangelists prayer request letters. They do try to stir your interest with the survey questions and they do make a note of who contributes. I always send back the postage paid envelope...empty.

8 posted on 09/19/2009 8:01:58 AM PDT by mono
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To: cc2k

I get those bogus surveys at least one a month.

The way some of the questions are worded are generally leading away from the solutions.

Of course we are all opposed to what Democrats and Obama are doing. But we are also opposed to what the GOP has NOT been doing to stop the encroachment of Marxism.

I say JOE Wilson should be the chairman of the RNC. Makes more sense to have someone who actually calls out the DemoRats for what they are and do.

9 posted on 09/19/2009 8:02:46 AM PDT by o_zarkman44
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To: cc2k

Well done.

10 posted on 09/19/2009 8:03:22 AM PDT by MrEdd (Heck? Geewhiz Cripes, thats the place where people who don't believe in Gosh think they aint going.)
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To: cc2k

>>I’m not holding my breath, though.

If anyone reads it after discovering no check in the envelope, I’d be surprised. But, if they actually read this stuff, they’ll probably write you off as “confused” about complex issues that only the elite can fully understand, which is exactly what the Democrats would say about your answers.

Makes you wonder what the teams really are in this game!

11 posted on 09/19/2009 8:04:14 AM PDT by Bryanw92 (Question O-thority!)
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To: cc2k

I hope I get one.

One thing that irritates me a great deal is the talk about “A” guest worker program. That totaly omits the fact that there are boatloads of guest worker programs in place and have been for all of my 45 years. They insinuate through ommission that there are no guest worker programs which is a lie and adding one more won’t help a bit.

12 posted on 09/19/2009 8:04:53 AM PDT by cripplecreek (Seniors, the new shovel ready project under socialized medicine.)
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To: cc2k
You forgot question number 16,:

"Are you prepared to send a fat check or do you want more cliche buttons pushed?"

13 posted on 09/19/2009 8:06:52 AM PDT by going hot (Happiness is a Momma Deuce)
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To: cc2k

It was/IS a MORONIC SURVEY that any High School Student should have been given an F for creating! Having been a large contributor to the RNC and obviously my Favorite President(refer to tagline), I am at a LOSS to understanding where STEELE’S BRAIN and MORAL COMPASS are Hiding! THE RNC is LEADERLESS!!! May GOD HELP US!!

14 posted on 09/19/2009 8:11:57 AM PDT by True Republican Patriot (May GOD Continue to BLESS Our Great President George W. Bush!!)
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To: cc2k

RNC stopped sending me their survey$ after I returned a couple of responses like yours (not as well-worded, I’m sure) expressing my opinion and questioning the RNC on why they haven’t ALREADY handled/addressed these issues. Last one I received must have been 2-3 years ago already.

15 posted on 09/19/2009 8:12:13 AM PDT by MonicaG (Thank you to our military & veterans, with love & gratitude. XOXOXO)
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To: going hot

That’s the key... They could care less about the answers to the survey. They only want the cash.

For years my dad answers these surveys with “When you start acting like republicans you can get my money. For now, you get nothing.”

16 posted on 09/19/2009 8:14:28 AM PDT by Dutch Boy
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To: cc2k

“Mr steele,

I only donate to Conservatives and Conservative causes. This, unfortunately for you and the gop, means that I have no money or support for you guys until you return to Reagan’s vision.”


17 posted on 09/19/2009 8:17:36 AM PDT by LibLieSlayer (hussama will never be my president... NEVER!)
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To: Dutch Boy

Eloquent response! I’m going to start using it!

18 posted on 09/19/2009 8:18:16 AM PDT by sailor4321
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To: MonicaG

RNC stopped calling and sending me info after I had a discussion with the phone rep re my views vs that of the RNC on Mel Martinez during a phone survey

19 posted on 09/19/2009 8:22:06 AM PDT by Angry Mad Scientist
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To: USMA '71

Yes, but when you send it back, they have to pay the postage on it, so your donation ends up being -44 cents. :)

20 posted on 09/19/2009 8:23:18 AM PDT by nanetteclaret (Unreconstructed Catholic Texan)
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