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Obama Administration Asks Gov. Paterson Not to Seek Reelection in 2010
NY Daily News ^ | Sunday, September 20th 2009 | By Elizabeth Benjamin and Kenneth Lovett

Posted on 09/20/2009 1:15:03 AM PDT by VideoDoctor

ALBANY - In a stunning request, the Obama administration has made it clear to poll-challenged Gov. Paterson that the White House would prefer he not seek election to a full four-year term next year.

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TOPICS: Culture/Society; Government; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; US: New York
KEYWORDS: acorn; acornservesobama; arrogance; bho44; fool; ny2010; obama; obama4acorn; obama4childabuse; obama4slavery; obamacoverup; paterson; president; underthebus; underthebusbro; whitehousecoverup
The HEIGHT of ARROGANCE.. Our President is an arrogant fool.
1 posted on 09/20/2009 1:15:05 AM PDT by VideoDoctor
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To: VideoDoctor

Just more change, that’s all, just change.

2 posted on 09/20/2009 1:20:21 AM PDT by Gator113 (YES WE CAN....
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To: VideoDoctor

He’s obviously a racist

3 posted on 09/20/2009 1:31:32 AM PDT by Kevmo (So America gets what America deserves - the destruction of its Constitution. ~Leo Donofrio, 6/1/09)
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To: Kevmo

And a sightist, too. Despicable.

4 posted on 09/20/2009 1:36:58 AM PDT by fieldmarshaldj (~"This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps !"~~)
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To: VideoDoctor

Obama is a racist

5 posted on 09/20/2009 1:45:23 AM PDT by TLEIBY308 (Keep yer powder dry and watch yer top Knot.)
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To: VideoDoctor

Obama is more than a president, he is a leftist elitist philosopher Emperor. He can tell someone like Gov. Paterson not to run because despite the fact that Paterson is black, he is an idiot and an embarrassment to the New York Democrat Party. Doubtless New York Demos have asked Obama to “do something” about Paterson’s desire to run for election as governor. Simply have all his funding cut off, why not? Obama can do that, can’t he? What, the unions going to run counter to what Obama says? And ACORN... well, we will see about them.
Paterson was never elected Governor, so ... he can’t seek RE-Election anyway.

6 posted on 09/20/2009 1:45:57 AM PDT by Richard Axtell (Only a Democrat can lie about being honest.)
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To: VideoDoctor

Damn, but that must be one crappy governor!

7 posted on 09/20/2009 2:04:28 AM PDT by South40 (Islam has a long tradition of tolerance, ~Hussein Obama, June 4, 2009, Cairo, Egypt)
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To: Kevmo

No, he just thinks Patterson is bad for the great cause of affirmative action fascism.

8 posted on 09/20/2009 2:07:14 AM PDT by AmericanVictory (Should we be more like them or they more like we used to be?)
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To: VideoDoctor

He’s not ‘Chicago’ enough

9 posted on 09/20/2009 2:54:06 AM PDT by Gaffer
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To: VideoDoctor

Black on Black racism is so terrible to witness. Oh the pain of it all.

10 posted on 09/20/2009 3:12:49 AM PDT by hflynn (The One is really the Number Two)
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To: VideoDoctor

I am waiting for Biden to call him a great visionary.

11 posted on 09/20/2009 3:24:19 AM PDT by screaminsunshine (!!)
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To: screaminsunshine

That was so obvious even Stevie Wonder could have seen it coming!


+ \
+ /

12 posted on 09/20/2009 3:46:12 AM PDT by Blado (''crush the bourgeoisie...grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation'' - V.I. Lenin)
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To: Blado
Seriously though, in light of the latest news...

Governor David Paterson on Friday placed a hold on all state contracts with the agency's local chapter, and the US Census Bureau kicked ACORN off its upcoming 2010 population count.

Could this be some Bambi payback for Paterson's ill treatment of the ACORNholers?

13 posted on 09/20/2009 4:05:57 AM PDT by Blado (''crush the bourgeoisie...grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation'' - V.I. Lenin)
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To: VideoDoctor


“N.Y. Governor Orders Review of ACORN Contracts
New York Gov. David Paterson ordered state agencies Friday to put a 30-day hold on
contracts with the community organizing group ACORN and its affiliate, New York Agency for Community Affairs.
In a memo, the Budget Division cited Paterson's "continued efforts to ensure fiscal
accountability and integrity," directing the agencies to report "any potential issues."

In Washington, the House and Senate separately voted this week to deny all federal funds
for ACORN in a GOP-led strike against the liberal-leaning group, which was accused last year of submitting some false voter registration forms in a massive voter-registration drive.”

“ACORN's Recent History With Prostitution (who'd have thought..)
Perhaps we shouldn't have been completely surprised by the videos we've seen of ACORN workers offering assistance to prostitution rings.

I mean, there was Cincinnati . . .
Shari Bell, 41, of Walnut Hills was arrested Wednesday night by Cincinnati police, reported WCPO, NewsChannel5's Cincinnati sister station.
Bell allegedly approached an undercover officer's car in Evanston and offered him sex for money. Police also said they found a crack pipe in Bell's coat pocket.
Bell told police she works for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now at the time of her arrest.

And then there was Cleveland:
An Ohio man who cast an illegal early ballot after being caught registering to vote several times with ACORN is a longtime scammer who was arrested last year — as a woman.
The bizarre tale of Darnell Nash — a k a Serina "Sexy Slay" Gibbs — came to light after Cuyahoga County election officials charged him with voter fraud and this week turned him in to prosecutors.
It turns out that Nash, 24, who has a criminal record as a man, is now a transsexual escort who claims to make $150 an hour turning tricks as the self-proclaimed "Queen of Cleveland Gender Benders."
Maybe this really is just another day at the office for the folks at ACORN . . .

UPDATE: Then there's Milwaukee:
At least seven felons convicted of crimes including cocaine possession and robbery were recruited by a liberal group to register voters in Milwaukee,
raising fears they may have committed voter fraud . . .
Along with the seven felons, court records show one special registration deputy has a pending felony charge for heroin possession and another is facing a misdemeanor prostitution charge. A third was convicted of misdemeanor prostitution. “

"ACORN Funded Prostitution Zone")."

ACORN Prostitution Scam Moves to Brooklyn

Now, I guess, we know what a community organizer does, because today we learned, an ACORN Brothel Grows in Brooklyn.
When we last saw our fake pimp and hooker, they were in our nation's capitol trying to
find out how ACORN would deal with people looking for a home mortgage so they can open open up a brothel using under-aged girls. " "US ACORN SCANDAL: International Press Roundup (RUSSIA); Balt. Libs Recommend to Establish Brothel.

Liberal Benefactors in Baltimore gave recommendations to establish a brothel
В США опубликован видеоролик с участием сотрудников либеральной некоммерческой
организации, которые с энтузиазмом дают советы по организации противозаконного бизнеса -
детской проституции. In the United States published a video with the participation of staff of the liberal non-profit organization,
who enthusiastically give advice on the organization of an illegal business - child prostitution.
Как передает CNN, запись сделана двумя консервативными активистами,
один из которых изображал сутенера, а другая - проститутку.
According to CNN, entry was made by two conservative activist, one of which
depicted the pimp and the other - a prostitute.
Объектом успешной провокации стала влиятельная Ассоциация местных
организаций за немедленные реформы (ACORN)."

"ACORN SCANDAL: International Press Roundup (MEXICO) Girls
from Mexico/E.S. to U.S. for Prostitution
"Trabajo encubierto exhibe ilícitos de empleados de la ACORN;
Llevan a EU niñas de México y El Salvador para prostituirlas"
They have girls from Mexico to the United States and El Salvador for Prostitution
Antonio Heras Antonio Heras Corresponsal Correspondent Mexicali, BC, 17 de
septiembre. Mexicali, BC, Sept. 17. An undercover work done by Hannah Giles and
James O'Keefe, activists, human rights advocates, revealed illegal actions of
employees of the Association of Community Organizations for the New Reform
(ACORN, for its acronym in English), who advise the import United States of girls
from Mexico and El Salvador for prostitution in the neighboring country and profit
from it.

The ACORN, nongovernmental organization dedicated to the support of migrants and
highly marginalized people to acquire home ownership in the U.S., announced it will
initiate an independent investigation to determine responsibilities of its employees."

"ACORN SCANDAL: International Press Roundup (NORWAY): "Obama-Support Group Helps Fake Whore/Pimp" "Obama-Støttegruppe Felt Av Falsk Hore Og Hhallik"
a video camera has revealed how people in the U.S. umbrella organization Acorn has
been willing to provide support to illegal projects.
Obama-aid Lobby group, which supports low-and middle-income groups in the housing
wage and tax issues, was under the election campaign last year, accused of election
fraud after a sub-organization had a mission to register voters worth 800 000 dollars
for Obama. "

"Unearthed! Obama's twisted ACORN roots
"Obama's task was to help far South Side residents press for improvement," the Times article explained. "

"The E. F. Hutton of Prostitution: When ACORN Talks, Pimps and Hookers Listen.
The radical activist group ACORN is the E. F. Hutton of prostitution. It stands ready to provide discreet advice
on setting up a brothel and engaging in other, associated acts of criminality. When ACORN talks, pimps and hookers listen.
In Baltimore, ACORN staff assured O’Keefe and Giles that the group doesn’t “discriminate” — i.e., has no standards whatsoever.
Giles is told if she makes $96,000 a year selling sex, she should tell the government she only makes $9,600.
O’Keefe notes that they want a house for 13 underage girls who will be imported from El Salvador to work as prostitutes.
Only three — not all 13 — of the girls can be listed as dependents, ACORN prudently advises. "

"ACORN Prostitution Scandal:San Bernardino VIDEO This Time W/Politicians and Murder
When we last saw our fake pimp and hooker, they were in Brooklyn, with the usual scenario,
trying to find out how ACORN would deal with people looking for a home mortgage
so they can open open up a brothel using under-aged girls.

Today's stop is San Bernardino, California. In this Acorn office we find out the woman who runs the office is also a poll dancer
who may turn tricks on the side. ACORN's is supposedly non political but acording to Teresa,
the woman on the tape helping the pair, she speaks with Congressman and Senators every day because
she is lobbying for the Obamacare bill. She names Barbara "Call Me Senator "Boxer and Senator McCleod,
and 62nd district Assemblywoman Wilmer Amina Carter as people with whom she deals.
Theresa says that “Eden’s” prostitution money would be an asset to James in his quest to become a Senator or Representative.
Also the person who was helping the alter egos of James O' Keefe and Hannah Giles with the prostitution scam
also talks about how she first planned the cover-up then shot and killed her husband."

James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles visited one of ACORN’s New York offices in August,
where they picked up handy tips on how to lie on housing forms to cover up a prostitution business
(”Honesty is not going to get you the house,” one ACORN official advises) and how to hide cash
from their illicit business (”When you buy the house with the backyard, you get a tin…
and you bury it down in there…cover it…and put the grass over it…”).

In 1994 the ACORN Housing Corporation (AHC) was awarded a $1.1 million grant
by AmeriCorps, a program of the Corporation for National Service (CNS). The money was intended
to fund the training of 42 AmeriCorps members in 13 cities. The workers were expected to identify
low-income families hoping to purchase a first home, to assist them in finding suitable housing, and to
advise them in securing the necessary financing.

AHC’s initial subterfuge pales in comparison to the illegal fundraising scheme it subsequently operated,
using its AmeriCorps grant to increase ACORN’s membership.
According to Jordan, one ACORN member in the Dallas regional office stated that “the only reason
for having the AmeriCorps program was to gain new ACORN members, and that if AmeriCorps loan
counseling clients did not start becoming ACORN members, she could and would halt the AmeriCorps project.”
Jordan found that this understanding was not limited to the Dallas office.
Using government funds to solicit membership in an organization that— like ACORN—participates in
direct political advocacy is a violation of federal guidelines."

"ACORN: Big Apple, Big Pimping (another shoe drops)
It was just a fluke, ACORN insisted the first time that James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles
published their undercover video showing their office in Baltimore helping a pimp evade taxes
and get a mortgage by deceit for a brothel. They fired a couple of “bad apples” in that office,
and a couple of more bad apples in Washington DC when that office got caught on hidden camera
doing the same thing. In fact. ACORN went so far as to brag that the pair had tried the same thing
and failed in “San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia to name a few places.”"

14 posted on 09/20/2009 4:08:51 AM PDT by Diogenesis ("Those who go below the surface do so at their peril" - Oscar Wilde)
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To: VideoDoctor

Now if Obama would just tell Al Sharpton to shut up.

15 posted on 09/20/2009 4:09:00 AM PDT by The Great RJ ("The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." M. Thatcher)
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To: VideoDoctor

So Othuggo is what, the Mafia Political Don of the entire country now?

16 posted on 09/20/2009 4:17:43 AM PDT by Babu
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To: VideoDoctor

get under the bus Patterson.

17 posted on 09/20/2009 4:39:08 AM PDT by Venturer
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To: Kevmo

Well, if ‘Boma is racist, it must be his white side. /s

18 posted on 09/20/2009 4:40:36 AM PDT by csvset
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To: Venturer
Well there is a question Chris Wallace can ask Obama in todays interview.

.......ah forgot he is not going to be on Fox. I guess the question is not going to be asked afterall.

19 posted on 09/20/2009 4:42:48 AM PDT by mware (F-R-E-E, that spells free. Free baby.)
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To: VideoDoctor

To prevent duplication, please do not alter the title. Thanks.

20 posted on 09/20/2009 7:27:15 AM PDT by Admin Moderator
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To: VideoDoctor
I suspect part of this is because the administration realizes this summertime race card extravaganza is causing some backlash, and Paterson was the one who basically kicked it off with his pathetic, paranoid conspiracy theory.

He's an embarrassment to them and he's been given the latest bus schedule, so he can catch a ride underneath the next one that comes along.
21 posted on 09/20/2009 8:45:41 PM PDT by liberty75
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