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To: DallasMike

Dallas, and others,

What everyone engaged in this ‘debate’ are doing is showing a fractured front as ‘Christians”

Jesus rebuked his disciples when they tried to exclude the children from coming to see Him. In Matthew, Mark, and Luke, it is recorded that He said “But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” And “Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.” If you cannot believe, as a child would, simply and completely, you shall not eneter.

I was raised in a secular world. Science could explain all. In many cases it can. But where Gods Word is different, I prefer to be as the small child and trust in the Lord.

For “of such” is the Kingdom of Heaven. Why? Trusting belief. Those who would believe in Jesus, in God, in Heaven as though a small child, “Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

I am a relatively newly saved Christian. As such, I am as a new creation. I am to walk by Faith, not by sight.

What does that mean? There may be ‘evidence’ that things happened differently than what is recorded in the Bible. But I am to have Faith that that written Word of God is True. All of it. Not just the parts that make sense, not just the parts I think sound pretty, not just the parts that do not cause me conviction. All Of It.

Having said that, who is willing to point a finger at God or His Word and shout “YOU LIE!!!” Is that not what you are doing when you try to discredit His Word?

For you Christians who say that Genesis is wrong, what other Books of the Bible are you willing to rip out to make it correct? Where else do you see God lying? Jonah and the fish? Perhaps the parting of the Red Sea? Perhaps Jesus walking on water?, bringing the dead to life?, changing water to wine? or perhaps even the Resurrection? Where else does God Lie to you?

I would say you need to take a look at your salvation, forget this silly evo-creation ‘debate’ and ask yourself if you are truly saved or not? Do you know Jesus? Do you know Him as your Savior? Do you know His Word?


29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.

Notice what man was given to eat: “All the fruit of the trees, to you it shall be for meat.”

Notice what the animals were given to eat: “And to every beast of the earth.....I have given every green herb for meat...”

Nowhere does it describe any animals being given for meat, either for man or animal. (Veggie TRex, you bet)

You doubt the Word of God, you even doubt Jesus, as He is “The Word”.

Bottom line is Faith, in God, In His Son, in His Word. God does Not Lie. And it is the purpose of this ‘debate’ to try to discredit not only “A Book of the Bible”, but the first and arguably cornerstone book of the Bible. If it can be said that Genesis is False, well then, lets keep going, what OTHER books are wrong.

I myself, will choose to have that simple faith that God doesn’t lie. It is better to trust in the Lord, than to believe in man. Evolution is a man-made construct to try to explain the world, as seen. It is a Theory. It is not proven, nor provable. It is an attempt to render man as not divinely created, not any different than any other life form on this planet. It is an attempt to de-humanize.

33 posted on 11/09/2009 12:49:46 PM PST by RoadGumby (Ask me about Ducky)
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To: RoadGumby; editor-surveyor; GodGunsGuts
Amen to everything that you say! And welcome to the kingdom of Christ!

You may be new to these threads, so rest assured that any real animosities were resolved long ago. Because of my father's recent final illness and death, I haven't poked around here much in more than two months. It's nothing more than fellow believers having an in-family conversation. We all agree that Genesis is the inspired word of God, but we differ in interpreting just a few passages.

Editor-Surveyor, GodGunGuts, and I all look forward to spending eternity together with Jesus. In spite of our differing beliefs about the age of the earth, those differences don't make us better or worse Christians. A number of us have already agreed to find one another in heaven if we never meet on earth. What joy we will be able to share throughout eternity!

If I find out in heaven that the earth really is 6,000 years old, then I'm not going to argue with God. Similarly, if the earth is 4.5 billion years old, my fellow young-earth believers are not going to argue with God either.

Editor-Surveyor, GodGunsGuts, and others have perfectly legitimate reasons to support a young-earth viewpoint. For example, they see the very real problem of some scientists belittling people of faith. They see militant atheism, especially on college campuses.

I agree with my friends on these things. I share their concern. We agree that some scientists are committed to a militant atheism. These scientists think that you can't be a real scientist unless you're an atheist. These scientists are dead wrong.

However, I come from a slightly different background and see other problems, too. My education and 25 years of work are in science. My first degree was from Baylor University and I have one year of formal, college-level background in Bible study as well a full year of Hebrew. All that means is that each of us have encountered different things in our education and careers that have shaped us.

Some of the things I have seen in college and in work gives me problems with the young-earth position. For example, I saw kids coming to college who were raised to believe that if you didn't believe in a young earth, you didn't believe in the Bible. When they encountered proof after proof that the earth and the universe are really billions of years old, some of them lost their faith. After all, if the earth isn't 6,000 years old, then the rest of the Bible may not be true either.

I have also had co-workers through the years who resisted Christianity because their science expertise had convinced them that the earth is very old and they couldn't reconcile that with some Christian teachers. I have had to work very hard to show my friends that all truth is God's truth and that there is no conflict between a literal belief in the Bible and science. When there appears to be a conflict, you have to (a) look and see whether the science is accurate; and (b) check and see whether your interpretation of the Bible is accurate.

Unlike Greek or English, Hebrew is a very narrow language and much of the meaning depends on context.

For example, look at how the Hebrew word eretz as used in the Bible. It can mean anything from the actual soil that you're standing upon, to a city, or to the entire planet. My young-earth friends interpret eretz to mean that Noah's flood covered the entire planet because that is a long-standing tradition. I and most others with science training see big problems with interpreting eretz to mean the entire planet and point out that the language of the Bible does not require us to believe that Noah's flood covered the entire planet.

We may disagree on a few things, but they are like a pinhead compared with the universe in comparison to what we have in common, which is a commitment to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and proclaim his name and his love to every living being.

38 posted on 11/09/2009 3:31:32 PM PST by DallasMike
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