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To: panzerkamphwageneinz
She’ll do well in whatever career you can succeed in by flaunting your bosom in a bikini and using the natural beauty to titilate and lure lustful admirers.

LOL! Me? Nah, I never had any desire to take my clothes off and make sex videos, and I never had any desire to compete in any of those bikini competitions, though if I wanted to, I'm sure I could have done well.  I have never given any nude pics to anyone.  Indeed, I don't have any nude pics of myself,  period. I do wear a bikini when I go to the beach, though. So I assume your comments are in regard to Carrie, your use of language notwithstanding.

Details of her private life being made public doesn't invalidate her statement in defense of heterosexual marriage, which has always been my point. And defending someone's constitutional right to privacy (which I did) isn't being an apologist, but just an observation by someone who knows and respects the constitution, and believes that privacy is still a right.

Your comment “The fact that she defended marriage as a man and a women is no more significant than if she said that water was wet and the sun gave off light.” tells me that arguing with a dunce is always a bad idea.

62 posted on 11/17/2009 8:15:29 PM PST by Victoria Delsoul
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To: Victoria Delsoul

This is obviously personal to you. She, meaning Carrie Prejean, the object of the conversation, not you, the person we aren’t talking about...or are we?

My use of language...You still harp on grammatical errors instead of dealing with the logic of my argument. You get personal with me instead of discussing the talking points.

Will you call me a racist next and end the discussion?

You think I’m a dunce? Are you implying that marriage is not between an man and a woman, water is not wet and the sun does not give off light?

What on earth is your point besides insulting me?

I never said that details of her private life nullified her statement about marriage. In fact I said just the opposite. I said that what she said was nothing more than telling the truth.

There is no constitutional right to privacy. You must give your tax returns if you run for office, there is the freedom of information act. There are many cases where your privacy is null and void. Carrie’s situation is null and void the moment she sent it to her boyfriend and used public communication systems to do so.

Privacy is a right to those that keep it. Those that don’t keep their privacy, such as sending masterbation information across the airwaves, is rendered null and void.

I applaud Carrie for speaking the truth in an age of lies. I will not defend her indiscretion in an effort to bolster her telling the truth. Integrity doesn’t work that way.

I don’t know what about this literal point offends you. I have not attacked you or Carrie personally. I have merely pointed out that she is in a pickle that won’t go away, due to her stupidity.

Yes it is stupid to make the private, and personal into a video and think it would not be distributed at a latter date. That stupidity alone is alarming. that is what she should be telling young women...I was stupid...don’t do it...don’t do pageants...don’t use your body to further your desires....Godly principles.

She shouldn’t be trying to defend her breast implants. She shouldn’t be defending the porno-lite video.

My daughters are taught better. I blame Carrie’s father almost as I blame her. A woman that is secure in her father’s love and knows what to expect from men will not behave in this manner. My daughters do not behave in this manner.

Sorry that i typed your arm off, but I don’t know why you are offended by my trying to uphold truth, decency, marriage and chastity. And most of all Humility.

God Bless you,


63 posted on 11/18/2009 8:23:28 AM PST by panzerkamphwageneinz
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To: Victoria Delsoul

I just went to your blog. Very nice.

I don’t know what we are disagreeing on, as you seem to line up almost exactly with me on every issue and candidate.

Yes you are just as pretty as Carrie Prejean and I do think you could have easily been Miss California or whatever wanted to be.

My point in this entire effort is to say this: We can not and must not be excited when the simple truth is told. That is foundational. We must not be happy and giddy when a beauty pageant contestant defends traditional marriage. That is undeniable. These are basic truths that need no defending. We also must not rush to the defense of actions that are spiritually harmful.

It is so very sad that Carrie Prejean is now going through a public humiliation. First attempted by the media, then successfully waged by Carrie’s actions herself. She would have been the poster child she desired but for the pornographic content of her videos. She is now joining Monica Lewinski as a media joke.

That is the fall. It is hard and it is abrupt. Who can she now minister to, or lead by example? She can’t.

I am not writing about you in any manner shape or form. We need strong women like you who are attractive and will get the media attention in order to hold the banner high and protect the culture of life, liberty and our Godly pursuits.

If you don’t find my grammer too annoying, I am more than willing to continue the conversation. I am going to launch my Sarah Palin blog soon to bolster her in my home state.

God Bless,

Keep up the wonderful work on your blog and your steadfast loyalty to our God and country.


64 posted on 11/18/2009 8:36:52 AM PST by panzerkamphwageneinz
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