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Global Warming Fraud Uncovered
East Valley Tribune ^ | 11-27-2009 | Kathy Gibson Boatman

Posted on 11/28/2009 6:05:06 PM PST by azkathy

Breaking news last week featured in the Wall Street Journal and Fox News has featured the story and data released by an unknown hacker or whistleblower that appears to be obtained from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, England.

There has been confirmation from Steve McIntyre, a climate scientist who is featured and attacked in the leaked information that seems to verify its authenticity. McIntyre was not one of the elite group from the CRU, but one of many scientists who has been seeking data and facts through a freedom of information request.

Requests for data to support the claims of the CRU scientists have come into question on prior occasions and many people have tried to obtain the information utilized by this group of scientists. The group is responsible for the now infamous “hockey stick graph” that supposedly illustrated increasing temperatures and, therefore, that man is causing global warming.

This is a very critical point to understand since “man-caused global warming” is the current subject of political debate and policy making around the world. The group of researchers at CRU is heavily involved in the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and has been considered the “authoritative source” for policies and procedures currently under development with the United Nations, Great Britain, the United States and other countries.

The information that is now widely available on the Internet calls into question the business and scientific practices of this influential group of people. There are years of e-mail correspondence between members of the group that illustrate their attempt to avoid freedom of information requests, tampering with the scientific data to meet their “warming agenda,” suppression of data that contradicted their theories, and manipulating the peer review process that helps to separate fact from theory and agendas.

The documents released make it clear that this particular situation involved a notable University of Arizona climate change scientist by the name of Jonathan Overpeck.

The university issued a press release regarding Jonathan Overpeck in 2007 that seems to confirm his involvement, “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was one of the winners of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, and a professor at The University of Arizona was one of only 33 lead authors on an IPCC assessment report released earlier this year.”

Overpeck, director of the University of Arizona’s Institute for the Study of Planet Earth and professor of geosciences and atmospheric sciences, was a coordinating lead author of a chapter on Paleoclimate, for the IPCC’s fourth assessment report.

“This is pretty awesome,” Overpeck was quoted as saying in the news release. “So much work went into this on the part of so many scientists. The recognition is a reflection of the impact that climate science is having. It’s also a reflection that society is moving from questioning climate change to realizing that it’s happening and discuss what to do about it.”

The fourth assessment report, which focused on the science of climate change, presented expert consensus on greenhouse gas levels, global land and ocean temperatures, sea level rising, changes in sea ice and predictions of future change.

However, it now appears that Overpeck and others have manipulated the science and the consensus they claim to have. Perhaps congressional hearings will help to determine Overpeck’s role in this situation.

In addition to these problems, the attempts to brainwash the public are evident. CRU apparently utilized a public relations firm to communicate its climate change message. Most notable is the statement, “Changing attitudes toward climate change is not like selling a particular brand of soap, it’s like convincing someone to use soap in the first place.” Another one of the PR rules is, “Everyone must use a clear and consistent explanation of climate change.”

Before you take start purchasing carbon credits, I suggest you peruse the documents and e-mails that were leaked and are available in a searchable database at

TOPICS: Editorial; Government; News/Current Events; US: Arizona
KEYWORDS: cultureofcorruption; environmentalism; fakebutaccurate; globalwarming; government; hadleycru; pravdamedia; sciencefiction
Freepers needed to add comments and help keep a "balanced" commentary on this article that I wrote. The Warmers have commented and I would appreciate some Freepers adding their two cents worth.
1 posted on 11/28/2009 6:05:07 PM PST by azkathy
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To: azkathy

One of my kids misguided friend is distraught and refuses to accept she’s been duped by the libs. She’s going through the classic denial symptoms. Kind of like Ed Begley Jr. You feel sorry for them in a way, they BELIEVED, REALLY AND TRULY WITH ALL THEIR HEART AND SOUL. I’m not talking about your socialist libs who want to control the world, but those who’ve been sucked into the libs’ world. They have to rethink their purpose in life, and I’ll bet we have converted more with this revelation. It’s really shattered their their world view.

2 posted on 11/28/2009 6:13:34 PM PST by Indy Pendance (Conservatives: we are their worst nightmare)
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To: Indy Pendance

I know there are many that will struggle with this but I feel it is such an opportunity to educate our fellow Americans on the “global warming agenda” and stop Cap and Trade.

3 posted on 11/28/2009 6:16:14 PM PST by azkathy (OBAMA IS WEARING OUT MY CAPS LOCK!!!)
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To: azkathy

I saw Ed Begley on a Fox news spot after the scandal broke and he was sooo upset he was shaking his finger at the reporter.

Plus, I have been encouraging a couple of environmental reporters to cover the story. I know they won’t but that should help enlighten a few people as to how biased they truly are.

4 posted on 11/28/2009 6:18:16 PM PST by azkathy (OBAMA IS WEARING OUT MY CAPS LOCK!!!)
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To: Indy Pendance

You’d think that if they REEEALLLY cared about the planet, they’d be CELEBRATING that Earth’s future is NOT as dire as the global warming quacks had been claiming (and getting rich at the gullible public’s expense).

5 posted on 11/28/2009 6:20:03 PM PST by a fool in paradise (The myth of man made global warming is science fiction.)
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To: azkathy

You got it! I just posted.

6 posted on 11/28/2009 6:20:45 PM PST by Ballygrl
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To: azkathy
Nicely done, azkathy. Keep up the good work!

For an encore, you might suggest that the University of Arizona owes its students an apology as well as a full refund of tuition, lab fees and textbooks for each course the university taught involving man-made global warming, probably going back at least ten years

The faculty involved should be terminated from the university and prosecuted for fraud.

After all, the punishment should fit the crime.

7 posted on 11/28/2009 6:22:33 PM PST by Mobties
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To: a fool in paradise

You see, their worldview has been etched for years by libs, and they have to rethink their entire existence. Those are the people who I “kind of feel sorry for” because they were true believers. They got screwed by their own people, and they know it. They just can’t accept it right now. They’re struggling with reality. It’s kind of sad, and comical. All their friends told them so. And, they have to come to grips with, ‘they were misled’. It’s human nature. I believe the majority of them will be converted to conservatism, just because they were so lied to and are seeking truth. Conservative explore truth, libs advance a socialist agenda. The dupees want truth, and they have to go through the stages of denial. Ed Begley. He’s a classic symptom.

8 posted on 11/28/2009 6:29:25 PM PST by Indy Pendance (Conservatives: we are their worst nightmare)
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To: azkathy

Oh, Wall Street Journal and Fox News featured the story and data released.
No wonder Fox is getting the jesse treatment.

TRUE or FALSE— “Global Poverty Act” (S.243) was the only Bill that Obama ever submitted while he was a Senator.

TRUE... The legislation would commit the U.S. to spending 0.7 percent of gross national product on foreign aid, which amounts to a 13-year total of $845 billion over and above what the U.S. already spends.

9 posted on 11/28/2009 6:29:37 PM PST by TribalPrincess2U (demonicRATS... taxes, pain and slow death. Is this what you want?)
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To: azkathy

Former Senator and Vice President Al Gore seen here en-route back to prison after a federal appeals court refused to review his 20 year sentence for his lead role as spokesperson in the “Climategate” fraud conspiracy. The same court recently rejected the appeals of the lengthy sentences of the 137 alleged UN “scientists” – Gore’s co-conspirators – for falsifying data supporting so-called Cap and Trade legislation that trial testimony disclosed would have virtually destroyed what remained of the U.S. economy while unjustly enriching Gore and a cabal of insiders.

10 posted on 11/28/2009 6:32:06 PM PST by Dick Bachert (THE 2010 ELECTIONS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT IN OUR LIFETIMES! BETHERE!!!)
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To: azkathy

Can we start hanging them yet?

11 posted on 11/28/2009 6:36:14 PM PST by EricT. (Can we start hanging them yet?)
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To: azkathy

Just an FYI, if you X out of the article and go back to the link you can keep recommending comments that show globull warming is bull.

12 posted on 11/28/2009 6:42:43 PM PST by Ballygrl
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To: azkathy

Just posted some links for your readers to check out.

13 posted on 11/28/2009 6:43:12 PM PST by 20 years too late
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To: azkathy

We have always been at war with East Anglia.

14 posted on 11/28/2009 6:44:25 PM PST by omni-scientist
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To: 20 years too late

I read that, very good!

15 posted on 11/28/2009 6:45:06 PM PST by Ballygrl
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To: azkathy

We need to keep driving this home every day as many times as we can, because the State-run media will do all they can to cover this up.

16 posted on 11/28/2009 7:00:05 PM PST by murron (Proud Mom of a Marine Vet)
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To: Ballygrl

Thank you!

17 posted on 11/28/2009 7:07:13 PM PST by azkathy (OBAMA IS WEARING OUT MY CAPS LOCK!!!)
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To: murron

You are correct and that is exactly why I wrote the article. I used to write articles to counter the environMentalists after the Rodeo Chediski Fire in AZ. They tried to blame the ranchers and the timber industry (they had already sued them out of existence but they still tried to blame them.)

I decided the enviro’s would be submitting tons of articles/letters to the editor in support of Globull Warming after this fiasco so I thought my timing would be right for submitting the article. (When I found the AZ connection, that made it relevant to our state and the US.)

18 posted on 11/28/2009 7:11:23 PM PST by azkathy (OBAMA IS WEARING OUT MY CAPS LOCK!!!)
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To: Mobties

You make an excellent point, now to find some Uof A parents who aren’t liberal. (I will have to think about that and see how I might reach them.)

The AZ Daily Star is a terribly liberal paper so I believe they will just ignore this story.

19 posted on 11/28/2009 7:13:35 PM PST by azkathy (OBAMA IS WEARING OUT MY CAPS LOCK!!!)
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To: azkathy

It surprises me that so many people who have been made to look like fools by the crooked “climate scientists” rush to the defense of these frauds rather than demand that they be jailed. I suppose it’s no easy task for people to admit to themselves and to the world that they have been fools all along, but sooner or later they’ll have to man up.

20 posted on 11/28/2009 7:13:42 PM PST by Lancey Howard
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To: Mobties

You just gave me an excellent idea....I think the UofA might have a group of College Republicans that would like to run with this idea. I will be trying to get in touch with them on Monday. Thanks!

21 posted on 11/28/2009 7:18:38 PM PST by azkathy (OBAMA IS WEARING OUT MY CAPS LOCK!!!)
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To: Dick Bachert

I wonder when people will see that photo on the front cover of the NY Times?

22 posted on 11/28/2009 7:25:46 PM PST by azkathy (OBAMA IS WEARING OUT MY CAPS LOCK!!!)
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To: azkathy

I read the comments and there was plenty of people that cannot believe the carbon tax and carbon police is a fake solution to a fake problem. The last comment actually put up information, so maybe that shut up the prove it is fraud croud. This is a copy of the last comment:

20yearstoolate wrote:
Here are just few links to check out “climategate”
11/28/2009 7:40:28 PM
Recommended (7) Report Abuse

23 posted on 11/28/2009 7:41:27 PM PST by poodle
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To: azkathy
1) In any discussion whatsoever, the general phenomenon of global warming (regardless of whether it is occurring or not) must be verbally, analytically, and rigorously separated from the anthropogenic aspect.

If this is not done then any discussion can (and will) be twisted into the verbal bigotry of "deniers," "warmers," etc. There is the question of global warming, which has occurred many times in the geologic past, along with the question of how much of it is happening now. And there is the entirely separate question of whether humanity's activities (AGW) have much or any bearing on long term climate change.

2) This latter question is now solely addressed through computer modeling. Since warming has occurred so many times in the past along with CO2 variations which have been much higher than present (before human activity), then to have any veracity at all the models must be able to repeat, from a set of initial conditions, all warming and CO2 fluctuations for, say, the last two hundred fifty million years. That is to say the models must be self sustaining through geological epochs of human and absence of human activity in order to prove all pathways are incorporated. Otherwise the models are just a bunch of variables and pathways (no matter how hard earned) manipulated to imitate recent jaundiced profiles.

This is a straightforward logical demand. And if the models are legitimate would be able to satisfy it.

3) There is also this nagging indication that CO2 increase has followed global temperature increase historically. If that is true, there are straightforward reasons for it; in particular once warming occurs, from any other external reason, both the decreasing solubility constant of the oceans and the Boltzman factor of heavier atmospheric gases (CO2) being gravitationally retained relative to the lighter ones (N2, O2), would increase the CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere.

For us at the Suntrade Institute, who have been trained and practiced in science, it is truly disheartening to see the lack of scientific integrity which has pervaded the climate science cabal. It is not surprising of course for political maniacs, even to the level of UN and US presidents, but sad that trained academicians have to be shaken into objective rigor by outside technical minds.

Johnny Suntrade

The Suntrade Institute

24 posted on 11/28/2009 7:47:31 PM PST by jnsun (The Left: the need to manipulate others because of nothing productive to offer.)
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To: jnsun
I have watched the environ-Mentalists use the ESA to manipulate natural resource based industries for years. When they started in with Global Warming, I knew it was just another way for them to further their agenda.

My dad has been a “weather bug” for years. He is amazing in the way that he studies the weather and has accumulated vast knowledge over the years, just as a private citizen who is intrigued by weather, he is not a scientist. He had me a little worried recently when the “Global Warmers” started influencing his perception.

It is sad to see science manipulated in the way that these “researchers” have done. They have done great harm to the science community as a whole and I want to see this issue addressed.

Science is one thing and using science to further an agenda is a complete different ballgame.

25 posted on 11/28/2009 8:29:35 PM PST by azkathy (OBAMA IS WEARING OUT MY CAPS LOCK!!!)
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To: murron

Will the UofA investigate Jonathan Overpeck too?
He is listed on this link

From the Grant awards page on Jonathan T. Overpeck

Grant Awards (not including NOAA 1991-99)

2006-2008 — NSF “Collaborative research: Extraction and production of knowledge through synthesis for managing biotic and abiotic resources in the Arctic – 3 years - $1.2M (Co-PI with 5 others), PENDING

2006-2008 — NSF “Paleoclimatic change, landscape evolution, and cultural transformations in far western Tibet, 2500 BP-present” – 3 years - $725,789 (Co-PI with 5 others), PENDING

2005-2009 — NSF “Collaborative research: A synthesis of the last 2000 years of climatic variability from Arctic lakes” – 4 years - $1.85M (Co-PI with 12 others)

Concerned citizens can contact the UofA here,

26 posted on 11/28/2009 9:07:21 PM PST by azkathy (OBAMA IS WEARING OUT MY CAPS LOCK!!!)
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To: azkathy

This is just a few of the grants he received. More information is available through the links above.

27 posted on 11/28/2009 9:08:24 PM PST by azkathy (OBAMA IS WEARING OUT MY CAPS LOCK!!!)
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To: azkathy

The Nobel Committee seems to have a gift for conferring its award on frauds, doesn’t it ?

28 posted on 11/28/2009 9:33:21 PM PST by EDINVA
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Yes, it seems that we can now call it the nobull prize along with GloBull warming.

Jonathan Overpeck was “coordinating lead author of a chapter on Paleoclimate” and I do believe this is the most troublesome chapter-with the fraud and scandal of CRU now exposed.

29 posted on 11/28/2009 9:39:45 PM PST by azkathy (OBAMA IS WEARING OUT MY CAPS LOCK!!!)
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To: Indy Pendance
Send the ACLU a Christmas card this year.. Make sure it says CHRISTMAS

There is an email going around and there will be tens of thousands (HOPEFULLY) dumped on their office this Christmas season.

They WILL open them because a lot of their mail is donations.

Take up their time and give them a massive headache

I just printed off an 8x10 MERRY CHRISTMAS Celebrate the Birthday of Our LORD JESUS and put it into a standard #10 business envelope so it wouldn't look like a card. I also used a security envelope so they couldn't see through and know there wasn't a check.

I suggest passing this great idea to EVERYONE in your email friends list... make this a CHRISTMAS the ACLU will never forget!

Their Address
18th Floor
NEW YORK, NY 10004

30 posted on 11/28/2009 10:02:42 PM PST by Bob Eimiller (appeasement "it's the idea that if you feed the alligator he will eat you last." Winston Churchill)
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To: azkathy
My reply at the site:

Incpen wrote: Al Gore needs to do three things, in light of this revelation of fraud:

- He needs to give back his Oscar - He needs to give back his Nobel Prize - He needs to coooperate fully with the SEC when they investigate his scam investment.

Poster cbelt123 asks for 'scientific studies'?

That's the whole point: The emails prove that the Global Warmists prevented ANYONE from publishing papers which questioned their conclusions; they refused to release their data.

Think of this: anyone who prevented another from publishing career-dependent scholarly papers is guilty of a civil, if not a criminal offense. Further, if those preventing said publication themselves accepted federal money, they are guilty of a felony.

Bring it on.


The implications of this cannot be ignored for shareholders. Don't the shareholders of GE and every other company that has changed its business model owe shareholders an explanation for what they based these decisions on?

Shouldn't Al Gore face scrutiny from the SEC for his illegal carbon-trading, from which he's profited handsomely?

I'm a shareholder and I don't believe in AGW-- why wasn't my interest protected?

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To: 20 years too late

You got a response from “Winston” alleging all our links were by companies owned by Rupert Murdoch. He owns the Guardian, the Telegraph, etc.? Who knew?

32 posted on 11/28/2009 10:08:12 PM PST by EDINVA
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To: azkathy; All
I'm keeping a running file ( always updated ) on this fraud and scandal:

"Hadley CRU has apparently been hacked –[epic fraud?]"

Click the picture:

However, here are the two papers that,
in my opinion,
demolish AGW/Climate Change and place it in its rightful realm of -phlogiston "science"--

33 posted on 11/29/2009 3:34:53 AM PST by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: backhoe

Be sure to check out how the radical environmentalists are “grading” Obama versus Bush. It is enlightening to see how much damage he is doing to our country. The “Alarmists” love Obama

34 posted on 11/29/2009 5:55:26 AM PST by azkathy (OBAMA IS WEARING OUT MY CAPS LOCK!!!)
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To: backhoe
In the link to the other thread there is some good discussion by Singer and other good points about water vapor dominating climate. However the point about greenhouses is a red herring. It is true that they do not warm by reflecting IR, but rather warm by inhibiting convection. But the warmists acknowledge that the atmosphere is not heated like a glass greenhouse and many of them regret the use of the term (it was dumbed down for popular reading, and does not reflect the science).

I would suggest editing out the glass greenhouse discussion since it has no bearing on the warming mechanisms of CO2 and water vapor as acknowledged by both sides. Those mechanisms are absorption and reradiation. Also clouds, evaporation and condensation have large roles in the energy balance, and those are all dictated by weather.

35 posted on 11/29/2009 6:09:13 AM PST by palmer (Cooperating with Obama = helping him extend the depression and implement socialism.)
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Winstonc did not check the links, I posted a couple of more.

36 posted on 11/29/2009 8:01:26 AM PST by 20 years too late
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To: azkathy; Little Bill; Nervous Tick; 4horses+amule; Desdemona; Fractal Trader; grey_whiskers; ...

Beam me to Planet Gore !

37 posted on 11/29/2009 10:11:44 AM PST by steelyourfaith (Time to prosecute Al Gore now that fellow scam artist Bernie Madoff is in stir.)
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To: a fool in paradise

You would think that Liberals would feel liberated knowing that GW was a hoax, liberated from a bound ideology. That’s probably why they go by the name Progressives now, because they really don’t give a damn about liberating anyone.

38 posted on 11/29/2009 12:47:21 PM PST by RatsDawg (At least we don't have to worry about riding in Ted Kennedy's car anymore...)
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To: azkathy

Excellent article. Thanks for writing it, and thanks for posting it on FreeRepublic.

39 posted on 11/29/2009 2:53:30 PM PST by Rocky (Obama's ego: The "I's" have it.)
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To: Rocky; Ernest_at_the_Beach

You are welcome. Someone had to do it, the paid journalists are busy sticking their heads in the sand.

I wonder, would you want to pay good money to send your impressionable youth to the U of A so that they can be propagandized by the likes of Jonathan Overpeck? I certainly wouldn’t, but that is what is happening in schools across America.

If you check you can search for The Rules of the Game Futerra and pull up some of the propaganda documents. I find the PR campaign for Global Warming enlightening. I just found a new document today, titled, “New Rules, New Game”.

Quoting from the document, “These short rules are communications techniques which pull together the most effective strategies for changing people’s behaviour. They are based on a huge body of international psychological, sociological and marketing studies, gathered and analyzed by Futerra.”

The document goes on to state, “The New Rules: New Game isn’t a simple, ‘one size fits all’ blueprint and some of the tips might even, at first sight, seem inconsistent. But taken together they provide a practical guide for action.”

Now, aren’t we glad the GLOBULL Warming Alarmists have been practicing their propaganda and mind control on We the People? sarcasm off

I think it is despicable and we better start screaming at some elected officials, school administrators and everyone else who is in a position of leadership. We cannot count on the “free press” to help with this because they are aiding and abetting the propagandists.

40 posted on 11/29/2009 3:13:46 PM PST by azkathy (OBAMA IS WEARING OUT MY CAPS LOCK!!!)
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To: backhoe

LOL! That’s a GREAT cartoon!

41 posted on 11/29/2009 7:52:56 PM PST by SuziQ
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To: azkathy
Don't count on school administrators. Algore got them early on by setting up 'In Service Days" that spouted the AGW propaganda, and provided 'teaching materials' for these people to take back to their unsuspecting students. And more importantly, classroom teachers were encouraged to submit Grant Requests, for pro AGW related activities, and they got goo-gobs of money to push that agenda.

Under the guise of 'taking care of our planet', they taught children to chastise their families about recycling, and using paper products, and incandescent bulbs. The kids became little climate Nazis, and were praised to the hilt by their teachers for doing so.

Scary, indeed.

42 posted on 11/29/2009 8:03:11 PM PST by SuziQ
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To: SuziQ

I know you are correct and it is not going to be easy to “undo” the damage that has already been done.

I think all conservative Americans need to understand “the rules of the game” that the Alarmists have been using so successfully. We need to take a page from the enemies handbook so to speak. They have already done the research for us on how to “get in the minds” of the public.

Check out the information available here:

43 posted on 11/30/2009 7:55:11 AM PST by azkathy (OBAMA IS WEARING OUT MY CAPS LOCK!!!)
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To: omni-scientist
We have always been at war with East Anglia.

Love it, very clever.

44 posted on 11/30/2009 8:38:42 AM PST by Hoboken (Let's continue to roll)
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