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To: freedumb2003; GodGunsGuts; metmom; wagglebee; Orestes5711
...It is impossible to see a negro and not feel kindly towards him.”

Why of course that poor, wretched, subhuman negro is to be pitied by rich white intellectuals who are so much more evolutionarily advanced than these lessers, right "FreeDarwin2003"?

They can't possibly take care of themselves -- after all they are little more than animals anyway. Let's send them welfare checks, make them dependent on government and our elite, enlightened "compassion." Our rich white Great Society and HHS will clothe and feed them and cage them in "public housing projects," destroy their sense of family, and fatherhood leadership, and to control their population we'll sterilize them in our Harlem Clinic, perform science experiments on them with our Tuskeegee Project, and exterminate them with our Negro Project, and fund not for profit taxpayer subsidized Planned Parenthood clinics within their communities to make "health care" more available to them. We are just so damn comapssionate aren't we, FreeDarwin2003?(/sarc)

Liberals and Darwinian evolutionary premise are inextricably linked.

Bet as an evolutionist you're feeling just as comapssionate as Darwin, Sanger, Davenport Popenoe, and ol' James D. Watson right about now....

James D., who?

James Watson, PhD, along with Francis Crick, PhD, a co-discoverer of the DNA double-helix structure, Nobel Prize 1962, if fact. Hmmmm looks like Obama and he share something in common. Though I'll bet Watson -- for evolutionary reasons of course, doesn't think they share the same level of intelligence.

October 2007: In a Sunday Times (UK) interview Dr. Watson was quoted as saying he was "inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa" because "all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours -- whereas all the testing says not really."

OUCH!!! that's gotta hurt! Oh yes, and in case anyone wondered, Watson is routinely "peer reviewed" too. Surprised?


So ALL science advancements from that period (there were many) are also based in racism. Chemistry, physics, medicine — all steeped in racism.

All science advancement from that period based in racism? Quite a claim you make there. Don't know that that is completely true, and if fact I'll call you on that, but even as it was then, anyone teaching Darwinian evolution as any thing credible today tacitly teaches racism. No escaping that fact. This is just one reason true conservatism and Darwinism are philosophically poles apart. True conservatism is neither founded in racism nor promotes racism. Darwinism on the other hand is founded in racism and subsequently and subtly promotes racism.

Why don't you comment some more on what racism your studies has discovered in the fields of chemistry, physics, and medicine from the late 1800's. I am aware of the German "scientific" and "medical" experiments on the Herero: case in point ---

Ernst Haeckel ---- yeah, the same guy who did the fraudulent comparative embryonic drawings, Darwin worshipper -- the works -- was a protégé of Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow, who was appointed head of the Pathological Institute of Berlin from 1893-1902.

Eugen Fischer became head of the Berlin Institute in 1908. Germany’s African colonies rebelled under German rule about the same time as Haeckel’s evolutionary political and Monist (pre-Nazi) activity became most prominent.

“The African colonies and concentration camps also served racial scientific inquiry. Post-mortems were performed to study causes of death and bodies of executed prisoners were preserved and shipped to Germany for dissection.

“A 1907 chronicle reported that: "A chest of Herero skulls was recently sent to the Pathological Institute in Berlin, where they will be subjected to scientific measurements.

“Probably the most well-known study was the physician, Eugen Fisher’s evaluation of Basters, the mixed-blood children of Dutch men and Nama women. “He argued that "Negro blood" was of "lesser value" and that mixing it with "white blood" would destroy European culture, and advised that Africans should be exploited by Europeans as long they were useful, after which they could be eliminated.”

(“German science and black racism—roots of the Nazi Holocaust” by François Haas, The FASEB Journal. 2008;22:332-337 (New York University Institute of Community Health and Research, New York University School of Medicine, NY, NY)

Copenhagen AGW conference -- just another world wide attempt at the Great Society described earlier, only writ large. The racist monied elites have it all planned and their (busted) "peer reviewed" minions are singing their song. The West's (though not Al Gore's "elites" who stand to make the money) wealth is transferred to exploitable third world, because they're all too dumb and incompetent to take care of themselves.

Darwinian Evolutionists: nothing more than "peer reviewed" talent pools of elite racists.

Hermann Gauch was a famous Nazi race theorist, identified with what was termed, “Nordic Theory.” In his “Basis for Race Research” “Neve Grundlagen Zur Rassenforschung” (1935):

”The non-Nordics and the animals [are] just about next to the anthropoid ape. He is therefore not a complete man. He is really not a man at all in the true counter-distinction to animals, but a transition, an intermediate stage, better and more apt is the designation, “subhuman untermench.”

“If non-Nordics are more closely allied with monkeys and apes than to Nordics, why is it possible for them to mate with Nordics and not apes? The answer is this: It has not been proved that non-Nordics cannot mate with apes.”

Just gotta love those philosophically evo-ape driven Nazi doctors, eh, DarDumb2003? Darwin, Haekel, Gauch, Sanger, Gambel, Ferrebee, Watson... Yes, like they say "it's the company you keep..."

36 posted on 12/08/2009 8:55:13 PM PST by Agamemnon (Intelligent Design is to evolution what the Swift Boat Vets were to the Kerry campaign)
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To: Agamemnon

>>Why of course that poor, wretched, subhuman negro is to be pitied by rich white intellectuals who are so much more evolutionarily advanced than these lessers, right “FreeDarwin2003”?<<

Not much point in reading further (and I didn’t) — I am sure you entertained yourself with your insult-laden rants.

You didn’t read what I posted, didn’t read the material, didn’t comprehend what was being said and don’t understand the subject at hand.

Go away ragonyourmember. Far far away where they appreciate people like you.

38 posted on 12/08/2009 9:06:47 PM PST by freedumb2003 (Communism comes to America: 1/20/2009. Keep your powder dry, folks. Sic semper tyrannis)
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