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(San Diego) Minutemen Founder Faces Another Defamation Lawsuit
10 news ^ | 12/30/2009

Posted on 12/30/2009 11:36:05 AM PST by Ladycalif

AN DIEGO -- The founder of the San Diego Minutemen is facing more legal problems, 10News reported.

Jeff Schwilk is the focus of another defamation lawsuit that will be filed next week. In May, a jury decided he helped defame activist Joanne Yoon and was fined more than $130,000. A jury found Schwilk e-mailed members links to a Web site that called her vulgar names and implied Yoon was a prostitute.

Recently, another e-mail to Minutemen members allegedly defaming Yoon was obtained by her attorney, Dan Gilleon.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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KEYWORDS: aliens; illegalimmigration; immigranlist; immigration; lawsuit; minutemen; sandiego; schwilk
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1 posted on 12/30/2009 11:36:06 AM PST by Ladycalif
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To: Ladycalif

Between this and the fund raising shenanigans by the guy in Arizona, a good idea of a group seems to have been sabotaged by bad leadership.

2 posted on 12/30/2009 11:39:27 AM PST by mnehring
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To: Ladycalif

It’s also a tactic of the l;eft to make any right wing group bankrupt by taking you to the courts. As of now they own the judicial system. Should any of our guys die in the Supremes we will be royally screwed..

3 posted on 12/30/2009 11:41:57 AM PST by Cacique (quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat ( Islamia Delenda Est ))
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To: mnehring

Well said

real Minutemen work the border

4 posted on 12/30/2009 11:44:26 AM PST by Ladycalif (Justice for Agent Rosas - Secure the Border.)
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To: mnehring

Yes, Simcox is a libertarian posing as a Republican in
his election in AZ.
I think most people see he is a shyster

5 posted on 12/30/2009 11:50:14 AM PST by SoCalPol (Reagan Republican for Palin 2012)
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To: SoCalPol

Simcox, that’s the guy.. I remember he had a live Q&A here to try to sell his run against McCain and basically he took any question as a challenge to himself and accused everyone of being McCain trolls instead of simply answering the questions.

6 posted on 12/30/2009 11:58:21 AM PST by mnehring
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Comment #7 Removed by Moderator

To: 1_Inch_Group; 2sheep; 2Trievers; 3AngelaD; 3pools; 3rdcanyon; 4Freedom; 4ourprogeny; 7.62 x 51mm; ..


8 posted on 12/30/2009 12:09:22 PM PST by gubamyster
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Comment #9 Removed by Moderator

To: HiTech RedNeck

Alex Jones is not welcome here. Do you have a better source?

10 posted on 12/30/2009 12:21:02 PM PST by Admin Moderator
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Comment #11 Removed by Moderator

To: Admin Moderator

My apologies. This was the top Google hit. I hope the non clickable version of the URL can stay with an appropriate caveat.

12 posted on 12/30/2009 12:22:33 PM PST by HiTech RedNeck (I am in America but not of America.)
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To: HiTech RedNeck
Please note that Chilling Effects prints verboten URLs in non clickable form.

The San Diego Minutemen make similar allegations about Yoon's court found status

Aitch Tee Tee Pee colon slash slash dubya dubya dubya dot ess aye enn dee eye ee gee oh emm eye enn yoo tee ee emm enn dot cee oh emm slash ess eye tee ee slash eye enn dee exx dot pee aitch pee (or just google on Yoon).

Is this allegation a lie?

13 posted on 12/30/2009 12:32:05 PM PST by HiTech RedNeck (I am in America but not of America.)
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To: HiTech RedNeck
Please note that Chilling Effects prints verboten URLs in non clickable form.

The San Diego Minutemen make similar allegations about Yoon's court found status

Aitch Tee Tee Pee colon slash slash dubya dubya dubya dot ess aye enn dee eye ee gee oh emm eye enn yoo tee ee emm enn dot cee oh emm slash ess eye tee ee slash eye enn dee exx dot pee aitch pee (or just google on Yoon).

Is this allegation a lie?

14 posted on 12/30/2009 12:34:03 PM PST by HiTech RedNeck (I am in America but not of America.)
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To: HiTech RedNeck

It isn’t about not giving them traffic, sources like Alex Jones, Stormfront, Lew Rockwell, David Duke, etc are not sources we want to be associated with.

The allegations may be true, which is why ask you to post it from a different source.

15 posted on 12/30/2009 12:42:09 PM PST by Admin Moderator
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To: Admin Moderator

By the way, is there a summary somewhere on FR of what we can’t talk about? If party X is making allegations about party Y and vice versa we’ve come to a pretty miserable pass if we can’t talk about what those allegations are.

16 posted on 12/30/2009 12:43:19 PM PST by HiTech RedNeck (I am in America but not of America.)
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To: Admin Moderator

Is the SD Minuteman site itself ok?

17 posted on 12/30/2009 12:44:14 PM PST by HiTech RedNeck (I am in America but not of America.)
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To: HiTech RedNeck

It isn’t what topics you can or can’t talk about, it is simply the source. Some are common sense, like racist sites or ‘truther’ sites (often they cross paths), others are because of copyright restrictions.

Here is a list of the copyright restricted sources.

18 posted on 12/30/2009 12:46:46 PM PST by Admin Moderator
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To: HiTech RedNeck

That looks fine.

19 posted on 12/30/2009 12:47:36 PM PST by Admin Moderator
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To: Admin Moderator
OK, here is what the Minutemen have to say for themselves.

SDMM LATEST NEWS                        


San Diego Minutemen

December 29, 2009


News Release


Illegal Alien Activist Joanne Yoon Threatens Another

Defamation Lawsuit against SDMM Leader Jeff Schwilk


San Diego, CAOutspoken La Raza activist Joanne Yoon is reportedly filing another lawsuit against Jeff Schwilk according to voicemails left by Michael Chen at Channel 10 News this morning.  Yoon, who has been deemed a “public figure” by a San Diego Judge, is apparently upset that there is a video on YouTube of a young Asian woman named Joanne Yoon saying on camera that she is a “prostitute” and a “hooker”. .

It is not known if this is the same Joanne Yoon who has been stalking and harassing the Minutemen and other political activists in San Diego since our first border watch event in July 2005. 


This video has been on the internet for at least 6 months and if Ms. Yoon wants to claim that it is not her, she is free to do so, and the public can decide if she is telling the truth.


In 2007, Joanne Yoon filed a false defamation lawsuit against Schwilk alleging that he created a spoof website of her which inferred that she was a prostitute for the illegal alien day laborers she was so often photographed with.  At civil trial in May 2009 it was proven that Independent Activist Ray Carney acted alone in creating the spoof website.  Carney admitted he made the website alone and defaulted on the lawsuit in 2007.  Schwilk had nothing to do with it and the evidence proved that.  A jury mistakenly found Schwilk liable for defamation anyway for merely forwarding the link to Carney’s website by email to a few key activists for their information.  The website was only up for a week and only 3 people total ever viewed it, one of them being Joanne Yoon, as she admitted on the stand.  The verdict is being appealed and expected to be reversed by the court of appeals.


Ms. Yoon apparently is now accusing Schwilk of making this video or having something to do with it.  Anyone viewing it can clearly see that these are young women clowning around on video.  Any claims that Schwilk or any other secure borders political activists had anything to do with this video are ludicrous, just like her previous false allegations.  Any new malicious or harassing lawsuits will be dealt with aggressively by SDMM’s attorneys.  Radical Pro-illegal alien activists must stop abusing our civil court system.


Yoon recently lost two seperate court attempts to take money from the San Diego Minutemen for her judgment.  Both a Federal Judge and a Superior Court Judge denied her outrageous motions to take money from our secure borders group. 


- SDMM –


The San Diego Minutemen is the largest border security advocacy group in San Diego County.  SDMM works tirelessly with law enforcement, local politicians, and the public to secure our borders and fight illegal alien crime, as well as drug and human trafficking in our border region.



Press Release - Dec. 14, 2009

SDMM files Criminal Charges against former attorneys

Howard Kaloogian and Bob Fuselier


CARLSBAD, CAThe San Diego Minutemen have filed Grand Theft charges with the Carlsbad Police Department against their former attorneys, Kaloogian & Fuselier LLP of Carlsbad.  The criminal complaint filed on Nov. 30 alleges that former State Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian has illegally appropriated and/or stolen approximately $100,000 belonging to the San Diego Minutemen from the non-profit group’s settlement award from Caltrans in late October.  The total award check for $157,500 was admittedly cashed without SDMM’s endorsement by Bob Fuselier on October 30 and the balance of their attorneys fees owed ($60,000) withdrawn by them.  They have refused to disburse SDMM’s portion of the settlement and have made it clear to the group that they have no intention of ever paying the $100,000 that was meant for SDMM for damages.  Kaloogian has not filed any legal claim for SDMM's money.

Carlsbad Police detectives conducted an investigation in early December and confirmed that Kaloogian has no legal right to keep SDMM’s money, but they are giving Kaloogian a few more weeks to try to get their alleged claim in front of the court system.  If they fail to obtain a court order or pay the group their money, CPD will refer the criminal case to the DA for further investigation and prosecution. 

Needless to say, our large group of volunteer activists are extremely dismayed that  Kaloogian is attempting to pocket the entire Caltrans award plus the $45,000 that they were paid prior to the settlement - $202,000 total! - and deny our non-profit political activist group funds to fight for secure borders, safer communities, and to help elect strong border security candidates to elected office.  “We never expected to be scammed and robbed by our own attorneys”, said Barry Shipley, SDMM’s Operations Director who filed the complaint with CPD along with founder Jeff Schwilk.  “For over 18 months they promised us a substantial settlement award from the Caltrans discrimination lawsuit, but we still haven’t received a penny in damages, while our former attorneys have taken over $200,000 from this case”.

SDMM is pushing the bar association and the local justice system to force Kaloogian to pay us our funds before we must insist on a full criminal prosecution against this unethical lawfirm.

SD Examiner article, Dec. 14

North County Times, Dec. 14   




SDMM Supports and Appreciates Lou Dobbs

3 Dec 08

Lou Dobbs is an American treasure and hero who has fought tirelessly over the past 5 years to expose the truth about our open borders and corruption in both Mexico and America.  He recenlty quit his popular TV show on CNN, but still does a great daily radio show.  Listen at 

Lou has always been a strong advocate for border security and we hope he returns to TV soon to continue to bring Americans the truth about their government and their ongoing assualt against the American middle class.




Historic Anti-Amnesty Rally held in San Diego Nov. 14!!



La Raza is hoping amnesty is a done deal now that Obama has formally endorsed and promoted it on Friday via Janet Napolitano's speech, but there is no way the American people will allow another disastrous amnesty to pass.  Over 80% of Americans are against amnesty/legalization and they are making their voices heard as the push for amnesty draws closer, likely beginning in Congress in January or February. - ALIPAC's William Gheen on Fox News this morning talking about this growing movement. - Great Ch. 8 News clip of San Diego Rally  -  Union Tribune news blurb in today's paper
Yesterday Americans came out and said NO in San Diego and 52 other cities nationwide!!!  No to Amnesty.  Secure our war-torn border with Mexico!  Enforce our laws!  Stop the invasion of unknown foreign criminals and drugs.  Millions of Americans are joining national groups like and who are leading the fight to crush the next amnesty push.  With everyone coming together, amnesty will be defeated again by We the People like it was in 2006, and 2007.  With over 16 million Americans out of work, there is no way will allow over 15 million illegal foreign citizens to stay and fill these jobs.  America is bankrupt and illegal immigration is a leading reason why.  ILLEGAL ALIENS need to go home, period.
Outstanding rally at the San Diego Embarcadero yesterday next to the USS Midway.  About 200 Patriots from all over Southern California came out to hear some great speakers and candidates.  Most groups from the SoCal Patriot Coalition were represented, led by Barbara Coe and CCIR!  We had dozens of new SDMM signups and it was great meeting all of you.  See you all again soon!  Spread the word.  We're taking back our country!





Chelene Nightengale, Candidate for Governor

Michael Crimmins, Candidate for Congress, 51st Dist.

Jeff Schwilk, SDMM

Jimmy Valentine, Former Producer for Roger Hedgecock

Kimberly Dvorak, Investigative Reporter

Neil Turner, San Diego Christians for Secure Borders

Francisca G., Mexican immigrant fighting illegal immigration


More info at






SDMM & Local Media Expose Prostitution Ring in McGonigle

Canyon Migrant Camps AGAIN!


Oct. 6, 2009


On the afternoon of Saturday Oct. 3, SDMM escorted a local photojournalist down to a thick eucalyptus grove at the west end of the tomato field along McGonigle Creek where we observed nearly 20 men and boys in a one-hour period coming and going from what we later found was a field brothel with 2 young women having sex for $30 a shot behind makeshift plastic curtains in the bushes.  As always, SDPD refused to come to the scene of the crime and investigate.  Nearby neighbors continue to have to put up with dozens of migrant squatters living in their canyon and all the prostitution and illegal activity that goes with it. 


The question remains, 3 years after SDMM caught similar prostiution in the act nearby, who does Mayor Jerry Sanders work for?  He certainly does not work for the citizens of San Diego.  What illegal promises has he made to the Mexican Government that allows him and his PD to continue to ignore crime and fire hazards in the canyons and file false charges against American citizens who expose the crime and corruption in San Diego?



Ch. 10 News, Oct 5.  Great story exposing what we found Saturday.  Local resident says the canyon is infested with migrants and criminal activity:
San Diego Examiner: Migrant Camps in San Diego are Busy with Prostitution

Over the weekend the San Diego Minutemen stumbled upon some extra curricular activities in McGonigle Canyon in the city of San Diego - illegal prostitution!




SDMM Co-founder Jeff Mundt Loses Battle with Cancer, Sept. 15, 2009


by Jeff Schwilk


Sept 19, 2009



Jeff Mundt, co-founder of the San Diego Minutemen, dear friend to all American Patriots, and dedicated, loyal American lost his long bout with prostate cancer last week.  He went peacefully with very little suffering at a local hospital.  Jeff was only 53.  He is survived by his loving wife Bobbe in Oceanside.
Jeff and I met at the very first California border watch in Campo in July 2005.  We immediately hit it off and became good friends and together we started SDMM after the California Minutemen folded in Sept. 2005.  We had the same strong common vision to secure our border and end the immigration lawlessness and anarchy that had permeated San Diego County for far too long.  Jeff had a sharp mind, a kind spirit, and a dedication to country and freedom that was unsurpassed.


Jeff always had a positive attitude and was confident that we could save our Republic and our liberties if we just fought for them. 
His dedication, activism, and words of wisdom and inspiration will be sorely missed by all who met and knew him.  
Rest in Peace, "Virginia Patriot"!  We carry on our battles in remembrance of you and your fighting spirit!      



Execution of Border Agent Robert Rosas - Community Forum in the North County Times.

Aug. 27, 2009

The mainstream media, including this newspaper, briefly reported on the murder of San Diego Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas, who was shot and killed in the line of duty on the night of July 23 near the old border fence in Campo.

Agent Rosas leaves behind his wife Rosie, a 2-year-old son, Robert, and an 11-month-old daughter, Kayla.  Details have since come out that Rosas was executed at point-blank range with eight shots to his head and body.  It appears that he was targeted and ambushed by Mexican cartel hitmen, frustrated that our local Border Patrol had been intercepting too much of their product lately.

The shooter(s) have not been caught and are believed to be hiding in Mexico.

The Sinaloa and other drug cartels operate freely just across the California border in Mexico and have killed thousands of Mexican soldiers, police and civilians in the past three years in their drug war.  Now they are boldly targeting Americans.

Few San Diego County residents realize that once you go east of Otay Mesa, our border fence consists of mostly light 8- to 10-foot fencing that is easily breached daily by drug and human smugglers.  There are also large gaps where there is still no fencing at all.

Cross-border violence is common in East County with rock attacks and gunshots coming from Mexico nearly every day. In Campo, where Agent Rosas was killed, there had been three other shooting incidents from Mexico in the previous two months. The cartel has been also making threats that they were going to "get an agent."  Because of the almost complete lawlessness on the Mexican side of the border, our border agents are sitting ducks ---- outgunned and outnumbered when they patrol near the fence, or the lack thereof.

All of us who have worked that area with our Border Patrol have known that a strike on an American border agent or innocent civilian was inevitable at some point.

The double-secure fence that is now complete from Imperial Beach to Otay Mesa, 14 miles long, is a shining example of how our border can be secured when the federal government takes border security seriously.  It's an imposing sight and a strong symbol of American sovereignty and security. Unfortunately, that fence does little to secure the other 1,950-plus miles of border with Mexico, most of it easily penetrable by anyone.  The secure fence just pushes the problems east, where brave border guards like Rosas risk their lives daily to manage the invasion of crime and contraband coming in from Mexico 24/7 every day of the year.

The Border Patrol and millions of concerned citizens, especially those of us living near the border, have been demanding much tighter border security for years now, with only limited response from Washington and Sacramento. Thousands more agents have been hired and a few dozen new miles of tall fencing have been built, but the border still remains wide-open to Mexican drug cartel violence and organized crime, which is increasingly seeping farther into our country and our communities.

Until this decades-old and ever-increasing dynamic of free-flowing cheap, illegal labor and massive amounts of illicit drugs from Mexico is dealt with seriously by our elected representatives and the Obama administration, more tragedies and murders at the border and in our cities will continue.

RIP, Robert Rosas; may his death not be in vain.

JEFF SCHWILK is the founder of the San Diego Minutemen.





Aug. 14, 2009

Ch. 10 News in San Diego has lost all credibility the past few months, especially in their vicious, vile slander attacks on American activists.  They have teamed up with long-time lying propagandist Jim McElroy, Del Mar attorney and local rep for the SPLC and other alien activist goons to spread malicious lies about the San Diego Minutemen and Jeff Schwilk.  McElroy is an especially vile paid illegal alien activist and an extremely dangerous individual.  He and his group have long been listed as a hate group in California.

They have accused Schwilk of having ties to racist white supremicist hate groups, which is laughable considering he is part Hispanic.  They have accused SDMM of being a hate group and "violent", but provide zero evidence to back up such outrageous claims which is in keeping with the favorite left-wing extremist tactic to demonize their political opponents with smears and lies.  

For nearly 4 years, the pathetic radical Mexican activists in San Diego, led by Mexican citizen and agent Enrique Morones and his partner in subversion Christian Ramirez, have been desperately pushing the lie that SDMM has ties to hate groups.  Of course this is ABSOLUTELY FALSE!  We have strong ties to veterans and Patriot Groups, period.  Our members are made up of concerned Americans and immigrants from all over the world who took an oath to preserve and defend the USA.  J.W. August, producer at Ch. 10 has been given the truth about SDMM and our political enemies, but he and his cohorts choose to spread malicous lies and slander.  Now why would they do that?  Who is paying them to spread their filth?  Despicable journalism at its worst.

The best these anti-American goons and their media whores at Ch. 10 can come up with is that long-time independent anti-illegal activist Ray Carney in Fallbrook has attended a couple of our over 100 rallies in the past 4 years, with the last one being in 2007.  He and thousands of other concerned citizens have attended our ultra successful anti-illegal immigration rallies.  He has only attended events in his hometown of Fallbrook/Bonsall where illegal alien crime is very high.  Carney apparently fixed computers for Tom Metzger in Fallbrook many years ago.  The fact that a supposed news organization would then claim that links Schwilk and SDMM to white supremicist groups would be laughable if it wasn't so shameful and SICK!

That's it.  Carney is not a member of any Minuteman group, never has been, never wanted to be, never will be.

CHANNEL 10 News & their Mexican sister station Ch. 15 (Azteca):  Stop the hate and lies!  Spreading false fear and hate in America is treason and the FBI and FCC have been notified.  No one believes your sick, twisted propaganda.  Your vicous smear campaign has failed, let it go.


Americans just want secure borders and law and order in our communities.  Demonizing those who lobby for that is, as Nancy Pelosi would say, "UnAmerican".





Aug 6, 2009


San Diego, CA – The San Diego Minutemen reached a settlement in their Federal lawsuit against Caltrans Director Will Kempton, San Diego District Director Pedro Orso-Delgado, and California Transportaion Director Dale Bonner on Aug. 3 at the Federal Court Building in San Diego.


The terms of the settlement are as follows:


-          Payment to the San Diego Minutemen of $157,500 for damages and attorneys fees.


-          Permanent restoration of the Adopt-a-Highway (AAH) permit for the freeway site near the San Clemente Border Patrol Checkpoint near San Onofre.


-          Granting of the permit for a second AAH site on Southbound 1-5 near Las Pulgas Rd.  This site had been wrongfully denied to SDMM in May 2008.


-          Full future SDMM participation in the California Adopt-a-Highway Program.


-          Caltrans will hold a press conference at their San Diego Headquarters to correct the inaccurate public statements that Pedro Delgado made in January 2008 about the San Diego Minutemen when he illegally revoked the political activist group’s permit for the I-5 San Onofre site.


“We are very pleased with the settlement which ends the 18-month attempt to discriminate against our political views that began in January 2008 by local illegal alien activists, Caltrans employees, and members of the California Latino Legislative Caucus”, said Jeff Schwilk, founder of the San Diego Minutemen.  “Justice and the First Amendment freedom of speech has been fully restored in California from this unfortunate mistake by our state government.”


SDMM has been cleaning the San Onofre freeway site regularly and without  incident since August 2008 when Judge Hayes granted our injunction to restore our courtesy sign and permit.  SDMM is proud to participate in this community service program and we look forward to adopting other highways in San Diego County to help keep our freeways and roads clean.


We note that Pedro Delgado announced, also on Aug. 3, that he was resigning from Caltrans, effective Aug. 18.  The reason for the timing of his departure announcement coming on the same day as our settlement agreement has not been disclosed.  Delgado has been hired by the City of Santee to be Deputy City Manager.  He begins his new job in city GOVERNMENT on Aug. 19.





Reminder to all:  SDMM and other mainstream border security

groups have absolutely no affiliation with Jim Gilchrist's

Minuteman Project or his border subsidiary Campo Minutemen.


Aug. 5

Those two groups have been completely rogue from all the mainstream anti-illegal groups in California since 2007, namely the 27 united groups that make up the Coalition.

Due to the Arizona murders and other crimes committed by Jim Gilchrist's Border Director and other associates of his in the past few months, we consider MMP and CMM to be extremely dangerous to the to the public, especially on or near the southern border.  All activists should stay away from these groups.

See full details under the link to the left at Illegal Alien Activists / Enemies.

Vetted, cetified groups in the SoCal Patriots Coalition are 100% peaceful and law-abiding polticial activists who comdemn any and all violence and rogue, unsupervised border operations.

Unlike CMM and JGMMP, we work WITH law enforcement, border patrol, and politicians to bring about political change and security to our border region.



The Tragic Murder of BP Agent Robert Rosas in Campo

July 31


Tribute to border agent Robert Rosas, killed in the line of duty on July 23, 2009. 


Where:   Campo Border Patrol Station where Robert was stationed.
               32355 Old Highway 80
               Pine Valley, CA
               (I-8, exit Kitchen Creek Rd.)
When:   6 - 9 pm.  Formal Ceremony at 7pm.
Who:     All members of the public and off-duty BP and LE officers are invited to attend.
Bring:    Candles, flowers, small flags, cards, etc.
Many civilian border watchers knew Robert.  It was common to see him on the front lines at the Campo area border.  He always had a smile and a big "thank you" when he greeted Minutemen and border volunteers.  He will be deeply missed by his friends, fellow agents, and a grateful public.
Donation checks can be mailed to:
Rosie Rosas
C/O Sheriff Jay
P O Box 2115
La Mesa, CA 91943

July 28

Patrol Agent Robert Rosas was brutally murdered on duty the night of July 23 near the border by Mexican criminals who easily fled south back to Mexico after executing Rosas with mutliple gunshots to his body and head.  The citizens of San Diego County are deeply saddened and outraged by this latest violence in America by Mexican thugs.  Ernesto Parra Valenzuela is in custody in Mexico for the murder.  Other suspects are also in custody.  SDMM is committed to helping our brave border agents get the equipment and support they need to safely secure our border, especially San Diego County's 60 miles of border with war-torn, cartel controlled Mexico.

A vigil for the public is being planned for Saturday evening, 6-9pm at the Campo Border Patrol Station.  More details soon.

Donations for family of Robert Rosas:

The Campo Station Welfare & Recreation has set up an account to receive
donations in memory of Agent Rosas and in support of his surviving family members:

Cabrillo Credit Union
358 East H Street, Ste. 603
Chula Vista, CA 91910

BPA Robert W. Rosas
Bank Account # 186716-02


Address for cards, letters, flowers, etc.

    San Diego Sector Border Patrol
    ATTN: Rosas  C/O Public Affairs               
    2411 Boswell Rd
    Chula Vista, CA 91914







July 21

Two great new campaigns kicked off at the beginning of July which may just Save California. kicked off the petition drive to put a new measure on the ballot that will stop Billions of taxpayer dollars for welfare benefits to millions of illegal aliens in CA.  Print off petitions at the website above and help collect signatures.  We have until Nov. 16th and we need to collect over 400,000 signatures to get this on the June 2010 ballot.  We must pass this new critical Proposition to stop anchor babies and end social benefits for illegals that have ruined California financially!



A long-time leader in the anti-illegal immigration movement in Southern California, Chelene is sure to shake the race up with her promises to secure California and end taxpayer money to California's 4-7 million illegal aliens.  We will no longer be a sanctuary state and defacto colony of Mexico!  Support Chelene and the Constitution Party!



Help Defeat Amnesty Again

The push for another amnesty bill is back in Washington, this time led by Sen. Chuck Schumer. Despite the highest unemployment in decades and a border with Mexico that is still open to tons of drugs and hundreds of thousands of illegal crossers per year, Schumer has promised a new amnesty bill by Labor Day (Sept. 7) that would "legalize" 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens.

Poll after poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly want our borders secured and our immigration laws enforced before we legalize millions of people who have violated our immigration laws.

The best Web site for the truth about illegal immigration is At this great site, you can also send free faxes to your representatives voicing your opinion! Millions of Americans have signed up for e-mail alerts during the past few years.

The other great group that fights illegal immigration is CAPS (Californians for Population Stabilization). You can also send free faxes to Sacramento politicians at its Web site:

With your help, we will defeat amnesty again this year, continue to gain border security and return our country to a nation of legal immigration and respect for the rule of law and the Constitution.

Jeff Schwilk
Founder, San Diego Minutemen


Rogue Border Activist Shawna Forde Arrested for Double




June 13, 2009                                                                                                                           


Jeff Schwilk, Founder, San Diego Minutemen




San Diego, CA – The San Diego Minutemen were deeply saddened to learn

yesterday of the horrific home invasion and murders of a 9 year old girl and her father in Arivaca, AZ, just north of the Mexican border on May 30.  We were shocked, but not surprised to hear that troubled border activist Shawna Forde has been arrested for the murders along with two of her associates. 


SDMM and other groups have sent and posted numerous warnings about Forde starting in January when she was involved in several violent, suspicious crimes in Everett, WA.  She also has been openly advocating violence and 'taking it to the drug cartels' for many months now.  All border activists have been strongly warned to stay away from her and her small "Minuteman American Defense" border watch group.  We feared that violent confrontation would occur when they were operating near the Arizona border.  We alerted law enforcement in January to the dangers we believed she posed, especially on the Arizona and California borders.


Unfortunately, Jim Gilchrist, head of the fringe, exiled group "Jim Gilchrist's Minuteman Project", not affiliated with any of the mainstream Minuteman groups, rejected our warnings and continued to support Forde and her border operations and still does according to recent postings on his website  Shawna Forde was listed on Gilchrist's website for at least a year as his Border Director in 2008 and 2009.  He defended her actions and statements and has always promoted her border operations to his MMP members, even as recently as June 7 with a posting his website (which he removed on Jun 14).


Now our fears and predictions have come true, tragically, and an innocent 9 year old girl is dead.  SDMM hopes that all those responsible for these horrific crimes are brought to justice.  There is no room in the secure borders movement for criminals and violence; there is enough of that coming up from Mexico.  Our only mission at the border has always been to "observe and report".  The mainstream anti-illegal immigration groups such as SDMM and MCDC are 100% law-abiding, peaceful observers and political activists calling for secure borders and an end to the mass smuggling of drugs and human cargo into the U.S. from Mexico.


Current stories:

Green Valley News and Sun


Everett Herald





La Raza, Muslim Extremists, White Supremicists:              


June 10, 2009

Another day in America, more racial violence and killing.  Today, an apparently suicidal old man (89) with long held anti-Jew hatred, killed a security guard at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.  Last week a Muslim terrorist murdered a U.S. Soldier near a recruiting center in Arkansas.  Last Thursday, 4 Latino men near Yuma brutally murdered a LEGAL immigrant who lives in San Diego.  The Hispanic gang members beat Morteza Tajik with a baseball bat, stabbed him, and left him to die.  America is becoming a nation of hate and lawlessness, much like our third world neighbor Mexico to the south.  Senseless brutal killings occur almost every day.  Why the increase in hate and violence?  Is it the horrible economy and unemployment?  Is it La Raza's tireless push to colonize America with tens of millions of impoverished Mexican peasants by pushing Amnesty?  It it the large and growing Anti-Obama/anti-Socialism movement in America?  Or is it all the recent Anti-American hate speech by members of the U.S. Congress (Pelosi, Reid, McCain, Graham, Guiterrez)?  Probably all of that.  People are furious with their increasingly fascist and oppressive government.  People are angry and showing it.  Unfortunately, many of these nuts throughout society's spectrum turn to crime and violence.  Hopefully law enforcement will keep these wackos from any mass killings such as the Vietnamese immigrant in New York a few months ago that shot up an immigration center and killed several innocents.  Now, more than ever, Americans must be vigilant to these violent, criminal types living among us, and report any major warning signs to your local police.  And to all the hate groups and lone nuts out there - red, white, black, or brown - the multi-ethnic, rule of law American Patriots at SDMM say to them, "STOP THE HATE"!



The TRUTH about Joanne Yoon's Defamation Lawsuit against Jeff Schwilk

Updated:  May 27, 2009

Illegal alien activist Joanne Yoon filed a $1 Million false "Defamation" civil lawsuit against SDMM Leader Jeff Schwilk on Mar 22, 2007.  On May 21, 2009 she won a judgment for $135,000 for "damages" from a jury in Vista Court, Dept. 29, Judge Robert Dahlquist.  They jury reconvened on May 26 to consider punitive damages against Schwilk, but after consideration of all of the evidence, the jury determined that punitive damages were unwarranted in this case.  The trial concluded at that time.  The verdict, with respect to the liability phase of the trial will be appealed.

As Paul Harvey would say, here's the rest of the story:

- Joanne Yoon was a paid political operative and top illegal alien activist for the ACLU and La Raza/Mexico from 2005-2007.  She also worked directly for Claudia Smith's CRLAF starting in Sep 2006.

- Joanne Yoon is a PUBLIC FIGURE as ruled by the court in April 2009.  The First Amendment guarantees everyone's right to comment on public figures, as long as they do not make statements which they actually know are false or subjectively believe are false.  The founders of our country believed such free expression was the best defense against tyranny. 

- Joanne Yoon stalked, harassed, and interfered with peaceful, law-abiding American citizens and pro-America political activists from 2005-2007, both at the San Diego-Mexico border and at public Pro-American public events and rallies.  She also posted false statements on on Aug 4, 2006 accusing the Minutemen of being physically agressive with day laborers as a recruiting tool for her group.  She was the personification of a radical illegal alien activist.

- Joanne Yoon's lawyer is Daniel Gilleon who is also Claudia Smith's hired attorney that she has used to smear and attack innocent American activists by abusing the court system and filing numerous lawsuits against Jeff Schwilk and other anti-illegal immigration leaders.  Smith and Gilleon appeared on Fox News (Hannity & Colmes) in Nov 2006 to attack and falsely accuse independent activist John Monti of assualting 7 day laborers/illegal aliens.  Monti is now suing Claudia Smith, SDPD, and the SD city attorney for conspiring to falsely prosecute him even though he was the one attacked by aliens.

-  The San Diego Union Tribune reported that Dan Gilleon was fired from his little leage coaching position in Del Mar in 2008 for making disparaging and/or vulgar remarks about a 9 year old little league player on his team.  Gilleon attacked the little boy verbally (reportedly called him an "asshole") in a mass email that went to many parents of other little leage players.  How is that for irony?

- Daniel Gilleon is LYING to the media now alleging that Jeff Schwilk defamed Joanne Yoon in an email, when he knows the 2nd Amended Complaint for which Schwilk was tried last week clearly claims that the only defamation of Yoon was in a Webpage created by independent activist Ray Carney in Sep 2006.  Gilleon knows that the only charges allowed in by the judge in this case is that Schwilk was accused of defamation against Yoon for forwarding a weblink conceived, created, and posted by Ray Carney, an act, that even if true, is fully protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.  Other accusations by Yoon of defamation in another email were thrown out of court in March.  The judge rightfully ruled that calling someone an "ACLU slut" is not defamatory and not actionable, especially for a public figure like Joanne Yoon.  Yoon proved on numerous occasions that she would do anything for her ACLU and La Raza employers, including violate the civil rights of her/their political opponents on ILLEGAL immigration issues. 

- No evidence was ever introduced at trial that Jeff Schwilk had anything to do with the creation or content of Ray Carney's webpage.  The jury did not correctly apply the instructions they were given.  Other instructions offered by Schwilk's attorneys to help the jury understand their task were rejected by the Court.  As a result, the jury ignored the fact that Schwilk was uninvolved  in the creation of the website and that there was not evidence that anyone other than Yoon and Carney visited the website - a crucial element in a defamation case.  Carney's website spoofed her activism for illegal aliens and made fun of her provocative dress and appearance when stalking and harassing at public Minuteman events.  Ms. Yoon is no innocent.  When placed under oath, Yoon was forced to admit that she spied on SDMM by lying and claiming to be a member of the SDMM so she would receive SDMM emails.  She signed up under a false and fraudulent name in order to be placed on the distribution list.  Claudia Smith and other radical alien activists were also caught signing up under false names before Yoon signed up in March 2006 according to her testimony.

- Joanne Yoon's own former employer, the head of the ACLU in San Diego, David Blair-Loy wrote a letter to the San Diego Union Tribune in March 2007 saying that her lawsuit against Jeff Schwilk was without merit and that it infringed on Schwilk's First Amendment rights of free speech. 

- Joanne Yoon presented absolutely no evidence of any damages in court.  In fact she bragged in her own testimony about continuing to harass the Minutemen for the next year after she supposedly saw the web site.  She was a dedicated left-wing activist who was not slowed down by some name calling by Ray Carney.  There were no damages because no one looked at the website besides Joanne Yoon.  Yoon now lives in Bakersfield, CA and attends UC Bakersfield where she is studying to be a school teacher to young children. 

- Joanne Yoon was/is an aggressive, malicious, and law-ignoring agent for the La Raza anti-American agenda in San Diego County.  At an anti-illegal immigration protest at the Encinitas Home Depot in 2006, Yoon was witnessed walking down the sidewalk kicking Minuteman signs into the street on busy El Camino Real.  Claudia Smith had to come running down the sidewalk to grab her and stop her from kicking personal property. 

- Joanne Yoon called Jeff Schwilk in August of 2006 and threatened to "get" an Oceanside activist    because Yoon didn't like her conduct at our Minuteman events.  She said to Schwilk on the phone, "We're going after her".  The local city activist took the threats seriously and backed off from her activism.

- Joanne Yoon has been observed making false written and oral reports to various law enforcement agencies, lying to officers of the law, and doing the "dirty work" for her Mexican/La Raza employers.  Claudia Smith and her leftist operatives used the "pretty Asian girl" to play the part of innocent observer, but she was overtly harassing and on many occasions violated the civil rights of American protesters.

- Ray Carney, who has never been a member of any Minuteman organization, admitted in court that he alone created and published the spoof website of Yoon and that he emailed the link to dozens of other individuals besides Jeff Schwilk.  He even defaulted on this lawsuit 2 years ago.  Yoon admitted to being one of those who joined the Yahoo group to view the webpage.  She then "republished" the link to her employer and mentor, Claudia Smith.  Carney deleted the website after only a week or two of it being active because no one was signing in to view it.

- Gilleon presented the jury with a doctored, fraudulent copy of an email allegedly showing that Schwilk forwarded Carney's email with the link in it to "Undislosed Recipients".  The judge allowed the email to be entered as evidence even though it was missing a From and a To line and there was no "time stamp" after the date.  The email used to "convict" Schwilk had obviously been manipulated.

- In the end, the jury found Jeff Schwilk liable for "defamation" of Joanne Yoon for sending a private email with a link in it.  This erroneous decision will be reversed by the Appellate court and Jeff Schwilk will be rightfully exonerated of any wrongdoing.  

- The North County Times warned of the serious pitfalls of this public figure defamation lawsuit back in April 2007.  Too bad the law was not properly applied to this case.  It will surely be reversed on appeal.

- In addition to the two lawsuits currently represented by Dan Gilleon against Jeff Schwilk, a third lawsuit against Schwilk personally was threatened by Gilleon to the media in 2007.  Gilleon publicly threatened to sue Schwilk on behalf of 300 illegal alien migrant squatters who had lived illegally in McGonigle Canyon before the San Diego Minutemen pressured the city of San Diego and the property owners to evict them.  Gilleon likes to use his law degree and hyper-agressive media tactics to intimidate and harass law-abiding citizens.  Last time we checked that was illegal.

Sleazy La Raza / SPLC smear tactics and propaganda campaigns fail every time.  Americans want their border with Mexico secured and our laws enforced.  La Raza lies have zero impact on this new and growing nationwide American Revolution and sovereignty movement.  We get stronger by the day and are taking our country back from the anti-American criminals and corrupt politicians.



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                       


May 22, 2009                                                                                                                           


Howard Kaloogian, Attorney, 760-519-2393

Jeff Schwilk, Founder, San Diego Minutemen, 760-525-1655






Carlsbad, CA – Attorneys for Jeff Schwilk announced they would appeal the case of defamation against San Diego illegal alien activist Joanne Yoon who now lives in Bakersfield.  “The jury did not apply the proper New York Times standard for defamation involving a public figure like Joanne Yoon”, said Howard Kaloogian, attorney for Mr. Schwilk. 

“There was no evidence of a publication to the public, no evidence that Yoon's reputation was injured and no evidence of actual malice.  The jury was swayed by an emotional plea, but this verdict will be overturned on appeal.  We think it was a wrongly decided case”.






FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                       


Apr 27, 2009                                                                                                                           


Jeff Schwilk, Founder, San Diego Minutemen

Carl Braun, Founder, Border Patrol Auxiliary






San Diego, CA – The San Diego Minutemen and the Border Patrol Auxiliary are calling on DHS to immediately shut all southern ports of entry on the U.S.-Mexican border to help slow the spread of Mexican Swine Flu virus to other countries including the U.S.


All non-essential travel to and from Mexico should be halted immediately.  Persons that are allowed to enter the U.S. should be carefully screened for the flu virus and quarantined if necessary.


The concern in San Diego and other border communities is very high.  Parents are keeping their children home from school and avoiding public gatherings.  It is irresponsible of the Federal Government to continue to allow potentially infected people to enter the U.S.


“Concerned Americans expect our Federal, State, and local governments to protect the citizens of American first”, said Jeff Schwilk.  “Prudent, common sense steps at the border should be implemented immediately!”


"The primary mission of the private, non-profit Border Patrol Auxiliary is to support secure borders and promote safer communities. This is not a political issue but one of ensuring the safety of our citizens from an invisible foe." said Carl Braun. "Should our government exercise caution and restraint, it should be with a primary goal of security first. If the virus had started here, it would be a safe bet we would be limiting goods and travel south and elsewhere. " he added.






April 17, 2009

Oceanside, CA. - A large coalition of 24 Patriotic and Constitutional American grass-roots groups throughout Southern California has formed to fight the growing threats to our region and to taxpaying American citizens.  Our motto is 'Secure Borders, Constitution, and Rule of Law'.  This new coalition is non-partisan, multi-ethnic and based on common American principles.  We invite all law-abiding citizens and legal residents from all walks of life to get active with our coalition partners and our political activism.
"Many of our state, federal, and local politicians, from both parties, have lost touch with the American people and the Constitution they took an oath to defend and obey.  Grassroots groups throughout Southern California are working together to hold our politicians accountable and to keep California and America secure and free", said Chelene Nightingale, Managing Director for Save our State.
More American Patriot groups are expected to be added to our coalition in the coming weeks and months.

SoCal Patriot Coalition              




California Coalition of Immigration Reform (CCIR)


Save Our State


San Diego Minutemen


Border Patrol Auxiliary


Minuteman Corps of California


Latino Americans for Immigration Reform (LAIR)

Tecate Border Volunteers

Central Coast Minutemen (MCDC)


Stop Taxing Us


Taxpayer Revolution Committee


Stop SPP (Security & Prosperity Partnership with Canada & Mexico)


San Diego Christians for Secure Borders


FIRE Coalition


Antelope Valley Minutemen


Los Angeles Minutemen


Desert Cities Minutemen


Ted Hayes' Group


San Diego Citizens Brigade


You Don’t Speak for Me, San Diego (Hispanics against illegal immigration)


Gun Rights Committee, San Diego


Oceanside Watch League (OWL)


Escondido Minuteman Brigade


Carlsbad Citizens Brigade


Encinitas Citizens Brigade

Jamiel's Law


The Radical Extremist Hate Group, Southern Poverty Law (Lie) Center is already attacking our large and powerful American coalition!   SPLC has been exposed in recent years as an open borders front group for Mexico and La Raza, and a Propaganda organization for the Socialist Movement in America. 




April 10, 2009

SDMM Responds to Obama / La Raza Talk of Amnesty for ILLEGAL Aliens:




Mar 30, 2009


Published in the North County Times, Mar 29

It's hard to believe that after all these years, Washington has still not secured our dangerous border with Mexico. Our federal government still allows tons of dangerous drugs and perhaps a million or more unchecked illegal aliens and criminals to cross our border illegally each year. Bush did very little in eight years to stop the invasion.

Now the chickens have come home to roost, and the Obama administration is suddenly in a panic to send reinforcements to the border to prevent Mexico's civil war from spilling into America. Sending a few hundred federal agents to the border will probably do little to stop the flood of drugs to America and weapons to Mexico. But it's a start.

To truly secure our border, we must have a secure double fence from San Diego to Texas, and the National Guard or military stationed at hot spots to prevent drug cartel incursions. We all need to demand these two critical actions from our elected representatives if we ever want to see the Mexican drug violence contained and order restored along our border regions in both countries.

Mr. Obama, We the People are demanding, secure the border now!



Mar 24, 2009


Assemblywoman Lori Saldana is again spreading her malicious lies in the media and at a meeting yesterday with Caltrans Director Will Kempton.  Her latest lie is that members of the San Diego Minutemen threatened her at her Open House on Mar. 19.  No SDMM events were held in San Diego last week.  Apparently two of her constituents attended her open house and stood outside her event and voiced their displeasure with her about her pro-ILLEGAL alien positions.  One of the protesters was even physically attacked by one of her supporters and her CHP security detail had to warn the Saldana supporter to back off or be arrested for assault.  Saldana says she feels threatened when her constituents question her in public and exercise their Constitutionally protected free speech.  These are the kinds of representatives we now have in the CA legislature who are destroying our Golden State with their open borders, socialist policies.  Saldana is now a vocal part of the 26 member Mexican Caucus in the state legislature.  Utterly amazing!

Our Adopted Highway on I-5 near the San Clemente Border Patrol Checkpoint remains active and we clean it twice per month with 8-12 proud volunteers each time.  Saldana can't stand the thought of American activists picking up trash on California freeways.  Saldana needs to resign from the Legislature and join Enrique Morones' Border Angels if she hates America so much.  CHP has been notified about her continuing false accusations.


Mar 14, 2009


- Construction of the new double border fence in Western San Diego continues and should be finished in May.  Smuggler's Gulch and Imperial Beach are finally being secured!  Thank you Duncan Hunter and Brian Bilbray!

- New 18 foot fencing is also being built in East San Diego County.  The Mexican drug cartels and smugglers are losing their entry points into the U.S. as the deadly violence escalates in Mexico.

- Our lawsuit against Caltrans and Sen. Cedillo and Assm. Coto continues with trials likely for 2010.  The federal judge's ruling in July 08 gave us back our adopted freeway near the San Clemente Border Patrol checkpoint on I-5 and we have been cleaning it successfully without incident since August.  The state continues to use scarce taxpayer money to fight the U.S. Constitutional rights of our pro-law enforcement group.  We have the best looking freeway in the area!  Border Patrol and CHP love it!

- Safety checkpoints are now being conducted throughout SD County with hundreds of vehicles being impounded each month from illegal drivers, including illegal aliens without licenses.  Very costly lesson for these criminals.  Call your city and make sure they are doing monthly drivers license and DUI checkpoints.

- California continues its economic meltdown with massive revenue shortfalls due to state social benefits for illegal aliens which cost taxpayers $10-13 Billion per year.  Higher taxes will still not solve this simple math problem.  Cut off welfare and non-emergency medical services to all illegal aliens now!  The state is sinking due to these expensive socialistic policies.  Recall Gov. Arnold and all who raise taxes without cutting benefits to illegals.



Mar 6, 2009

ALIPAC Issues National Warning on Jim Gilchrist's Minuteman Project


Mar. 4, 2009

ALERT!  Jim Gilchrist is Sending out Fraudulent Emails!

Jim Gilchrist, who was exiled from the national anti-illegal movement in late 2007 for fraud and abberent, destructive behavior, continues his antics and attacks on the leaders in this movement.  Yesterday he wrote an email and copied my header and footer to it and forwarded it out to his list to make it look like I had sent it to him.  Those statements are 100% his statements.  My attorney, Howard Kaloogian, is handling this latest case of Gilchrist fraud.  Stay away from Jim Gilchrist and his small rebel MMP group.  He and a couple of his henchmen are constantly stirring up trouble in the movement they got kicked out of!  Nothing but lies and hate coming out of their dying group.  Even the SPLC has written about their recent troubles.  Stay away from all MMP events.

Fabricated email sent out by Jim Gilchrist March 3:

From: Century21Minuteman < century21minuteman@sbcglobal.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it >
Subject: FW: Lil Dog's minions are a bunch of freaks. That's why they got kicked off the point. Law enforcement were on to their dirty deeds.
To: "Century21Minuteman" < century21minuteman@sbcglobal.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it >
Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2009, 12:18 PM

.ExternalClass #EC_yiv66569292 EC__filtered #EC_yiv66569292 {font-family:Calibri;panose-1:2 15 5 2 2 2 4 3 2 4;} .ExternalClass EC__filtered #EC_yiv66569292 {font-family:Tahoma;panose-1:2 11 6 4 3 5 4 4 2 4;} .ExternalClass EC__filtered #EC_yiv66569292 {font-family:Verdana;panose-1:2 11 6 4 3 5 4 4 2 4;} .ExternalClass #EC_yiv66569292 #EC_yiv66569292 p.EC_MsoNormal, .ExternalClass #EC_yiv66569292 li.EC_MsoNormal, .ExternalClass #EC_yiv66569292 div.EC_MsoNormal {margin-bottom:.0001pt;font-size:12.0pt;font-family:'Times New Roman', 'serif';} .ExternalClass #EC_yiv66569292 a:link, .ExternalClass #EC_yiv66569292 span.EC_MsoHyperlink {color:blue;text-decoration:underline;} .ExternalClass #EC_yiv66569292 a:visited, .ExternalClass #EC_yiv66569292 span.EC_MsoHyperlinkFollowed {color:purple;text-decoration:underline;} .ExternalClass #EC_yiv66569292 p {margin-right:0in;margin-left:0in;font-size:12.0pt;font-family:'Times New Roman', 'serif';} .ExternalClass #EC_yiv66569292 span.EC_ecececececsmallcaps {;} .ExternalClass #EC_yiv66569292 span.EC_EmailStyle20 {font-family:'Times New Roman', 'serif';color:windowtext;font-weight:bold;} .ExternalClass #EC_yiv66569292 .EC_MsoChpDefault {font-size:10.0pt;} .ExternalClass EC__filtered #EC_yiv66569292 {;} .ExternalClass #EC_yiv66569292 div.EC_Section1 {;}

From: Jeff Schwilk [mailto: jeffschwilk@cox.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ]
Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009 12:59 PM
To:century21minuteman@sbcglobal.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ;

Cc: list

(email text below written by Jim Gilchrist to instigate infighting with other groups):

Subject: Re: Lil Dog's minions are a bunch of freaks and criminals.  That's why they got kicked off the point.  Law enforcement were on to their dirty deeds, just like


Gilchrist you turd,

You and your MMP rats and anyone who works with MMP are no better than Lil Dog’s thieving bunch of scum.   I got them kicked off the point and I will destroy you and your useless MMP!  I destroyed Mountain Minutemen and I can destroy you, too!  Fall hard, you smelly rats!   Go join Lil Dog’s yahoos and eat out of the same trash cans they do.  Yur a whiner and a nobody, just like your Mountain MM cry-baby groupies, and losers like Jim Chase, Russ Dove and Chriskie. All of you are a bunch of La Raza lovers.

Enrique Morones is more of a patriot than you nobodys!  You could never stand up to my accomplishments.  That’s cause you are a loser.


Jeff Schwilk
San Diego County's “ONLY” Immigration Watchdog!



Feb. 9, 2009

Outstanding Article about illegal immigration in The Paper in North San Diego County this week! 

A ballot initiative to end Birthright Citizenship in California is coming soon!!!

Watch Homeland Security USA every Tuesday, 8pm on ABC !!  Great, educational reality show!


Jan. 19, 2009

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                       


Jeff Schwilk, Founder, San Diego Minutemen


San Diego Minutemen Praise Commutation of Sentences for Border


Agents Ramos & Compean


Oceanside, CA – The San Diego Minutemen are glad to see that President Bush did


the right thing on his last day in office and commuted the sentences of imprisoned


border agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. 


While we had hoped for a pardon, and still believe strongly that it was deserved based


on all the evidence in the case, a commutation gets them out of prison and back with


their families where they belong.  Along with other border enforcement advocacy groups


nationwide, SDMM has campaigned hard for the past two years for a review of their


cases and an exoneration of these outstanding border agents in this overzealous


political prosecution and siding with the word of a career Mexican drug smuggler who


attacked the agents, fled, and then was observed pointing a gun at them. 


Today’s commutation is a first step towards restoring balance at the border between the


“rights” of foreign criminals and drug smugglers, and the dangerous duty of protecting


America and our war-torn border with Mexico and their deadly, ruthless drug cartels.




Jan. 4 -  Happy New Year!  Adios Senor Bill Richardson! 

La Raza's #1 Mexican Reconquista Politican in the entire U.S. is embroiled in a huge Federal scandal (imagine that!) and has withdrawn his name from Obama's Cabinet.  Ouch!  And just hours after Mexican La Raza journalist Ruben Navarrette praised his nomination.  Double ouch!

Let's hope that Obama picks the right guy (or gal) for Commerce Secretary now instead of trying to fill racial quotas.  That never works.  Just pick the best qualified AMERICAN!

The Mexican movement in the U.S. is in total disarray!  2009 is going to be a great year for Americans as we again reject Mexico's outrageous amnesty demands and increase enforcement of our immigration laws to return sovereignty to the United States of America!  Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for another year of success!



Dec. 29 - Top Goals for 2009 to restore LEGAL immigration in America.

1.  Defeat Amnesty again.  No amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens.

2.  Get Walter Moore elected as Mayor of Los Angeles in March.

3.  End all sanctuary policies for illegal aliens in San Diego County cities.  Enforce all laws.

4.  Free Border Patrol Agents Nacho Ramos and Jose Compean from prison.

5.  Help President Obama get millions of unemployed Americans back to work.  Crack down on employers of illegal aliens.  More ICE agents to enforce our laws.

6.  Finish building the double Border Fence and strengthen border security.  More BP agents on the border.

7.  Agressively go after deadly Mexican Drug Cartels operating inside the United States.

8.  End Automatic Birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens.

9.  No drivers licenses or official U.S. IDs for illegal aliens.

10.  Make English the official language of the United States and all 50 states.



Dec. 26 - Four  FIVE Outstanding Media Developments for the New Year !!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Patriots!

Santa has brought us some great presents this year!!!

- "Smile, You're Under Arrest!" with Joe Arpaio's Arizona Sheriffs Dept. Debuts Saturday, Dec. 27 at 4pm PT on Fox Reality Channel.


Roger Hegecock's 3-Hour Radio Show Goes National Monday Jan. 5th!  Check your local radio listings for time and station.  Roger has led the fight to secure our borders over the past 20 years.

-  ABC's new TV Show - HOMELAND SECURITY U.S.A. Starts Tuesday, Jan 6th @ 8pm!  Showing our heroes in the Border Patrol and ICE and their daily fight against the criminals and cartels from Mexico.

Glenn Beck starts his new Daily TV Show on Fox News Channel Monday Jan 19th!  Glenn loves the Minutemen and is a leading advocate for secure borders!

'Border' Documentary DVD is now available online for rent and purchase at,, and  Blockbuster stores should begin carrying it in January!  Rent it, buy it, see it, share it!  Best DVD ever about the Minuteman/Border Security Movement and the truth about the Mexican invasion and drug war on our borders!



Dec. 17 - Pro-Mexican Alien Groups Launch new Hate Campaign against Americans!

The left wing Mexican Propaganda website   has launched an attack on the outstanding documentary Border  which is now available for rent at and for purchase as  The pro-illegals have launched a campaign of hate and censorship to try to keep Blockbuster from carrying it.  As we all know, these left wing agents of Mexico can't tolerate truth or freedom of speech in America!  The alien activists have been attacking this movie with lies ever since it was shown in theaters nationwide a year ago.  They don't want the public to know about the civil war bleeding over our borders into America from the corrupt, ultra-violent cesspool known as Mexico!  
Send Blockbuster a message right now and ask them to carry the new award-winning DVD Documentary Border !
Also check out another great new film at  "Documented America:  The i Word" which features appearances by many prominent pro-border security activists and experts including yours truly.



Dec. 14 - Drivers License Checkpoints

North County cities are now conducting regular drivers license checkpoints to remove illegal drivers!  Vista and Oceanside have joined Escondido with agressive new routine checkpoints to cite illegal drivers and impound their cars for 30 days.  Oceanside PD impounded 29 vehicles on Dec. 10th and Vista Sheriffs cited 54 and impounded 42 vehicles on Dec. 13.  The radical alien activists are going nuts since they know that most illegal drivers on our roads are ILLEGAL ALIENS and they know that if all our laws are enforced against them they might just go back to their home countries rather than pay the penalties for their crimes.  We encourage every city in Southern California to conduct these checkpoints to remove unlicensed drivers from our roads, who also commit the majority of hit and run accidents.  Immigration enforcement begins in your city with the enforcement of all laws against all residents, legal or illegal.  ICE and Border Patrol are playing ever increasing roles in catching and removing foreign aliens.  Americans appreciate this new trend towards the rule of law.

Call your mayor and police chief and demand these periodic safety checkpoints to catch and remove unlicensed drivers. 


Dec. 8 

SDMM is back online!  Took a week off for a little vacation to Arizona (that's in America).  Nice to hang out in Joe Arpaio Country where ALL laws are enforced.  Hispanics and Illegals don't get a pass on following laws in Arizona just because they scream la raza.  That crap doesn't work there - the people there don't put up with that.  What a difference from the deep political corruption and open borders garbage here in Mexifornia. 

While I was gone last week, another of our California Mexican Caucus members had a little problem with the law - specifically Esteban Nunez, 19 year old son of former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez was arrested for murder in San Diego.  Seems the taquito does not fall from the taco cart!  What is it with Mexicans in the CA Legislature and criminal behavior?  Seems to be an epidemic or maybe they just do like the politicians in Mexico, i.e. whatever the Hell they damn well please (laws? we don't need no stinkin laws!).  Anyway, Nunez Jr. is facing life in prison for stabbing a young Filipino student to death in October.  Apparently Esteban is a little gangbanger and criminal thug, at least according to his MySpace page.  Poor Fabian was counting on a higher political office now that he's out of the Assembly.  Fat chance now.  Another Mexican Reconquista bitten by the long hand of American law.....what comes around goes around. 

The open borders goons both in CA and nationwide are starting their push and hoping against hope that Obama can deliver to them the Amnesty for 20-30 million illegal aliens they are so desperate for.  Oops, the economy went into a deep recession and millions of Americans are looking for work.  AMNESTY IS DEAD!  Poor La Raza just can't catch a break.  They wanted our country so bad since theirs is now in all-out civil war with the drug cartels.  This would be a great time to finish that nice wall with Mexico.  Keep the killing and garbage in their county - we have enough of our own.

The outstanding documentary "Border" is finally available at Netflix and Amazon.  If you haven't seen it, rent it or buy it!  Shocking footage of the murder and rape that really goes on at our border.  Also makes a great Christmas gift for that clueless, stubborn relative or bleeding heart friend on your list.  This film is guaranteed to wake them up!



Nov. 25

SDMM Files Lawsuit Against "One Bill Gil" Cedillo and La Raza sidekick Joe Coto

Federal Judge William Hayes in San Diego ruled yesterday that Sen. Cedillo and Assm. Coto can be added to the lawsuit against Caltrans for the violating the civil rights of our very successful political activist group here in San Diego County.  Evidence came to light this Spring that Cedillo and Coto conspired to illegally demand the removal of SDMM's adopt-a-highway courtesy sign on I-5 near the Border Patrol Checkpoint.  Judge Hayes also allowed us to add our second requested AAH site that was illegally denied to us by Caltrans in May on southbound I-5.  Since Caltrans still refuses to correct their blatant error 10 months later, punitive damages have now been requested in the amended suit.  The lawsuit now moves forward. 

Judge Hayes granted a preliminary injunction in July which restored our sign in the original location and gave us a fresh 5 year permit.  SDMM has had a total of 5 safe and successful freeway site cleanups.  There are absolutely NO safety issues with our group at that location.

SDMM will continue to demand and fight for full and equal civil and Constitutional rights for all pro-America and rule-of-law political groups in California.  La Raza and the agents of the Mexican Government will learn to respect the laws in America or they will continue to pay a steep price!  



Message to Reconquistas and Gay Radicals:  STOP THE HATE!

NOV 20.  The past few months in Southern California we have seen a resurgence in hate rhetoric and hate crimes from Mexican/Illegal Alien radical activists and also from radical gay activists.  These two groups have much in common.  Both feel wronged by the AMERICAN public who repeatedly says NO to their radical agendas.  Both are falsely claiming their movements are civil rights movements.  They obviously are not.  Both groups are heavy in criminals, deviants, and anarchists who feel they are above the laws of the land.  But now their constant whining has morphed into visible hate and are manifasted by lies, false accusations, and threats against anyone who dares to disagree with them.

The Mexican Reconquista activists led by Bill Flores, Pedros Rios, Christian Ramirez, Enrique Morones, and Tina Jillings in San Diego County are now attacking police and elected officials with their lies and threats.  They used a disgusting smear campaign against Ed Gallo and Sam Abed, and other local officials in the recent election.   Now they have the gall to demand that law enforcement stop enforcing certain laws against Latinos!  The epitomy of racism and bigotry towards American citizens!  For this hateful behavior they want their foreign criminals to be granted amnesty?  No way, Jose!

Then Last Saturday, Gabriel P., long time Hispanic Minuteman and American Patriot in San Diego was assualted downtown by a violent mob of gay marriage supporters as he peacefully stood up for the will of the voters for Prop. 8, which again defined marriage between a man and a woman.  Corrupt, incompetent SDPD officers not only did not protect Gabriel and other counterprotesters from attacks by these out of control goons, they actually arrested Gabriel for "fighting" when he defended himself from being beaten inside the mob.  He must appear in court in January.  Thankfully Mike "Nifong" Aguirre will be long gone by then, but there is still a bounty on the heads of all Minutemen so forces will be pushing for a conviction.

Mayor Sanders and Chief Lansdowne have sunk to further lows by allowing and condoning this violence and anarchy in America's formerly finest city.  Elected and appointed officials who aid and abet violent criminals belong in jail along with the criminals!

We the People of San Diego County say to these elected officials and to the radical gay and pro-mexico activists themselves, STOP THE HATE and the hateful attacks on the citizens or we will stop it by whatever means necessary in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.  We will no longer stand by and have our Constitutional rights trampled on by corrupt police and the criminals they support.





NOV. 18.  The staff at the San Diego Minutemen would like to repeat again for the record that SDMM has no affiliation with Jim Gilchrist and his tiny fundraising group, Minuteman Project, based in Orange County, CA.  Gilchrist is not a member of SDMM and never has been.  Gilchrist was exiled from the mainstream Minuteman/Patriot movement in Nov 2007 when he parted with 85 groups and leaders nationwide and joined the political campaign of Mike Huckabee and his pro-amnesty agenda for 20+ million illegal aliens.

SDMM also reject's Gilchrist's latest outrageous comments to the far left wing magazine New Republic dated Nov. 15: 

The public needs to be aware that Jim Gilchrist speaks only for himself and no one else.  He is NOT part of the mainstream Minuteman movement, especially in Southern California.





NOV. 5, 2008 - Congrats and thank you to all the great candidates who ran for office in San Diego County and the thousands of volunteers who helped their campaigns spread their messages of freedom, security, and sovereignty!  Numerous ads ran on local TV and print talking about illegal immigration and secure borders!  Our message is being spread to every American in our county of 3 million concerned citizens!!

- Duncan D. Hunter (now just "Duncan Hunter") won his father's open seat.
- Brian Bilbray held his seat from a well-financed liberal challenger.
- Judge Jan Goldsmith slaughtered Mike (La Raza) Aguirre for SD City Attorney!  Enrique is crying in his tequila.  His partner in crime is gone!
- Darrell Issa, Martin Garrick, Joel Anderson, and Kevin Jeffries easily held their important seats.
- Nathan Fletcher, former Marine and Iraq vet won the 75th Assembly!
- Diane Harkey squeaked out a victory in the 73rd Assembly.
- Sam Abed held his seat on the Escondido City Council.  Unfortunately Ed Gallo lost his seat to Olga Diaz.
- Jack Feller held his seat on the Oceanside City Council.
- And of course Prop. 8 won big time in SD - by over 8 points.  San Diego says no to Jerry Sanders' and gang and their radical gay agenda!





Sat. Oct 18, the Mexican Government tried to invade another American city in San Diego County to sell their fraudulent ID cards to Mexican illegal aliens.  The people of Oceanside came out and said "No Way, Jose" and we got the police and Border Patrol to come out and oppose this foreign insurgency on OUR soil!  As reported in the North County Times, police issued 43 citations, impounded 9 vehicles, and arrested and deported at least one illegal alien.  How do you say "ouch" in Spanish???  Meanwhile, inside the Ebenezer Mexican Church at 141 Canyon Dr, the mex consulate sold over 300 fake ID cards to illegal aliens for $27 each, and then Bank of America and Wells Fargo signed them up for their bank accounts.

Then Wednesday (paybacks are a beach), OPD did a checkpoint on Brooks St, less than a half mile from the mexican event in a heavily illegal alien part of Oceanside.  They impounded many more vehicles and issued citations to illegal aliens for driving without licenses.   The aliens were of course crying that its not fair to enforce laws on them.   Waaaaaa.

Can't wait for the next event!  Hurry back Maria Arnau and your mexican agents!

Border Patrol had so much fun last time, they are going to bring more agents out next time!   Keep it up Calderon!  You want war with the American PEOPLE, you got it!  And we play for keeps!  Check American history.  We do not allow foreign invasion on our territory.

The San Diego Mexican Consulate has indicated that the next event in North County will be in November, likely in Vista.  The CITIZENS will be there to ensure that American laws are enforced!




Sep. 11 - Failing San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre is so desperate in his losing campaign to challenger Jan Goldsmith, that he is running around town sceaming to anyone who will listen that the San Diego Minutemen are "vigilantes" and take the law into their own hands, which of course he knows is a blatant lie.  He is so desperate to try to regain the "Latino vote" that he feels he has to slander the multi-ethnic Patriots to keep the support of Radical Alien activist Enrique Morones and his racist klan.  Aguirre has hit new lows after two unsuccessful false prosecutions of activists John Monti and Anthony Porrello.  Aguirre should be investigated and prosecuted for his conspiracy to falsely prosecute American citizens on behalf of ethno-centric special interest groups.  Aguirre is Hispanic and a member of the La Raza Lawyers Association (which recently endorsed him), another Latino race-based organization committed to defending Hispanics and illegal aliens.

Ron Powell at the UT wrote an article on Sep 7 about Aguirre's public whining that Goldsmith has been endorsed by the San Diego Minutemen and his calling for a renouncing or our endorsement.  Like all illegal alien activists, Aguirre thinks that screaming racism about a white candidate will get him votes.  Our many hundreds of proud, law-abiding political activists in the San Diego Minutemen challenge Aguirre to provide just ONE example of his outrageous claims about our group from the past 3 years. 

He also needs to explain why he has refused to prosecute numerous assaults on our activists by violent and radical Latinos who oppose border security and American Sovereignty.  See list of 28 separate attacks under the General Info tab at left.

Mike Aguirre needs to put up or shut up!!   Slandering innocent Americans is no way to pander for votes, even for an illegal alien activist like Mike Aguirre!

GO JAN GOLDSMITH - honesty, integrity, and the rule of law !!


UPDATE, 12 Sep 08:  La Raza gets the local free weekly rag San Diego City Beat to fight American activists.  Editor DAVID ROLLAND even started a blog on the City Beat website accusing me, Jeff Schwilk, of being a racist for exposing the truth about Senor Aguirre!  Another fake journalist succumbs to the socialist agenda of the La Raza agents of Mexico!  No doubt the Mexican Government is still paying good money to buy their propaganda in our local media.





Aug. 22 - 457,000 Illegal Alien Fugitives nationwide (5500 in San Diego) rejected DHS's offer to turn themselves in, once again proving they are CRIMINALS who constantly defy law enforcement and the U.S. judicial system.  The alien activists told them to stay here in "Aztlan" and further defy our courts, so now they will suffer the raids.  Only 8 fugitives nationwide turned themselves in for the 90 day compassionate self-deport offer.

GO ICE!!!   Get all the illegal alien fugitives out of our country and keep them out!  SDMM will hold a large pro-ICE rally today at 11am at the ICE Building in downtown San Diego.  ICE is doing an outstanding job on the front lines of Homeland Security.  San Diego County is a much safer place due to all the hard work of ICE the past few years!  ICE is now deporting 1000 illegal aliens (mostly Mexican citizens) each month in SD Co!!  700 of those from the jails as they are released from custody.  There have been and will be no Jamiel Shaw tragedies in San Diego County!  No doubt many San Diegans' lives have been saved by the hard work of the brave men and women of ICE  (35% of whom are Hispanic by the way).

If you know of an alien who has been ordered to leave the country, but is still here in hiding, call the 24 hour ICE tip line: 866-347-2423.    Let's all help ICE to help us take back our country!


Carlsbad Mayor and City Council Approve $2 Million for La Posada Illegal Alien Shelter 

Aug. 11 – The corrupt mayor and council of Carlsbad approved $2 million in taxpayer funds in Feb. 08 for the expansion and improvement of the men's homeless shelter for mostly illegal alien day laborers at Impala Dr. near the police station in East Carlsbad.  This is felony aiding and abetting of illegal aliens with this illegal expenditure of Agricultural Mitigation Funds.  So far the city has given the shelter $108,000 for planning for the project.

At the same time, the state and the city are about to impose steep parking fees at Tamarack Beach Park to pay for maintenance of the parking lot and park. That money could easily be paid from the Mitigation Fund if they weren’t giving such a huge sum to La Posada which is run by Catholic Charities, a group with a long history of aiding and abetting illegal aliens.

Call Mayor Lewis (760) 434-2830 and tell him to obey Federal Laws and stop illegally expending precious tax dollars on illegal aliens and start supporting his citizens!  A warning letter was sent to Mayor Bud Lewis by the Immigration Reform Law Institute in June 2008.  Click downloads to view the letter.  The citizens of Carlsbad and North County are still waiting for the Carlsbad City Government to do the right thing and cancel the illegal and unethical expenditure!






The San Diego Minutemen, San Diego County’s largest anti-illegal immigration group has joined forces with Gary Gonsalves and to defeat the Prop. A mail ballot this week.

Prop. A has been rejected twice by North County voters in the past because it places an unfair tax burden on homeowners in Vista, Oceanside, and Carlsbad to subsidize a for-profit hospital that has failed to raise enough revenue to support its operations and desired renovations.

Taxpayers are being asked to cover for all the thousands of non-paying and underpaying patients of the hospital, including a known high percentage of poor, illegal aliens who use hospitals as free clinics.

“The Federal and CA state governments have allowed and encouraged mass illegal immigration of impoverished “workers” for decades, but they don’t want to pay the billions of dollars in associated costs. It is not fair to force these costs onto the American taxpayers and law-abiding citizens. The 600 plus members of the San Diego Minutemen strongly urge another NO vote on Prop. A. Our Federal and local governments need to deal with and stop illegal immigration in accordance with the United States Constitution”, said Jeff Schwilk, founder of the San Diego Minutemen.





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