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Who Started the Tea Party Movement?
American Preppers Network ^ | February 10, 2010 | Tom Martin

Posted on 02/10/2010 8:22:09 PM PST by ChocChipCookie

So, you want to know who "really" started the Tea Party movement? Well, it wasn't Sarah Palin. It wasn't Ron Paul either. It certainly wasn't the Republicans (although the socialist Democrats would have you believe there's some sort of GOP conspiracy). It wasn't Fox News and it wasn't even Alex Jones. It seems these days there are a lot of people claiming to be the first to have started the Tea Party movement. I'll tell you right now that none of those people were. You see, I actually do my homework.

If you want to get real specific, the Tea Party movement was actually started by those great patriots in Boston back in December 16 1773 at the original Tea Party

But in order to set the record straight, we're going to focus on this particular modern movement and where it stems from. Yes, for decades since the original Tea Party, patriots have been talking amongst themselves about having another Boston Tea Party. Some people may have even pondered over mailing tea bags to our congressmen and Senators. But this current Tea Party movement can be traced back to one single person's post on one single thread on one single forum, and I'm about to show you proof and evidence by tracing it back.

Anyone who knows anything about the current Tea Party movement knows that it originated from sending tea bags to the White House to protest TARP. Watch the following YouTube Video, dated April 15, 2009.

Now, long before Fox News, the Republicans, and even Alex Jones mentioned anything about mailing tea bags, we posted about it right here on American Preppers Network on January 24, 2009. Several people re-posted on other sites: Florida Preppers Network on the 24th, Mayberry Keep it simple Survival on the 25th, and many, many more.

As a matter of fact, you can Google this exact phrase along with the quotes, the same phrase that begins the original article:

"So long as we have an inauguration drawing this sort of crowd and not a protest about our government blowing $700 billion of our dollars"

And if you go to the bottom and click... "repeat the search with the omitted results included" you will see that over 795 sites re-posted that exact same article. Many of them were posted on extremely high traffic sites. Millions of people read that article. There is no doubt that that article going viral is what stemmed the current Tea Party movement.

Now, where did that article come from? As much as it would be nice to take credit for it, and while we did beat Fox News, Glen Beck and Alex Jones, we certainly weren't the first. So where did I receive the article from?

Back on the 23rd of January of 2009, I received an e-mail from John at, saying that we should do this. "Mail our tea bags to Obama before he takes his seat in the West Wing." I was all for it. One thing I did notice is that he failed to include the White House address, so I edited the article before posting it and mailing out. If you received the viral email with the White House address included, then chances are you got it from my chain. If not, then you got it from the original thread.

So was John the originator of that first thread? Oh, that would be so cool wouldn't it? Well, as much as I'd like to give him credit as the originator of the idea, I can't. He and his wife certainly were amongst the very first few that made this all happen, and it might not even be anything close to what it is today had they not jumped on it. As a matter of fact, it might not have happened at all. You see, they worked tirelessly sending out hundreds and hundreds of emails trying to get others to do the same. They emailed Big John, no response. Alex Jones, no response and many, many others, with no response. Who responded? People in the blogging community. People like Mayberry, and mamma bear who was moderating the Florida Preppers Network at the time. Average bloggers like us.

Where did John and his wife get the story from? Right here:

That original email that went viral was first posted on January 23, 2009, on John and his wife immediately began sending out emails, as many as possible. You can see where they even left a comment on the 24th in that thread under the screen name Pioneer.

Where did Break The Matrix get the post? It was a feed from this site: The original post that started the whole current Tea Party Movement was posted by Karl Denniger from The Market Ticker on January 20, 2009. In the post, he states that he cannot take credit for the idea as it was floated around by others in their forum.

What forum? Right here:

What Thread? Right here:

Who started it all? The person who wrote that post, the one who goes by the user name of Gmack. He posted on January 19, 2009, an article with the title, "Mail a Teabag to Congress and Senate". You can clearly see that he posts the idea, and the forum moderator then edits his post a bit and then everyone gets in the discussion and starts throwing the idea around.

Now prior to that thread being started, and during and after, there are other threads where people are discussing protests etc., just as on many, many other forums. But what makes this post unique is that this particular forum and this particular user who posted about it is who Karl Denniger is talking about in his article, the one that went viral, the one that stemmed the Current Tea Party Movement.

And now you can quote Paul Harvey's famous line.

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To: roses of sharon

“Rick Santelli and the “Rant of the Year””

I agree, he started it!!

21 posted on 02/10/2010 9:12:41 PM PST by dalereed
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To: ChocChipCookie

Sam Adams?

22 posted on 02/10/2010 9:16:44 PM PST by Ramius (Personally, I give us... one chance in three. More tea?)
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To: ChocChipCookie

Here’s an early mention on FR:

To: Candor7

I wish we could mail teabags to mccain but security will not allow that.

Perhaps we should mail clothespins to McCain HQ to let him know he stinks.

37 posted on Mon Jun 02 2008 15:26:14 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) by longtermmemmory (VOTE! and
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And another:

Tea bags to the White House

certrtwngnut | 02-22-2003 | certrtwngnut.
Posted on Sun Feb 22 2009 14:28:10 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time) by certrtwngnut

Instead of dumping the tea in the ocean as the original patriots did, let’s each of us send a tea bag to Mr. Obama. Let them be heaped upon Mr Obama as he is heaping decades of debt upon our children & grandchildren.

23 posted on 02/10/2010 9:43:11 PM PST by Jim Robinson (JUST VOTE THEM OUT!
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To: roses of sharon


24 posted on 02/10/2010 9:45:36 PM PST by CPT Clay (Pick up your weapon and follow me.)
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To: ChocChipCookie

Santelli, publicized by Beck. It’s not a mystery.

25 posted on 02/10/2010 9:47:22 PM PST by Poser (Enjoying Prime Rib for 58 Years!)
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To: kidd

You wrote,”The TEA Party movement started at the end of the Bush term when TARP was passed.”

You’re getting warmer!!!!

What most people forget is that the first TARP went down to defeat by a 228-217 vote in the House. Here we saw the first evidence of a ‘populist’ coalition of left and right.

Half of the Congressional Black Caucus voted against the first TARP and you had the spectacle of Code Pink activists high fiving the most conservative neo-con Republicans in the House and encouraging them to ‘stay strong’ and vote against TARP.

Politics makes strange bedfellows.

And then McCain announced that he was ‘suspending my campaign’, and that the economy was ‘fundamentally strong’ and that was it for the McCain/Palin ticket.

McCain is no maverick and is politically inept; if he was in any way politically savy he would have embraced this new populist coalition.

He did not as he voted for the first TARP as well as the second TARP which was passed in either late September or early October of 2008.



‘It’s all about the Tax, stupid.’

26 posted on 02/10/2010 9:49:39 PM PST by bigoil
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To: ChocChipCookie

Here’s another:

To: OCCASparky

It’s time for ‘Boston Tea-Party II’.

10 posted on Thu Oct 02 2008 13:18:32 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) by maineman
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27 posted on 02/10/2010 9:50:56 PM PST by Jim Robinson (JUST VOTE THEM OUT!
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To: ChocChipCookie

We need to keep it that way. We don’t need moderate repubs or paulbots running us.

28 posted on 02/10/2010 10:05:13 PM PST by freekitty (Give me back my conservative vote; then find me a real conservative to vote for)
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To: ChocChipCookie
It was Rick Santelli on February 19, 2009 on CNBC.

I'll never forget his Rant of the Year!

I sure wish the Fox Business Network would snap up Santelli... he shouldn't be associated with NBC in any way, IMO.

29 posted on 02/10/2010 10:21:59 PM PST by nutmeg (Rush Limbaugh & Sarah Palin agree: NO third parties! Take back the GOP)
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To: AuntB

Yep, AuntB, the GOP is eaten’up with McCain ‘Luv those Illegals’ crap. I got my bi-monthly RNC survey yesterday with it’s idiotic 2 pages of questions about how they were going after the Rats on everything with no mention of Illegal Immi nor AGW....made that comment and said I only send $$ to true Conservative Candidates + Dump McCain & Dump Steele NOW!

30 posted on 02/11/2010 1:23:38 AM PST by iopscusa (El Vaquero. (SC Lowcountry Cowboy))
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To: ChocChipCookie

Thanks for posting, the Prepper’s Network is very good. good place to Take notes on reaction to Social Breakup!

31 posted on 02/11/2010 1:29:40 AM PST by iopscusa (El Vaquero. (SC Lowcountry Cowboy))
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To: Salvation

I remember reading references to needing a “new Boston Tea Party” here at FR in the fall of 08. Memory has it that it was around the time that TARP was going back and forth in Congress, but it could also have been after the election. Either way, it was in the fall of 08 and it was here at FR that I first heard the call.

32 posted on 02/11/2010 5:16:43 AM PST by Roccus (POLITICIAN.....................a four letter word spelled with ten letters.)
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To: Jim Robinson

I’m thinking that’s the one I remember.

33 posted on 02/11/2010 5:21:02 AM PST by Roccus (POLITICIAN.....................a four letter word spelled with ten letters.)
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