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NARAL Seeks Pro-Choice License Plate With Proceeds Going to Planned Parenthood Clinics ^ | February 12, 2010 | Dena Potter

Posted on 02/15/2010 3:35:17 AM PST by Man50D

Abortion-rights advocates have been unable to halt the "Choose Life" license plate variations in nearly two-dozen states, so now they're working to balance the bumper debate.

Activists are pushing a "Trust Women/Respect Choice" license plate in Virginia, which would become only the fourth state to offer a pro-choice plate and the first to require legislative approval for it. Supporters have threatened to sue if lawmakers don't give drivers the option.

"We really don't feel like a license plate is the place to be promoting a political agenda," said Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. "However, the pro-choice community feels like they're being taken on by the anti-choice side with this license plate, and we feel like we need to get involved."

Opponents, including the state's attorney general and governor, say they oppose diverting money from plate fees to Planned Parenthood offices not necessarily the plates themselves.

A state Senate committee heard testimony on the bill Thursday and could vote on it this week. The full legislature's approval and the governor's signature are needed for the plates to be sold.

Last year, Virginia became the 23rd state to approve the "Choose Life" plate. The plates should be on the roads in Massachusetts, Delaware and North Dakota by the end of March, and efforts are under way in a dozen other states to get them approved, said Russ Amerling, a coordinator for the Florida-based Choose Life, Inc., which promotes the plates.

Nationwide, more than 520,000 of the plates have been sold since 2000, raising more than $11 million for anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers, adoption services and maternity homes.

Those on the other side of the debate have yet to mount a coordinated response. Even in states where the plate is offered, it hasn't sold well, though at least 400 people have signed up to buy the pro-choice plates in Virginia.

Hawaii was first with a "Respect Choice" decal for plates in 2003, but lack of interest is threatening to halt its availability. A "Pro-family, Pro-choice" plate is available in Montana, and Pennsylvania has a Planned Parenthood labeled plate. However, only 22 of those are active.

Those states don't require the legislature to sign off the plates are handled administratively and can be sold as long as they meet certain requirements.

Virginia's proposed plate would generate money for the state's eight Planned Parenthood health centers, which provide free pregnancy tests, contraception, gynecological exams, cancer screenings and other services for about 30,000 people each year.

That is likely to be a source of contention for Republicans, who control the House and in recent years have stripped the organization of state funding other than Medicaid reimbursements because Planned Parenthood provides abortions. The organization says the money from any license plate sales $15 per plate after the first 1,000 are sold would not be used for abortions.

"I expect that's the hurdle," said Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who led the fight against the organization as a legislator. "It isn't the plate, it's where the money goes."

However, supporters say Virginia has no choice but to allow a pro-choice plate after it offered up a "Choose Life" plate because doing otherwise would be unconstitutional. The Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has twice ruled the government cannot unreasonably censor or favor one viewpoint on specialty plates because they are a public forum.

"The General Assembly has stepped into a legal morass now," said Sen. Janet Howell, who is sponsoring one of two bills to establish the plate. "You can't have just one point of view represented on license plates. You have to have both."

Kent Willis, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia, said the organization likely will sue if the state blocks the pro-choice plate, calling it a First Amendment issue.

"If the opposite were occurring a pro-choice plate having passed and an anti-choice plate being considered we would make the same legal argument in favor of the anti-choice plate," he said.

Cuccinelli said he was prepared to defend the state if lawmakers strike down the plate. Both he and Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell said lawmakers could avoid a clash by ensuring the bill doesn't allocate any money from plate sales to Planned Parenthood.

Virginia has more than 200 specialty license plates celebrating everything from sports teams to Jimmy Buffett fans. About 30 of those divert funds to nonprofit groups, and each costs $25 apiece.

Supporters say it's only fair that money from the plates goes to Planned Parenthood, since funds from the "Choose Life" plates in Virginia and numerous other states go to opposing groups.

The ACLU said Virginia and other states could avoid the problem by handing over approval of the plates to the Department of Motor Vehicles or some other administrative agency, as 21 have.

"This is one time lawmakers need to set aside their views on reproductive rights and let the First Amendment be their guide," Willis said. "If they can do that, the pro-choice license plate will be easily approved. If not, we're undoubtedly headed to court."

(This version CORRECTS that license plate says 'Respect Choice.')

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There's nothing like pushing for state funded murder.
1 posted on 02/15/2010 3:35:17 AM PST by Man50D
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To: Man50D


2 posted on 02/15/2010 3:41:23 AM PST by Arthur McGowan (In Edward Kennedy's America, federal funding of brothels is a right, not a privilege.)
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To: Man50D


3 posted on 02/15/2010 3:44:48 AM PST by JohnLongIsland ( schmuckie schucks)
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To: Man50D

Choose a new hair style. Why choose to kill a baby?

4 posted on 02/15/2010 4:00:46 AM PST by Arthur Wildfire! March (2010 HOUSE RACES! Help everyone get the goods on their House Rats. See my profile.)
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To: JohnLongIsland


5 posted on 02/15/2010 4:01:16 AM PST by Arthur Wildfire! March (2010 HOUSE RACES! Help everyone get the goods on their House Rats. See my profile.)
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To: wagglebee;; narses; Marie2; Impy; TigersEye

Why not “BABY KILLER ON BOARD”? — JohnLongIsland

6 posted on 02/15/2010 4:02:47 AM PST by Arthur Wildfire! March (2010 HOUSE RACES! Help everyone get the goods on their House Rats. See my profile.)
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To: JohnLongIsland
"BABY KILLER ON BOARD" works for me. Just what PP needs, more death dollars.

In our town, someone has the "vanity" plate CHOICE and we saw the car parked near our breakfast stop. It's so in-your-face, that it makes you just shake your head. So my husband came up with an idea when we were ordering, and he took a Miraculous Medal (they are very, very inexpensive; don't leave home without a few!), and placed it on top of her car right on the driver's side. She wouldn't be able to miss it. We also place these medals in anyone's yard who is sick, heading for divorce, separated. We pushed them into the lawn of our kids' college campuses as well. The places for "installation" are endless.
7 posted on 02/15/2010 4:48:19 AM PST by mlizzy ("Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person" --Mother Teresa.)
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To: Man50D

IMO, this issue was not unpredictable.

8 posted on 02/15/2010 4:52:31 AM PST by verity (Obama Lies)
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To: Man50D

They should approve the plates and give the money to adoption groups. Planned Parenthood is on record calling their request a political move, which should easily allow us to disqualify them from receiving dollars.

9 posted on 02/15/2010 11:09:21 AM PST by CharlesWayneCT ( Self-appointed Thread Monitor)
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To: CharlesWayneCT

Since prolife has CHOOSE LIFE, abortion should have CHOOSE DEATH

10 posted on 02/15/2010 2:30:26 PM PST by Gopher Broke
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To: Arthur McGowan

“Trust women”: what a slogan.

Apparently they mean that any decision a woman makes is good.

Or, in other words, that actions have no innate objective goodness, but that such goodness is only imparted to a particular action if and when a woman chooses that action.

As crazy as that is, it really is central to the religion called feminism: their word for it is ‘agency’.

Yet, in the universe beyond their sociopathic femicentric theology, actions do in fact have objective value.

Killing a baby, for example, is always wrong.

Do I trust those women who believe that killing a baby is OK?


No I do not trust them: because their beliefs lead them to making a choice of death for an innocent baby, which is a violation of trust.

That’s why abortion must be made illegal again.

Because there are a million women a year in the U.S. alone who cannot be trusted to not kill the baby until doing so is outlawed.

11 posted on 02/15/2010 3:04:11 PM PST by Rich Knight
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To: Gopher Broke

That was the rediculous thing about the fight against “choose life”. The message was to convince women to make the choice for life, but the “pro-choice” groups objected to it, because they didn’t trust women to make the “right” choice, which apparently was to send money to planned parenthood clinics.

12 posted on 02/15/2010 4:40:16 PM PST by CharlesWayneCT ( Self-appointed Thread Monitor)
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To: Rich Knight

About 25 years ago, NOW and NARAL had this nationwide publicity blitz, costing tens of millions of $$$, hoping for a gigantic march on Washington. They ended up with (literally) about 25 women at a podium in front of the USSC or the Capitol.

What I remember most clearly is the banner and the signs they were holding: “We are your wives, your daughters, etc., AND ABORTION IS A CHOICE WE HAVE MADE.”

It stuck with me because of the inanity, the total imbecility, of that “argument.” But it was evident to me that this was their idea of a perfect, knock-down, airtight “argument” for “choice.” I really think they thought it was a squelcher. “I have made this choice.” I really think they thought (and think) there just IS no conceivable rejoinder to that statement.

Utter relativism. Utter solipsism. As I said, total imbecility.

13 posted on 02/15/2010 9:20:22 PM PST by Arthur McGowan (In Edward Kennedy's America, federal funding of brothels is a right, not a privilege.)
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