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Al Gore Is Lying Low -- for Good Reason
AMERICAN THINKER ^ | February 24, 2010 | Rex McBride

Posted on 02/23/2010 11:11:58 PM PST by onyx

February 24, 2010

Al Gore Is Lying Low -- for Good Reason

By Rex McBride

Maybe Al Gore's been advised by legal counsel to lie low. He may be the leader of the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) movement, but he's not defending it in public, not even when it's falling apart and his new fortune is based upon it.

Mr. Gore and his financial backers earned millions of dollars in start-up "green" companies and carbon trading schemes. If the scam worked, he could've become the first "carbon billionaire."

"What goes up can fall down" applies to ill-gotten gains in the stock market or "carbon trading" schemes. In such schemes, it's foreseeable that trusting investors will (a) not only get hurt when the scam collapses, but they'll also (b) pursue legal remedies and sue him for fraud.

Mr. Gore's financial gains were based on the contradictory and error-plagued assertion that man's release of the trace gas CO2 will fry the planet.

Once it becomes clear to everyone that the AGW theory is based on cleverly manipulated data twisted by rigged computer models controlled by several dozen IPCC politicians/scientists, we can expect that investors who lose millions by investing in these companies will eventually haul Mr. Gore and the insider IPCC scientists into court.

Over the years, American tax dollars were poured down the fantasyland AGW "rat hole." Sooner or later, Al Gore needs to answer some hard questions. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait for lawsuits from private investors. Today, legal counsel will advise him to remain silent.

It's impossible to predict how many lawsuits, or what kind, might arise once everyone realizes that the AGW scam dwarfs Bernie Madoff's $50-billion Ponzi operation. New studies appear almost daily that further undercut AGW theory. The biggest daily newspaper in the Netherlands vindicated that country's leading AGW critic in the article "Henk Tennekes -- He was right after all."

Dr. Tennekes was fired in the 1990s from a prominent research position and blacklisted for debunking AGW theory. He upset the same IPCC scientists who control the leading "peer review" climate research journals and who blocked the publication of all contrary research in those journals for decades.

As investors learn the extent of the scam, Mr. Gore's start-up "green" companies will lose considerable value, like flaky dot-com companies lacking a real product. Investors in these "green" companies -- who reasonably relied upon Gore's alarming claims -- may pursue several possible remedies:

- derivative shareholder lawsuits, disgorging from Mr. Gore and other senior officers in these companies any illicit gains from any insider trading that could be proven; and/or

- lawsuits against brokers who did not perform the SEC's necessary "due diligence" research before peddling those shares; and/or

- civil RICO lawsuits against Mr. Gore and any IPCC scientists who participated in blocking the publication of contrary research, cooking the data, all of whose annual income skyrocketed from the public hysteria.

On the state level, it's impossible to predict if one or more state attorney generals will look back on the tobacco industry cases and decide, representing the taxpayers of his or her state, to file criminal and/or civil RICO actions against Gore and the enriched IPCC scientists.

(On the federal level, while President Obama is in office, the Justice Department will not file RICO or SEC actions against their buddy Al Gore. Remember, the president originally hoped that Boxer-Kerry cap-and-trade would generate over $600 billion in new corporate taxes -- "emergency" measures justified by fantasy AGW theory.

Remember the joke about the government taxing air? In the Twilight Zone of Boxer-Kerry, say hello to cap-and-trade.)

If Mr. Gore's "green" companies do crash and significantly injure private investors, attorneys in a civil lawsuit could compel Gore to answer questions like:

(1) When you claimed that "the science is settled," did you mean that it's "settled" that you and the IPCC scientists could make quick millions by manipulating the data and fomenting public hysteria?

(2) What does "peer review" mean if none of the IPCC scientists who controlled the academic journals protested that there was no original data to support your frightening claim of accelerated temperature increases after 1995?

(3) If the very scientists that the public trusted to act as the "check and balance" against careless research -- or worse yet, to protect against research fraud -- did not catch a "tiny" problem like not having original supporting data after 1995, does "peer review" mean that IPCC's scientists would secretly work in concert to cover each other's asses and keep the grants coming?

Such questions need answers.

In "The Dog Ate Global Warming", an article at the Cato Institute, Patrick J. Michaels noted that "[i]f there are no data, there's no science. U.S. taxpayers deserve to know the answer."

Obviously, Al Gore cannot be compelled to answer questions in a criminal court under the 5th Amendment. However, his admissible bank and stock portfolio records would prove his skyrocketing wealth, making him a "deep pocket."

Since 1970, the scope of RICO cases has grown far beyond prosecuting mafia operations. The law firm Nixon Peabody explained:

RICO was written in broad terms. To state a claim, a plaintiff must allege four elements: (1) conduct (2) of an enterprise (3) through a pattern (4) of racketeering activity... Each element of a RICO claim requires additional analysis: an "enterprise" is marked by association and control; a "pattern" requires a showing of "continuity" -- continuous and related behavior that amounts to, or poses a threat of, continued criminal violations; and "racketeering activity" involves the violation of designated federal laws ...

RICO lawsuits are now won in a wide variety of civil disputes -- e.g., insurance companies working in concert to delay/shortchange payments owed to dentists. 

Other RICO cases resulted in court judgments against the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club, Catholic sex crimes, and Major League Baseball.

It violates federal law to fake taxpayer-funded research and then manipulate or destroy data to enrich oneself. If an insider group secretly conspires to do so, it looks and smells like RICO.

If more AGW-destroying news rolls in, and if Gore's "green" companies lose significant value, then shareholder derivative lawsuits and/or state RICO lawsuits will follow -- more so as the losses grow.

Mr. Gore is in hiding today -- no longer the "courageous" leader of the AGW movement. Apparently, Planet Earth is "no longer in grave danger" or "needing to be saved," but Gore could lose all of his ill-gotten assets.

If the victim list grows and criminal intent is proven, Mr. Gore could do serious time. After a much smaller scam, Bernie Madoff got 150 years.

What if you want answers about the potential misuse of tax dollars that enriched AGW insiders but didn't invest in one of Al Gore's fantasies?

Call Congress and demand that the GAO audit all climate change grants. GAO has the professional audit expertise to follow the money, gather objective facts, and report on any significant fraud or abuse.

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"Very seriously, ladies and gentlemen, this global warming hoax, this climate change stuff borders on criminal corruption, criminal political corruption. You think of all of the billions that have been spent ostensibly to protect things and people from global warming, and it's all been a scam, nothing more than a huge transfer of wealth. It is a giant scam. It is political corruption, what has happened. It's funny to listen to these people make fools of themselves and I love doing it, and it's not very hard. Just play their own words. I just got a note from a good friend: "Way to go, Rush, very smooth. You made 'em look foolish." I replied: "Easy. They are." But they're also dangerous. This is political criminal corruption, what is happening here, and just as they have ensnared the media to provide all kinds of propaganda for all the other political corruption that comes from liberalism, the Democrat Party, et al, they're doing it in global warming as well. Think of the money that need not have been spent on any of this. It's getting crazier and crazier."

Rush Limbaugh

1 posted on 02/23/2010 11:11:58 PM PST by onyx
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To: onyx; IrishCatholic; Carlucci; Desdemona; meyer; Para-Ord.45; Normandy; mmanager; FreedomPoster; ...

Beam me to Planet Gore !

2 posted on 02/23/2010 11:13:41 PM PST by steelyourfaith (FReepers were opposed to Obama even before it was cool to be against Obama.)
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To: steelyourfaith

How sweet would it be for Algore—rather than Bush—to do the perp walk?

3 posted on 02/23/2010 11:18:14 PM PST by Charlemagne on the Fox
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To: onyx

I was listening to that monologue of Rush’s - it was even more brilliant than usual, and every bit as humorous as we expect from the harmless, loveable fuzzball...


4 posted on 02/23/2010 11:18:30 PM PST by AmericanArchConservative (Armour on, Lances high, Swords out, Bows drawn, Shields front ... Eagles UP!)
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To: onyx

Good morning, dear onyx!

I see you are hard at work even at this early (or late) hour of the day.

Algore in hiding - a very good thing.

He can run, however, but he cannot hide, can he???

The Global Warming Religion/Cult is being dismantled right before our eyes (by God Himself, I think).

Will it be today that some effective action is taken against the fraudsters in the GW cult/scam artists?

Imhoffe’s action is a good start.

But maybe it will be class action lawsuits. We ought to all join such an effort and follow the instructions in this post.

Praise God’s Holy Name! The hucksters, the liars, the wicked are being exposed!

Psalm 32

5 posted on 02/23/2010 11:21:20 PM PST by Freedom'sWorthIt (Ronald Reagan: If American ever ceases to be a nation under God, she will be a nation gone under.")
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To: onyx; All

6 posted on 02/23/2010 11:22:57 PM PST by musicman (Until I see the REAL Long Form Vault BC, he's just "PRES__ENT" Obama = Without "ID")
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To: onyx

Not long ago, I asked what would it take to break the Algore. This pretty much answers it! Thanks!

7 posted on 02/23/2010 11:22:59 PM PST by Ladysmith ("A community organizer can't bitch when communities organize." Rush Limbaugh)
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To: onyx

It seems that Al Gore is always either lying or lying low.

8 posted on 02/23/2010 11:23:32 PM PST by Post Toasties
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To: onyx
You are going to a cold green hell for posting this article.
You know that don't you? Everyone must
Heed The Goracle

9 posted on 02/23/2010 11:24:10 PM PST by Brugmansian
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To: Post Toasties

May Al Gore experience heat.....

....the flames of hell

10 posted on 02/23/2010 11:25:24 PM PST by Halgr (Once a Marine, always a Marine - Semper Fi)
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To: steelyourfaith; STARWISE; Ernest_at_the_Beach; kristinn; maggief; Liz; hoosiermama; SE Mom; ...

Serious article about algore; the hoax he perpetuated that made him a millionaire several times over; and the charges that loom.

11 posted on 02/23/2010 11:25:35 PM PST by onyx (BE A MONTHLY DONOR - I AM)
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To: AmericanArchConservative

I was too, ACC! I so want algore to pay!

12 posted on 02/23/2010 11:27:11 PM PST by onyx (BE A MONTHLY DONOR - I AM)
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To: onyx


13 posted on 02/23/2010 11:28:13 PM PST by jd777
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To: onyx

Dylan Yachyshen, 10, sleds in Clark Park during a winter storm, Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010, in Philadelphia.
14 posted on 02/23/2010 11:28:40 PM PST by Berlin_Freeper
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To: Charlemagne on the Fox

IS Al Gore the new Ken Lay?

15 posted on 02/23/2010 11:31:02 PM PST by Always Independent
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To: onyx
the leader of the anthropogenic global warming movement

16 posted on 02/23/2010 11:32:03 PM PST by Slyfox
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To: onyx

I’ll send a short letter to the Tennessean tomorrow and ask them to do a follow-up on this nut. I really don’t expect a response.

17 posted on 02/23/2010 11:33:02 PM PST by eyedigress ((Old storm chaser from the west)?)
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To: Freedom'sWorthIt

Good morning, dearest you. Yes, I am about to call it a night.

God bless Senator Inhoffe, and yes, I plan to follow the instructions in this article starting with a letter to the GAO.

Praise Our Lord! As you said, the hucksters and evildoers are being exposed, but justice has not yet been served.

Cap & Trade is not dead. It’s alive in the senate with Lindsey Graham working with the democrats, despite GW exposed as a hoax. Our fight contines.

algore must be nailed and brought to justice.

18 posted on 02/23/2010 11:34:50 PM PST by onyx (BE A MONTHLY DONOR - I AM)
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To: eyedigress


19 posted on 02/23/2010 11:35:37 PM PST by onyx (BE A MONTHLY DONOR - I AM)
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To: Charlemagne on the Fox; onyx
How sweet would it be for Algore—rather than Bush—to do the perp walk?

That would be fantastic. This guy has fleeced us out of untold sums of money with his stupid hoax, not to mention some of the subsequent idiotic regulations.

I really don't know how people like Al Gore sleep at night.

20 posted on 02/23/2010 11:37:34 PM PST by Allegra (It doesn't matter what this tagline says...the liberals are going to call it "racist.")
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