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Radovan Karadzic defends "just and holy" war against Muslims
Times Online ^

Posted on 03/01/2010 6:17:15 AM PST by IntolerantOfTreason

Radovan Karadzic defended the war fought by Bosnian Serbs as a "just and holy" attempt to stop his country being turned into an Islamic state.

Ending a months-long boycott of his genocide trial in The Hague, the former Bosnian Serb leader used a belligerent opening statement this morning to claim that his forces had no choice but to go to war from 1992-95 to "defend the greatness of a small nation" against a Muslim plan to seize power.

"Their aim was 100 per cent power as it was in the Ottoman Empire," said a heavier-looking Dr Karadzic, outlining his defence from the dock of the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

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To: ScottinVA

That’s cool. BTW, I agree.

41 posted on 03/01/2010 7:52:25 AM PST by Gene Eric (Your Hope has been redistributed. Here's your Change.)
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To: Bainbridge
"Actually, the problem is REAL Islam."

I think we are saying the same thing. Though I call it Islamo Fascism. With that said, I am still not going to advocate that we start carpet bombing any of these countries.

And back on point with this thread, I don't think that the Serbs were right in attempting genocide in Srebrenica. One last thing, one of the peoples the Serbs were fighting against in the 90's were Croats, who are Catholic. Kind of kills this whole idea of fighting the Islamo Fascists before 9/11 idea.
42 posted on 03/01/2010 8:00:57 AM PST by Old Teufel Hunden
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To: IntolerantOfTreason
I can see that America may go down this path sooner rather than later.

There is something of an ominous ring to your statement. For the attitude of the average Joe out there would be to say "just watch anyone try". However any actions that directly would arouse a general call to action, are not usually taken by those who seek to destroy the Constitution.

It is usually by suborning the public with political correctness. Then when bad things happen, little is done. Witness the forays of absolute outrage at airports and within the educational system. Years ago, drastic action would have been taken on the spot. Persons playing games told to depart from whence they came.

Two Canadian lawyers attempted to bring action with regard to Nato bombing in Kosovo 1999. Without success. The website still stands. Titled "Louise Arbour. Unindicted War Criminal". Arbour is some sort of UN Human Rights Commissioner. 200,000 Serbs were expelled in the Balkans at one time within the last 15 years.

The scary thing is and before anyone laughs, the bold statements being made by those cretins in Britain and Europe, are of arrests. Yes, true these statements are shrugged aside. The fact is that American former leaders have cancelled trips to Europe, over these "puny threats". I believe in France and Spain, possibly the UK.

I have never approved of "taking the law into one's own hands". What would happen if the UN people got enough clout to infringe on the rights of an American citizen, in America?

I hope it does not come to that.

43 posted on 03/01/2010 8:10:30 AM PST by Peter Libra
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To: gitmogrunt

Our government had to redefine “terrorist” so that we could support the formerly blacklisted KLA.

44 posted on 03/01/2010 8:58:10 AM PST by a fool in paradise
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To: Spike Knotts

I like your post. The only real rule of war is to win - no matter what. The rest is just idle chatter.

The Serbs lost the war and have paid a steep price.

45 posted on 03/01/2010 10:34:13 AM PST by ohioman
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To: IntolerantOfTreason

There are only two truths about war that I know of, neither or which judge it right or wrong.

War is hell, and the victors write it’s history (mostly).

I also believe there can be things that are worse than war, and (no judgments here either) among them are living under dictators, surrendering a people’s identity, and surrendering to invasion.

The problem in the former Yugoslavia was that the position of “surrendering a people’s identity” was relative, to each of the major ethnic groups throughout the former Yugoslavia, with each - Croat, Serb and Kosovar seeking to carve a “pure” enclave out of the whole, and to encapsulate - territorially - all “their own”, where ever they were.

The Kosovar Albanians were no less hopefully domineering in their aims, for “their” area, but being the militarily “weaker” of the groups, they were given the international public relations role of “underdog”. For the Serbs, one can almost wish THEY had been the weaker force, because my own beliefs are that if that had been the case, that the Kosovar Albanian leaders would have been the ones now on trial in the Hague.

The problem - “a people’s identity” - did not evaporate in the Soviet Union or in the former Yugoslavia (by socialist re-engineering), and it will not go away in the states drawn from the former Yugoslavia, simply by force of the current international brokered results.

46 posted on 03/01/2010 2:23:40 PM PST by Wuli
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To: 1rudeboy

Why not?

47 posted on 03/01/2010 3:42:58 PM PST by petertare (--.)
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To: IntolerantOfTreason
The corruption of the press both in America, Canada and the UK should be evident. George Orwell knew about the press. He had lent himself to the propaganda war against Hitler. His rationale was that anything was necessary to defeat the Fascists. Once the war was over, Orwell feared absolute control of the press by those who could use it.

Now consider the press today. We have literally a mass view of certain American politicians. These are the ones that the press decides to damn. Where are the rational and objective views of say, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin? No I am not talking of the internet. The press had their "Hitler" . He had no recourse as have the people mentione. How are we to know the absolute truth about the man?

Throughout the attack by Nato, the hiss of female news persons was evident. "Ethnic cleansing" repeated over and over again. How are we to know the true scope of what this man did? Does anyone think we are going to be told.

We were told of 100,000 dead in mass graves. Over and over.

The Spanish Red Cross has stated that the so-called mass graves unearth about 3000 bodies. This is bad enough. Both Clintons stand guilty. They will never be brought to book.

48 posted on 03/01/2010 3:46:55 PM PST by Peter Libra
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To: Spike Knotts

We buckled, and our weakness and lack of resolve was shown to the world when we failed to roll to Baghdad during the first Gulf War.(REMEMBER COLON BOWEL?)

The “mercy” signal we sent was received by the thug Arabs and all the worlds evil doers as weakness, as an inability to go for the throat.

That wrong message has translated into unrelenting attempted advances by mudlimes worldwide.

49 posted on 03/01/2010 3:51:12 PM PST by petertare (--.)
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To: Peter Libra

Trepca - the name will live alongside those of Belsen, Auschwitz and Treblinka”

The above is from an old article. It was completely a fake. Do you think anybody remembers it now? Did anybody retract it in headlines equal to the original accusation?

The Serbs are the designated guilty party. You have pointed out some of the press failings. There are literally hundreds like this and it continues today with the kangaroo court in the Hague and reporters looking up the ‘history’ of the whole Yugoslav mess in their own archives — written by sensationalists who already had their minds made up — Serbs in black hats, Muslims in white. The Serbs were not the Nazis in all this but we love to use the term. It’s never ending. Today the only ethnically mixed country from ALL the former Yugoslav republics as of today is Serbia. Genocide? Serbs did not want an ethnically pure country — they simply did not dare risk being a MINORITY in a Muslim or a Croatian country (Nazi allies in WW2 — look it up)where they had been murdered in the hundreds of thousands along with Jews and Gypsies. Am I carrying on too long? I hope this stirs somebody to think more deeply on the topic.

50 posted on 03/04/2010 8:12:08 PM PST by gershwin
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To: gershwin
Trepca- the name will live alongside those of Belsen, Auschwitz and Treblinka".

Your statement is that

"The above is from an old article. It was completely a fake. Do you think anybody remembers it now? Did anybody retract it in headlines equal to the original accusation? "

What I think is important is that the Orwellian nightmare of absolute press control, has partly come true. Now we have this absolutely democratic and potent weapon at our disposal. This is the internet. Yet it may not reach enough of the general public and if it does, they may still march in lock step with the media. We will keep on trying.

I was made aware on the internet of the protests of former American servicemen against NATO. Not that the press were willing to give this a large coverage. Men had been shot down and hunted like animals in Jugoslavia, in WW2. A possibility of not being treated according to the Geneva Convention. Serbs risked their lives to shield the Americans.

I do not know how to provide a link, but there is a long statement by former Colonel Richard L Felman. It was on I used Google and put in Colonel Richard L Felman and got the whole thing. His plea for recognition of the plight of the Serbs.

No, you are not carrying on too long. It is an uphill battle for the truth. The blatent cowardice of the media exists today. Even to the point of decrying the efforts made by America to keep every decent man, woman and child free from fear, and stepping on a few Islamists to do it.

It is the battle for Western Civilization that the Serbs have taken part in. This must not go unrecognized.

51 posted on 03/05/2010 7:14:14 PM PST by Peter Libra
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