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Second American female convert to Islam arrested in plot to kill Motoonist
(WALL STREET JOURNAL, March 13, 2010) via JIHAD ^ | March 12, 2010 | Posted by Robert

Posted on 03/12/2010 10:55:30 PM PST by Cindy

SNIPPET: “..."For the Love of Islam: A Second American Woman Is Arrested in Cartoonist Case,” by Vanessa O’Connell, Stephanie Simon and Evan Perez in the Wall Street Journal, March 13..."

Last Easter, Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, a 31-year-old mom with a $30,000-a-year job as a medical assistant, announced to her family that she had converted to Islam. A few months later, she began posting to Facebook forums whose headings included “STOP caLLing MUSLIMS TERRORISTS!””

SNIPPET: “On Sept. 11, she suddenly left Leadville, Colo., a small town in the Rocky Mountains, for Denver, then for New York, to meet and marry a Muslim man she connected with online, her family says. Ms. Paulin-Ramirez, who is 5-foot-11 and blonde, phoned her mother and stepfather in Leadville, providing them with an address in Waterford, Ireland, they say.”

SNIPPET: “In 2008 or 2009, Mr. Mott said, Ms. Paulin-Ramirez enrolled in an online course about Islam.”

SNIPPET: “By Easter 2009, she had informed her mother that she was a Muslim. At her father’s May 2009 funeral in Kansas, her aunts had to plead with her not to cover her head and hair with a hijab. Over the summer, her family says, she was spending increasing time on the computer and had begun to dress in the traditional garb, covering not only her hair and face but also her hands. Her current Facebook page lists her as Jamie Paulin, with a photo in which all that is visible are her eyes peering from slits in her full-face veil. [...]

A few months before she disappeared, her stepfather says he confronted her: “What are you going to do, strap a bomb on and blow up something?” he asked her. He recalled that she responded: “If necessary, yes.” [...]

If necessary.”

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Front Page News; US: Colorado; US: Kansas; War on Terror
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1 posted on 03/12/2010 10:55:30 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All

Background link with ongoing updates:

2 posted on 03/12/2010 10:56:35 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All


3 posted on 03/12/2010 10:57:28 PM PST by Cindy
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To: Cindy

stop calling muslim terrorist? Yet what does she do to pursuade ppl to think otherwise? Confirm ppl’s sterotype?

4 posted on 03/12/2010 11:12:33 PM PST by 4rcane
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To: Cindy

Wow - I feel for her family.

What an impact the muslim / jihadist propaganda can have on the “vulnerable” among us!

Thank GOD the LEO’s have arrested her!

If you have a ping list, please add me.
Thanks for all your good work.

5 posted on 03/12/2010 11:12:38 PM PST by Freedom'sWorthIt (Ronald Reagan: "When America is no longer a nation under God, she will be a nation gone under.")
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To: Cindy

What a shame. Another trusting, young woman manipulated and brainwashed by a Mohammadan man. Every woman in this country ought to watch “Not Without My Daughter” at least once.

6 posted on 03/12/2010 11:12:52 PM PST by fieldmarshaldj (~"This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Amber Lamps !"~~)
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To: Cindy

This is hugh and series but we still need photos to determine guilt or innocence. I looked around and none so far

7 posted on 03/12/2010 11:19:30 PM PST by dennisw (It all comes 'round again --Fairport)
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To: dennisw
Toni Axelrod for The Wall Street Journal/Courtesy of the Holcomb Family

Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, a 31-year-old mom, is in the custody of the Irish police, along with six other individuals, arrested as part of an investigation into a conspiracy to commit murder.

8 posted on 03/12/2010 11:21:36 PM PST by dennisw (It all comes 'round again --Fairport)
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To: Cindy
"“If necessary, yes.” [...] If necessary.” "

You go, girl!

9 posted on 03/12/2010 11:21:38 PM PST by matthew fuller (obama- no watermelon salesman, but gun and ammo salesman of the century.)
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To: dennisw

Thanks for posting her photo Dennis.

10 posted on 03/12/2010 11:26:06 PM PST by Cindy
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To: Freedom'sWorthIt

Thank you Freedom’s Worth It.

I don’t have a ping list.

You can follow my user name on FR though.

11 posted on 03/12/2010 11:27:23 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All

Hat Tip:

12 March 2010

SNIPPET: “...and YouTube Smackdown crews, and everyone else involved in tracking, investigating, and reporting the activities of Jihad Jane.[1] I was going to title this post “In defense of...” but there’s nothing here to be even a little defensive about. Having had a ring-side seat throughout the entire campaign, if there was something here that concerned me or that I thought in any way might harm law enforcement or intelligence collection activities, I would have said something.”

SNIPPET: “My best wishes to all concerned: job well done. That’s one Little Blue AK for Jihad Jane, and one for each of her co-conspirators arrested in Ireland.”

12 posted on 03/12/2010 11:31:38 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All

RECAP for consideration and notation:


To: All

Read more at:

For The Record - The IPT Blog
“An Awlaki Link for Jihad Jane?”
March 10, 2010, 12:21 pm

SNIPPET: “Internet postings provide much of the evidence against a Pennsylvania woman charged with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists and to kill a Swedish target. Colleen LaRose, also known as “Jihad Jane,” is accused of using a YouTube account for jihad recruiting. Those YouTube pages have been taken down.

The Jawa Report, however, reports that LaRose had another YouTube account under the name “mzwiidkat.” That claim has not been corroborated. An Internet search, however, reveals that this same person is listed as a ‘friend’ on YouTube’s Anwar Awlaki Lectures Channel. Awlaki is the American-born cleric now living in Yemen and considered a charismatic influence over jihadis. Awlaki was in communication with Nidal Malik Hasan before the Fort Hood massacre and is suspected of encouraging failed Christmas Day airline bomber Umar Abdulmutallab.

The Jawa Report also discovered an account on another video site, Daily Motion, under the name FatimaLaRose, a name listed as an alias in the indictment. In addition, the account holder describes herself as a 46 year old woman, which is LaRose’s age.

LaRose’s icon on the Daily Motion site shows a black flag with SUPPORT OUR TROOPS above the Shahada, the Muslim testimony of faith, and an AK-47. As one Muslim extremist living in Canada has said, ‘”Support Our Troops” means supporting the mujahideen.

SNIPPET: “FatimaLaRose lists as her ‘favorites’ and her ‘playlist’ a disturbing list of videos, which are likely material to encourage those of pre-existing jihadist bent to engage in terrorism. These and similar videos often appear on terrorist and pro-terrorist websites. The videos show:”

97 posted on March 10, 2010 2:47:21 PM PST by Cindy
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13 posted on 03/12/2010 11:36:22 PM PST by Cindy
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To: Cindy

Two points:

1. “...some of her relatives estimated she was married four times.” It can never be a good thing when your relatives must estimate the number of times you have been married.

2. he step dad who asked her if she was going to strap on a bomb is according to the WSJ article a convert to Islam too.

14 posted on 03/12/2010 11:37:41 PM PST by JLS (Democrats: People who wont even let you enjoy an unseasonably warm winter day)
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To: Cindy

Ok - will do!

Saw the post about the technician at the India nuke plant - turning up dead....


Would say we need lots and lots of prayer for the safety of our nation and the world....especially safety from nuclear “attack” or accidents or who knows what use of nukes to harm our nation, to harm Israel, or to harm the people of the world - by the Jihadist terrorists - may be “in the works”.

May the God of all Creation continue to uncover all that is hidden - in time - BEFORE any such attacks occur!

15 posted on 03/12/2010 11:58:32 PM PST by Freedom'sWorthIt (Ronald Reagan: "When America is no longer a nation under God, she will be a nation gone under.")
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To: Freedom'sWorthIt

Praying with you in agreement.

In Jesus’ Holy Name.

16 posted on 03/12/2010 11:59:24 PM PST by Cindy
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Those are two points of interest.

Thank you JLS.

17 posted on 03/13/2010 12:06:16 AM PST by Cindy
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To: Cindy; All

Islam is about more than just terrorism. Islam is about world domination and the destruction of ALL non-Islamic peoples and things.

18 posted on 03/13/2010 12:11:43 AM PST by Democrat_media (Democrats are the threat , they all voted for socialism on 11/21/09)
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To: Cindy

Searching Facebook, the hits for groups about Islam have NO negative topic titles. First page of Christianity groups had an insulting anti-Christian group listed. So... feelings of Muslims are respected and anything against them is ‘hate speech’ but Christians are free targets? Typical MSM approach.

19 posted on 03/13/2010 12:23:25 AM PST by TigerBait
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To: Cindy

Ms. Paulin-Ramirez is the second American woman to be linked to an alleged plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist who made fun of the Prophet Mohammed.

In case anyone else reading this thread is wondering, as I was.

20 posted on 03/13/2010 12:31:31 AM PST by Rocky (Obama's policy: A thousand points of lies.)
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To: Cindy

If I weren’t a Christain I would be ripping people off online.

21 posted on 03/13/2010 1:17:38 AM PST by Berlin_Freeper (Next.)
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To: Cindy

Alpo makes it's own gravy, and mudSlimes make their own cartoons!

22 posted on 03/13/2010 1:19:24 AM PST by rawcatslyentist (Jeremiah 50:31 Behold, I am against you," O " you most proud, said the said the Lord GOD of hosts)
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To: Cindy

“Ms. Paulin-Ramirez’s interest in Islam “came out of left field,””
Obviously a woman with no brains and no selfconfidence.
Give ‘em all a fair trial then hang ‘em.

23 posted on 03/13/2010 3:07:40 AM PST by Scotsman will be Free (11C - Indirect fire, infantry - High angle hell - We will bring you, FIRE)
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To: matthew fuller

Straight to Hell?

24 posted on 03/13/2010 3:23:16 AM PST by sinsofsolarempirefan
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To: Cindy

The more Muslims we let into this country, the more crazy things like this are going to happen. Muslims are proselytizers. Many of them won’t be happy until Islam has spread over the entire globe. They will seek to convert more and more Americans to their support their vicious jihad, and unfortunately there are always going to be at least a few wacko Americans who will follow them.

25 posted on 03/13/2010 4:24:42 AM PST by FenwickBabbitt
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To: sinsofsolarempirefan

What a loser. Hang her high to end her lunacy.

26 posted on 03/13/2010 4:26:13 AM PST by hal ogen
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To: fieldmarshaldj

She became Muslim well before she arranged to marry this guy, and apparently almost immediately started wearing the complete head and body covering (she even covered her hands) and verbally attacking non-Muslims. The problem is not the men, the problem is Islam.

27 posted on 03/13/2010 4:33:14 AM PST by livius
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To: FenwickBabbitt

I read the full article, and one of the disturbing things was that her stepfather, a 60ish, normal-seeming man from Colorado, is also a convert to Islam. He’s apparently not radical.

I really don’t understand the attraction, but unfortunately, it seems as if these people don’t really need to be proselytized by anybody. The woman herself became a Muslim after taking a college class on it. As for the step-father, I have no idea what prompted him to do this.

28 posted on 03/13/2010 4:36:17 AM PST by livius
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To: Cindy

"Who else was gonna love me?!?"

29 posted on 03/13/2010 4:53:25 AM PST by Oratam
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To: Cindy

Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, 31
30 posted on 03/13/2010 5:10:15 AM PST by PIF
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To: Cindy
Last year, my daughter in law converted to Judaism. If she had converted to islam, she would not be welcome in my home.

If my wife decided she wanted to convert, “fine, what is your new address so I can forward your mail?”

IMHO, muslims are never to be trusted. I have to work with some, and they are generally OK in an office environment in Houston.

31 posted on 03/13/2010 5:41:12 AM PST by Tahoe3002
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To: Cindy

From Leadville? It could happen anywhere then.

32 posted on 03/13/2010 7:16:30 AM PST by demshateGod (The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.)
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To: Cindy

What’s really sad is it’s only a matter of time before that cartoonist gets murdered: Over a cartoon!

33 posted on 03/13/2010 7:18:22 AM PST by demshateGod (The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.)
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To: demshateGod

That’s right.

The jihad is global including here in the USA.


34 posted on 03/13/2010 5:12:49 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All


“Irish Authorities Release American Woman Arrested in Terror Plot”
March 13, 2010

SNIPPET: “SNIPPET: “DENVER — An American woman and three others arrested in Ireland over an alleged plot to assassinate Swedish artist Lars Vilks have been freed without charge, Irish police said Saturday.

Seven people — including the American woman, three Algerians, a Libyan, a Palestinian and a Croatian — were arrested Tuesday in Ireland. Irish police said three others who were also arrested remained in custody and were being questioned.

In Leadville, Colo., Christine Mott identified the American woman held in Ireland as her daughter, 31-year-old Jamie Paulin-Ramirez. Christine Mott said she was informed of Paulin-Ramirez’s arrest by the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies.

Irish police refused to confirm whether Paulin-Ramirez is the woman released and have declined to release the identities of any of those arrested.”

35 posted on 03/13/2010 6:59:05 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All

Note: The content in the link listed on post no. 35 has been updated.


“American Linked to Terror Plot ‘Lost Her Mind’”
Saturday, March 13, 2010

LEADVILLE, Colorado —

SNIPPET: “Jamie Paulin-Ramirez also began talking about Jihad with her Muslim stepfather and spent most of her time online as she withdrew from her family, Mott said.”

SNIPPET: “A U.S. official, who was not authorized to discuss the investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity, said Saturday that Paulin-Ramirez had been detained in Ireland in connection with an alleged plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist who had offended many Muslims.

Irish police said later Saturday that they had released without charge an American woman, who they didn’t identify, and three others arrested in Ireland over an alleged plot to assassinate the cartoonist, Lars Vilks.”

36 posted on 03/13/2010 10:18:30 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All

Note: Photo included.

Published: March 14, 2010 12:07 am
“No cartoon: Leadville woman, 31, freed in plot”



SNIPPET: “The last time Mrs. Mott said she had spoken to her daughter, Sept. 11, she reported her daughter told her she had been in Denver praying.

Mrs. Mott told police she and her daughter had been fighting after Paulin-Ramirez had decided on Easter that she was going to become a Muslim.

Paulin-Ramirez began to wear a scarf and spend an “excessive amount of time on the Internet speaking to someone named Alley,” according to Thomas’ report. Mrs. Mott feared that her daughter was headed to New York to meet Alley, an Algerian man, who said he was coming to America to become a pilot. She also voiced fears that it was her, and not her daughter, who was Christian’s primary caregiver and was afraid the boy would not be accepted into the Muslim community.

Mrs. Mott told Thomas that it was, “very out of character” for her daughter to disappear, giving up a job she had held for more than two years at Vail Valley Medical, where she was a medical assistant.”

37 posted on 03/14/2010 1:21:21 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All


MARCH 14, 2010, 6:44 A.M. ET
“Four Released in Ireland Terror Case”

SNIPPET: “WATERFORD, Ireland — Irish police said on Saturday evening they have released all three women who were among seven individuals arrested earlier this week in connection with an alleged plot to murder a Swedish cartoonist.

They were released and not charged, police said.”

SNIPPET: “”The three remaining people in custody are males,” and are being held in the Tramore and Waterford stations, a spokesman for the Irish police said. Police also confirmed for the first time Sunday morning that a U.S. citizen had been among those in custody.

The released individuals could still face charges down the road. A report for each of those arrested will be submitted to a director of public prosecutions, who can then decide whether the suspect should be re-arrested and charged. This process could take “a matter of weeks,” the spokesman said.

A release of Ms. Paulin-Ramirez raises the question of whether she will now be deported.”

SNIPPET: “The U.S. national, a woman, was believed to be in a relationship with one of the other males, an Algerian, this source had said.”

38 posted on 03/14/2010 1:54:24 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: martin_fierro; Constitution Day

Motoonist ping...

Some sort of fatwa against Berry Gordy Jr.

39 posted on 03/14/2010 1:57:40 PM PDT by Tijeras_Slim (Live jubtabulously!)
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To: All


MARCH 15, 2010

“U.S. Woman Released in Terror Case”

By NEIL SHAH in Waterford, Ireland, VANESSA O’CONNELL in New York and EVAN PEREZ in Washington

SNIPPET: “U.S. officials are still investigating what role Ms. Paulin-Ramirez may have played in the purported plot against the cartoonist, according to people close to the situation.

Investigators are still looking into her Internet contacts to determine whether Ms. Paulin-Ramirez was an active participant in the alleged plot or just swept up in the probe by virtue of being in touch with others charged.”

SNIPPET: “The Justice Department said it wouldn’t confirm her identity. There are no U.S. charges pending against her and her status in Ireland is unclear.”

SNIPPET: “The police have sought and been granted an extension on the three remaining males in custody, including an Algerian man, which means they can be held until Tuesday.”

40 posted on 03/15/2010 6:55:42 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

NOTE The following text is a quote:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Colorado Woman Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to Terrorists

WASHINGTON – Jamie Paulin Ramirez, 32, a U.S. citizen and former resident of Colorado, pleaded guilty today to one count of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists. Ramirez faces a potential maximum penalty of 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine at sentencing.

The guilty plea, which was entered today before U.S. District Court Judge Petrese B. Tucker in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, was announced by Todd Hinnen, acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security; Zane David Memeger, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania; and George C. Venizelos, Special Agent-in-Charge of the FBI’s Philadelphia Division.

Ramirez was first charged in a superseding indictment filed in April 2010, along with co-defendant Colleen R. LaRose, a U.S. citizen and former resident of Montgomery County, Pa. On Feb. 1, 2011, LaRose, aka “JihadJane, aka “Fatima LaRose,” pleaded guilty to conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, conspiracy to kill in a foreign country, making false statements and attempted identity theft.

According to documents filed with the court, Ramirez, LaRose and others conspired to obtain military-style training in South Asia and then traveled to and around Europe to participate in and in support of violent jihad.

In a series of electronic communications dated July 19, 2009, one co-conspirator (identified as CC#2 in the superseding indictment) directed another to recruit online “some brothers that can travel freely . . . with eu passports . . . [A]nd I also need some sisters too.” The co-conspirator further explained that “sister fatima will be in charge of other sister care. . . .[W]e have already organized everything for her. . . . [W]e are will[ing] to die in order to protect her no matter what the risk is.”

Ramirez exchanged e-mail messages with LaRose during the summer of 2009, in which LaRose invited Ramirez to join her in Europe to attend a training camp. For example, on Aug. 1, 2009, LaRose sent electronic communications to Ramirez stating that “soon i will be moving to Europe to be with other brothers & sisters . . . . when i get to europe, i will send for you to come be with me there . . . . [T]his place will be like a training camp as well as a home.”

In electronic communications dated on or about August 7, 2009, CC #2 recruited another individual to find brothers and sisters to go to a “camp for [military-style] training . . . and th[e]n come back to europe to do the job . . . . [T]he job is to [k]nock down some individual[s] that are harming islam.” CC#2 goes on to explain that he is structuring “an ORGANIZATION” divided into a “plan[n]ing team . . . research team . . . action team . . . recruitment team . . . finance team.”

Ramirez accepted LaRose’s invitation to travel to Europe and asked to bring along her minor male child. On Sept, 12, 2009, Ramirez traveled to Ireland with her child with the intent to live and train with jihadists. The day after she arrived in Ireland, Ramirez married CC#2, whom she had never before met in person, in an Islamic ceremony, knowing and intending that her presence in Europe, her marriage to CC#2 and her future actions would provide support for the conspiracy.

“Today’s guilty plea by Jamie Ramirez, coupled with that of Colleen LaRose last month, underscores the evolving nature of the terrorist threat we face,” said acting Assistant Attorney General Hinnen. “Many counterterrorism and law enforcement officials worked tirelessly to deal with the threat these defendants posed; I applaud their efforts and those of all of the national security professionals and prosecutors that work to keep the country safe.”

“Keeping our community and the country safe are a top priority of this office,” said U.S. Attorney Memeger. “This case and the guilty pleas are a culmination of the vigilant efforts by the FBI agents in this district, the prosecutors in my office and law enforcement officers around the globe. It underscores the importance and success of international collaboration when fighting terrorism.”

“The guilty plea in this case today is yet one more success our efforts against the continuing and evolving threats that we face,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Venizelos. “Our Joint Terrorism Task Forces work very closely with all of our partners in the law enforcement and intelligence communities to ensure that we remain vigilant, alert and creative in our approaches to identifying and preventing acts of terrorism.”

This case was investigated by the FBI Field Division in New York, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in Philadelphia, the FBI Field Division in Denver, and the FBI Field Office in Washington, D.C. Authorities in Ireland also provided assistance in this matter.

The case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams, in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and Matthew F. Blue, Trial Attorney from the Counterterrorism Section in the Justice Department’s National Security Division. The Office of International Affairs in the Justice Department’s Criminal Division also provided assistance.

41 posted on 03/08/2011 1:51:06 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All - Philadelphia - Press Release: Washington - "TWO INDICTED FOR CONSPIRACY TO PROVIDE MATERIAL SUPPORT TO TERRORISTS" (SNIPPET: "Ali Charaf Damache, an Algerian man who resided in Ireland, and Mohammad Hassan Khalid, a Pakistani citizen and U.S. lawful permanent resident who resided in Maryland, have been charged..." SNIPPET: "Damache, aka "Theblackflag," 46" SNIPPET: "Khalid, aka "Abdul Ba'aree 'Abd Al-Rahman Al-Hassan Al-Afghani Al-Junoobi W'at-Emiratee," 18") (October 20, 2011) (Read More...)
INVESTIGATIVE - For The Record - The IPT Blog: "JIHAD JANE ASSOCIATES CHARGED WITH TERROR SUPPORT" (SNIPPET: "Algerian-born Ali Charaf Damache and Pakistani citizen Mohammad Hassan Khalid were charged Thursday in Pennsylvania with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists. Known by an Internet username "Theblackflag," Damache also is charged with..." SNIPPET: "Using the Internet to communicate, recruit and solicit funds, the pair is accused of conspiring with "Jihad Jane," also known as Colleen R. LaRose, and Jamie Paulin Ramirez...") (October 20, 2011, 3:54 pm) (Read More...)
Superseding Indictment - Link (pdf) (Read More...)

Link (Read More...)

Link (Read More...)

42 posted on 10/20/2011 4:24:44 PM PDT by Cindy
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