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To: hoosiermama; csd; icwhatudo; onyx; WVNan; nutmeg; HOYA97; maggief; Liz; rodguy911; Bahbah; ...

This just might be a current example of their modus operandi .. check it out.

This is likely the handiwork of the Soros/Media Matters/Jason Levins of the world .. blogging slugs .. part of their subversive thuggery and bag of tricks of the paid lib drones to destroy all pubbies, conservatives, FNC, etc.

Ran across this comment on another search, but couldn’t find the context where I was, so I searched the exact phrase .. and LOOK .. already spreading from the muckrakers.

And who knows if it’s true.

The phrase:

just overheard a mom tell her young daughter at #SRLC: “No, we dont support Medicaid. Medicaid is for losers”


So this is fodder for the lazy, corrupt, partisan Soros paid creeps. They bait, watch and distort and/or pervert things, then put it on website comments boards 24/7, and then someone in the blogosphere picks it up and mentions it, then the herd follows suit and drops it on a bigger, more prestigious site, and then it’s picked up by the even lazier lamestream slugs like Maddow, Matthews, Obermann or Schultz, and then parroted by the WH .. until the trash is accepted as truth.

That phrase is now posted on Politico and CNN Political Ticker.

If you see an interesting phrase sometime that’s being repeated, just copy it and search google news or google blogs, and who knows what’ll turn up.

They’re just plain wicked, vicious and perverse.

87 posted on 04/10/2010 6:26:15 PM PDT by STARWISE (The overlords are in place .. we are a nation under siege .. pray, go Galt & hunker down)
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I say, like the unfounded LIES about TEA Partiers calling members of the racist group Congressional BLACK Caucus the n-word--PROVE IT. Until then, it is unsubstantiated
   /ˈhɪərˌseɪ/ Show Spelled[heer-sey]
unverified, unofficial information gained or acquired from another and not part of one's direct knowledge: I pay no attention to hearsay.

an item of idle or unverified information or gossip; rumor: a malicious hearsay.
of, pertaining to, or characterized by hearsay: hearsay knowledge; a hearsay report.

1525–35; orig. in phrase by hear say, trans. of MF par ouïr dire
1. talk, scuttlebutt, babble, tittle-tattle.
89 posted on 04/10/2010 6:34:52 PM PDT by pillut48 ("Stand now. Stand together. Stand for what is right."-Gov.Sarah Palin, "Going Rogue")
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#87—wow, just wow.....Will remember to do that search when the next meme on the left pops up.

90 posted on 04/10/2010 6:43:05 PM PDT by Fu-fu2
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OMG..they are so low down! You got them pegged Starwise. Excellent work!

95 posted on 04/10/2010 8:33:00 PM PDT by penelopesire ("The only CHANGE you will get with the Democrats is the CHANGE left in your pocket")
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