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To: Painesright

All this week, Glenn Beck has been is doing his best to expose what is potentially the biggest con in history.

Before I lose you, let me state why this story is so very important: It appears that there is a chance that people at the very HIGHEST levels of our government are creating something-out-of-nothing (carbon credits) and then passing a law which will force American businesses to buy $10 TRILLION dollars worth of that something-out-of-nothing and then passing billions and billions and billions of dollars along to their political pals and business cohorts... uh, can you say “corruption and graft of the highest order”?!?

For some reason, other conservative sites are being slow to pick this up (afraid?!).

Let’s do our part to help Glenn get the word out.

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Wherever and however you can get this out, do it.

Glenn Beck The One Thing 4/29 - Crime Inc.

Go back and watch the 4/26 show if you need more back ground.

4/26 show Part 1:

4/26 show Part 2:

In a nutshell, here is the deal:

The Chicago Climate Exchange CCX - a $10 trillion dollar carbon credit market (here’s where the creating something-out-of nothing comes in... it is literally a product created out of thin air.)

As Glenn says, they sell puffs of smoke! Enron would be proud!

Barack Obama helped to direct funds from The Joyce Foundation in order to fund the creation of the CCX. Remember, it is the CHICAGO Climate Exchange... nothing shady happening in Chicago, right?

Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s top advisor, was reportedly on the board of the CCX back in the early 2000’s.

There are many ex-Goldman Sachs executives and at least one ex-Goldman lobbyist working in the Obama administration.

A British company, Enterprise, is set to make billions off of the CCX market and is partially owned by Al Gore and Goldman Sachs among others.

Franklin Raines (the $90 Million Dollar Paycheck man of Fannie Mae accounting “irregularity” fame) bought the technology needed to run the CCX through Fannie Mae back when he was running Fannie.

Franklin Raines is/was an Obama friend and advisor (they have kind of tamped-down talk about that relationship since the whole financial meltdown thing happened).

The patent for the technology (owned by Fannie) to run the CCX was approved one day after Congress was taken over by the Democrats back in 2006.

Raines was reportedly also instrumental in starting Emerald Cities, a collaboration of radical, far left-wing groups who are planning on reaping billions of dollars in grants and other type of funding that will flow from the carbon trade credits that will be sold through the CCX.

Here is the link to Emerald Cities.

Look at their Board of Directors, members and staff bios in the About Us section! The “Members” tab under About Us reads like a Who’s Who of the Marxist, Socialist, Communist, Social Justice movement.

Dig down into their Goals, Policies and National Strategies pages. Count how many times they talk about redistributing wealth and income and achieving social justice!

Check out all of the ways they are planning to milk money out of this system. LOOK at the framework they have in place. They have been planning for a long, long time. This is NOT about the environment. It is about power and money, period.

“The Wizard”, as Glenn calls him, appears to be Joel Rogers. Here is Joel’s bio on the Emerald Cities webpage:

Joel Rogers
COWS, Director
Joel Rogers, a former labor organizer, is a professor of law, political science, public affairs, and sociology at the university. He is the director of COWS, MIP, and CSI, senior policy advisor to Green for All, and cofounder and first chair of the Apollo Alliance. Joel has written widely on democratic theory and contemporary politics and is a MacArthur Foundation “genius” fellow, identified by Newsweek as one of the 100 living Americans mostly likely to shape U.S. politics and culture in the 21st century. John Sweeney and Andy Stern jointly said of Rogers: “nobody outside the American labor movement has shaped our present thinking as profoundly.”

Here is a youtube video of (big mouth) Van Jones bragging about Joel Roberts’ Progressive Accomplishments:

(Highlights: Jones brags about Joel Rogers’ roll in founding the Apollo Alliance, how the Stimulus is going to put something like $80 Billion dollars in this direction, The New Party which is now The Working Families Party “is the basic framework for what JUST TOOK OVER THE WHITE HOUSE”).

Did you get that?!? The New Party, which is now The Working Families Party, just took over our White House!

Why is this so important? Well for one, it is possibly the biggest con in the history of the world. Making something-out-of-nothing and forcing people to buy $10 trillion dollars worth of it... breathtakingly brazen!

And two, Cap and Trade would cause the price of everything we buy and use to skyrocket. It would drive millions more American jobs overseas. Radical left-wing groups and politicians will reap untold political power and billions of dollars if Cap and Trade passes.

I know we are tired and overwhelmed (that is one of their main goals, to overwhelm us)... but we have to stop this.

No less than the future of our country depends on it.

2 posted on 04/30/2010 1:06:41 PM PDT by Painesright
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To: Painesright

While we were watching his show yesterday I was thinking how brave Beck is to bring this information together for public viewing.

Pray for his safety.

3 posted on 04/30/2010 1:10:26 PM PDT by RedMDer (Throw them all out in 2010... Forward with Confidence! Forward!)
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To: Painesright

This ponzie scheme will make Madoff look like Santa Claus and it is being perpetrated by our “leaders” on the American public.

4 posted on 04/30/2010 1:11:36 PM PDT by MWestMom (Tread carefully, truth lies here.)
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To: Painesright

I am printing out everything I can find on Joel Rogers, the “wizard” of the Apollo Alliance here at UW-Madison.

Rotten to the core.

9 posted on 04/30/2010 1:26:16 PM PDT by Wisconsinlady (.)
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