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Free Republic Threat Matrix | May 2, 2010 | TM Crew

Posted on 05/02/2010 4:49:06 PM PDT by MestaMachine

There is no war as far as our president is concerned. There are no Islamic Terrorists, only a few rogue extremists. There is no REAL Jihad. Jihad is simply a "spiritual journey" to Allah, the most merciful. So he says. Islam, to his mind, has contributed so much to the world, after all, since Mohammed's slaughter of the Jews at Medina.
Judging by Obama's actions in the recent weeks and months, he no doubt would have agreed the Jews deserved what they got from the "religion of peace." He continues the onslaught in the name of "social justice" and "human rights"...for them. But not for us, US.
It isn't America that Islam despises, it is the Jews. And all we need do to remedy that is to turn the Jews over for just punishment...and they will love America for it. Peace would reign in the world if only America would stop its support of those wicked Jews in Israel.
Unfortunately, his view is not shared by Al Qaeda. Nor would it be shared by the satanic character of Mohammed who ordered the butchering of innocents to further his mad quest for power.
This is excerpted from the latest Al Qaeda screed from Yahya al-Libi:

Abu Yahya Al-Libi

All Americans Must Be Killed Even If They Capitulate

Top Al Qaeda leader Abu Yahya Al-Libi is out with a new, and particularly grim, tract comparing America to the Bani Quraidah, a Jewish tribe that once came into conflict with Mohammed, resulting in all the adult males being killed, and the women and children being taken as slaves, according to a mix of hadith and Quranic sources.

The takeaway from this 20-page work is rather specific and quite possibly a signpost to trouble ahead.
Al-Libi is arguing:

1) The harshest punishment is justified for those who ally themselves with the enemies of Islam, even if those people do not commit overt acts against Muslims.

2) That punishment, in the case of the Quraidah, was that all of the adult males were killed and all women and children taken as slaves. Al-Libi goes out of his way to point out that this punishment was meted out after the Quraidah surrendered.

3) The United States meets the same criteria for judgment as the Quraidah.

The expansion of the conflict here is in keeping with Al Qaeda's practices, although I don't recall seeing it stated so bluntly and justified so elaborately before.

Basically, Al-Libi is saying that every adult male American ought to be killed, whether or not they submit to the judgment of Muslims (meaning Al Qaeda, of course,) whether or not they have specifically taken up arms against Muslims, and whether or not they continue to be at war with Muslims.

Or, to use his words, they are to be killed "not just as a punishment for the crime which they have committed in the past" but "to cut off the very substance of their evil." He specifically includes prisoners taken on the battlefield in this category, although he takes pains to say that his point is much broader.

Something not right? Go with your gut. Report it.


~Terrorist Network Map 1991-2007~

If it stuns you to see the terror groups all over our country. remember this map has not been updated since 2007.
You might surmise that the number has grown.

~Global Incident Map~
~~Thanks to Just Piper~~

~National Security Strategy~

~~Thank you, Jet Jaguar~~


<----no text----->

~2003~THREAT MATRIX~2010~

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To: MamaDearest

Afiya/Mehsud continued-—
From the Associated Press:
Paraphrased for length:

In an undated letter obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press, the militant commander, Hakimullah Mehsud, threatened attacks on America and Pakistan in retaliation for the conviction in the United States of Aafia Siddiqui, a 37-year old Pakistani scientist.

Siddiqui was convicted in New York in February of trying to kill American service personnel in Afghanistan. Her case has triggered anger among Pakistani Islamist groups and in sections of the media, where she is portrayed as innocent.
The letter is addressed to Siddiqui’s sister, Fozia, who is campaigning for her release.

“We are with you in the pain you have suffered in connection with Aafia Siddiqui. God willing, we will give a reply to America and the cruel rulers in Pakistan in such a way they will remember for their whole life.”

The letter was given to the AP by a reporter for the local TV station that first reported its existence.

251 posted on 05/05/2010 10:58:48 PM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: MamaDearest; ExSoldier


An Islamic Armed Fortress Emerges in the Pocono Mountains
Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania,

Exclusive: World’s ‘Most Dangerous Islamist’ Alive, Well, and Living in Pennsylvania
Family Security Matters ^ | April 7, 2010 | Paul Williams PhD

Posted on Wednesday, April 07, 2010 5:50:20 PM by Candor7

252 posted on 05/05/2010 11:08:35 PM PDT by thouworm
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To: MestaMachine

We did. Thumbs up to you too.
We worked well together. :-)

253 posted on 05/05/2010 11:11:47 PM PDT by thouworm
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To: MestaMachine; blackie


posting while you 2 were posting

254 posted on 05/05/2010 11:13:26 PM PDT by thouworm
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To: MestaMachine

No, actually I haven’t read the WHOLE thread. It’s been a few YEARS since I was a *regular* on the TM threads — so yeah, I’m sure it’s just me not being able to handle all the *information*... You know what? NEVER MIND... Carry on... Do what you do, and enjoy.

255 posted on 05/05/2010 11:15:38 PM PDT by LibertyRocks ( ~ Anti-Obama Gear:
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To: ExSoldier; MamaDearest; MestaMachine

This bears watching...

Sen. Lieberman introducing...McCain & Schumer endorsing

A senior US lawmaker introduced a new bill on Wednesday which will allow authorities to revoke the citizenship of a terror suspect.

256 posted on 05/05/2010 11:20:33 PM PDT by thouworm
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To: LibertyRocks

I understood that, LibertyRocks. I know the thread gets long. That is why I reposted the answer for you. You asked for clarification. I was trying to help. I wasn’t trying to be snotty. If you took it that way, I apologize.

257 posted on 05/05/2010 11:20:58 PM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: thouworm

Saw an interview with Sen. Lieberman. He says there is a 1940 law that lays out the specific ways and reasons to revoke a person’s citizenship and he is going to do it.

258 posted on 05/05/2010 11:24:27 PM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: MestaMachine


259 posted on 05/05/2010 11:26:20 PM PDT by Cvengr (Adversity in life and death is inevitable. Thru faith in Christ, stress is optional.)
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To: MestaMachine

There is a thread on this, but I couldn’t locate it.

My concern is that, in today’s climate, it has the potential to backfire.

260 posted on 05/05/2010 11:32:03 PM PDT by thouworm
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To: MestaMachine
US sees Pakistani Taliban involvement in Times Square attack after downplaying links
By Bill RoggioMay 6, 2010 12:59 AM

Four days after the failed car bombing attack in New York City's Times Square, senior officials in the Obama administration have grudgingly begun to accept that the Pakistani Taliban are likely involved in the plot.

Obama administration officials said today that there "strong indications" Faisal Shahzad, the Pakistani-born naturalized American citizen "knew some members" of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, The New York Times reported.

"Somebody’s financially sponsoring him, and that’s the link we’re pursuing," an administration official told The New York Times, noting that Shahzad received money from Dubai to purchase the Nissan Pathfinder used in the failed attack and his one-way airline ticket to Pakistan following the attack. "And that would take you on the logic train back to Pak-Taliban authorizations."

The administration's admission that Shahzad and the attempted bombing link back to Pakistan marks a departure from its early view that the attack was likely a purely domestic incident. One day after the attack, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano described the attack as a "one-off" and "amateurish,” and over the next two days administration officials continued to downplay or deny possible links to international terror groups, despite early clues suggesting such involvement.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was more direct and put the blame on domestic terrorists. "If I had to guess 25 cents, this would be exactly that, somebody who’s homegrown, maybe a mentally deranged person or someone with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something, it could be anything,” Bloomberg told CBS New.

Evidence of link to the Pakistani Taliban was available in the first 24 hours

But evidence that the Pakistani Taliban may have played a role in the attack emerged almost immediately after firefighters and police dismantled the crudely-made bomb in Times Square on the evening of May 1. On the morning of May 2, a person who claimed to be from the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan News Channel notified The Long War Journal that an audiotape of Taliban commander Qari Hussain Mehsud was posted on a YouTube site. The email was titled "Qari Hussain Mehsud from Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan accepts the responsibility of recent Attack on Times Square Newyork USA.”


US authorities clearly were aware of the Qari Hussain video, and had the video pulled from YouTube within hours after the The Long War Journal received the email notification of its existence.

On the evening of May 2, the Taliban spokesman sent The Long War Journal another email that pointed to the location of an audio tape and a video tape of Hakeemullah Mehsud, the top commander of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan.

The email was titled "Hakeemullah Mehsud is Alive and Healthy and Delivering news about Attacks on USA." The audio and video tapes were produced in April. On the tapes, Hakeemullah denied the multiple reports of his death and threatened the US with further attacks.

"The time is very near when our fedayeen will attack the American states in their major cities," Hakeemullah said. "And Inshallah (god willing) we will give extremely painful blows to the fanatic America."

The videos were difficult to dismiss, as the timing of the release of the tapes is significant. Ordinarily, the Taliban and al Qaeda have a long lead time, often one to two weeks, from the recording to the release of their tapes.

But more importantly, the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan News Channel website that the Qari Hussain tape was released on was created on April 30, just one day prior to the attack. The Qari Hussain tape was also uploaded on April 30. US intelligence officials contacted by The Long War Journal on May 2 said they believed that the website was created explicitly for the purpose of claiming credit for the Times Square attack.

Other pieces of evidence also emerged within the first few days that directly linked Shahzad to Pakistan and the Taliban. The night that Shahzad was arrested, US intelligence contacted by The Long War Journal said they believed he had spent time in al Qaeda or Taliban training camps in North Waziristan.


The reasons for the administration's decision to quickly discount a foreign connection remain unclear, but the end result was that partisans feuded over phantom domestic terrorists while the Taliban accepted responsibility.

The Long War Journal

261 posted on 05/05/2010 11:50:23 PM PDT by thouworm
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To: thouworm; MamaDearest; Islaminaction; LucyT; Arthur Wildfire! March; caww; Candor7; blackie; ...
Maybe this is why...

Pakistan gets $656M from U.S. as terror link probed

Pakistan received $656 million in security funds from the United States as authorities probed links between the country and the confessed Times Square bomber.

According to Dawn newspaper, the U.S. embassy in Islamabad transferred $188 million to Pakistan's central bank last week and the remaining $468 million on Monday. The coalition-support funds compensate Pakistan for counterterrorim and counterinsurgency operations.

Dems defend Obama's handling of terror suspect in attempted car bombing

Democrats launched a defense of the Obama administration's handling of an attempted terror attack amid some Republican criticism.

Sens. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) and Ted Kaufman (D-Del.) praised law enforcement officials and first responders who helped foil an attempted car bombing Saturday in Times Square in New York.

"His national security team is working 24/7 to plug the gaps, and indeed, there have been a number of foiled attacks in the last year," Reed, a leading Democrat on national security issues, said Wednesday.

The pair defended Obama after Republicans complained that the suspect detained in the case, Faisal Shahzad, had been read his Miranda Right, affording him the same rights as other criminal defendants.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, called Mirandizing Shahzad a "serious mistake."

Reaction low key to “Los Suns”

PHOENIX (AP)—Suns fans wore “Los Suns” jerseys and T-shirts and a group of four even entered the arena with sombreros for their team’s playoff game against the San Antonio Spurs.

There was a lone protester holding up a homemade sign outside the arena who was against the idea of the “Los Suns” jerseys Phoenix wore Wednesday night for Game 2 of its second-round series.

Otherwise, it was a typical game night around US Airways Center.

The Suns made headlines the day before with their decision to wear “Los Suns” jerseys on the Cinco de Mayo holiday. A new Arizona immigration law has drawn widespread criticism from Latino organizations and civil rights groups that say it could lead to racial profiling of Hispanics. President Barack Obama has called the law “misguided.”

What a slap in the face to the people of Arizina. This has NO place in National sports.

And finally:
Stunning Pictures of Al Gore's New $9 Million Mansion Media Totally Ignored

Nobel Laureate Al Gore purchased a $9 million mansion in the luxurious hills of Montecito, California, recently.
consider what the Nobel Laureate told Congress last year as the House was deliberating cap-and-trade legislation:

AL GORE: Every penny that I have made, I have put right into a non-profit deal, Alliance For Climate Protection, to spread awareness of why we have to take on this challenge. And Congresswomen, if your, if, if you believe that the reason I have been working on this issue for 30 years is because of greed, you do not know me.

Sure, Al.

262 posted on 05/06/2010 12:04:09 AM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: thouworm

“According to Dawn newspaper, the U.S. embassy in Islamabad transferred $188 million to Pakistan’s central bank last week and the remaining $468 million on Monday. The coalition-support funds compensate Pakistan for counterterrorim and counterinsurgency operations”

Does this sound funny to you?
If I didn’t know better, it sounds like a down payment for a contract hit before and full payment after the deed is done.

263 posted on 05/06/2010 12:08:52 AM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: thouworm; thecodont

Here you go:
Joe Lieberman introducing bill to strip suspected terrorists’ citizenship
The Washington Post / ^ | May 5, 2010; 11:16 AM ET | By Rachel Weiner

Posted on Thursday, May 06, 2010 2:28:19 AM by thecodont

264 posted on 05/06/2010 12:14:46 AM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: MestaMachine

interesting timing...just coincidental

or, incentive to “hurry up and arrest those responsible for the Time Square bombing”?

May 5, 2010

KARACHI: Pakistan’s central bank said on Wednesday it had received $468 million from the United States in compensation for some of its costs in battling militancy.

The US embassy in Islamabad said on Tuesday it had released $656 million to Pakistan from its so-called coalition support fund (CSF) for some costs incurred last year, with $188 million transferred last week and another $468 million on Monday.

“We received $468 million last night,” said Syed Wasimuddin, chief spokesman for the State Bank of Pakistan.

The bank said on Tuesday it had received the first $188 million last Friday.

The CSF is a US programme to reimburse allies that have incurred costs in supporting counter-terrorist and counter-insurgency operations.

Pakistan’s role in the battle against militants has been highlighted in recent days with the arrest in the United States of a Pakistani-American in connection with a botched car bomb in New York’s Times Square.

The US funds come at an important time for cash-strapped Pakistan which is in negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the release of a fifth tranche of an $11.3 billion loan.

The IMF board is expected to meet in mid-May to consider the fifth tranche of the loan, worth about $1.15 billion. The IMF has been pressing Pakistan to increase electricity tariffs and implement a value-added tax.

The central bank said the $188 million will be reflected in foreign exchange data to be released on Thursday, covering the week that ended on April 30. The remaining $468 million will be reflected in data to be released next week.

Foreign exchange reserves eased to $14.98 billion in the week that ended on April 23.

Foreign reserves hit a record high of $16.5 billion in October 2007 but fell steadily to $6.6 billion by November 2008, largely because of a soaring import bill.

265 posted on 05/06/2010 12:25:28 AM PDT by thouworm
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To: MestaMachine

“The CSF is a US programme to reimburse allies that have incurred costs in supporting counter-terrorist and counter-insurgency operations.”

“Reimburse” -— Does the US get an itemized breakdown of those specific expenses? I’d like to see it.

266 posted on 05/06/2010 12:31:50 AM PDT by thouworm
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US mounts pressure on Pakistan over NY plot
By Anwar Iqbal
Thursday, 06 May, 2010

WASHINGTON: In a series of meetings with and telephone calls to President Asif Ali Zardari and other Pakistani leaders, senior US officials have informed Islamabad that the failed attempt to bomb New York’s Times Square had ‘clear links’ with Pakistan, the US State Department said on Wednesday.

“The purpose of the meetings was to inform Pakistan that there are clear links to Pakistan and that we would fully expect them to do what they should do and what they have been doing,” Assistant Secretary of State Philip J. Crowley told a briefing in Washington.


Mr Crowley, who looks after public affairs at the State Department, said that US Ambassador Anne Patterson had meetings with President Zardari and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in Islamabad on Wednesday. She also spoke with Interior Minister Rahman Malik.

US special envoy Richard Holbrooke also had a conversation with Foreign Minister Qureshi on Wednesday morning.

The State Department said that Ambassador Patterson would continue to have meetings with senior Pakistani officials in the coming days to work collectively on this investigation.

Asked if the US administration was pleased with the outcome of these meetings, Mr Crowley said: “I think it’s more a matter of what we do from this point forward.”


Mr Crowley said that the attempt to bomb Times Square had “international implications” and the United States expected Pakistan to help explore those implications.

Asked why was he confident that Pakistan would fulfil its pledge to cooperate with the United States in investigating the bombing attempt, the State Department official said: “Rest assured that Pakistan understands that this investigation is important to the United States, it is important to Pakistan, based on very strong political commitments, we are confident that we can work through those issues together.”

267 posted on 05/06/2010 12:40:50 AM PDT by thouworm
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To: MamaDearest

The National Ummah: The movement is led by Jamil al-Amin, (H. Rap Brown)

Is a radical Islamic movement spreading throughout America?

Several months ago, I did a long biographical post of him (with timeline) at the post below, but searching internally on FR, I can’t find much on the growing reach of his National Ummah movement. This article would make a good thread of its own to bring to attention of Freepers.

268 posted on 05/06/2010 12:52:19 AM PDT by thouworm
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To: MestaMachine

Pakistan takes our money, and throws us a bone once in a while.

269 posted on 05/06/2010 1:53:13 AM PDT by Islaminaction
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To: thouworm; MamaDearest; Rushmore Rocks; Arthur Wildfire! March; All
Day before bombing, Shahzad made a dry run in Manhattan, source says

New York (CNN) -- Faisal Shahzad made a practice run in Manhattan the day before he allegedly tried to blow up a car bomb in Times Square, according to a law enforcement source with knowledge of his questioning.

Last Friday, Shahzad drove his white Isuzu from Connecticut through Times Square, where he staked out potential locations for the following night's planned attack, the source said. He then parked the Isuzu several blocks away from Times Square, though the precise location was unclear, and took a train back to Connecticut, the source said.

On Saturday night, with his recently acquired Nissan Pathfinder loaded with his makeshift explosives, Shahzad drove southbound along Manhattan's East River on FDR Drive to the 49th Street exit, the source said.

Shahzad then pulled over and reached into the Pathfinder's rear compartment where he attempted to set into motion the process needed to set off the homemade bomb, the source said.

The source, who did not explain how Shahzad had attempted to set off the bomb, said he then took a number of turns and wound up entering Times Square by driving south down Seventh Avenue. The source said Shahzad told investigators he turned right onto 45th Street toward Eighth Avenue because he saw a place to pull over.

It's unclear why Shahzad left the Pathfinder's engine running and hazard lights blinking.

But because of an incredible goof, Shahzad couldn't use his escape car. He had accidentally left the keys to that vehicle in the Pathfinder that he thought was about to blow up, the source said.

He apparently went to a train station, where he boarded a Metro North train back to Connecticut.

Another law enforcement source said investigators found a train receipt used by Shahzad that is stamped about 7 p.m., a half hour after a witness notified authorities that the car in Times Square was filing with smoke.

Sources say investigators believe he ran to catch the train that pulled out around 7 or 7:15 Saturday night.

270 posted on 05/06/2010 2:32:15 AM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: MestaMachine

Russian special forces storm oil tanker, free ship

The force commander for the EU Naval Force tells The Associated Press that Russian special forces stormed a disabled oil tanker and arrested the Somali pirates aboard.

Rear Adm. Jan Thornqvist says Thursday's dawn raid took place against the Liberian-flagged ship Moscow University, which had been boarded by pirates early Wednesday.

The special forces had been aboard a Russian warship that rushed to the scene after the attack. The special forces boarded a helicopter and rappelled down to the Moscow University, which is carrying 86,000 tons of crude oil worth roughly $50 million.

Thornqvist says shots were fired during the raid but that no one was injured and the crew is safe. The pirates were arrested.

Think maybe the pirates would take a hint?

271 posted on 05/06/2010 2:34:17 AM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: James C. Bennett; All
Pakistan Taliban may be linked to New York car bomb suspect: US officials (Retraction?)
The Times of India ^ | 6 May 2010 | MARK MAZZETTI AND SCOTT SHANE

Posted on Thursday, May 06, 2010 5:08:57 AM by James C. Bennett

WASHINGTON: American officials said that it was very likely that a radical group once thought unable to attack the United States had played a role in the bombing attempt in Times Square, elevating concerns about whether other militant groups could deliver at least a glancing blow on American soil.

Officials said that after two days of intense questioning of the bombing suspect, Faisal Shahzad, evidence was mounting that the Pakistani Taliban, had helped inspire and train Shahzad in the months before he is alleged to have parked an explosives-filled sport utility vehicle in a busy Manhattan intersection on Saturday night. Officials said Shahzad had discussed his contacts with the group, and investigators had accumulated other evidence that they would not disclose.

272 posted on 05/06/2010 2:48:22 AM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: MestaMachine

Who’s worried about sea level rise? Gore buys $8.8 million ocean-view villa,0,4103538.story
[Wants to watch polar bears down?]

273 posted on 05/06/2010 4:41:53 AM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March (We knew deep down it was this bad. Devour ugly truths with glee -- truth is our weapon.)
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To: Arthur Wildfire! March; thouworm; MamaDearest; caww; STARWISE; Jet Jaguar; blackie; ...
THIS IS A BIGGIE!!! Ansar is everwhere and one of the most vicious groups on the planet.

Alleged bin Laden associate arrested in Iraq

The alleged leader of a militant group responsible for global "jihadist recruitment" was arrested in Baghdad on Monday, the U.S. military said.

Iraqi security forces seized Abu Abdullah Al Shafi'l, the emir of Ansar Al Islam, and "seven criminal associates" during raids in the Baghdad neighborhoods of Mansour and Adhamiya, the military said in a statement issued on Monday.

Ansar Al Islam "is allegedly responsible for funding and terrorist operations in Europe and the United Kingdom" and the distribution of "extremist propaganda.

" Al Shafi'l is believed to have served the group since its inception and is believed to be behind attacks against Iraqi civilians, Kurdish police, and Iraqi and coalition forces.

Al Shafi'l also is believed to have had an association with Osama Bin Laden and apparently modeled himself after the al Qaeda leader.

The military believes the capture of the militant leader should significantly degrade the country's Ansar Al Islam network, which authorities say "has long been a direct threat" to Iraq's unification.

A Kurdish counter-terrorism organization supported by U.S. advisers helped Iraqi security forces search residential buildings in the raids.

Wonder how many special Forces will get nailed for this one.

274 posted on 05/06/2010 5:45:43 AM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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Ansar al-Islam was founded by Mullah Krekar.

Mullah Krekar

Ansar al Islam, (Supporters or Partisans of Islam,) is a Kurdish Sunni Islamist group promoting a radical interpretation of Islam close to the official Saudi ideology of Wahhabism with strict application of Sharia.
The group was formed in the Kurdish-controlled northern provinces of Iraq near the Iranian border, with bases initially in and near the villages of Biyara and Tawela, northeast of Halabja.
Ansar al-Islam was formed in September 2001 as a merger of Jund al-Islam (Soldiers of Islam), led by Abu Abdallah al-Shafi'i, and a splinter group from the Islamic Movement of Kurdistan led by Mullah Krekar. Krekar became the leader of the merged Ansar al-Islam, which opposed an agreement made between IMK and the dominant Kurdish group in the area, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

Villagers under their control were subjected to harsh sharia laws; musical instruments were destroyed and singing forbidden. The only school for girls in the area was destroyed, and all pictures of women removed from merchandise labels. Sufi shrines were desecrated and members of the Kaka'i (a religious group also known as Ahl-e Haqq) were forced to convert to Islam or flee. Former prisoners of the group also claim that Ansar al-Islam routinely uses torture and severe beatings when interrogating prisoners. Beheading of prisoners has also been reported.

Ansar al-Islam initially comprised approximately 300 men, many of these veterans from the Soviet-Afghan War, and a proportion being neither Kurd nor Arab. During its stay in the Biyara region the group would have needed logistical support from Iran, prompting allegations of support from "powerful factions in Iran."

US Special Activities Division (SAD) Paramilitary teams entered Iraq before the 2003 invasion of Iraq. SAD teams then combined with US Army Special Forces and the PUK Peshmerga to defeat Ansar al-Islam. This battle was for territory along the Iranian border that was controlled by Ansar al-Islam, and was executed prior to the invasion in February 2003. The US side was carried out by Paramilitary Officers from SAD and the Army's 10th Special Forces Group. It resulted in the deaths of a substantial number of militants and the uncovering of a chemical weapons facility at Sargat. Sargat was the only facility of its type discovered in the Iraq.

Ansar al-Islam detonated a suicide car bomb on March 22, 2003, killing Australian journalist Paul Moran and several others. The group is also thought to have been responsible for a September 9, 2003 attempted bombing of a United States Department of Defense office in Arbil, which killed three people.

On February 1, 2004 suicide bombings hit parallel EID-celebrations arranged by the two main Kurdish parties, PUK and Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq (KDP), in the Kurdish capital of Arbil, killing 109 and wounding more than 200 partygoers. Responsibility for this attack was claimed by the then unknown group Ansar al-Sunnah, and stated to be in support of "our brothers in Ansar al-Islam."

While many former activists in Ansar al-islam have joined the Ansar al-Sunnah and similar goups, Kurdish authorities claim the organization is still active in Iraqi Kurdistan. In September 2006, 11 alleged members of Ansar al-Islam were hanged in Arbil.

Ansar al-Islam has an extensive network in Europe organizing finance and support for armed attacks within Iraq. Several members of such groups have been arrested in European countries such as Germany and Sweden.

In December 2007 the Ansar al-Sunnah formally acknowledged being derived from the Ansar al-Islam, and reverted their name to the original.

In November 2008 an archbishop in Mosul received a threat signed by the "ansar al-islam brigades", warning all Christians to leave Iraq or else be killed.

On May 4, 2010 Abu Abdullah al-Shafi'i, Ansar al-Islam's leader since Mullah Krekar left for Norway in 2003, was captured by US forces in Baghdad.
(Mullah Krekar is fighting deportataion in Norway right now.)

275 posted on 05/06/2010 6:18:39 AM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: MestaMachine; LucyT; Arthur Wildfire! March; MamaDearest; onyx
~~~~~~ How is it possible that a news reporter is able to find Faisal Shahzad’s personal documents discarded outside Shahzard’s home before the FBI and Homeland Security?

SHELTON -- Faisal Shahzad's Pakistani passport, tax documents, greeting cards, academic records and immigration documents were found abandoned outside a Shelton home once owned by the man charged in the attempted Times Square car bombing.

The documents, mainly from 2000 and 2001, were found Tuesday morning by a Connecticut Post reporter outside the house at 119 Long Hill Ave. where Shahzad lived until about a year ago. The house is vacant and up for sale.

Police earlier had searched the property, according to neighbors.

CT Post

276 posted on 05/06/2010 11:52:43 AM PDT by thouworm
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To: thouworm

Same source as post above:

The copy of his Pakistani passport shows a picture of a serious-looking young man dressed in a suit and tie. It lists his occupation as a student and his religion as Muslim. The document expired in February 2000. A copy of one entry shows a stamp allowing entry into the United Kingdom good until June 4, 1996 and is stamped Karachi, Pakistan.

Tax returns show he earned a modest income — his 2000 income, the year he earned his degree from UB, was $5,458. His 2001 return, when he was living on Linden Avenue in Bridgeport, lists his occupation as an account analyst, from which he earned a gross income of $22,650 with a refund of $1,135, which was directly deposited into his checking account at People’s Bank.

The Connecticut Post made the documents available to the FBI. By early afternoon, police and federal investigators were back at the Shelton home. The pile of papers in the backyard was much smaller than it was that morning.

277 posted on 05/06/2010 11:55:51 AM PDT by thouworm
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To: MamaDearest

278 posted on 05/06/2010 11:57:25 AM PDT by blackie (Be Well~Be Armed~Be Safe~Molon Labe!)
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To: MamaDearest

The Kenyan con-man is immune...

279 posted on 05/06/2010 11:59:07 AM PDT by blackie (Be Well~Be Armed~Be Safe~Molon Labe!)
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To: thouworm


280 posted on 05/06/2010 12:00:28 PM PDT by blackie (Be Well~Be Armed~Be Safe~Molon Labe!)
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To: MestaMachine

The Obama regime is out of touch with reality, they are living and operating in a parallel universe.

281 posted on 05/06/2010 12:02:56 PM PDT by blackie (Be Well~Be Armed~Be Safe~Molon Labe!)
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To: thouworm

Has had three passports

Mr. Shahzad apparently went back and forth to Pakistan often, returning most recently in February after what he said was five months visiting his family, prosecutors said.

A Pakistani intelligence official who spoke on condition of anonymity said Mr. Shahzad had traveled with three passports, two from Pakistan and one from the United States; he last secured a Pakistani passport in 2000, describing his nationality as “Kashmiri.”

282 posted on 05/06/2010 12:04:24 PM PDT by thouworm
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To: MestaMachine

Hang ‘em High!

283 posted on 05/06/2010 12:06:18 PM PDT by blackie (Be Well~Be Armed~Be Safe~Molon Labe!)
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Feds didn’t call all airlines to warn of suspect
May. 05, 2010

WASHINGTON Law enforcement officials decided not to call all airlines directly on Monday to tell them an important name had been added to the government’s “no-fly” list, even as investigators pursued the man they suspected was the Times Square bomber.

Emirates airlines apparently didn’t notice the notification from the Transportation Security Administration that there was an addition to the list, and Faisal Shahzad boarded a Mideast-bound jetliner before federal authorities pulled him off and arrested him. On Wednesday, the government issued a new requirement for airlines to check the no-fly list more often, a move aimed at closing that security gap in future cases of terror suspects.

But officials could have called all the airlines themselves in such a critical situation - they’ve done it before.

The FBI asked the TSA not to make the calls, according to an administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to discuss the ongoing investigation. The FBI did let the TSA call a few domestic air carriers, which did not include Emirates.


Schumer also said matching names to watch lists in the commercial aviation sector should be up to the government, not airlines.

The government agrees. It has planned to take over the responsibility, but the transition has taken longer than expected. The new program is almost fully implemented for domestic airlines and is months away from beginning with international carriers.

Read more:

284 posted on 05/06/2010 12:15:42 PM PDT by thouworm
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To: Candor7

Thanks for ping to this:

Obama Administration Plans to Seize 401(k) Retirement Accounts
The New American ^ | 5/6/2010 | Joe Wolverton II

CANDOR7~~~ FYI ping, start at jihadist’s passport post #276

285 posted on 05/06/2010 12:27:55 PM PDT by thouworm
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To: thouworm
Thaksfor this interesting ping. Homeland security and the FBI give Muzzies a "pass." Its unbeliveable that the reproter founnd these docs when the feds couuldn;t?

The feds are under orders to do only cursory work with Muzzies?

Looks like.

My pea brained Irish setter would do better search and seizure work,and he is 95% nose.

286 posted on 05/06/2010 12:33:13 PM PDT by Candor7 (Now's the time to ante up against the Obama Facist Junta (Member NRA))
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To: thouworm

What? They were just sitting there since 2009? That doesn’t make sense. What am I missing?

287 posted on 05/06/2010 1:24:19 PM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: MestaMachine

Tip first came from a caller to Rush. He said he was watching Inside Edition and they found his passport on live TV & called the FBI (who had already gone through his belongings).

I did a search on that & could not find anything til I heard that a Connecticut reporter ALSO found valuable info & contacted FBI.

See my passport link & this link. All I have is there. What is missing is the timeline of these 2 occurrences in relation to one another AND exactly what did each “finder” find.

May 5, 2010
It’s the accused Times Square bomber at the scene of his foiled crime!

Faisal Shahzad poses with family and friends in an unnerving photo obtained by CBS News. He’s standing at the crossroads of the world, just feet from the very location he tried to blow up with his explosive-filled SUV.

Meanwhile, new details are emerging about the accused terrorist from the stack of personal items he carelessly left behind in his backyard.

As INSIDE EDITION first reported, Faisal Shahzad left a pile of old mail and private documents outside his former house in Shelton, Connecticut.

INSIDE EDITION also discovered Shahzad’s bank statement from June 2005, showing he had a total of $3,637 in his account. It was strewn just feet away from a USA baseball cap.

Shahzad discarded the student visa that he obtained in 1998 when he first came to the U.S to study at Southeastern University in Washington. His college transcript, also in the garbage, shows that the accused terrorist got D’s in English composition and microeconomics, a C in statistics and a B in accounting.

288 posted on 05/06/2010 1:44:44 PM PDT by thouworm
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To: MestaMachine; Candor7; All

Mesta: On the Rush thread I asked “What did the authorities actually “WANT” to find? -— apparently as little as possible.

Breaking: Obama Administration Removed Faisal Shahzad From Terror Surveilance List Before Attack
Gateway Pundit ^

Posted on Thursday, May 06, 2010 4:31:08 PM by Hojczyk

Confessed terrorist Faisal Shahzad was removed from the Department of Homeland Security travel lookout list sometime after Barack Obama came into office.
CBS reported:

Sources tell CBS News that would-be Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad appeared on a Department of Homeland Security travel lookout list – Traveler Enforcement Compliance System (TECS) – between 1999 and 2008 because he brought approximately $80,000 cash or cash instruments into the United States.

The New York Times reported that the person who bought Faisal’s apartment back in 2004 was interviewed by federal investigators.

289 posted on 05/06/2010 1:56:19 PM PDT by thouworm
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To: MestaMachine

Mark Levin said, “The first day I said, “Pick up the damn phone and call the airlines!” Now we learn this: Not all airlines were called.

Then he read the article in Post #284. It was his 2nd item of discussion today, after the stock market plunge.

290 posted on 05/06/2010 3:33:09 PM PDT by thouworm
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To: thouworm

What in the heck are we dealing with here? This gets more and more bizarre by the minute! I knew the administration had been aware of him, but THIS is criminal. It truly is!

291 posted on 05/06/2010 3:42:59 PM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: MestaMachine

Obama belongs in Gitmo. If the American people and law enforcement hasn’t cottoned on by now, the country is gone...

292 posted on 05/06/2010 3:51:10 PM PDT by Hardraade (I want gigaton warheads now!!)
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To: MestaMachine

This has to stay on the front burner & connected (using the broken-record method) with 1) terror threats on the border -—like MamaDearest posted below and 2) “reform”/amnesty. Does anyone think the BHO regime is going to vet the illegal aliens in this country now and those pouring over our border on a daily basis?

In Post #206 Terrorist threat on border with Mexico

Snip: Farmer talked to an Arizona rancher who didn’t want to be identified because he’s afraid of the Mexican cartels who smuggle drugs near his property. He said he found a Muslim prayer rug on his ranch. “This is one more indication that there is a whole lot more than just a few Mexicans coming into the U.S.”.

A recent congressional report on the border threat confirmed members of Hezbollah have crossed the Southwest border. It shows photos of military jackets with Arab insignias found on the border. One depicts a picture of a plane crashing into the twin towers in New York City.

Law enforcement officials believe one of the world’s most wanted terrorists may have traveled into the U.S. in 2004 by coming through the mountains on the Mexico border. Federal agents confirmed Adnan Shurkajumah spent time in Atlanta just prior to Sep. 11th, and left on a bus. He is a Saudi Arabian pilot and bomb expert with a $5 million bounty on his head. In 2004,

Shurkajumah was one of seven Al-Qaida members agents were looking for after they were spotted in Central America and believed headed to the United States through Mexico . Federal agents now say Shurkajumah seems to have disappeared.

293 posted on 05/06/2010 4:11:04 PM PDT by thouworm
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To: MamaDearest; Arthur Wildfire! March

Meant to ping you two to previous post #293

294 posted on 05/06/2010 4:19:27 PM PDT by thouworm
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To: maggief; thouworm; MamaDearest; Arthur Wildfire! March; All
List of Barack Obama's friends and roommates

Post 132 by maggief

* Sohale Siddiqi is identified as “Sadik” in Obama’s memoir, Dreams From My Father, and is described as “a short, well-built Pakistani” who smoked marijuana, snorted cocaine and liked to party. Siddiqi was from Karachi, Pakistan, and Obama’s roommate when he attended Columbia University. Siddiqi was not a student at Columbia and became an illegal having over stay his tourist visa. [2] Obama knew Saddiqi when he visited Chandoo and Hamid at Occidental. Siddiqi claims Obama stopped using drugs when he arrived at Columbia. Siddiqi is a recovering drug addict and now lives in Seattle working for a community theater.

132 posted on Thursday, May 06, 2010 7:10:09 PM by maggief

obama traveled to Pakistan during that time and met Siddiqi's family.

Aafia Siddiqui’s sister terms Hakimullah Mahsood’s letter ‘a conspiracy’

Dr. Fouzia said that her sister, (Aafiya SIDDIQI,) was scheduled to be sentenced on May 6 but has come to know through media that the date has now been changed to August 16 with two pre-sentencing hearings on June 28 and July 21.

She said that the latest campaign to malign her family is aimed at lessening the massive support for the demand of release of Dr. Afia from the home. “It’s not about Afia anymore. It is about tarnishing her symbol, particularly of symbol of Muslim woman.”

Answering a question Dr. Fouzia said that despite promises and assurances from the top level of the government, particularly Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani, Minister of Interior Rahman Malik and others the government has not played many political and diplomatic cards available to it to secure release of Dr. Afia who was arrested in one country; kept in jail in another country and tried and now awaits sentencing in third country. Perhaps our leaders are not playing many cards available to them because they are busy filling their bank accounts.”


295 posted on 05/06/2010 4:44:09 PM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: MestaMachine

Thanks for the ping.

296 posted on 05/06/2010 4:59:31 PM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( garden/survival/cooking/storage-
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To: nw_arizona_granny

You are quite welcome.

297 posted on 05/06/2010 5:01:05 PM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: MestaMachine

there are a lot of Siddiquis -— 2 recent ones in the news

Who Authorized Maryam Siddiqui’s [born in the US] Release?

Over at Emptywheel, Mary informs us that the long-missing daughter of Aafia Siddiqui likely has surfaced. Mary’s article provides an informative description of the background of the situation for the Siddiqui family, so I will not repeat that information nor the links she provided.

It seems highly unlikely that Maryam, as a Pakistani citizen who was born in the US, would be transferred to the Afghan National Detention Facility, so we must assume that she remained at Bagram. That means that ultimate authority for her release would trace to McChrystal. Did McChrystal authorize the release? If so, why?

Obama Appointment of Siddiqui to Agricultural Post is an Absolute Disaster for Organic Food Proponents

Previously, Siddiqui spent numerous years in the Clinton administration working in different marketing and regulatory programs at the Department of Agriculture. Since 2004, he has served on a Commerce Department’s advisory committee that advises the U.S. Trade Representative and Commerce Secretary on matters related to chemical and pharmaceutical products.

298 posted on 05/06/2010 5:01:23 PM PDT by thouworm
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Forgot first name:


As someone who cares deeply about organic food, I find Siddiqui’s appointment to be completely and utterly disheartening. It also brings up two thoughts.

First, it is quite obvious that Monsanto’s tentacles have a very tight grip on this adminstration. Very, very tight.

299 posted on 05/06/2010 5:06:31 PM PDT by thouworm
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To: thouworm; Hardraade; Candor7

The deeper we look....
Hardraade swears that obama is a muslim decapitation strike on the US. zebam seems to be proving this out every day in every way. Are our intelligence agencies asleep?
Is this why Netanyahu has defied him?
Does Israel know something we don’t?

300 posted on 05/06/2010 5:20:11 PM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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