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Obama’s Faith-Based Programs Pushing Global Warming, Climate Change, Green Issues ^ | May 16, 2010 | Warner Todd Huston

Posted on 05/16/2010 9:29:46 AM PDT by PROCON

Widely reviled by the left, Bush’s faith-based initiatives were claimed to be evidence that Bush was a “religious zealot” trying to destroy America with evil Christianity. Now, two years into the Obama administration, we are seeing what Obama intends to do with his continuation of Bush’s faith-based offices: he wants to use them to push the religion of Greenicanism on America’s churches

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TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Government; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: globalwarming
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1 posted on 05/16/2010 9:29:46 AM PDT by PROCON
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To: steelyourfaith; Tolerance Sucks Rocks


2 posted on 05/16/2010 9:30:37 AM PDT by PROCON (RVN: 4-70/4-71 A Trp 1st Sqdn. 9th Cav. 1st Cavalry Div. (AM) Air Mobile Sir!)
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Bottom line: it is all about taxation.

3 posted on 05/16/2010 9:32:35 AM PDT by EagleUSA
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To: PROCON; Jet Jaguar; NorwegianViking; ExTexasRedhead; HollyB; FromLori; EricTheRed_VocalMinority; ...

The list, ping

4 posted on 05/16/2010 9:34:38 AM PDT by Nachum (The complete Obama list at
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To: PROCON; Dr. Bogus Pachysandra; Entrepreneur; Darnright; Nipfan; Defendingliberty; 4horses+amule; ...
Thanx !


Global Warming as Religion:

Ecotard kooks from the following denomination of the Church of the Warming Globe want you to become "very happy" by sending them a donation (I'm not making this reality-reflecting-parody up).

Update: you can still donate, but they no longer claim on the website that doing so will make you happy. Donating makes you merely a dupe to their version of the scam.


The Regeneration Project
and the Interfaith Power and Light campaign
"A religious response to global warming"
Donate and feel "very happy" about your life.


Global Warming as Religion links:


5 posted on 05/16/2010 9:35:07 AM PDT by steelyourfaith (America should take a mulligan on the 2008 presidential election.)
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National Council of Churches pushing “eco-justice”.

6 posted on 05/16/2010 9:39:33 AM PDT by cripplecreek (Remember the River Raisin! (look it up))
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They worship the creation rather than the Creator.

7 posted on 05/16/2010 9:48:42 AM PDT by anniegetyourgun
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Which is why faith-based programs were a mistake to begin with. The problem with “big government convservativism” is that when the conservatives (assuming you consider Bush a conservative) are gone the big government stays for the left to use at its pleasure.

8 posted on 05/16/2010 9:52:52 AM PDT by TexasKamaAina
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To: cripplecreek

In other words..communism.

9 posted on 05/16/2010 9:53:14 AM PDT by screaminsunshine (S)
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To: anniegetyourgun
They worship the creation rather than the Creator.

Exactly and precisely!

10 posted on 05/16/2010 9:56:52 AM PDT by PROCON (RVN: 4-70/4-71 A Trp 1st Sqdn. 9th Cav. 1st Cavalry Div. (AM) Air Mobile Sir!)
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To: screaminsunshine

Liberals have completely turned the separation of church and state on its head.

They claim it was to keep religion out of politics but it was really intended to keep politics out of religion. Now we have Bishop Pelosi telling churches what she wants them to preach.

11 posted on 05/16/2010 9:59:10 AM PDT by cripplecreek (Remember the River Raisin! (look it up))
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To: TexasKamaAina

The problem was that the usual funding forced any faith-based organization to either create some absurd shell subsidiary or to abandon charitable work altogether.

12 posted on 05/16/2010 10:02:10 AM PDT by AmishDude (It doesn't matter whom you vote for, it matters who takes office.)
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Liberation Theology

13 posted on 05/16/2010 10:06:17 AM PDT by MontaniSemperLiberi
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14 posted on 05/16/2010 10:09:11 AM PDT by HangnJudge
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15 posted on 05/16/2010 10:10:20 AM PDT by HangnJudge
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And from XKCD...

16 posted on 05/16/2010 10:11:46 AM PDT by HangnJudge
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To: HangnJudge

Our Liberty is dying....drip by drip.

17 posted on 05/16/2010 10:18:01 AM PDT by Loud Mime (The Initial Point in Politics: Our Constitution
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Together the Strongs run the private Manitou Foundation. A gathering place for religious sects (Hanne is into “spiritual interests”), it backs, among other things, research into ethnobotany-the interactions between humans and plants.

MANITOU FOUNDATION is part of GAIA worship--the new global religion in service to GLOBALISM. The globalists created a "god" they can control and seek to put all religious organizations in its service, thereby religiously controlling the masses---not to mention the vast number of nonprofit "religious" organizations that can be created.

The marriage of religion, nature, and politics: The "why" behind the new world order

Freedom of choice and basic individual rights are being sacrificed in the interest of the common good, under the United Nations' agenda for the 21st century, called Agenda 21. Under the veil of feel-good terms like "sustainable development" and "social equity", a self-described "new world order" is being systematically implemented around the globe, that is organized around the principle that nature is the most fundamental truth, and which requires all spheres of society to conform to that principle, under the government of a ruling elite (the United Nations and the organizations that support it). When faced with evidence of this unbelievable agenda, the natural question that comes to mind is "Why?"

Two Major Forces

There are really two major engines driving the new world agenda: a quest for control, and fundamental religious belief. What makes this paradigm so dangerous, and effective, is that it merges both forces together under the stated goal of taking care of the environment. The religious background to this environmental agenda is called Gaia, or the worship of the earth. Based on the gaia hypothesis, originally proposed by James Lovelock, this new age religious movement, cosmology, is woven throughout all of the major initiatives, forums, and organizations of the sustainable development agenda.

To begin to understand the reasons behind the agenda for a new world order, it is critical to investigate the religious beliefs of the organizations and individuals behind it, and how those convictions undergird an agenda of control.

The new age spiritual movement of Gaia

One of most influential NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) allied closely with the U.N. and intimately involved in their creation of agenda is the Temple of Understanding (TOU), located in The Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. This organization's objectives are, according to its website, "developing an appreciation of religious and cultural diversity, educating for global citizenship and sustainability, expanding public discourse on faith and ecology, and creating just and peaceful communities".

Most importantly, although not explicitly stated by the TOU, the cathedral is the center of cosmology, or the worship of Gaia. The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is not only home to the TOU, but has also previously housed the National Religious Partnership for the Environment, the Lindesfarne Association and the Gaia Institute, which are all proponents of the gaia hypothesis.

Global Forum: Where religion of nature meets the politics of control

The 1988 Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders for Human Survival began the marriage between religion and environmental objectives on a worldwide scale. From this conference, many additional forums around the world were organized to bring together world leaders in government, environment, religion, and science for the purpose of collaborating around the goals of sustainable development.

The National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE), created in 1993, came out of these global meetings. The NRPE developed a plan for "integrating issues of social justice and the environment" which included education and action kits to religious congregations around the world, training programs for religious students and leaders, and a variety of other worldwide actions specifically targeted to ensure that religious groups adopted the goals of this globalist environmental agenda. Worldwide religion, the objectives of sustainable development, and the Gaia movement all became wedded together into a tapestry which could only be woven effectively through broad-scale, worldwide control.

Religion of nature meets politics: Robert Muller

Dr. Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General to the U.N. and member of the Board of Advisors to the Temple of Understanding (which founded the Global Forum), gives evidence to the marriage of Gaia with the movement of sustainable development in his paper A Cosmological Vision of the Future from 1989:

*** "Now we're learning that perhaps this planet has not been created for humans, but that humans have been created for the planet...We are living Earth. Each of us is a cell, a perceptive nervous unit of the Earth. The living consciousness of the Earth is beginning to operate through us...

***We have now a world brain which determines what can be dangerous or mortal for the planet: the United Nations and its agencies, and innumberable (sic) groups and networks around the world, are part of the brain. This is our newly discovered meaning...we are a global family living in a global home. We are in the process of becoming a global civilization...

***The third millennium should be a spiritual millennium, a millennium which will see the integration and harmony of humanity with creation, with nature, with the planet, with the cosmos and with eternity."

This key U.N. leader, in charge of creating policy on a worldwide scale, shows how cosmological faith drives an agenda for a global community, in the interest of protecting the god of nature. When the scope of this religious conviction becomes clear, it is easy to understand how it leads to an agenda of globalized control, in order to align the actions of human society toward elevating the goals of taking care of Gaia above all else, including the people who are a part of her.

Muller won the UNESCO Prize 1989 for Peace Education for his World Core Curriculum, an educational initiative to make students into global citizens who take care of the planet. According to Muller's website,, Muller says, "The entire humanity must be reprogrammed through a right global inducation (Latin ex-ducare, to lead out, in-ducare, to lead into)". Just what is this U.N.-endorsed global education, as created by this proponent of Gaia?

Muller explained the reasons behind his World Core Curriculum in a 1995 speech to the College of Law at the University of Denver: "I've come to the conclusion that the only correct education that I have received in my life was from the United Nations. We should replace the word politics by planetics. We need planetary management, planetary caretakers. We need global sciences. We need a science of a global psychology, a global sociology, a global anthropology. Then I made my proposal for a World Core Curriculum."

The first principle of the curriculum is: “Assisting the child in becoming an integrated individual who can deal with personal experience while seeing himself as a part of 'the greater whole.' In other words, promote growth of the group idea, so that group good, group understanding, group interrelations and group goodwill replace all limited, self-centered objectives, leading to group consciousness."

Muller's influential philosophy is the perfect example of how nature-centered spirituality and an agenda of worldwide control go hand in hand with the United Nations and its supporting organizations.

Religion of nature meets politics: Maurice Strong

This religious conviction and political agenda of control is shared by, according to many accounts, the most powerful man in the world. Maurice Strong was Secretary General of the U.N.'s Rio Earth Summit in 1992 (where Agenda 21 was adopted), and former Executive Director of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). According to Henry Lamb, one of the most researched writers that exists on the issues of globalism, "He, perhaps more than any other single person, is responsible for the development of a global agenda now being implemented throughout the world." [NOTE: from the article by Lamb previously posted]

Strong, a billionaire and a brilliant, phenomenally influential U.N. bureaucrat, is a devotee of earth-bound spirituality aligned with the Gaia movement. To help illuminate the scope of his influence, consider that he has served in a multitude of key international positions, including Director of the World Economic Forum Foundation, Chairman of the Earth Council, Chairman of the Stockholm Environment Institute, Senior Advisor to the President of the World Bank, Chairman of the World Resources Institute, and, most interestingly, Finance Director at the Temple of Understanding.

Strong and his wife, Hanne, created the Manitou Foundation in 1988 "to provide land and financial support to qualified spiritual organizations, earth stewardship programs, and related educational opportunities for youth and adults" according to the Crestone Institute. Their 200,000 acre ranch near Crestone, Colorado, known as Baca Grande, is now a new age spiritual center run by Strong's wife.

The modern face of Gaia and the environment: Al Gore

Former Vice President Al Gore is a devotee of Gaia, and the modern face of the environmental movement. Gore has been involved with the Temple of Understanding, including giving a sermon at its annual celebration of St. Francis, a ceremony whose Blessing of the Animals included blessings for an elephant, algae, and a bowl of worms and compost. According to a 1994 publication by the Cathedral at St. John the Divine, at this sermon Gore asserted, "God is not separate from the earth".

Many footnotes and source-material links here.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

At Maurice Strong’s Manitou retreat in Colorado, treatment includes everything being taken away from the follower to suck out the core of their being. Under the guise of meditation and sensory deprivation, they are confined into a small space to strip their identity. A low protein diet is part of this.

This list is referenced from a link that does not work, but refers to this book:

False Dawn: The United Religions Initiative, Globalism, and the Quest for a One-World Religion by Lee Penn

Biggies in the new age movement: www.leepenn. org/LP-NewAgeInd ex: Robert Muller, former Secretary General of the UN; James Parks Morton, Dean of Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine NYC; Episcopal Bishop of San Francisco; William Swing, Rudolph Steiner Foundation, World Goodwill; Lawrence S. Rockfeller, whose fund has financed new agers; Mathew Fox, Barbara Marx Hubbard; power brokers ArcherDanielsMidlan d; CNN; Hewlett Packard; Occidental Petroleum; Carnegie Corp.; Kellogg Foundation; Rockfeller Brothers Fund; Georges Berthain, president the Tri Lateral Commission; Desmond Tutu; Gorbachev, Ted Turner; Fredrico Mayer of UNESCO; Maurice Strong and his Manitou Foundation in Colorado, and many other biggies. SOURCE

18 posted on 05/16/2010 10:25:46 AM PDT by thouworm
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To: thouworm
Yes, the "enlightened elite", the devil's henchmen.

Thank you for the wealth of info!

19 posted on 05/16/2010 11:03:32 AM PDT by PROCON (RVN: 4-70/4-71 A Trp 1st Sqdn. 9th Cav. 1st Cavalry Div. (AM) Air Mobile Sir!)
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Another example of why conservatives should adhere strictly to Constitutional constraints even when a deviation advances their short term interests. Bush’s Faith Based Initiative was a bad idea because it set precedent for this nonsense by the opposition.

20 posted on 05/16/2010 11:09:54 AM PDT by Skepolitic
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