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To: MestaMachine

You are onto something real. David Horowitz wrote a book about it.

25 posted on 05/23/2010 5:52:53 PM PDT by Yaelle
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To: Yaelle

But he thinks it is political. I don’t. I think it is exactly what I said. Justified evil. PURE evil with no compunctions against it. It has nothing to do with democracy or even war. It has everything to do with the THRILL of murder and the PLEASURE of perversion.
It is worse than any drug I have ever encountered. It’s effects are always the destruction of everything in its path...whether it be people, places, or things. It is almost mindless.
Read up on Mormon Crickets. The name is a lot misleading and I almost hate to even name them, but what they are is a cannabalistic swarm of wingless crickets. I can find nothing, not one thing that they are good for in nature or otherwise. And THAT is what I have compared islam to.
Most of us have long seen grasshoppers as wise thanks to “fairy tales,”...pun intended, and fables from men long on imagination but short on actual knowledge.
After noting throughout the years that Mohammadanism does not behave in any rational way compatible to life, the thought occurs that we had not been privy to watching or studying the actual pathology intrinsic to their avowed “religion” because we did not have the means nor the inclination.
In truth, Mohammad was nothing more than a catalyst for what has always been the voracious nature of this cowardly beast that has been destroying cultures since early Neanderthal, though most people consider this species extinct.
The fact remains that there was a mixing of Neanderthal and Cro Magnon and it is my firm belief that some of these genes, dormant for a time, became more dominant as cultures separated and the two were completely removed from each other by region where those excised were ordered destroyed and the order went unheeded to the detriment of the world.
We now have the means to watch them as they have moved from their natural habitats and spread out like droplets of acid thanks to modern travel and through the instantly obtainable raw footage of their immediate actions anywhere they have spread throughout the world.
Personally, the most salient visual facts have become the sights, (repeated in each and every instance of Islamic horror,) perpetrated on anything anywhere in the world, (including the murders amongst themselves,) from the most elderly men to the smallest children SWARMING TO these bloodlettings no matter how horrible. They dip their hands in blood, rip off body parts, bite what might be left alive, (remember the ordeal of Johnny “Mike” Spann in an Afghan terrorist training camp,) cause themselves to bleed, inflict ritual slicings and executions amongst themselves, and the resulting orgiastic frenzies which are beyond the scope of imagination, a reality to which we blind ourselves at our own peril.
There are two principal groups of grasshoppers. The long-horned group, and the shield-bearing grasshoppers on which the wings are absent or so short that they cannot fly. The latter include the only serious pest in this group, in my opinion, the wrongly catagorized, Mormon “cricket. “
I do not desire to include Mormons in with an instinctive, murderously destructive, spiritually negative army of beasts that offer nothing of value.
Anabrus simplex (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae), is a flightless katydid that characteristically form large cohesive migratory bands similar to those observed in locusts.
The short-horned group, with stout antennae much shorter than their bodies, are ALL destructive. The non-migratory species mostly live and die in the fields where they were hatched, but there is a huge number of migrating kinds. Some of them, when conditions are favorable, multiply enormously and migrate in immense swarms that devastate the lands they visit.

It is they that, since Biblical times, have been named locusts.
Actually, grasshoppers have always been among the most destructive of insects. The Book of Exodus relates that, in Egypt, a vast swarm covered the face of the earth “and there remained not any green thing. “

From the earliest Assyrian, Egyptian and Chinese chronicles we know that terrible famines resulted from plagues of locusts that repeatedly devastated parts of Africa and Asia.
Young Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae are called nymphs. These nymphs develop during the spring months. They undergo seven stages of development called in-stars.
After about the fourth in-star and during the adult stage the “crickets” become ravenous and start banding together. Once the crickets have banded together, they begin migrating. During their migrations they destroy everything in their path.
Initially, these weapons of mass destruction form migratory bands as part of an anti-predator strategy. However, once these groups form, individuals in the group must contend with increased competition for resources as well as the threat of cannibalism.
Now, this is the precise MO for the swarming tendencies of those who profess and cling to Islam. While the rest of the uneducated world devides Islam into sects, whether it be Shia, Sunni, or Sufi, allow me to explain that they are in no way different from each other when their most basic instincts kick in, and the molting phase has been completed.
It is a plague upon the body of the earth that has no mercy for its own but will sing sweet songs into your ears until it becomes strong enough to consume and utterly destroy everything in its path...including you.
You have seen nothing but starvation, desolation, and murder for its own sake, and war where these swarming things, who can now board airplanes to almost anywhere on planet, have risen up.
Every terrorist war on Planet Earth is the direct result of the swarm’s intention to glut the earth. And THAT is the fact of the matter. The more you feed it, the more dangerous it becomes. You see it in your cities, small towns, universities, islands, many countries, yet it feeds until there is nothing left but death.
In the end, Islam, thy name is DEATH.

31 posted on 05/23/2010 6:29:03 PM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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