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Widespread ignorance and misconception about Arizona’s law
National Assn of Former Border Patrol Officers ^ | May 27, 2010 | NAFBPO- Foreign News Report

Posted on 05/28/2010 9:21:43 AM PDT by AuntB

Wednesday, 5/26/10

La Cronica de Hoy (Mexico City) 5/25/10

The U.S. National Guard on the border: Mexico’s view

“This Tuesday, Mexico expressed confidence that the military reinforcement of the common border by the United States will only be to combat organized crime and not to detain or pursue immigrants.” [Reflecting the widespread ignorance and misconceptions about Arizona’s Law SB1070, the article then continues.] “The migratory issue between Mexico and the United States was exacerbated due to the approval of a law by the state of Arizona, which entitles police agents to detain any person simply because of suspicion that he might be an illegal immigrant.”


Prensa Libre (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 5/25/10

“Racist and exclusive?” Op/col. by Pedro Trujillo, titled as shown.

There is an energetic social movement against the famous law that the state of Arizona has passed against migrants and their criminalization. To start with, I don’t agree with limiting migration, and even less with taking measures that criminalize it. Having made that clear, let us bring into the open a political hypocrisy, not by the United States – if nothing else, they’re clear and blunt – but rather by certain governments, NGO’s [Non-Governmental Organizations] and social groups of countries that feel impacted by that law.

The Mexican constitution, the country which most demands from the United States because it is the one that has the most migrants in its territory, has an article, 11, which refers to “the pernicious foreigners residents of the country,” another, the 27th, which allows the Secretary of Relations to grant purchase permits for certain assets to foreigners, “as long as it is convenient,” a 32nd that says: “Mexicans will be preferred to foreigners in equality of circumstances, and for all employment, posts or commissions in which the status of citizenship is not indispensable.” Nor will foreigners be able to serve in the Army, or in Police forces; the 33rd is a bit more blunt: “The Executive of the Union shall have the exclusive power of making every alien abandon the national territory, immediately and without need for a previous court case, whose permanence it might judge convenient.”

Further, aliens will not be able to get involved in any way in the political affairs of the country. The Guatemalan is nothing less. It differentiates between citizens by origin and by naturalization, the latter having fewer rights, although the same obligations. It prefers Guatemalan workers in place of foreigners in the same conditions (102-n) or requires approval by the Executive to purchase properties or real estate in certain localities (122.) The “progressive “ Costa Rica has a special title for aliens, which impedes them from intervening in the country’s political affairs (title III) or doesn’t allow them to be union leaders or to have any authority within those organizations. Finally, the one of El Salvador also doesn’t allow that aliens participate, directly or indirectly, in the country’s internal politics, under penalty of losing their residence status (97,) holding them to a special law regarding the acquisition of certain properties (100 and 109.)

Many countries which clamor against that North American law have in their laws equal or larger impediments to the ones that the state of Arizona wants to implement. Nevertheless, there is no internal criticism to have them disappear. Who leads the migrants’ labor unions in the U.S., if not aliens? Who intervenes in the North American national politics, if not aliens? Who is the governor of California, if not an alien? Could all that take place in Latin countries? We point out the error in the neighbor to the north without seeing the disaster that we have in our own house. They, at least, are self critical and capable of accepting the national and foreign nonconformity. Would we be able to do it? Again, the dual morality, although in this instance it cannot be blamed on the gringos, it turns out that we have already learned what is political hypocrisy and how to manipulate public opinion with wails, sobs, references to human rights and other similar rubbish. Poor, miserable, and migrants, but not stupid. We Latinos are smart!


Guatemala and Central America lobbies Washington

The “President of the Congress” of Guatemala, Roberto Alejos, confirmed that he will travel to Washington today (Tues.) along with the “presidents of the Legislative Powers of Central America and the Caribbean, to lobby in favor of an integral migratory reform in the United States and to show their rejection of Arizona’s anti-immigrant law.”

Alejos labeled as “stupid” the legal proposal for a law similar to Arizona’s in the state of Rhode Island.


Milenio (Mexico City) 5/25/10

“The thing is that they don’t want us” Op/col. by Roman Revueltas, titled as shown.

The people rule. The people decide. The people vote. The people opines freely. That’s what takes place in the democracies. Or not? Well, take a look, the majority of the sovereign country of the United States (of America) supports the famous law promoted by the lady governor of Arizona and her allied congressmen. That is to say, our dear neighbors are in agreement that a person out on the street might be asked for papers for the simple appearance he has, his dress, the color of his skin, that is to say, because he looks like a Mexican. Even more, this law can multiply and reproduce itself in many of the other states of the American Union. I repeat: the citizens approve of it. So, the problem we have is not as simple as pointing out a governor who is in search of political gains, and denouncing the flagrantly racist character of her proposals. The issue is much more complicated: the Yankees do not want to live together with the Mexicans and do not want to have illegal immigrants in their land. That’s what they say. That’s what they think.

Of course, we reply. We brag about how they would suffer without their Mexican workers. We imagine them totally disabled and ruined without their dishwashers and their maids and their gardeners and their pizza deliverers and their errand boys and their low salary workers. Even more, we’ve produced a movie called “A day without Mexicans” in which the world’s most powerful country crumbles, purely and simply because there’s no one – “not even the Blacks, as (ex-Pres.) Fox would say,- who wants to unclog the sewer or clean the rugs of the hotels. But, excuse me, that fatal day has not arrived, and instead, what there is in that place is a feeling that we Mexicans should stay here, in our land, in lieu of setting ourselves up illegally in their country. In other words, they don’t want us. What are we going to do?


El Heraldo (Tegucigalpa, Honduras) 5/25/10

Scandal in the National Registry of Persons

In Honduras, at least twelve employees of the National Registry of Persons “are involved in the crime of document traffic.” Seven of them have already been fired, while still others are suspected of providing documentation to aliens who use the country as a stepping stone “to legalize their route towards the United States.”


El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 5/25/10

More weed

Three different events in and around Nogales, Sonora, resulted in the seizure of 4,846 kilos of marihuana. The largest portion, 3,734 kilos, was found aboard a truck at the Mexican Customs facility.


El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 5/25/10

Migration of minors en route to the U.S. grows

The “Director of Inter-Institutional Relations” of Mexico’s INM (Federal immigration agency) reported an increase in the flow of minors who travel unaccompanied through Mexico. The INM reported 32,000 cases of minors traveling in Mexico en route to the United States; of these, 17,000 were unaccompanied minors who were returned to Mexico by U.S. officials. Another 5,050 cases involved non-Mexicans; of these, 3,000 were traveling alone. The majority of these came from Central American countries.


El Porvenir (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon) 5/25/10

Dozens quit the Monterrey police force

More than fifty police officers of the city of Monterrey resigned this morning (Tues.) and 23 resigned Monday afternoon. The entire police force was held in quarters for two days over the weekend and forced to undergo a variety of tests. An additional number of resignations is expected later today. (M3 Report of yesterday relates.)


- end of report -

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A good report also by way of Nafbpo.


Mark Potter/NBC News Border Patrol supervisors Rick Moreno and Jose Trevino patrol near the Rio Grande in Texas at sundown. WATCH VIDEO: Rio Grande River is immigration 'highway,' official says

Of the 20 people spotted by the helicopter team, ten were eventually rounded up. The rest either swam back to Mexico or hunkered down in the field to escape detection. Those who were caught were transported to a Border Patrol office for identification, processing and a determination of whether they would be prosecuted or returned to their home countries.

For the agents in the muddy field, it was just another night on patrol along the Rio Grande in south Texas, where the flood of illegal immigrants never stops.

Illegal immigration on the rise here In the Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector, which stretches from Brownsville west past McAllen to Rio Grande City, agents are starting to see a slight increase in the apprehensions of illegal immigrants when compared to last year.

Along the entire length of the Southwest border, from Texas to California, illegal immigration seemed to have taken a nosedive in recent years, with apprehensions in fiscal year 2009 falling to 540,865 compared to 705,005 in fiscal 2008.[snip]

1 posted on 05/28/2010 9:21:43 AM PDT by AuntB
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To: happygrl; Kimberly GG; stephenjohnbanker; pissant; Envisioning; abigail2; PGalt; bcsco; HiJinx; ...

“Guatemala and Central America lobbies Washington

The “President of the Congress” of Guatemala, Roberto Alejos, confirmed that he will travel to Washington today (Tues.) along with the “presidents of the Legislative Powers of Central America and the Caribbean, to lobby in favor of an integral migratory reform in the United States and to show their rejection of Arizona’s anti-immigrant law.”

Alejos labeled as “stupid” the legal proposal for a law similar to Arizona’s in the state of Rhode Island. “

NOTE: The idea of ‘integral migratory reform in the US’ means NO borders. The OAS is already pushing this. 35 members including USA and Canada, the rest 3rd world holes.
Not that the US would vote against it.

2 posted on 05/28/2010 9:24:40 AM PDT by AuntB (Illegal immigration is simply more "share the wealth" socialism and a CRIME not a race!)
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To: AuntB

it’s not ignorance or misconception. it’s deliberate misinformation designed to undermine the law

3 posted on 05/28/2010 9:25:16 AM PDT by paul51 (11 September 2001 - Never forget)
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To: AuntB

The US is not a soveriegn country but open territory to them.

4 posted on 05/28/2010 9:25:50 AM PDT by GeronL (Political Correctness Kills)
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To: All


Deputies work fringes to stop drugs, illegals

[snip]The day before, Border Crime Unit deputies apprehended 25 illegal immigrants and eight backpacks, each filled with 40 to 50 pounds of marijuana.

“The size of the groups amazes me,” Lopez said. “We’ve monitored groups up to 70 people.”

Not long ago, deputies arrested a nearby resident who had been harboring illegal immigrants in a mobile home on their property. A beacon atop the home, when lighted, signaled to the crossers that it was safe to come in and wait for their rides, Lopez said.

With illegal immigrant traffic common throughout the region, sheriff’s deputies often respond to calls of trespassing.

“This is where 90 percent of our prowler calls come from,” Lopez said.

More often, however, Border Crime Unit squads rely on their constant presence in the desert, watching and waiting for the signs aliens and drug smugglers leave behind. The Border Patrol has trained many of the Border Crime Unit deputies in the art and science of tracking.

“The story is here for somebody to read it,” Lopez said as he stood over a line of footprints leading in and out of a lonely stretch of desert near a crossroads of Sandario Road.

On this day, Lopez reads the signs into a thicket of mesquite trees and shrubs where piles of torn burlap and empty potato sacks litter the desert floor. The sacks are remnants of marijuana bales, each holding at least 50 pounds, walked across the border from Mexico on the backs of people in the employ of one of that country’s many drug cartels.

ATV tracks also fill the area; they are the vehicles likely used to transport the contraband to nearby stash houses. Also from this spot, and scores of others around Southern Arizona, the drug shipments that arrive on people’s backs are taken to numerous warehousing sites in the Tucson area for processing and shipment to disparate parts of the country.

It’s a multi-billion dollar operation for the cartels in Mexico, and one that they have learned to execute with increased precision.

“They have scouts on every hilltop,” Palmer said. “Every time we’re out there, we’re being watched.”

Border Crime Unit squads regularly intercept radio conversations, where the cartel scouts alert smugglers and their armed guards of Border Patrol and deputies’ movements.

Other times, Border Crime Unit deputies have seen scouts sent out ahead of drug mules to draw out any law enforcement in the area.

“It’s a cat and mouse game,” Palmer said.

5 posted on 05/28/2010 9:29:16 AM PDT by AuntB (Illegal immigration is simply more "share the wealth" socialism and a CRIME not a race!)
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To: paul51

I turned to Imus in the Morning on Fox Business the other day and Gov Richardson was on yaking his stupid head off about the law. Bless Imus (who I don’t really like) he did call the Gov on his assertion that the law said AZ police could pull over suspicious people and ask for their papers just because they looked or sounded Hispanic. The Gov sort of backed down (and said he had not read the law). But he never admitted he was lying about what the law states. They never do, and I don’t believe for one minute that they haven’t read the law. They are lying liars.

6 posted on 05/28/2010 9:31:01 AM PDT by brytlea (Jesus loves me, this I know.)
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To: paul51; All

“it’s not ignorance or misconception. it’s deliberate misinformation designed to undermine the law”

Nailed it!

A note from Mike Cutler.

Hi Gang:

I have attached a pair of news reports below. The first is a report that appeared in the May 27the edition of the Washington Times that was written by Stephen Dinan, one of the most experienced journalists who has been covering the immigration issue for quite a few years.

The second news report was prepared by Fox News on May 26th and addressed extraordinarily worrisome information that DHS is concerned that terrorists from Somalia may be seeking to enter the United States by running our nation’s border in Texas.

Now stop and put both stories together- the United States Senate has refused funding to station 6,000 national guard troops on the border that is supposed to separate our nation from Mexico although the previous day’s report disclosed that DHS is now concerned about the infiltration of terrorists into our country along the Mexican border!

There has been no shortage of news reports about the utterly unacceptable situation that exists along our nation’s border that is supposed to separate the United States from Mexico but this takes the lunacy to an unbelievable level!

I am convinced that the planet earth has fallen into a worm hole and we are now in a parallel universe!

The administration has vilified Jan Brewer, the Arizona Governor who beyond anything the “leaders” in Washington could imagine- actually took the safety of the citizens into account and lived up to her responsibilities to provide for the safety and security of the folks who live in her state, as did the members of Arizona’s legislature who acted to fill the gaping void created by Washington’s failures to secure our nation’s borders and enforce our nation’s immigration laws.

Governor Brewer and the other true leaders of her state also apparently listened to the vast majority of the citizens of Arizona who were justifiably angered and concerned about the many issues that our nation’s virtually open borders have created for the citizens of that state. Case in point- the fact that, as I have been discussing in many of my recent commentaries, Phoenix, Arizona has become the “Kidnap and Home Invasion Capital” of the United States and probably the entire Western Hemisphere! It is believed that the vast majority of these crimes are committed by members of the Mexican drug cartels and members of other transnational gangs.

What state would want to post that sort of unique situation on travel brochures?

Providing national guard troops along the border would be helpful but only if many other steps would be taken and unbelievably, the United States senate has now blocked the deployment of those national guard troops!

Consider these two links of news reports broadcast by Atlanta-based television station WSB-TV that addresses the national security implications of our nation’s open borders:

I probably should not be amazed when you consider that just last week, on May 20th, Felipe Calderon, the President of Mexico, the country that is sends our nation more illegal aliens than any other country in the world and the country through which more narcotics flow en route to the United States was invited to address the United States Congress and called for the enactment of Comprehensive Immigration Reform and condemned the government of the State of Arizona for enacting legislation that was enacted to discourage illegal aliens from coming to Arizona and setting up shop!

What is absolutely amazing is that Calderon’s remarks were greeted with a standing ovation by members of the United States government who were sworn to uphold our nation’s Constitution and laws and protect the sovereignty of this nation!

Here is a video of that disgusting moment:

I would love to know the last time an American president or president of any other country, for that matter, has ever gone to Mexico to complain about the abysmal way that the citizens of that wealthiest of Latin American countries treats its citizens and, in fact, encourages them to violate the borders of the United States and the laws of the United States to take menial jobs under substandard conditions and send money back to Mexico? Indeed, it is common knowledge that the government of Mexico has provided its citizens with comic book style training manuals and even video tapes that aid its citizens by instructing them as to how best evade the United States Border Patrol!

In point of fact, the terms “Encourages” and “Aids” where it applies to those who encourage and aid aliens in entering our country illegally, represents a violation of our nation’s immigration laws. Check out this link to Title 8, United States Code, Section 1324:——000-.html

7 posted on 05/28/2010 9:35:31 AM PDT by AuntB (Illegal immigration is simply more "share the wealth" socialism and a CRIME not a race!)
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To: AuntB
The more AZ's law is claimed to be racist and oppressive the better. I don't see any advantage in allaying the fears of our enemies.

8 posted on 05/28/2010 9:38:32 AM PDT by I see my hands (_8(|)
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To: paul51

I agree. Further, the “press” frequent reference to “racism” demonstrates that they believe that people are still effected by the terms usage. The statistics favoring the law demonstrates calling something “racist” may be losing its sting.

9 posted on 05/28/2010 9:49:00 AM PDT by AEMILIUS PAULUS (It is a shame that when these people give a riot)
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To: AuntB


10 posted on 05/28/2010 9:52:48 AM PDT by blackie (Be Well~Be Armed~Be Safe~Molon Labe!)
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To: AuntB

If Barry says it’s so.........

11 posted on 05/28/2010 10:48:12 AM PDT by wolfcreek (
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To: 1_Inch_Group; 2sheep; 2Trievers; 3AngelaD; 3pools; 3rdcanyon; 4Freedom; 4ourprogeny; 7.62 x 51mm; ..


12 posted on 05/28/2010 12:18:16 PM PDT by HiJinx (I can see November from my house!)
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To: AuntB; happygrl; Kimberly GG; stephenjohnbanker; pissant; Envisioning; abigail2; PGalt; bcsco; ...
The contempt for American, Americans and our laws continues unabated. Obama and the Mexican could barely hide their contempt....but Guatamala is right up there with contempt.

Roberto Alejos, “president of the Congress” of Guatemala, will travel to Washington along with the "presidents of the Legislative Powers" of Central America and the Caribbean, to show their rejection of Arizona’s anti-immigrant law” which Alejos labeled as “stupid” ..........and to lobby in favor of an "integral migratory reform" in the US.

The saps who believed the "just here for a better life" scam are now seeing the invasion's real goal.....takeover of the US and the draining of the US Treasury by corrupt Third World federales lusting after US wealth.


REFERENCE At a summit held last May, the Guatemalan AG for Human Rights said that 10% of Guatemala's population has relocated to the U S. About 60% currently in the US do not possess legal immigration documents.

A 2005 study by the Intl Organization for Migration, says the Guatemalan population here numbers 1,364,000 persons. The study found that the vast majority of Guatemalan immigrants in the US send money back home, to the tune of $3.6 billion last year, alone.

Guatemalan immigrants in the US sent $3.6 Billion back home last year alone. Social Security provides outrageous financial aid to Guatemalans who have been coached by their government to "seek asylum." These people never paid a dime into the SS system; yet they collect seven years straight, and get extended payments w/ political connections. Checks can amount to $1000 a month, and more.

The Guatemala govt is scared stiff they won't get all the money Guatemalan immigrants are draining from the US Treasury. Thousands of Guatemalans came here on ‘temporary status’ as an excuse after some ‘natural disaster’.......and never go home.

13 posted on 05/28/2010 1:02:10 PM PDT by Liz (If teens can procreate in a Volkswagen, why does a spotted owl need 2000 acres? JD Hayworth)
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